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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 July 2013
More of a rant than a review I'm afraid.

Am I the only one who notices that this series is turning into the Merry Gentry series? Perhaps Laurell should have continued with that series if she wanted to write badly written, non-erotic, erotica? Am I the only one that notices that Anita is also turning into a looks obsessed girly girl? What happened to the black jeans and Nikes? Why do we have to know that she is wearing a thigh holster under her short little skirt and pretty colored jacket? Because, let's admit it - We all know how it is just so darn easy to kick zombie, shape-shifter and vampire butt when wearing a mini skirt, jacket and high heels now don't we? Why do we put up with these sorts of details? Was it more important to be thinking about hair length than to think about how to tell Micah horrible news about his family? When the heck did Anita get triple-E cup breasts? And, how did she never once fall over from the weight of them on her tiny little slim figure?

This book started off with a bang - with a new disease that started out on the East Coast making its way westward and lodging itself firmly in Anita's world. You need to read (in the Kindle Edition) nearly 40 percent of the book before anything besides relationship angst and some peeing contest hi-jinks with the other cops, happen. That is just plan sad. However, what action there is is quite exciting, except that Anita makes some bone-headed moves. But then again, she is in a sort of "heat' and Nathaniel is in his full form , thus tempting her beyond the ability to stay standing - so maybe that explains the fact that she led everyone into a dangerous situation. And isn't it just really sad that even during the action, Anita's sex life take precedence?

Anita picks up another animal to call - Laurell wrote herself into another corner I see. It was clever, but not enough to pull me out of my funk.As was pointed out in my 'comments' area, the sex doesn't show up until we are well into the book, but the sex that she does have is getting more and more violent. This is the first time I've read about Autoerotic-Asphyxiation, no it didn't appeal to me, although I do so love good writing about menages, but then again I think the types of sex Ms Hamilton is writing about is going to start to appeal to a smaller and smaller fan base.

Why wasn't the Master of Boulder called in to give his help during this crisis? This seems like a big plot hole to me.
----------->END SPOILER<---------------------------

I've read all of the books (both series) and the last few have left such a little impression on me. I used to re-read these books religiously, but for about the last 4 or 5 I just haven't felt the urge. In addition, with that lack of gripping story lines and fascinating character interactions, comes the fact that I just do not care to revisit them as I used to.

The story itself finally gets a little interesting once we get to Colorado to Micah's family, although we had to beat the horse dead while explaining (over and over and OVER) the ménage that Anita brought with her. Of course, we find some of the characters to be religious zealots so we shall beat yet another dead horse.

Politics seem to dominate the first quarter of this book - whether it is furry and fangy politics or the politics of Anita taking over an investigation (again what is new?)

I think that is my main issue with the last books, is there is truly no new territory to explore. Ms Hamilton simply tells the same story in as many ways as we will put up with. However, my last straw is the blending of Merry and Anita. I loved it when they were two separate and very distinct series. I do NOT like this ambiguous heroine that blends the best (or worst) of two different heroines.

The constant harping on Anita's love life, with pages and pages of explanations is getting old too. Ms Hamilton, if she knew that what she was writing was good and was what the readers wanted to hear, wouldn't need to keep justifying it. This sort of over-explanation of an out of the norm relationship, would be something I would expect in chick lit or romance - not in a book of this genre. This series has finally turned the final corner into a romance series with mystery, action and horror being in a distant second and third place. Very distant

I do not like the new-ish (I know it has really been going on for many books now) Mary Sue character of Anita, one who gets new powers, as she needs them, as if the author cannot come up with anything better. It is as if Ms Hamilton says "Oh I wrote myself into a corner, so let's give Anita new powers with no true explanation or reason other than to get me out of this corner without me using my writing and plotting skills"

About the only thing left for Anita to do that I don't think she has been done yet is to `double berth' like Merry did. However, I am afraid that that day is nearer than we think.

There are some things that make this a worthy read for the fans of the later books - but for fans from the start, the people who have read and re-read the books from when Anita still wore the Nikes with the "swoosh" I'm afraid you will be disenchanted and disheartened. It really saddens me that Anita's love life makes more of us cringe (and not in a good way) than the blood and guts, the fighting and action and the mystery and suspense used to.

How many times can an author use the word "spill" in all its forms before 'true' fans get annoyed? How much BDSM can an author use before a book is not the original genre and just bad porn? I read erotica; this is some of the worst I have ever read and I am including indie authors here. The fact that Ms Hamilton also pads this book with extraneous dialogue, and is constantly beating those dead horses for additional padding, lets me know that she has lost her touch.

How can we, take this author seriously, when said author takes a character that was so very believable and turn her into a cartoon character that uses `The Ardeur' as an excuse to get it on with anyone or anything with a p*nis? Ms Hamilton is NOT an innovator - I can point out hundreds of other authors who have been writing this particular kind of book for many years before Ms. Hamilton did. Ms Hamilton has jumped on a bandwagon and did it a little too late

And by the way, am I the only one not in a menage?
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on 26 August 2013
If you've read the previous Anita Blake books, you've read this one. The themes are exactly the same ie. "am I a monster because I kill people?" "I push away men in my relationships"etc. Even some of the internal dialogue sounds lifted from previous books. The story is predictable also. Anita is trying to do her job when some big monster appears to make mischief. She is out of her depth but brave nonetheless. The cops don't trust her because she's sleeping with many man but in th end she proves her self with excellent "guy talk" and generally just being a badass.
Summed up; Yawn yawn, neediness, neediness plus kinky sex scene. Oh yey We've saved the day plus our 1 girl plus 6 men relationship has inched on a little further. Hoorah.
The zombies are more plausible than the human interactions in this book.
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on 1 September 2013
Does everybody in the US talk as if they're in a psychoanalysts discussion group all the time or is it just Ms Hamilton? I'm surprised they can get anything done in between all the angst, whining, earnest understanding and endless discussion of each others entire life history, inner most thoughts, feelings and motivations, including people they've just met. I wonder if all the evil trigger happy cops just know what they're going to have to listen to if they don't shoot the monsters on sight-I'd be tempted to fire before they could open their mouths too!
EEE boobs? Don't know whether to laugh or cry.
I suspect there is a hat with the label 'see if they'll swallow this' on it and bits of paper with the most ludicrous plot lines and cringe making 'things her men and newest acolytes can say to Anita' in it and somewhere an editor has a contract signed in blood agreeing to use at least 10 of these bits of paper per book.
The actual story inbetween the whining and bonking is fine and would be so much better off without the bilge that buries it almost without trace.
Comment on Edward/Ted's behaviour in this book is probably unprintable-I'm looking forward to Olaf's flower arranging group and macrame classes in the next book. By this time Anita will have a quadruple G cup and the ability to fart rainbows as flowers sprout from the now hallowed ground she has trodden upon.....
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on 3 July 2013
Affliction is volume 22 in the Anita Blake Series , a mysterious bad guy is at work in Micah's ( one of anita's live in lovers) hometown where flesh eating zombies are on the rise so Anita and Posse ride off to stop them i would like to say that simplefies it but no that is pretty much it.
Talk about the later volumes of AB love or hate it usually revolve around the sex to be fair its relatively toned down here and is not the compleat momentum killer that has been before when it does happen, on the other hand that means we pay more attention to what passes for the story and so:
* The Bad Guy is interesting and is a call back to some of Anitas Better foes underutlised but at least interesting
* The Sex is kept relatively to a minium

* Anita is now a Mary Sue, the best fighter ala Batman on Crack, the best lover basically jenna jameson if she sweated viagra,is able to absorb any power used agisnt her so blah you get the point
* Every character believes the suns shines out of her ass otherwise their a hate mongering racist, homopobic blah again you get the point
* She is now literally the dimensions of a Comic book character at near five nothing working out and constantly doing weights she a triple eee bra size i know this because this was a actual discussion in the book
* Edward is now just a yes man Death my ass
* The Misogny- having any woman that dosnt love Anita be a Shrew and a Harridan is just distastful its not feminism to have a strong female character if you have to lessen the other female characters to do it
* The Sex Abuse- this is a serious subject that should be given a modicum of respect by any author that uses it instead here its brought up practically when someone sits down to have a coffee since everyone and i mean everyone has a history of abuse and the fact it comes up in either one of two ways to explain someone being 'mean' to Anita or to explain how Anita 'saves' people is just wow.. ps by saves i assume the author means ' has sex with' because guess when a lot of this talk takes place?

look at lot of the above issues have plagued the later books they arent new ones so if they havent stopped you before they are unlikely to now all i can say to you if you do decide to read this mess prepare to be bored because the greatest offence this book commits is to be very, very boring

So good luck and good night Anita i would like to say it was nice knowing you but?
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on 12 September 2013
Loved the earlier books in this series but ....oh dear me....have given up on this one after reading 20%. Will not bother buying any future Anita Blake...
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on 22 April 2014
I was on board with a lot of the early AB novels, as they possessed a more fleshed out, tangible and almost visible plot alongside all the endless descriptions and sex, i mean it was put on the back burner but LKH at least tried to have a plot. it the started to go downhill ad i stopped reading, came across this in the library and thought this seems like it has a modicum of plot, so decided to give it a chance.
Big mistake. it is clear that LKH gives zero craps about her fan base because this is just patronising
The story centres on AB heading out to visit Micahs father (and family) whilst trying to figure out how to stop a new type of disease plaguing the locals, hence the title affliction.
Almost immediately AB annoys me by almost snapping at her secretary for not giving her news fast enough, i mean she just got off the phone to give it to you and its not fast enough.
We find out that AB has to break the news to Micah that his father is gravely ill and has been bitten by a zombie, speed is off the essence to rush AB and her harem of men to Micahs father's side, yet AB had enough time to ponder useless crap, tell Nathaniel how much she loves him and have heart to hearts with Micah and Jean Claude, it is almost 100 pages before we get to Micahs father.
At this point i care not what happens. This whole book just deals with constant pissing contests between anyone who does not agree or listen to AB or differs with her in any way in the slightest, be they law enforcement, fellow female marshals, religious zealots or vampire/rotten zombie creatures. ENDLESS descriptions abound and Heaven forfend that AB is wrong in anything she says or does. This character is supremely annoying, she wants to show everyone how badass she is, but almost puts everyone in danger when she almost faints because her weredog of how ever many years Nathaniel fully transforms. And the local police who should know their home town like the backs of theirs hands cant locate a huge house in the woods crawling with zombies?
Thank God AB was there!
Even when someone close to AB gets seriously injured she still has time to get into a pissing contest with a cop who comments on her bra.
or when she awakens in a hospital after pain and trauma, she still has time to joke and compare with Edward about her body count being higher than his.
And Edward being known as Death and AB as War, i actually felt embarrassed for AB and LKH.
the whole book carries on in this vein and i don't have the time or inclination to rant about it, please just avoid it and stick to the wonderful Kim Harrison.
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on 29 October 2013
I started reading these books about a female corpse raider who helped the police, in the background she starts dating/meeting guys who are interested and willing to pursue. Over the last 10/12 books that has changed to almost constant sex with everything passing through, very little storey line/police investigation/zombie work, and sadly non stop emotional cra** from her partners, well Ms Hamilton if I wanted relationship drama I would watch Eastenders! (Sorry Eastenders fans but it has to be said!).
This storey line is pulling a little back towards the original (not much, but I think there were pages were no one had heart felt chats or hard sex) I think now I stick with the books hoping she'll turn back or kill everyone off. Worth reading to stay in the loop but otherwise is very similer to the last 3.
Oh and if Ms Hamilton does get to see this - I stopped reading the Merry Gentry series because of the boringly long pages and pages of sex with every creature and no story line that didn't have to do with the Fey throne, I started reading that series for the fairy private eye angle and loved the first book. Please stop writing S&M and get back to stories with a plot.
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on 29 November 2013
The last few novels in the series have been missing a lot of the previous elements that made it so amazing and it took me a few weeks to get around to buying this next installment. I can't say its back to its original high standard, but its getting back on track. After the last novel I was starting to lose interest, mainly because the last book felt like it should have been a scene in one of the other books as opposed to being its own novel.

Starts out fairly well, caught my interest and kept me reading and before I knew it I had finished the book! It's certainly a step back in the right direction and although not quite back to its previous level, its a very good start.

This book revolves around Micah and his beginnings, but soon moves beyond that as Anita gets on case. Some really exciting moments in this book and some humor to make the less exciting scenes worth reading. It's a fairly balanced book and I enjoyed it. My only gripe being the occasional 'this sounds familiar' paragraph. I don't know if it's just me, but there were a number of Anita's inner thoughts which seemed almost copy and pasted from previous novels with a few tweaks to make it look unique. It might just be me, but there were a lot of déjà vu moments like that.

So overall, enjoyable but still lacking in comparison to previous books.
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on 11 February 2014
This series has been up and down for me. It started great, then digressed into little more than smut with a vague plot. However, the last couple of books have been getting better, and this one has been the best so far. I loved the pacing, the plot, the twists, the fact that it kept me guessing until the end, and I loved the flamethrower. There honestly isn’t anything I can say about this book that is negative.

So let’s look a little more in depth at this one and what made it so great. For a start, the zombies were back. Good, old fashioned zombie raising. It’s where the series began, and I was very happy to see a return to that. And given the twists we saw in the book regarding the zombies and Anita’s powers, I am very much looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Secondly, the pacing and action for me was just right. It had me excited and bouncing, but also gave me time in between the big events of the book to sit back and think. It wasn’t all go all the time, and it wasn’t slow and boring.

Of course, I mentioned earlier that some of this series digressed into smut and not much else, but that the last few books have been getting better. That’s not to say there isn’t any sex at all in this book; there is. However, it was well timed, well-paced, didn’t take three chapters to get through, and was actually relevant to the plot for a change.

So overall, before I spend all day going on about this book, I give it a hearty five stars. It’s renewed my faith in the series, and has me excited for the next one.

As always, you can make up your own mind by picking the book up or downloading the ebook from pretty much any book shop.
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on 13 May 2014
Having loved the series from the start, I must admit to getting increasingly disappointed as the series progressed. Stories became more and more formulaic, not that knowing your strength is a bad thing, but storyline was sacrificed for gratuitous sex and repetitions of repetitions.
Finally Affliction takes LKH back to her best and a long time in the coming it has been!! I'm still frustrated by the repeating of base info that has been in virtually every book since it happened, please oh please give us some credit that if we're reading the 22nd book in the series, we have a good grasp on history and people's hairstyles.
A great book that remembered to include depth, doubt, suspense and intrigue - please don't revert back, hold true to the style that gained you so many fans in the first place!!
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