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4.8 out of 5 stars36
4.8 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 June 2008
I have many books on energy. Yet there is nothing quite like seeing the various energy techniques demonstrated, most of which are new to me.

I know I would not be doing these exercises properly if I did not see it demonstrated on the DVD. The method used here is a combination of acupressure tapping, and kinesiology method of energy testing to spot energy weaknesses. She also demonstrates the Wayne Cook posture for balancing energy. I found the Heaven rushing in exercise particularly good.

I was particularly interested to learn that there are pressure points for fight of flight response (also the freeze response), which I now use for staying clear.

In this package is a guidebook with her biography, case studies and an explanation with diagrams of the body's energy systems and a deck of easy to follow flashcards.

There is also a cut glass crystal, with a string for spinning the crystal,which can act like a pendulum. The crystal can be used for chakra cleansing, and I could certainly feel a shift in energy in the chakras as they reattuned to the higher vibration of the crystal.

There is also a cd. This package is a great value.

If you are like me, you may be wondering which I should buy first, the Energy Medicine book or this kit.

This EM kit stands by itself, and the multi media format is more user friendly than a book could be. Also, it is easier to carry around the flash cards than a book, for reference. I highly recommend the energy medicine kit.

Update 2011. If you wish to explore further I recommend the following books:

The Eft Manual (Everyday Eft: Emotional Freedom Techniques) a simple acupressure technique which can be done in less than two minutes. Imagine easily letting go of emotional issues such as anger, anxiety, fear, forgiveness, sadness, stress, phobias, procrastination, trauma etc.

The Energy Medicine Kit by Donna Eden, which shows energy testing being demonstrated, energy zipups and more advanced techniques, including a five minute daily routine to boost your energy.

Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Emotions to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Emotions by John Diamond MD, one of the best books I have read on energy medicine, and a complete manual.

The Touch of Healing: Energizing the Body, Mind, and Spirit with Jin Shin: Energizing the Body, Mind, and Spirit With Jin Shin Jyutsu by Alice Burmeister. It's Jin Shin Jitsu, a complete system, very easy to learn and use.

Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness by Bradley Nelson. Another complete system for releasing trapped emotions using magnets discovered by a chiropractor. A very well written book. I have also attended his seminar. I discovered this writer and this book at a Donna Eden seminar.

The The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy by Cyndi Dale. A visually stunning which gives an overview of energy medicine.

I have reviewed most of these books, and I hope you find this review helpful.
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on 10 May 2008
Wow. You have really got to buy this kit. I originally brought this kit as I had suffered from bad achne on the right side of my face for over 15 years and nothing apart from antibiotics seemed to work. I cannot tell you how awful it looked and felt. After doing the 5 minute daily routine for 2 or 3 days I found that ALL my spots just dried up and never came back. It was truly amazing. I also found that my cravings for chocolate and junk food gradually faded. I felt more confident and relaxed and I felt as if a great healing was taking place within me. My mood was happier and I felt a lot calmer around my young energtic children. If I missed a day of doing the routine I didn't feel as good. I really found myself looking forward to doing the daily exercise. I now feel balanced and energised. It also seemed to get rid of my back ache I have had since childhood. Buy it, it can really help you.
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on 12 October 2009
Goodness me, I didn't know what a profound effect spinning a crystal over my chakra points could have - but I soon found out by using the crystal that comes with this Energy Medicine Kit.

You are given a range of `enercises' that aid you in particular situations, like being stressed, having a headache, insomnia, energising before work, poor memory, etc. What's so great about them, is that they don't take very long, and the daily energy routine only takes 5 minutes, and you can modify it so you can do it anywhere, even in the bath! There's a dvd, a cd with 21 exercises, 43 exercise prompt cards, a booklet about Donna with concise information regarding various energy centres, like the meridians, chakras, the aura, etc. And you get an energy crystal to work with, instructions included. So much information all in one little package.

Plus, I don't think you can watch this without adoring Donna, an incredibly genuine, sweet soul.
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on 24 April 2010
I bought this kit partly on the basis of the reviews I had read on here. I have not yet fully used everything in the kit, though I have managed to do the daily exercises, and I cannot believe what a differene they make. These exercises lift your spirits, so that you naturally feel positive, confident etc. There's something in this. I don't understand it but I don't care as long as it works!
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on 20 August 2013
I wish I had discovered this years ago. There is a crystal, DVD, CD, book and a very comprehensive set of reminder cards. It is excellent value for money. The quality of the various components, including the storage box, is extremely high and it arrived a couple of days after I ordered it, in perfect condition.
The system itself is very easy to follow and it has been, for me, very effective in dealing with headaches and making me feel energised, calm, and empowered. I recommend it for everyone and the 'exercises' are easy to do. No equipment is required and many of them can be done while sitting, or standing - they are not remotely aerobic, so anyone with pains or difficulty with moving would definitely benefit from it.
It only takes a few minutes a day to do the programme, with additional exercise if you need to target something specific. The cards are great if you are not near a CD or DVD player and could be taken with you while travelling. I think I will probably stick with this for the rest of my life.
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on 7 June 2011
The teachings in this pack are backed up with CD, video, cards and booklet that all make it very versatile - watch them and try them out watching the dvd, listen to the CD while in bed, and/or pick up the cards anywhere around the house... The teacher is very likeable and the exercises are shown in such a way that you have the confidence to try them yourself straight away. Well presented and helpful material.
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on 17 December 2012
I love the thought of this handy kit but for me, although the cards are handy and accessible for selecting at random, the writing is very small font and not easy to see even with my glasses on!!! Makes it a bit of an effort to use really.
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on 2 July 2013
The kit surpassed my expectations. The DVD and CD give clear instructions on how to perform these simple exercises. The cards can be arranged in any order to suit one's needs or lifestyle and act as reminders.
Just by doing the 5 minute routine for a few weeks now, especially the 'crown pull', I notice far less hair in the basin after a hair wash and my blood pressure readings are improved.
I highly recommend Donna Eden's exercises to anyone who makes it their business to keep their energies at peak level and this kit is a great help.
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on 3 September 2010
This is a superbly thought out product. Designed to give you an introduction to body energy therapy.

It comes with CD, DVD, booklet, crystal and cards... someone has given this a lot of thought and is excellent value.

The product itself is an excellent introduction to this type of therapy.

Donna Eden goes through the various exercises with a group session which give you a great insight to its effectiveness. I started watching it a little cynical but it becomes clear that this is a genuine session.

The 5 minute exercises are perfect for busy people to get a feel for the effect this sort of therapy can have. Because it's so easy, and there are a set of cards you can take around with you (i.e. on holiday), it makes it easier to keep up with and keep using.

I definitely feel the difference once I've been through the exercises.

An excellent product and excellent results.
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on 24 March 2014
I love this kit. Fifteen years ago I bought Donna Eden's book but didn't really use it properly and then gave it away during a big clearing out session. Recently, being faced with too many health issues I decided to give it another go, so I bought the book again, but found it difficult to find a way of picking out the moves appropriate for my problems - too much flicking pages back and forward. So when I found this kit thought it would be better for me, and it has been. It stands alone as a healthy routine to get into. The DVD is excellent and the cards are great as a quick aide de memoire whenever you decide you need a particular move to boost the energies or whatever. It's too early for me to decide whether it's making a difference or not, but I intend to stick with it for a month at least and then decide that. Other reviewers have said it's helpful and I'm sure they're right. I like the book for it's more in-depth information, but this is a much more user friendly version of advice and instruction for this way of healing. I should have bought the Energy Medicine Kit first. Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.
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