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4.6 out of 5 stars20
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 November 2009
The so-called `little black book' is actually a weighty tome, and if you're looking to understand violence and how to deal with it, this volume has pretty much got it covered.

Expert advice and real-world insights are delivered in true Kane and Wilder style. Working on many levels, they connect the wisdom of ancient masters like Sun Tzu and Miyamoto Musashi with leading modern-day martial artists and self-protection gurus to paint a truly complete picture.

The book spotlights the real cost of fighting in graphic and sometimes gruesome detail, with photos to match. The aim is to familiarise the reader with real-world violence and give them the tools to make the right decisions when faced with a potentially violent situation.

The question of when to fight (and when not to) is given the careful consideration it deserves and is one of the highlights of the book. The writers take into account the important factors of youth and pride, especially in young males, and provide a realistic framework for judging the right course of action based on reason rather than emotion.

Personal anecdotes abound -- some humorous, some profound, many shocking -- from martial artists, security personnel, law enforcement and armed forces. The issues of weapons such as knives and guns is included throughout, along with advice on dealing with wounds, psychological trauma and the tricky matter of the law.

The text is so comprehensive that several readings and regular revisions would be the only way to truly know and digest the wealth of information contained within. The Little Black Book of Violence is one very big, very credible source on the subject, and comes with a big recommendation.
Goran Powell, Author of Waking Dragons: A Martial Artist Faces His Ultimate Test
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on 16 December 2010
Well written and designed to challenge the base realities of average Joe Youth - or any one who fancies a ruck really. The facts and outcomes are plain and frequently vivid but "not Hollywood". The authors are consistently clear in the outcomes...and it's not all gloss. Similar to Mr Abernethy above, I've also been involved in martial arts and conflict for a long time (nearly 4 decades) and I have to say this "little" book covers efficiently so many areas that so many other books fail to address.
Except for one detail. When you read this, please bear in mind the outcomes are relating to American society and Law. Specifically LAW. Legally speaking, although many outcomes physically may be the same {one down, one standing if you get my drift)the legal aftermath is more likely "similar" in the UK...or in other words - viewed differently. There's an appropriate disclaimer at the start of the book where it warns you that you should understand the legal ramifications of your actions with respect to self defence and the laws of your state - or country; In UK - do you REALLY understand section 5 for instance? If you don't understand then speak to a solicitor or Police officer for a more detailed appraisal; or contact the likes of Iain, Dave Turton [look him up], myself or similar for straight UK facts.
Seriously though? The book stands for itself. Read it.
Tony Bell
Master Assessor
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VINE VOICEon 28 October 2010
The world we live in is increasingly busier, over populated and angrier. Violence seems increasingly probable even outside of the arenas you would normally expect to find it. Whether you're commuting to work, walking home, going for a run or driving, there seems a never ending supply of people on the verge of some violent act, or using the threat of it to intimidate or get something from you they want. Which for me makes this book a stand out, because it's not only about violence and how to dispense it, but very much about how to avoid it all together.

And in reading it a good portion of the basics seem obvious, so obvious you wonder why they never occurred to you. It starts with the different levels of 'alertness' and how they seem to someone that might have you and violence in mind. Looking alert and confident is a large part of violence avoidance. There are everyday approaches to stepping around violence and some great chapters and scenarios depicting what results from violence, de-glorifying the whole thing. And then in detail, over a great many scenarios, how you deal with violence if it cannot be avoided. Every angle is looked at, not least the legal and how the law will view you and your subsequent actions. And of course there are endless scenarios simply detailed in making sure the violence ends quickly and you are the one that walks away. The detail is incredible. For instance describing exactly how alcohol causes humans to become unbalanced and how you use that to defeat a drunken attacker in very simple methods.

A quite brilliant book that is not little in any way, that you will learn from just by browsing through and will certainly be better equipped for this angrier world if you spend any time studying it. Can't recommend this highly enough.
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on 26 May 2009
It's a sad fact that the vast majority of "self-defence" books on the market are based on the fantasies of inexperienced and uneducated martial arts instructors. Whist possibly well meaning, these books are almost always based on Hollywood violence or the safe and satisfied world of most dojo. It's therefore always a joy to come across a book that "pulls no punches" and discusses violence as it truly is. The true chaos and horror of violence is addressed in this book along with all the physical, legal and physiological consequences. Forget all the books based on "formal martial arts in jeans" or testosterone driven misinformation and ignorance, this is a book that truly tells the reader what they need to know. I congratulate everyone smart enough to purchase this book and take to heart the advice it contains. You'll be well prepared.

Iain Abernethy
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In America, 80% of violent crimes are committed by men. Men are also twice as likely to become the victims of aggressive behavior. Violence, no matter how trivial it may seem, has the potential to escalate into a grave situation.

This is the reason why Lawrence A. Kane and Kris Wilder, martial arts experts since the 1970s, have written this book. Inside, young adults will find self-defense tips and techniques, street survival behavior, and tricks for de-escalating fights.

This no-nonsense guide to violence is a great addition to a library's collection. The layout is well-done, and the information provided is practical, helpful, and easy to learn.

Those who are interested in self-defense, martial arts, and street smarts will enjoy and learn a lot from reading THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF VIOLENCE.

Reviewed by: Kira M
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on 10 December 2014
The main thing I so like about this book is that it really does away with the 'glamour' of violence. Violence is not glamourous, it's 'orrible, messy, smelly and it hurts as the authors state repeatedly. And rightly so. If you can, walk away even if the individual causing you grief is doing his 'monkey dance' and mouthing off. Even better, don't get into the situation in the first place - walk away. The authors also stress the importance of being situationally aware. Being so will help prevent you becoming involved in the violence so well described here - and not in a glamourous way. To repeat, as they do continually, walk away, it ain't worth it. Understanding as I do just a bit of what's involved in violence, I continued to be impressed by the quality not only of the writing but the language used. It's appropriate and punchy, (pun intended.) There are also some darkly humourous elements as well which also work.

Not only does this book talk about the difference between fighting and combat - and there is - but they let you know about what's involved in both. There's also outstanding insights into the actual cost of any violence you may commit or in which you might be involved, for example, the psychological, financial, reputational and so on. If you are involved in a violent confrontation and the police arrive, don't blabber your mouth off. They provide the reasons why you might do this and suggest why you shouldn't. The police have a job to do and you may be just one of many incidents they may have to address on that Saturday night. Also, be aware that you might go to jail overnight, or prison for a long time even if you feel you're in the right. There are also discussions of the media, lawyers as well as what you might be feeling after a violent confrontation, e.g. guilt, anger, PTSD etc.

I have just completed reading this book and will look through it again, and again. It's a no nonsense, well written, well researched piece of work that in the main applies anywhere in the world. Obviously it's targeted at the US market especially with regard to the law. However, even here the authors strongly suggest you identify what is / is not allowed locally to protect yourself.

In sum, one of the best books I've read in a long time. Recommended.
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on 9 December 2012
This book bringing a great perspective to the importance of avoiding conflict situations, the downsides of even a "successful" engagement and brings home the consequences of violence and violent behaviour. As a Karate instructor I will be passing on several important lessons to my students. To the Authors thank you. For what my opinion it is worth, should you be thinking of purchasing this book I highly recommend it.
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on 14 November 2009
anyone who lives in a city would be wise to read this book,its not just for young men,its for anyone who wants to stay one step ahead of predators and bad covers everything from avoiding places and people to dealing with people,trust me a great book so much information,this book would increase your chances of staying alive and well which is the main thing,great book buy it.
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on 13 April 2010
Im quite an agressive young lad (16) get into fights and that but this book really hits home the truths of confilct and does make you think twice about the consequences

Tbh it helped me make a life changing decision on wether to walk away or fight and i made the right decision and walked away (and i aint on about a normal fight, it was basically on my shoulders wether a huge brawl with weapons would kick off between my mates and these lads, spent days thinking wethere was worth it and this book came just in time and withing an hour of scan reading it, it swayed my mind)

Absolutly fantastic book

If i could give 6*s i would, its that good
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on 8 March 2014

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