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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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This graphic novel starts out unpromisingly as our hero, Jackson Winters, sits in jail having gritty philosophical/emo prisoner thoughts. But a few pages in, bam, he's sprung in a daring, violent jailbreak. Then he's taken to the mansion of a rich nutcase. The rich nut collects supernatural and paranormal doodads, and he wants a real ghost to complete his collection. He wants our hero to capture the ghost at the abandoned Trask mansion. Winters says sure if he can pick his own crew and wear a really snappy suit "like Sinatra would have worn". Next thing you know we have a crew, (film guys, ghost trapper, skeptic, occult specialist, psychic, hot blonde female muscle, etc.), and the rest of the book is "Ocean's Eleven" takes down "The House on Haunted Hill" by way of "Hell House".

Between the breezy style, the rollicking action, and the shear nerve of the authors in pulling off such a mashup - the book works.

The gang heads out to the mansion, and stakes it out. We take our time setting up a story for each crew member, along with each one's devious plans, motives, potential for double-cross, divided loyalties, attitude, and the like. It's all shadowed by creepy foreboding, because this house has witnessed eeevilll. No plot spoilers here, but there are a lot of nice twists and turns and action, so the book runs creepy hot and Clooney cool in equal measure.

This is done in full color, with some very attractive big spread set pieces, (the mansion and so on). A lot of action takes place indoors and in the dark and the artists do a nice job of keeping the action clear and visible while establishing the gloomy and nighttime atmosphere. Winters has to have a George Clooney kind of cool for this to work, and a really impressive aspect of the drawing is that the artist has captured facial expressions and body language that actually reflects that. Sure, some of the panels are exaggerated, but more often than not we get drawing that really supports the story. This has to look real while being supernatural, and that's a tough order. But for the most part they pull it off here. This ended up an entertaining and satisfying read; Danny Ocean would be pleased.

Please note that I received a free advance ecopy of this book in exchange for a candid review. Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.
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The first five issues of Image Comics’ series Ghosted are collected as Ghosted Volume 1 TP. I picked this up in my local library knowing nothing about it, and have never seen ‘The Shining’, so the reference on the back-cover had no influence on me. It is a very well scripted and illustrated story, though the opening scenes are heavily loaded with the almost obligatory over the top violent sex and blood-splattered violence, but that soon fades into mere bad language and macho strutting. Well illustrated and scripted bad language and macho strutting, mind you.

The story is also very interesting, as the main character is an imprisoned criminal mastermind, whose last job went horribly wrong and his entire gang died. A rich collector of mystical artefacts gets him broken out of jail in order to steal the one item missing from his collection – a ghost. Our nominal hero organises a team and begins surveying the haunted house from which the ghost is to be extracted. All the team have their own history, some of which is explored as the story progresses. There are a number of surprises, some of which have clues planted for us to observe, and others come out of the woodwork, as it were. The story is wound up tidily at the end of the volume, though we are promised further episodes.

It was an enjoyable read, and I will be happy to read more.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 December 2015
I'm not really a big horror fan these days, but I do love a heist story, so when I saw this described as heist-meets-horror, it sounded fun enough to dip into. The series gets off to a terrible start, with the opening panel a full-page depiction of a jailhouse rape of a small white guy by a huge musclebound, tattooed, African-American. I guess maybe it's meant to play on the most stereotypical fears the intended audience for the comic, but it comes across as strangely racist, and then, reading on, completely extraneous to the storyline. I almost put the book back on the shelf at that point.

However, I did read on, and eventually settled into the story, which involves the breakout of a heist specialist from prison and his deal with a rich collector of occult arcana. He is to assemble a team to steal a ghost from a notorious mansion, and in exchange, won't get tossed back in jail. From there on out, the story proceeds along classic heist beats -- the assembling the diverse team, the initial research, a potential early setback, a character is shown to the audience to be something a little darker than expected, the clever solution to the central problem of the heist, and then the heist itself, and... well, I won't reveal the end, but there's another classic beat that's hit.

It's a solid story and the artwork is totally my speed -- I tend to like art that's more on the realistic and detailed side. The lines are nice, the color work is great, and they came up with a nice solution to depicting the supernatural elements. Once you get past the opening misstep, definitely worth a read if you like crime and/or horror stories.
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on 28 January 2014
I loved this! It is being compared to Ocean's 11 meets The Shining which are pretty big shoes to fill but it is a fair comparison. This is a haunted mansion story, with long empty corridors that have doors opening to who knows where (ala The Shining) and Jackson T. Winters is a brilliant criminal who gathers together his own eclectic crew members to pull off the heist (ala Ocean's 11). I loved the story; it was a solid, entertaining ghost/horror story with a twist ending. But I especially liked the characters, the crew, and that not everyone makes it out alive. With this being volume 1, I thought this story would continue on but it appears this will be Winters first "case" in his new strange profession. The ending gives us no clue as to where Winters will go next but I'm looking forward to seeing where this progresses. Will he call back the old crew or will he have to gather a new crew for the particulars of the next case?
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on 5 February 2014
I couldn't get hold of the comics without paying out a lot more than the book, so I thought this was a great place to start.
really good, I did enjoy it, it's witty, fast and crazy ;). I would highly recommend!!!!!!
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on 16 July 2014
This comic series is a fun mix of Ocean's 11, The Haunting of Hill House, Hellhouse, and all those kinds of spooky mansion stories that call in investigators. Jackson Winters is a great criminal mastermind and he is broken out of jail with a odd mission. He has to put together a group of paranormal investigators (they're not the wee old lady from Poltergeist kind or even, heaven forfend, Derek Acorah but quirky criminals) in order to steal a ghost from the house. How would you do such a thing?!

This comic is funny, fun and very entertaining - can't wait for volume 2.
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on 23 July 2014
Not as clever as it thinks it is.
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on 26 August 2014
Worst comic I've read in a looooong time!
Predictable and soopo childish! + ugly illustration! Wish I could get my money back
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on 28 May 2014
I do understand the positive reviews all - it was derivative of things that were derivative - a total waste of time.
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on 30 August 2014
Scary action
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