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3.8 out of 5 stars61
3.8 out of 5 stars
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
'Still with Me' by Thierry Cohen is a book that has had a profound impact upon me. It has left me questioning decisions that I have made, and wondering about decisions that I will make in the future. Jeremy takes his own life on his twentieth birthday. His love for Victoria is unrequited, his life is going nowhere, he has no desire to live. He blocks the thought of his parents from his mind - refuses to think about them, and how this act will affect them. He can't see past his own pain. He just wants to end it.
If you have read 'For One More Day' and 'The Five People You meet in Heaven' by Mitch Albom, and enjoyed them, then this book will strike a chord with you. It is deep, extremely moving, and ultimately, life-affirming. This book inspired a national discussion about suicide in France, and the author wrote it after his best friend took his own life. It is beautiful, heart breaking, and will provoke much discussion I am sure. very highly recommended.
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Initially, after reading the synopsis of this book , I thought I was in for a good read. I was anticipating a science fiction story, or religious dogma, or even a tale of paranoid schizophrenia. The book is originally French - so perhaps it loses something in the translation - but the story didn't live up to expectations.

The plot centres on a young man, who attempts to take his own life, only to wake up a year later to find that he is married to the object of his affection, but with no memory of the previous year since his "suicide".
During the following years, similar awakenings and bouts of amnesia follow and - without giving too much away - I was not gripped by the story. I felt it was somewhat erratic, shifting from year to year, and coming across, to me, as a disjointed attempt to fill in the gaps. Perhaps this was an attempt to replicate the experience of a true amnesiac, but I felt that it was rushed, and in some ways rather childish.

In short, I found it frustrating. The protagonist is never fully fleshed, and although the basic plot demands brief interludes with him, it left me disconnected to the story. The result was that I felt little empathy with his fate, or that of his fellow characters.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 December 2012
On his twentieth birthday Jeremy decides to take his own life as he believes Victoria his one and only love does not feel the same for him. However he wakes up the following year on his birthday with absolutely no recollection of the previous twelve months and to his surprise married to Victoria. This happens time and time again, always waking on his birthday, always without memory of the life he appears to be having with his family and friends. What hurts Jeremy to his very soul is the knowledge that he has no control of his amnesia, and the man that stays is a nasty vindictive person who destroys the lives of the people around him.
This was without doubt an incredibly moving novel which engaged me from the start.
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Inspired by the author's own experience of losing his friend to suicide, this is an insider's look at someone who kills himself for desperately selfish reasons, and what that does to those he leaves behind. Jeremy wakes to find himself still alive - not in a hospital room, but in the bedroom he does not know, to find a year has passed since the day he should have died. Locked in limbo, a Groundhog Day of living death, unable to remember an entire year of life, Jeremy slowly pieces together the forgotten days, finding he was, on the whole, a pretty unpleasant person to be around.
Definitely one for the angst-monkeys, I'm sure a lot of people will find this pretty heart-wrenching and love it accordingly. I liked it well enough, but never loved it. It's very obvious that you're reading a translation: the language isn't quite right, which gives it a slight edge of unbelievably. It gets preachy and moralising at times; the author is clearly religious and this frequently breaks through into the prose. All in all, it's an interesting experiment, nicely executed, that didn't quite work for me, but simply by dint of personal taste.
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The stated aim of the Amazon Crossing programme is to identify worthy foreign language books and translate them into the English language. I have read quite a few from this series. Some are very good and clearly fulfil this criteria, some have been rather indifferent. Still With Me, which has been translated from French is, however, an absolute cracker. It is quite short, almost a novella, and whilst I note reviews have been mixed, I certainly found it totally compelling.

We first meet Jeremy Delegue on his twentieth birthday, as he is attempting to commit suicide following the apparent rejection of the love of his life, Victoria. From that point Jeremy has days, a very few days, when he is conscious and is able to appreciate and understand snapshots of his life following this event. This does not progress in the way he would have chosen, but he has little opportunity to influence the course of events during the brief time he is in control of the situation. I will not explain further as there is a danger of spoiling this for future readers, but suffice to say that one quickly identifies with Jeremy and his confusion at his predicament and frustration and attempts to understand what is happening and why.

This really was a book I could not put down and I read it in an extraordinarily short time. The mixed reviews do indicate that this is not a book you are going to finish and feel indifferent about. Personally I found myself thinking about the issues raised afterwards, which is always a good sign that there was something more here than just a good story. I would certainly recommend potential readers to give this one a go. I cannot guarantee that you will share my reaction to it, but there is a good chance that you will find it as compelling as I did.
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on 9 January 2013
I do not agree with the 5* reviews for this book. It takes time lapse ideas from "One day" and "The Time traveller's Wife" but lacks both charm and romance.
The premise that God does not condone suicide and punishes it does not work - the only people who get punished are the wife, friends and family of Jeremy.
His "good" character comes to life every few years and he learns about his "bad" side via a series of unrealistically detailed letters he finds on the birthdays which are the anniversaries of his suicide. He does not have time to atone for his wickedness until he is finally redeemed on his deathbed, after he has ruined a good few lives. The two sides of his character are simplistically opposed and neither is attractive. The reason for his suicide is not developed enough to provoke empathy in the reader.
I sympathise with the author for the loss of his friend but this is a long drawn out diatribe against suicide with a heavy religious message, which fails to develop into a satisfying story. It is very silly in parts and the translation is clunky at times.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 6 November 2013
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Written after the suicide of a friend, the story is a poignant one.

J'aurais Prefere Vivre is the original. (I think roughly means I would've preferred living)

Suicide after unrequited love, one year on he wakes. His personality also begins to change..

I felt the meaning of the book is to remind us of the value of life.

To remember to enjoy life and enjoy the happiness that awaits us.

After reading I cried.

Life affirming?- Yes.

Heartbreaking? Yes

Recommended? Certainly
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VINE VOICEon 18 July 2013
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the story of Jeremy who wakes up on his 20th birthday having attempted to take his own life. And thereafter wakes up every year on the same date with no recollection of the previous year,his life or the people within it or how he has lived it.

He relies on his friends and family to recount his memories, and starts to keep notes and video diaries so he can check back.

Over his life Jeremy finds out on his birthday that he doesn't live his life how he thought he would and treats all his friends and family with utter contempt,making it hard for anyone to love him or be close to him. He finds it harder each year to understand his life or why he can't remember it and shows total disregard for anyone else except himself.

I didn't feel a lot of empathy for Jeremy as he treated his friends/family abysmally, but I do understand how depression can affect a person and ultimately your loved ones.It reminds you to live your life well and to the best you can,but ultimately love yourself and tell your loved ones how much you care for them

It was written well but not too depressing or too emotional,given the subject matter

This book reminded me of 'The Time Travellers Wife', but it was a bit confusing at first but you do settle down to it. I thought at first I had missed pages so kept re-reading previous couple of pages to double check, but do stick with it. Well worth reading

Enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to others
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VINE VOICEon 19 February 2013
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have to admit I do not read a lot of contemporary fiction and the subject matter attracted me because of a friend who had lost a son in a similar way to the main character of the book. I have also suffered depression most of my adult life and had the suicidal feelings mentioned in this book.

Anyway on to my review. I did find the book a little slow to start, but that is not unusual as it was building the story and it is not really meant as a critism.

The main character, Jeremy takes an overdose when he is rejected by the love of his life only to wake up a year later on his birthday to find that he is married to the love of his life. (Victoria) He suffers strange memory lapses and behaviours/events that he can't even remember taking part in. His life is passing him by, alarmingly fast and his days of lucidity only seem to come on his birthday which is co-incidentally on the same date of his suicide.

You are not really sure what is causing these memory lapses, whether he got some sort of brain damage as a result of the pills he took when he tried to kill himself, or if there is some higher force at work. It is not really until it gets to the final chapters that you really understand what might be going on.

I think for the sensitive subject matter, it is sensitively handled and passes no judgement on the right or wrong of suicide and allows you to make your mind up on it, no matter what your personal opinion. When the book is done, you do get a sense of the futility of suicide and how it affects others.
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on 2 January 2013
Jeremy grows up with Victoria and they are great friends. However, as adults Jeremy wants this to develop into romance but Victoria has no such desire. Things come to a head on Jeremy's 20th birthday when he decides to tell Victoria how he feels in an effort to win her heart. Unfortunately, Victoria chooses the same moment to introduce her fiancee. Oops.

Lovesick fool that he is, Jeremy is distraught and thinks that suicide is the only way to end this rejection. After this attempt to end his life, Jeremy's next moment of conciousness finds him waking up in bed with Victoria exactly a year later, with no explanation as to what has really happened.

I don't want to say more about the plot as it could be considered spoilers. Cohen has written a fascinating story that is quite difficult to describe. After giving up on love and life, a year later Jeremy seems to have everything he wants. Every time he wakes up, things have changed for the worse and every hour is a desperate struggle to put things right.

I can't quite make my mind up about the ending and how well it works. It's not that it disappointed me, it was more of a "hmmm" feeling. It was great to read something different that isn't easy to pigeon hole. I wanted to keep reading to find out what calamity occured next and how Jeremy dealt with it and ultimately an explantion of what had happened. Still With Me gripped me completely and gets a well-deserved 4 stars.
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