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4.5 out of 5 stars
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This book, originally published in 1997, is one of several written about the famous Rendlesham Forest/Bentwaters UFO incident in December 1980, and possibly the most interesting to read.

Repeated encounters with UFOs were reported over three nights (25-28 December) in 1980 at, over and near the twin RAF bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge, large neighboring airfields in Suffolk leased for several decades from the UK Government by the US Government and at that time hosting USAF nuclear strike aircraft and nuclear weapons. Larry Warren was at the time a young airman stationed at Bentwaters, and claimed to be present during the third night of encounters when an unknown craft actually landed at Capel Green and was surrounded by USAF ground personnel - incidentally off-base carrying loaded weapons, specifically against a signed agreement between the UK and US governments.

It is only fair to say that some controversy surrounds Warren and his outspoken claims, and he has been accused in recent years by former Air Force colleagues of being "economical with the truth." In short, it's been claimed by Deputy Base Commander Charles Halt that Larry wasn't on duty that night and personally witnessed nothing. Certainly his claims about being forcibly detained in an underground facility under the base and subjected to mind-indoctrination following the incident have been questioned with good cause, and minor details of his story have allegedly changed over the years. However, something very serious involving unidentified flying objects intruding over this nuclear-weapons holding NATO facility and "adversely affecting the ordnance", of long duration and with multiple military and civilian witnesses, did happen as reported beyond dispute. The sheer number of witnesses, the physical effects on some of the airmen (damaged retinas due to the brightness of the light in one encounter, including Larry Warren, medically certified) and the incriminating quantity of official paperwork generated between the base command and the UK government subsequent to the incident make this a certainty. Furthermore, multiple witnesses testify that some kind of formalised communication took place between "extraterrestrial biological entities" from the landed craft and senior USAF personnel, who seemed prepared for the encounter and to know exactly what to do.

The book is co-written by Warren and respected researcher Peter Robbins. Warren's narrative in the first part of the book relates his life story up to, during and after the incident and is candid about his values and motivations. He was from an early age something of an anglophile and was delighted to be posted to Bentwaters in England, where he hoped to enjoy his tour. He also reports serial family encounters with High Strangeness and sounds like a serial abductee, the understanding of which phenomenon may require a certain amount of separate study by the reader and acquaintance with the published work of Harvard Professor John Mack, researcher Budd Hopkins, Professor David Jacobs and Raymond Fowler, to name a few. This situation complicates his narrative even more, as well it might.

Robbins' authored sections of the book are printed in italics to differentiate from Warren's, which are written in normal type. The narrative tells the story of their joint investigation, all self-funded from meagre resources, through some fourteen separate visits to the UK (both the authors were US-based by this time) and the journey which led to the writing and publishing of the book. The style is pacy, interesting and engaging, and the editorial decision to tell the tale in story form succeeds in making the book something of a page-turner as the reader shares their struggles, tribulations and the excitement of discovery. It's a very enjoyable read - the type of narrative from which film scripts are made. This is not to diminish the serious content, the thoroughness and persistence of the research, nor the disturbing conclusions. Larry and Peter invested a great deal of time, effort and personal resources in pursuit of the truth of this most important event, and the first edition of the book was famously brandished in the British Parliament during a session demanding answers from the government on the defence implications of the incident.

The hardcover edition contains 16 pages of relevant monochrome photographs and an extensive index of scanned/photocopied documents in support of the truth of the incident. There is also an interesting section about the employment of Wilhelm Reich's controversial cloud-busting technology (one of Robbins' areas of specialist research knowledge) at Bentwaters by the USAF.

Interesting postscript: in September 2009 I was honored to be given a guided walking tour of Rendlesham Forest and Bentwaters (now converted for civilian use) by Peter Robbins, on a splendid late summer Sunday afternoon, including the site at Capel Green where the landed craft had left a large circular area of dessicated soil on which nothing would grow for several years and from which Peter took his soil samples for analysis in Massachusetts. The local council in Suffolk now marks the walking trails with numbered square wooden marker posts, each of which sports the small image of a bug-eyed grey alien head. Nice touch.

Of the many books written about this incident, one other is definitely worth reading: the late Georgina Bruni's "You Can't Tell the People" (a direct quote from then PM Margaret Thatcher talking personally to the author about the ET issue). If you read both books, you'll have a good all-round understanding about the 1980 Bentwaters Incident. I don't want to denigrate other books on this subject, but none are as good as these two.
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on 31 August 2014
Once I started to read it, I couldn't put it down! You just have to know what's on the next page. It's a stimulating text, a book that really makes you think about the way the world is run today and also about how much is made known to the general population by the so called 'authorities in power'. In fact it makes you wonder who the 'authorities' really are in the first place! It's a purchase I'm glad I made.
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on 30 December 2015
Before I read this I only knew the version of the story put out by mainstream media, which often ends up with someone coming on saying it was nothing but the lights from a lighthouse, which is usually is enough to erradicate further interest, which it did for me for years.

Reading this has completely re-educated me, and if you read it too you'll see how the lighthouse story is such complete and utter nonsense, the purpose of which is to confuse, and diminish the attention of anyone with a passing interest.

If you take the time to read this (as I did) you'll begin to realise just how important this case is in the bigger picture.

They even had Cloudbusters around the base!!!!!! If that's new to you, please read the book before you begin your research into Willhelm Reich ;) Oh, and check out Kate Bush's video "Cloudbusting"

In conclusion, it's a fascinating enthralling account of not just what happened at the base, but also of the long lasting after effects on the lives of the people who witnessed it.
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on 23 March 2009
This book should be read by everyone and especially by all those interested in UFOs. It is an honest, human account of an incredible encounter, as well as being well thought-out and argued. I commend both authors for their courage to tell this story. If you ever just wondered about this subject, this book gives great insight into the complexity of the UFO phenomenon and the role that the military and security forces play. Highly recommended!
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on 14 February 2011
I'd already met the authors so was very excited about getting the book. It certainly didn't disappoint either - I could hardly put it down. It's an absolute must read for both believers and debunkers of ufo's and alien life-forms. A true story of an incident in rendlesham forest of an encounter of the ufo kind and one mans mission to get the truth out. Read and believe!
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on 11 January 2011
A genuine man: a MIND-BLOWING work which must be read by anyone who dares believe there is "something else out there".
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on 9 March 2013
Having a passing interest in the subject I've found this to be a worthwhile read? Certainly something seems to have happened, I guess it boils down to whom you believe? I've enjoyed reading it.
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on 3 February 2012
One of the best books concerning the UFO subject I've read, and certainly the best I've read on the Rendlesham forest incident.
I cannot recommend this book enough.
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on 16 June 2013
Very informative this guy went through a lot.Dont think he would have gone to this much trouble if something had not happened to him .(very good read)
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on 26 September 2014
The incident in Suffolk in December 1980, is something which I have had an interest in for some time. Left at East Gate reveals so much more of the story, the people involved, especially the amazingly courageous Larry Warren and the equally courageous Peter Robbins who has co-authored this book. It shows the desperate, and illegal, measures taken by both the British and American governments. If you can read this book without getting angry at the illegal behaviour of the pathetic little men in the CIA and NSA, then you have no soul. Are we really going to allow cowards to threaten us without fighting back? As you reach the end of this book, you are in for a surprise in respect of colonel Halt. This is a man I always admired but you well see that, for whatever reason, he has simply not been completely truthful. Larry Warren on the other hand can prove that what he experienced actually happened. My only regret is that I may never get the opportunity to meet Larry and Peter, their courage leaves me breathless. If you want to gain an insight into what is really going regarding the UFO phenomena, then please read this book, the price is a little high for an eBook but it is definitely worth it. To those of you who threaten decent people, shame on you. As Peter Robbins says, 'power has no morals'. Please support these two extraordinary men by purchasing Left at East Gate.
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