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3.8 out of 5 stars32
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 27 August 2009
I have enjoyed Patrickj Robinson' work over the years - albeit I believe his earlier books were better structured and full of more interesting detail.

This latest (and presumably last) tale in the series concerning Admiral Morgan and the SAS defector, I found to be very disappointing.

The "hero" is only believable if you subscribe to the belief that anything America does to protect itself and its people is by definition morally right. I thought that - and the view that any lie will do to support that aim - is where the previous US President parted company with most of us so it's disappointing to read it being re-propagated here.

Robinson is of course entitled to his own political views - but labeling the UK a socialist country, and Tony Blair a "cream-puff" - only accentuates the extent to which he has allowed such political views to permeate his story (and I am not defending any political viewpoint here).

Robinson's penchant for detail was great when it provided backup for the story, but I am not sure how many of us are interested in which vine in which field the grape grew on every time someone lifts a glass in his tales - never mind who owns the damn field! Robinson seems to me to be very self-indulgent - or else he is trying to impress us all with his knowledge of wine. If it is the latter maybe he should write a book on wine (or maybe he is just touting for freebies!) In any event it gets very irritating and has sod all to do with the story line.

Finally, if Robinson wants to wallow in detail (geographical this time) he might like to get it right. Carlisle is not on the "east side" of England and the A66 road between the A1 to the M6 (Carlisle) does not touch the North York Moors at any point on its journey. In fact the North York Moors are entirely east of the A1.

All in all - a story-line which has elements of believability but is over-stretched by scarcely believable characters, then turned to irritation by irrelevant self-indulgent detail.

Robinson has a chance to turn over a new leaf with his next book so let's hope he does as his earlier work was excellent.
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on 25 May 2009
I have read all of Patrick Robinson's books. They are good page turners but recently I think the characters have started to get rather boring and cliched.

R. A. M. Schrevel summed it up in his review. The Navy SEAL is the "best SEAL" in the world, Jimmy Ranshaw is destined to be the head of the NSA however the most annoying character is undoubtedly Arnold Morgan who seems to be able to get the President of America to run the country as he sees fit. Even the terrorists are the "worst" in the world. There are no normal people in this book

There seem to be some fairly gaping holes in the plot, for instance when the authorities realise 2 evil terrorists have arrived on a ferry from Ireland to Wales, they don't seem to try to track them beyond this. To make it easy for them the terrorists hired a car at the port then didn't even change the number plates so all they had to do was check a few records and then they could pick up the terrorists using number plate recognition systems.

The sad thing is by the end of the book, I was so fed up with Arnold Morgan that I was hoping that the terrorists were going to succeed in killing him just to get rid of him for good.

I sincerely hope that Patrick creates some new characters for his new books as these ones are just ridiculous.
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on 9 November 2009
Ever since Patrick Robinson god rid of his advisor/s,his books have degraded from halfway decent to pure utter fantasy.
Ghost force was bad,this book is literally rubbish.
Top special forces around the world are made to look like bumbling children,And so called assassins are so laughable I wonder they survived getting out of bed in the morning.
I can understand the principle of the story that of revenge over a principle enemy,But who in their right mind would continue with their plans for a holiday despite being warned off several times,avoiding not one but three attempts on their life!!
For gods sake go back to an empty page and start all over again,this saga has gone on for long enough.
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on 7 May 2012
One of the things I used to admire in these books is the painstaking detail: How fragments were knitted together and the momentum of the story builds and builds.. Finally the layers form the vista of a story often streching from the poersonal insights of a character to a nation or world wide incident.

This story was lightweight; of all the things the Admiral is, the story paints him as a bull headed fool who despite having a terrorist targetting him continues with his holiday???

It strokes me that Mr Robinson has fallen foul of the requirmeent to 'churn' formulaic storys out...

what a shame
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on 4 June 2012
Was enjoying this book to a certain extent until the following line: "The Irish were not to be included in any future attacks. They just weren't the kind of people to have anything to do with terrorists". Quite possibly the most stupid comment I have ever read in a novel. So the IRA or it's various offshoots never existed then? I have noticed you don't seem to see PR's books in the UK much anymore, are this and future books only targetted at the American market? I only ask as the above comment seems to pander to some Americans' rose tinted view of the IRA and the Irish.
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on 18 October 2009
I've really enjoyed some of Patrick Robinson's early books and whilst some of the later ones are rehashes of the same idea they are normally a great airplane read. However this book left me feeling a little bit lectured to about the extreme right wing views of the author. I know its a good guys vs bad guys plot but come on, make it a good thriller not a party polictical broadcast. So if you can stand the rhetoric it is actually one of Patrick Robinsons better ones and would recommend.
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on 11 February 2010
Having been an avid reader of all Patrick Robinson's books I do not feel that this is one of his better works. Perhaps it was because there was perhaps a bit too much padding out of the story line when writing about the scenery that Ravi and Shakira were driving through while in England but it did not hold my attention like his previous novels which were brilliant. Perhaps the next one will be better.
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on 23 July 2008
With English not as my native language, but as reader of all of Robinson's books form first print, I think that, although it is still a pageturner and perfect beach reader, the characters start getting bored. The "always right" Arnold Morgan, the "I see everything in the World" Ramshawe, "mighty unfailable" Hunter, unfailable NSA ... What is the problem with good "other" men in the US of A..... And unfortunatly in the end, the only character ever discribed in to depth is out of the next book. Although I will certainly order this next book I hope Robinson comes with something new and a more surprising plot.
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on 26 June 2008
Wow!If you pick up this book,be prepared to be sat down until you have finished.True suspense right up to the last page.Arnold Morgan and co in the series finalle.Been waiting like a cat on hot bricks for this to be published and it was well worth the wait!Patrick Robinson is without doubt the best author of the techno thriller bar none!
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on 16 July 2009
I purchased this book and another of the author's after reading a few of the reviews and I have been left mightily disappointed. At one point the author deals with a flight from Limerick to Dublin and has the aircraft routed over Lough Derg. I would suggest that either the pilot or the author failed to look at a map. This is hardly critical to the success of the book but it is indicative of the problems I found in the book. When one of the characters, a hardline islamist extremist decides that the Irish should never be targetted (and she will tell her husband so) because all the ones she meets are so lovely, I can't help but feel that some credibility has been lost.

Leave it alone, you will only regret the purchase and the wasted time. I have another one to read and I am having trouble bringing myself to do it.
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