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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars60
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 December 2011
Got my copy today. TODAY, 24th of December:) It simply could have not been better timing!

It will be a nice addition to my Diablo library.

I have played Diablo since "the beginning" and although I am over 30. right now I am still great fan of this series and can play it all over again. I believe this is the best game EVER created and the story behind is absolutely epic and brilliant. If you are the true fan of the Sanctuary this book is a MUST.

I am looking forward to get my copy of the Diablo 3 game and hope it will be as good as the first Diablo release!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

PS. I have read the book tonight and enjoyed every single minute of nearly 4 hours nonstop reading!

As the true Diablo fan I have found one single flaw in the story though... To my surprise the Dark Wanderer had been given a name and origin (Aidan, son of Leoric). It does not match the original Diablo tale and it also had not been mentioned by the Author of this book (Cain the Elder) in his Journal. According to the storyline in the game the Dark Wanderer was the very player himself (in the game every character had his own ending story). Nevertheless, the story might be regarded as still fine if we recall that the Dark Wanderer of Diablo II was a MALE...

This single inconsequence does not have impact on my rating though - without this book (and of course other Diablo related titles) Diablo series would have remained only a game but after reading the Book of Cain it is MUCH, MUCH MORE...
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on 25 February 2012
I'm not entirely sure what I could say about this that others haven't, but I wanted to express my enthusiasm at least!

It's a beautifully presented book, for starters. Embossed covers, fantastic art and design work and it's a pleasure to have in your hands - Really, it's gorgeous. I can't emphasise that enough!
As for the cotent, it's a brilliant way of entering the world of Sanctuary. Or if you are revising or reminding yourself, wanting to explore and understand more, or simply want to heat your juices up for Diablo III - It gives you all the backstory, the story arc and pretty much all you need to know to be left ridiculously exited for Diablo III, and the continuation of the story.
The world of Diablo has utterly riveting and compelling lore, and this book perfectly demonstrates that.

Would you expect any less from a Blizzard product?
In summary, a beautifully presented, beautifully told piece filled that packs in a ton of the incredible lore of Diablo, and snippets of that which is to come.

Worth every single penny paid, and a lot more. £16 feels like a bit of a steal, to be perfectly honest.
To echo what everyone else has said : If you are fan of Diablo, get this. Get this now.
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The Book of Cain is written by our good friend Deckard Cain, Last of the Horadrim. He is passing his knowledge on to Leah, a child of long-forgotten royal descent. This beautifully-bound hardback is embossed with faux-metal-cladding and symbols of the Lord of Terror, the pages are tinted to look of great age and there are numerous asides and additions written in the margin as if Deckard is amending and elaborating. On top of this are fantastic full-page (sometimes double-page) illustrations of the characters, symbols and locales of the game.

This Book collects & profiles the notable figures of the Diablo universe, detailing the Prime Evils, lesser evils and the good-guys as well as elaborating on the surrounds and religions the entire thing plays out in. Resultantly, fans will recognise boss characters and NPCs alike throught this tome that adds depth to the experience.

Enclosed in an envelope at the back with a wax-seal sticker, is the map of the Diablo world (Sanctuary) which I am hoping will be the lay-out & basis for Diablo III. Fingers crossed we won't be waiting much longer. Highly recommended for Diablo fans!!
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on 13 January 2012
Before I talk about the book, just to mention the service from Amazon was (as always) excellent. The book arrived a day or two after my order, even though I selected super saver delivery.

The book itself, is a very nice quality, it has a hardback cover and the pages are thick and have a 'worn' effect on the edges, as well as the pages themselves. At the back of the book there is special pouch which contains a map of sanctuary.

The book, looks at the main characters, settings and history of the Diablo universe written from the perspective of Cain. Including the Prime Evils, Minor Evils, Archangels, the creation of the Nephilim and the destruction of the world stone. The book features full page artwork, which is really quite beautiful. Included also are some tantalizing clues as to what we might expect in Diablo 3.

All in all I would say this is essential reading for both old and new fans of the Diablo franchise. It adds a lot of information you would not know from playing the game, such as the story of Anu the dragon and thus makes the game world feel more alive.
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on 25 December 2011
As with the two above reviewers I was amongst the lucky group who secured the first printing of the book. It is beautifully stylized with intriguing illustrations and Cain's side notes to his niece . As neither of the reviewers above mentioned it, aside from plenty of lore content (which Blizzard have admitted to retconning at some stages, which isn't that much of an issue as, let's face it, we've not had a lot of lore on this franchise to begin with), and hints on what magical artifacts we may happen upon in the 3rd game, the book contains a map of Sanctuarium hidden in a sealed envelope attached to the back cover. All in all a must have for any Diablo fan.
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on 24 December 2011
I received my copy on the afternoon of December 24th, right on time for Christmas. The book looks amazing on the outside, with the Red band encircling it inscribed with the Diablo 3 logo forming a bookmark, fixed firmly to the inside of the back page of the book.

The book itself has a layered relief of a demonic skull as the cover, with the back cover shaped into a large sigil of some kind.
This sigil is only shown in the book once, in association with the nation of Xiansai.

Inside you'll find the entire story of the Diablo series up to the start of Diablo 3, along with descriptions of relevant religions, philosophies, regions and characters from the universe accompanied by many pencil illustrations all printed on paper made to look like old parchment. At the back of the book is also an envelope containing a gorgeous map of Sanctuary, the world the Diablo games are set on.

In all this tome represents a pretty complete collection of knowledge of the Lore of the Diablo setting, up to the start of the 3rd game that is (although regions from the 3rd game are described in some detail). While not essential, this book is a great repository of knowledge that any Diablo fan would be proud to have in his collection.

PS: The only negative mark I have about this book was the quality of the copy I received. The cover was flawless but the pages of the book were rather roughly cut during binding, making the outer edge feel very rough as well as giving it a somewhat shoddy appearance and probably making it more prone to being damaged, as there's a lot more surface area for stuff to get caught behind.
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on 6 December 2015
First of all, this review will not be about the book story and content as I have not read it. I bought this book as a gift to my brother who is a all time Diablo fan and also had the Diablo 3 game to accompany the book.

Boy, when I received this book to wrap it up as birthday gift, I was completely stunned. The book is made with a beautiful great hard cover embossed with this awesome looking skull (lord of Terror) and as soon as you open the book and flip through the pages, it is meant to resemble a old book with its tinted pages giving it a great feeling that the book is of great age and there are numerous asides and additions written in the margin as if Deckard is amending and elaborating. To add to this fantastic book are illustrations of characters/monsters, symbols, etc. that it gives additional information when playing the game.

There is an enclosed enveloped seals with a wax-seal sticker, can't really say how that looks as I didn't want to open someone's gift but I read that it is a map of the Diablo world.

A few weeks after my brother received his gift, he called me to say how epic the book was and that he would like the Diablo 3: book of Tyrall as a Christmas present. i guess he really liked it then.

Overall, seeing how a hardcore Diablo fan reacted to this book, if you looking to buy this for someone or yourself. I would highly recommend it!
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on 31 March 2012
This book is such a fantastic read, a great filler while we wait for the game of games!
Everything you could possibly need to know about the progress of the Diablo games and with a few hints as to what lies ahead in Diablo 3! Couldn't put this down whetn I first opened it! So grab a beer, let.your misssus have the remote (like she doesn't already!) dim the lights and enjoy an evening with decard walking you through the history (and future) of Sanctuary!
A first class effort buy blizzard this one! Buy it now!
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on 29 December 2011
I'm not a big reader but I am a big Diablo fan and I have to say this book is worth every penny, the quality overall is amazing, from the fantastic art work, to the quality of the writing, to the quality of the book itself. This book is the perfect way to get hyped for Diablo III and is a must own for any new or long time Diablo fan.
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on 7 January 2012
If you are a big fan of Diablo games this is a must have for you - I'm normally not into lore however I have enjoyed my time reading it also great illustrations, and it looks amazing on the bookshelf.
It eased the pain of waiting for d3 release.

Also rough page edges are intentional there are not great but I don't mind still 5*.
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