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on 16 July 2012
This publication was fairly well written for this type of material which is by its very nature (being a second source textbook) a rather temporary affair - having to try to keep pace with changes in the examinable material. The fourth edition of this book was sufficient information and presented well enough to enable me to pass the ITIL foundation exam and the online presentation of 'coursework' was a bonus and ideal preparation for the test (even although there were a number of minor issues with it).
All told this publication did what I required of it; saving me money by enabling me to pass the exam without having to fork out on OGC books. It is a text book and the material is fairly dry through no particular fault of the publishers. I wouldn't generally give a textbook five stars and this is no exception, the lack of sufficient similes, meaphors and analogies (which would make the material much more approachable and memorable) are a drawback to be found in most such textbooks and as previously mentioned there are a few minor errors in both the text and the online presentation but these are to be expected in publictions which are regularly reprised such as this.
I'm therefore happy to give this book (especially with the online presentation which did add value for me) four stars.
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on 7 June 2012
This product combines a very effective physical package, with excellent quality on-line content.
Whether you intend to study toward foundation certification, or just improve your knowledge of the framework, this is an extremely cost effective alternative to the significantly more effective classroom route.
The on-line content is very professional and well put together and provides all you need to study (also viewable on mobile devices) and to monitor your progress through the subject matter.
All in all, I would have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone.
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on 15 February 2012
This is not a book... it is a course consisting of a course book and access to an E-learning portal with a number of study modules, quizzes, discussion forums and additional material. Quite amazingly: one additional material is the course book in pdf, so that you can read it on your computer, your tablet pc or whatever you prefer.

I didn't buy this course, actually, I bought the previous version - by accident - as I wasn't aware that ITIL V3 exams would be unavailable from the 1st of February, 2012. But the nice people at The Art of Service automatically upgraded me when registering for the course! So instead of being sad or annoyed of having bought the wrong thing, I got happy for receiving exceptional service.

The course itself is very much of a "listen-and-remember" type, the book contains a lot of long lists of, for instance, activities, terminology and inputs/outputs to/from processes. At first I didn't like this style very much, as it is not very readable - not like a good novel - but after a couple of days of reading and practicing with the book's review questions I had to admit that it works! I actually learned a lot, and fast. The E-learning part is not just a spoken copy of the book; it contains several descriptions and overviews which help a lot attaching all the new knowledge to your memory. I consider the book and the E-learning to be perfect partners. There are no videos, no games, no funny cartoons, everything in this course is very serious and very effective.

It took me a little less than two weeks of, say, half time work, to get through this course and pass the exam with a score of 88%, using no other study materials and having no heavy background with ITIL (just touched it a few times in my career), but having some experience with process improvements (CMMI). I think that this result is showing quite clearly that the course works well. I highly recommend it to anyone going for the ITIL 2011 Foundation certification and to those who for other reasons wish to get a quick and thorough overview of ITIL 2011.

Be aware, though, that the course strictly follows the exam syllabus and does not describe anything that is not found in there. If you wish to know about all processes of ITIL, I suggest that you instead/additionally look for the ITIL Lifecycle Suite 2011 Edition (or just the relevant books from the set).
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on 31 January 2012
I orginally thought I could pass the ITIL Foundation flying solo. This eLearning kept my eyes on the horizon and helped me stay off auto-pilot, navigating through some pretty dense material.

I would improve the tonality of the voice-overs. In an Englishman's ear, some of the pronunciation is a little unexpected (you say "potato" we say "potato" etc), and the dry material needs all the excitement and dramatisation that you can inject.

There are a couple of omissions. Demand Management comes to mind.

As a substitute for 6in nails direct into the forehead, however, this is by far the greatest value for money.

BTW: I passed, although I have yet to find out the mark. My practice run was 78%, against a required 65% and 'confidence' of 95%.

Thank you Art-of-Service.
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on 22 December 2013
I found the publication to be well written and informative, it would be a nice option to have it available as an ebook for my kindle. You get the option when you register for the online training to download a pdf copy.

I found the Australian presenters voice a little annoying, but this could just be because I am more used to training in English or American accents.

There are questions in both the book and online to test you which are great for checking that you understand the content. You can also find other question and answer papers online to test yourself before you carry out the exam.

I would certainly recommend this book and online training to anyone wanting to pass there ITIL Foundation
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on 8 May 2013
I had the objective of doing the Foundations exam on a hurry and I found that the material was very well balanced, with the right amount of detail for the exam while mentioning some examples for real life context.

I particularly enjoyed having access to the eLearning material since I don't always have the patience or the focus that a book requires. This allowed me to keep the presentations running in the background after a first viewing of the subject matter, which allowed the definitions and content to sink in much better without 100% focus from my side. My only "complaint" would be that the narrator has at times a bit of an annoying way of speaking, not a deal breaker though.
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on 10 December 2012
The ITIL foundation complete certification kit contains everything you need to develop the required level of knowledge to pass the exam. Having so many approaches to learning, you seem to develop the required level of knowledge without knowing you have learnt it. A word of caution, don't be too disappointed when you get things wrong....there is a lot to learn....and the knowledge will come....just put the effort in. I worked my way through all the materials a few times........In my view, the on line exam is the best way to get this done and dusted... Good luck.....
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on 25 January 2012
Quick delivery (although the price is decrease 29% after I purchased- lol). The book is very easy to understand and provides good examples with online access.
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on 24 February 2015
i was a bit cautious when looking for an ITIL book complete with e-learning program, but i have to say that even though i had found cheaper options out there that this book and on-line course are well worth the money. Expanding my knowledge and gaining some extra certifications is something that I'm passionate about and i will certainly be going back and investing in a few more courses from the The Art Of Service.

Mr C

IT Director
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on 19 April 2013
After reading the official ITIL OGC books and and this itil certification kit/book. I can highly recommend this certification kit as it is easier to understand than the official books and includes bonus 2011 syllabus online training.
Will be using this and the online training to complete the ITIL foundation certification.
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