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on 12 February 2013
This is the second volume of two featuring the Doctor in the Star Trek universe. If you haven't read volume one, there's little point in reading this. If you have read volume one then this volume ties everything up with the Doctor and the TNG crew racing to deal with the Cumberland alongside an unusual ally.

Overall the story rolls along at a decent pace but lacks much depth - this is basically an episodes worth of content rather than a novels worth. Art style is consistent across the two volumes, whether or not this is a good thing depends on your personal tastes.

To sum up, If you liked volume one, you'll like volume two!
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Issues #5-8 of IDW's mini-series featuring a Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who crossover comic is collected as Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation 2 Volume 2 (Star Trek/Doctor Who). The premise is fairly simple, the Borg, aided by the Cybermen, launch an unstoppable attack on a Federation planet. Meanwhile, the Doctor, Amy and Rory set off for San Francisco in the 1940s for a rest after an adventure in Ancient Egypt. Arriving there, they step into a bar where they see an android in a pin-stripe suit... Back in the Federation, the Enterprise is visiting a water world where the federation is mining for rare minerals where they have a little adventure. The bridge crew recuperate by visiting the Holodeck, where a new Dixon Hill adventure awaits them; you know, the one set in San Francisco in the 1940s...

Imagine our surprise when the two teams meet up on the Holodeck, just as the distress call from the world under attack by the CyBorg comes in. As they dash off to investigate, the Doctor starts to get flashes of apparent `false memories' that allow him to recognise races and history from the Star Trek universe. Imagine the Enterprise crew's surprise when they find the Cybermen in the ship's log, from the days of Captain Kirk Obviously, something is merging/crossing timelines. Guinan has also received false memories, just like the Doctor, but vouches for his good intentions. The two crews then team up to investigate the situation, discovering that the Cybermen have mysteriously turned on the Borg... All of which can be found in the previous volume - Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation 2 Volume 1 (Star Trek/Doctor Who).

The second half of the story sees the two crews discover that the Cybermen have crossed from another parallel dimension to assimilate the Borg and their technology, which will allow then to become unstoppable. The Doctor has to convince an unwilling Captain Picard to help the Borg against the Cybermen, as they will be the lesser of two evils. He takes him on a time-trip to his future to see the conquest of the Federation by the Borg. The TARDIS crew then have to go back in time to the Borg cube at the battle where the assimilated Picard defeated the Federation fleet in order to retrieve a copy of the Borg's central control database, which has been corrupted by the Cybermen. Both crews than have to board the CyberBorg flagship and reload the Borg database to free them from Cyber control...

This was an enjoyable story, the scriptwriters having paid close, if not obsessional, attention to speech patterns and characterisation, and the artists using detailed photo models - if not actual photographs - to get the appearances of the characters perfect, which does actually detract from the feeling of movement, as many panels look like still-life poses rather than flowing naturally.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 16 November 2013
This is the second part of the Assimilation story which features a cross-over with Star Trek Next Generation and Doctor Who (the eleventh Doctor with Amy and Rory). In this second part of the story, the Federation and the Doctor must try to stop both the Cybermen and the Borg from their master plans. But must Jean-Luc Picard make an alliance with his most hated enemies in an attempt to achieve peace?

Like the first volume of this story, this is great stuff - Star Trek, Doctor Who, the Borg AND the Cybermen all in one story!? How could you go wrong? Well, you can't go wrong, because this is fantastic - a great story, great artwork. The artwork is so good you can really catch the expressions on individual's faces and they are spot-on to the actors in the tv series ST:TNG. The characters and their reactions and dialogue are really well captured, and the `fusion' of ST:TNG with Doctor Who has been really cleverly and empathetically handled. Brilliant; definitely recommended.
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If the first volume of the Star Trek: Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover – Assimilation2 – proved anything, it’s that the franchises were MEANT to meet. Although different, these two science-fiction realms merge in a quality setting, with solid writing and gorgeous artwork.

After the first volume, I was keen to check out the remaining four issues in this eight-part series. The crews of both the TARDIS and the USS Enterprise (particularly & especially the Doctor and Captain Jean-Luc Picard) were interacting superbly, and the battle against the Borg/Cybermen alliance HAD to be resolved. All-in-all, it was a VERY good thing, so I was most keen to see if the resolution to the series would be as fruitful as its beginning.

The story so far…the Eleventh Doctor, Amy & Rory had found themselves in the Star Trek Universe by accident. After becoming acquainted with Captain Picard and his entire crew, the united front of mismatched adventurers soon found themselves dealing with the Cybermen AND the Borg.

However, things have gotten even worse. The Cybermen have now betrayed their Borg allies and used their resources to augment themselves. With the Cyber-threat now more powerful than ever, the Borg have had no choice but to turn to the Enterprise for help! Obviously, Jean-Luc wants NOTHING to do with the Borg, which will make the Doctor’s task of convincing him otherwise extremely difficult.

It’s a great change in the story, and one that develops the relationship between the Time Lord and the Enterprise’s Captain superbly. The team-up is simply a real-winner because of how the interaction is written; the Doctor is genuinely sympathetic towards Picard (upon learning what horrors the Borg put him through), and has all the respect in the world for him aside from that. Jean-Luc himself still has his natural suspicions regarding the mysterious traveller, and disapproval of his childish nature, yet is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt due to the respect he has for the Time Lord, and the bond that’s formed between them. It’s all so skilfully presented in this format, and the highlight of the whole crossover, especially when the Doctor actually welcomes Picard aboard the TARDIS!

This second volume of Assimilation2 feels just like the first. Meaning that the plot is basic and somewhat predictable. It’s a dream team-up between heroes against their hated villains, so it would go as you’d expect, which is the only real downside of the crossover in general. However, writers Scott & David Tipton have compensated with all the rich use of character. They display an intimate understanding of the characters that they’re writing and visualise perfectly how they’d meet if the event actually happened on television.

It’s not just Captain Picard and the Doctor’s interaction that the writers have excelled at, but it’s the bonding that takes place with the Enterprise’s crew and the Doctor’s companions (something which I felt was sorely lacking in the previous volume). Here, Amy & Rory share some absolutely wonderful exchanges with the likes of Doctor Beverly Crusher, Lieutenant Worf and Deanna Troi. Everyone takes turns to get to know one another here, and the character interactions are not only rich, but true to the spirit of BOTH franchises. Everyone gets allocated the appropriate level of focus, as well. It FEELS genuine, which is what all crossovers of this magnitude SHOULD be.

The threat of both the Borg and the Cybermen is also stressed beautifully, along with the depth and horror they each possess as antagonists (and the similarities they share). Plus, it’s a good match for the Cybermen to engage Starfleet, just as it’s a good match for the Doctor to engage the Borg. Details of the Borg/Cybermen union (plus its fallout) make for yet more enlightening material.

The artwork (courtesy of J.K. Woodward and Gordon Purcell) remains as beautiful and as lifelike as ever, be it expressions, mannerisms or exact likenesses of Matt Smith, Patrick Stewart and the gang. Although not as consistent as the artwork from the first four issues, the paints & pencils are still gorgeous to behold.

Plenty of moral-dilemmas, situations and heart are what put this second-volume on par with the first part of the Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover. There’s a satisfying conclusion to boot, and if there’s ever another crossover between these franchises, I’m up for it. Assimilation2 could easily have been one huge, dragging flop, but instead it turns out to be one of those crossovers that does justice to both Doctor Who and Star Trek, unites fans, and gives them the ‘dream meeting’ they deserved. Like I’ve said before, it’s not perfect but it’s certainly satisfying. For Trekkies, Whovians or both…highly recommended.
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on 31 January 2013
What can I say, its Star Trek & Doctor Who. Win Win to me!
Great to read & so looking forward to part 2, which at the time of buying this on day of release there was no mention of it & a surprise when I got to the end. But already pre-ordered Part 2.
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on 15 May 2013
I loved this novel, I only own two graphic novels and thought I'd download a sample on my Kindle Touch to see how one would look on it. I was pleasantly surprised! The graphics are sharp, Black & White of course. And you can have a cell per page which helps and you can zoom in. Somkething you will be doing allot! I thought this would bug me but actually it made the experiance a little more interesting.

As for the novel it's great, fast paced, good characterisation, and excellent plot!

More Sci-fi crossovers please! Prefereably Star Wars/Startrek/Dr Who!
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on 1 March 2014
First half is good and shows promise, second half has a simplistic resolution drowned in technobabble. There is way, way too much exposition - the Doctor explains or describes most of what we are seeing, and there are no twists or turns (though there are some nice surprises in the form of a flashback). Characterisations are spot on and this could easily be a Moffat Who story, even down to the use of a reset button. Story isn't particularly innovative

Most of the art is lovely though there are some dodgy moments.

Could be better, though could be much worse.
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on 1 February 2013
Trekkers and Who fans alike will love this! Great characterization and impeccable continuity. I would thoroughly recommend this graphic novel.
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on 21 September 2014
Good story and kept me hooked to read all the way to the end, and a few extra bits too nothing really big, but gives you an idea what would it be if the two shows had actually met, although in reality, the Next Generation ended 9 years before doctor who even started back up again, its shame really, but reading it, i did have the voices in my head, so to speak, to match the characters, worth buying and possibly even keep for a good long while
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on 14 January 2014
excellent read couldnt put it down must read more like this. great value for money as well as a good read
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