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4.3 out of 5 stars32
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 15 July 2012
This books sits on some assumptions; the UFOs exist; the government (or rather some splinter of it) knows this; there comes a moment when they cannot keep the lid on the secret any longer. From there the logic of what follows is teased out and discussed and the authors do pretty good job of it.

I heard Richard Dolan give a lecture in which he says this book was VERY hard to write. I believe it. This is a very difficult topic to write about mainly because we do not know the nature of the alien agenda. That means we do not know where governments stand in relation to them prior to disclosure. The devil is in this detail.

Also, although the authors do a great job of going through the effects on our institutions what they cannot guess is the overall impact. The biggest question here is, does humanity snap-back or not? Their answer to this question is, yes. They foresee huge disruption, but they see us coming through. Their only reservation is in the case where the alien agenda is hostile to us. The devil is also in the big picture.

The book has clearly been written and re-written and re-written again. The way you can test this is that you could start this book from almost any chapter and it would make perfect sense. You could shuffle the chapters and the same thing would still happen. There is very little linear progression. It is a series of parallel processes presented one after the other in order to make a readable book.

The authors say that as they wrote the book they moved from a position of indignance that the disclosure is being withheld to having more respect and understanding for the people who keep that secret. In this sense they have moved to where I have been for many years. When you read the book what you will see is that you have to be pretty optimistic to see disclosure leaving humanity in a viable condition. If you tweak the analyses you find in this book to a position just 5% less optimistic, our societies and indeed humanity as we know it now, goes under and it never comes back. It also goes under in the most horrible way. THAT is what the secret keepers are trying to avoid. That is what any of us would do. There is no place for being indignant when you face up to that.

And here is the kicker - the abduction scenario tell us that that we *as individual humans* are as open to their intervention as the skies are above our heads, and there is NOTHING we can do about it. I don't think enough of us can handle that to make our society viable. A large percentage of us simply could not function properly again. And it exactly here where this book comes undone for me; because of its devastating impact I don't think Disclosure will ever happen. I don't think the government want it, I don't think the public want it (certainly not the consequences), and I don't think the aliens want it. Who is left? A few UFO enthusiasts who are experiencing considerable cognitive dissonance over this and who therefore want it to be publicly accepted.

Instead of disclosure we will have what we have had for the last 70 years - a slowly growing realisation that the emperor has no clothes and that we are living in a *necessary* lie. Disclosure will never happen from the government - they'd be totally irresponsible if they *did* disclose - but there will be a growing number who dare to disclose it to themselves. These will be the ones who have the gumption to go looking at the UFO thing, long and hard, the whole panorama, and who can then live with what they find.
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on 18 March 2014
This is a well written book and well researched book, imagining how the world will be when there are no more secrets and the world governments finally tell the people what they have been covering up for far too long. If anybody has any doubts about the existence of UFO's, you really should read this book. The evidence presented here is undeniable. It includes testimonies and affidavits, reports from astronauts, military chiefs, congressmen and even some anecdotes from former presidents like Ronald Regan, who once encountered a UFO flying alongside his private jet. He told the pilot to try and follow it...but of course, the UFO was much faster...
The book also provides very clear analysis on how the media are massaging the truth, echoing what the politicians etc want them to say, rather than reporting some of these incredible sightings. It seems a much more down to earth and sensible book...or perhaps it is just that thanks to the internet and more open minded news channels like RT, this subject is at last being more understood.
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on 3 April 2014
Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel contend that aliens have been visiting Earth or residing here for many years, and that a secretive group of people with extensive power and influence has conspired to cover this up. They refer to it, with capital letters, as the "Breakaway Group" or, more whimsically, and with lower case letters, as the "breakaway civilization"! However, they argue that the truth can't be kept from the public indefinitely, and that some sort of official admission (disclosure) is inevitable, and could come soon.

The book is largely taken up with speculations about the possible consequences of disclosure. For example, will it cause mass panic or affect people's religious convictions?

The authors refer to the presumed aliens as the "Others", which has some merit, because it's conceivable that - if they exist - these beings started visiting Earth, or were living here, before the human race appeared on the scene. If so, the Others could hardly be described as 'alien' to the planet. Indeed, it may be that they played a role in our creation and have tinkered with human evolution. However, the authors keep an open mind as to the nature of the Others (e.g. whether they're extraterrestrial or 'inter-dimensional').

In Dolan and Zabel's view, it's likely that the Breakaway Group answers not so much to US presidents as to private, internationally-based people and groups (p. 80). Indeed, the authors refer to the claim that even if presidents are briefed about the matter, which may not always be the case, they may have little authority in this area (pp. 277-279). However, if, as Dolan and Zabel believe, the Breakaway Group is syphoning off vast sums of US taxpayers' money for its secret projects, you'd think that any self-respecting president would insist on knowing the facts and exerting some control. Therefore, I'm somewhat sceptical about aspects of Dolan and Zabel's analysis, although I've no doubt that there have been officially instigated cover-ups and dirty tricks pertaining to the UFO phenomenon.

The authors suggest that part of the Breakaway Group's black budget finance comes from crime. They believe that its secret military and aerospace projects have incorporated advanced alien technology, and that it is keeping the rest of humanity in the dark about cheap energy and propulsion methods. They implicate "Big Oil" in this alleged conspiracy, noting that earnings from oil sales would plummet if much cheaper energy were widely available.

I noticed a few typos and grammatical errors; and, in places, I encountered expressions that I'm unfamiliar with (e.g. "injunctive relief", p. 184; "service of process", p. 185). Generally, though, I found the book quite readable.
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on 6 April 2013
In enjoyed the book and read with an open mind. I can't say after reading this that I would welcome disclosure having learned that a number of senior informed insiders cry themselves to sleep at night knowing the true reality of what's happening, but I hope some day it does come so I can say to my friends I was right!
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on 11 October 2012
I have to agree with the excellent review by A.Mutimer, and so wont repeat all that he says, but suffice to say being a bit of a 'truth seeker' myself, and growing up addicted to shows like Dark Skies and the Xfiles I really supported the idea of disclosure... but now, once one understands the sheer impact that such a revelation would have on humanity,I think it would spell disaster on so many fronts.

Plus, simply, 1)I do not think Joe Public wants to know, let alone could even handle the truth, and are happy to be kept in the dark and go about their daily lives and struggles. We can't even keep our own yards in order, the economies are in meltdown etc, this would be the final nail in the coffin for society as we know it, and so will be prevented at all costs, even if everybody ends up knowing they are living a lie - the alternative is just to difficult to accept. 2) The Government will never officially disclose this information, unless a UFO lands on the lawn of The Whitehouse or something similar, but as the 'others' have not made themselves known for the past 60+ years, they obviously want to stay this way and so the status quo will remain...

I myself, reluctantly admit that I do not want to give up my comfortable lifestyle and place in this world to be subject to a tsunami of upheaval, shocking revelations, fear, political and social unrest, economic disaster....etc etc and all this before we even get to what the 'Others' and their UFO agenda even is... that could truly be something so terrible I for one do not wish to know and will happily be blissfully unaware..until maybe it is too late.. the mind boggles
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on 14 February 2014
After reading A.D. After Disclosure I've got to say I'm impressed with Richard Dolan and his background work on life After Disclosure.
I've always had a strong interest in UFO's and ET's and find Richard Dolan as one of the best researchers in the field.
He backs up his believes with very good research and understanding of the subject.
While this book doesn't delve into proving the existence of UFO's and ET's, read his last two books for that, this book gives you a understanding why the people in the power may be keeping the truth to themselves.
And also gives you multiple ideas as to what could happen if Disclosure was to ever happen in our life time.
I find the last chapter best where he talks about the secret keepers, the others and those of us coming out of the dark.
All three have a part to play in Disclosure, but who will show their hand first?
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on 17 September 2014
Delivery as quoted, arrived the next day. Well packaged as only Amazon could do. Not really a book review person but hey ho! Well researched and well written but obviously aimed at the home market, the good old USA. I'm from across the pond in the UK so perspectives change, there is quite a lot of information to be gleaned from the book, (reading between the lines) but also quite a bit of info irrelevant to UK standpoint. That said it is great to have a book that offers a viewpoint on the day when disclosure happens & it will! All you naysayers & religious people, wake up, I'm going to be another person that said "I told you so".
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on 15 January 2013
This book gives a good understanding of various scenarios that may play out once Disclosure takes place.
It does get the brain thinking, and everyone should give this book a read, if you believe in alien visitation or not.
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on 10 March 2013
Not up to Richards usual standards, tends go off into flimsy speculation for far too much of the book for my liking, but a very clear and well argued case is made for not disclosing, in my opinion. I suspect the select few who hold this knowledge will find themselves agreeing with most of it!
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on 27 September 2014
Excellent read, doesn't waffle but covers many points concisely. I wonder how many governments will read this.
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