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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Rick's community is ticking over, getting into a routine of killing zombies, improving their defences & foraging for supplies. Then a stranger nicknamed 'Jesus' turns up on their doorstep. He says he's from a community of over 200 survivors & is looking to trade. He also knows of at least a couple of other groups nearby who he already trades with. And so in just a few short pages, Rick's world is once again transformed. This could be the "historic" birth of a new civilisation - but can 'Jesus' be trusted? Or will Rick's paranoia earn them the wrath of a much larger group & deprive them of a chance to build a new world?

Another great volume, which once again left me intrigued as to what will happen in volume 17. In some ways it covered old ground, with Rick & co. encountering a similar set of problems to when they met the Washington community, albeit on a larger scale. But there's also some nice new touches, like using the name Jesus & his community being a 'city' on a hill (Jerusalem?). And once again, there's questions as to just how many marbles Rick has lost & whether a new civilisation could ever hold a place for someone like him.

16 volumes in, this series is still consistently great & gets more & more interesting the longer it goes on.
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on 10 July 2012
I am largely writing this to even up the star rating following the review left at the bottom of the page which clearly has nothing to do with the book but is directed at royal mail and Amazon.
I wish people would find the correct place to put their comments!
Anyway, after a fairly energetic run, I found teh 15th installment of Walking Dead a little slow paced and withdrawn.
I'm please to say that no.16 picks up the pace again and starts things moving again.
Yes, it's another change in direction, but at least Kirkman has the vision and decision to move the story into a different place.
I'm liking that the characters are probably about to evolve again and will be interested to see what comes next!
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on 26 June 2012
I, like many others, have been waiting excitedly for the latest trade paperback volume of The Walking Dead. Well now it's here! When I first saw the cover art my first thought was that it's not as striking as some of the others have been, pretty dull really for a comic, but you can see the significance in depicting the community and by the 16th issue you can pretty much conclude that people aren't picking it up for the cover art, but because they're already well established with the series (and we shalt not mention the TV show).

I always wait for the trade paperback to be released rather than reading them issue by issue so it was quite a while ago that I read volume 15. Because of this I was a bit confused when I began reading but I quickly picked up the storyline again and was soon absorbed in the post-apocalyptic world of Rick Grimes.

Now if you were expecting a zombie killing fest in the one you will be disappointed. It's primarly a character and storyline development issue so the pace is anything but fast, but we're introduced to a whole range of new characters, the main one of which is named Jesus and is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine. The majority of the story revolves around the arrival of Jesus (with some butt kicking by Michonne thrown in) and how he claims to be part of a large community who wants to set up a trade system with Grimes and his gang. The ending, without giving anything away, definitely sets the scene for a very action-packed next issue which I'm quite excited about!

I loved the character development in this one, especially that we got a glimpse at how Sophia and Carl were coping with the whole thing and I can't wait to see how Rick and Angie pan out even though there are a lot of confused feelings there (mainly on Rick's part).

Pretty much the only fault I have with this volume is the lack of those lovely zombies, or Walkers, or whatever. They're definitely there and they definitely get owned but there just isn't enough of them, and they're aren't really involved in the plot much. Not good enough to satisfy a fan, even one who usually holds the importance of the storyline above all else, so unfortunately one star lost for that.

I'll definitely be rushing to read the next installment when it's released so a nice 4 star rating overall for this volume.

In Short

The art is fantastic as usual and the plot very good, with a nice set up for the next issue.
A lack of zombies which is disappointing, but lots of character development and a nice addition to the series.
4 stars.
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on 14 April 2013
After acquiring the comics by other means in the past, I decided to buy some of the volumes for easier reading.

The volumes are made very well with a soft paper coating (Feels like some magazines) and the paper inside is of a high enough GSM to make it seem like a quality made item.

If you haven't' or don't want to purchase the individual comics these are a greay way to read this amazing series.
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on 21 October 2013
Excilent better then the tv show !!!
im now up to date with the last issue waiting for the next with baited breth
The cliff hanger endings of each issue will drive u to whant the next at each issue i cant recomend this enough!!!
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on 2 January 2013
Not much in the way of action, but the story moves forward at a good pace nevertheless. This deals with trust and hope. Trust in strangers and hope for the future. It also sets up a possible confrontation for the future safety and well being of the community and its allies.

The next issue promises a fight like no other, and this issue sets that up nicely.
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on 1 March 2014
We purchased this volume plus two others (15 & 17) as a Christmas gift for our daughter-in-law who is collecting the whole series. She enjoys the series greatly and was pleased to receive the three volumes.
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Sixteenth volume in the series of paperbacks that collect issues of the Walking Dead, a popular comic about a group of people trying to survive in a world overrun by Zombies.

Gore and adult situations and language do mean this is strictly for grown up readers.

This volume is not a good jumping on point. New readers should start with volume one. [And those who are getting into this via seeing the tv show should do the same].

This one collects issues ninety one to ninety six of the monthly comic. All the issues are run together into one long narrative, although you can usually tell where each issue ends and the next begins.

This continues on a bit of time after the end of the previous volume. With Rick's community finding that it's foraging expeditions aren't producing too much in the way of results.

What will they do when they run out of food?

An offer is then presented to them. Which presents issues of trust and danger. And opportunity.

This does take the story in yet another new direction. And it does it superbly well. It's a very logical development. Which also keeps the reader guessing and on tenterhooks for a lot of this volume because you really can't be sure what is going to happen next, and whether Rick's response to the situation is the right one or not.

The final quarter of the story does set up what will happen next very nicely, and leaves you eager to find how it goes.

Added to which, there are interesting developments in a few character relationships. None of these are resolved here but you will want to see where they go next. And also a couple of amusing riffs on a couple of things that have gone before.

Another great volume in an excellent series.
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on 21 July 2013
I haven't read it yet bought the whole set 1-18 I'm currently on 3rd.
Artwork has changed since the first volume which was unfortunate but storyline is still great.
Must read I would say.
Came in great quality
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on 20 October 2012
A man named Jesus approaches a people who are afraid and persecuted by the world around them. He promises them a better way of life, of peace and love - freedom from their fears. If they follow him to the Promised Land they will be saved. Rick then punches him in the face and ties him up. This would have been a cleverer metaphor if Kirkman hadn't actually named the visitor from another nearby community Jesus.

After the slow build of the past few volumes our rollercoaster is reaching the top of its climb. We learn of a new community with a much longer term vision in place; of a desperado as bad as the Governor; and a bold new future on the horizon. Things are going to be hotting up real soon.

It's very interesting to see our heroes view the hand of friendship. After two years trust and optimism has run dangerously short along with the canned food. As a reader you too are suspicious of an offer too good to be true. This sense of paranoia Kirkman has effortlessly instilled in us is testament to his great writing.

The art great but there are more single and double page spreads than usual. Rather than these being dramatic story points it does feel padded, as is if there is time to kill before the next chapter is ready. Overall still a Thumbs Up!
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