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4.0 out of 5 stars8
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 3 August 2007
I've been waiting for this book to come out for quite some time and have been really looking forward to it. The book starts with a gentle introduction to OOP and the differences between AS1 and AS3. I found the first few chapters a slow read mostly because I've already learned how to use AS3 from Joey Lott's ActionScript 3 Cookbook.

I was an intermediate AS2 developer before getting this book. I'd never really touched on OOP so thought it was about time to start learning considering AS3 is a fully fledged OOP language. It teaches the principals of OOP rather well though the first set of examples were very simple (moving a ball around) they did however provide good examples of Polymorphism, Encapsulation and Inheritance. The book then moved onto interfaces and Design Patterns and even though the examples became more suited to real-world applications I felt that they weren't explained well enough.

I really did enjoy this book however it seems to want to appeal to both beginners and advanced actionscript developers and the jump in the middle is difficult to take in, I found myself using Adobe's livedocs to fill in some of the gaps. I would however recommend this book as I have learned a lot about OOP but I'd also recommend looking into Essential ActionScript 3 by Colin Mook (it really is essential) and even one dedicated to ActionScript 3 design patterns as the chapter for these were very short.
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on 3 June 2011
This book follows a very clear path through the various aspects of Object-Oriented programming. If you have used some actionscript in Flash projects and want to understand more/push on to more sophisticated projects, then this is a very good place to start. I found it especially useful when trying to make the move from AS2 to AS3.
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on 30 December 2007
This book seems to be aimed at the anyone wishing to make the move from basic Flash programming into proper OOP programming of RIAs in Flash - and in this it is very successful. It's a book I wish I had several years ago when I first started working with OOP in ActionScript (back when AS1.0 very first came out!). It's not, however, a book for those who already know how to do all this in AS2.0 and wish to 'upgrade' to working in AS3.0.

For anyone wishing to move into advanced Flash development, however, this book really is nearly all you need. All the basics of modern professional OOP development are covered in enough detail to get you going, including introductions to subjects such as UML modeling, RAD, XP and versioning. I think it could have been improved by covering Subversion instead of CVS as a versioning tool and it would have been nice to include an introduction to test-based programming - but these are minor quibbles.

The section on Design Patterns provides a useful and informative introduction into this subject, covering some very useful patterns with good use cases - in particular the implementation of Decorator contains some cunning usage of flash.utils.Proxy I'd not seen before.

The Building and Extending Dynamic Frameworks section is probably the most extensive and most useful section of this book, taking you through most of the kind of development problems you'll encounter in day-to-day ActionScript programming.

All in all, I could only really find a few problems with this book:
* The section on Interfaces seemed all too brief given their importance to really good OOP programming.
* Most of the examples given in the final section (Data Integration) seemed rather heavily skewed towards Flex development.
* The section on using Flex, while useful and informative, is well-documented elsewhere. I felt it would have been better to assume that the reader already knew this (just as knowledge of the Flash IDE is assumed) and to use the space to expand on more advanced OOP concepts instead (such as Interfaces, as mentioned above).

Like all Friends of Ed books I've encountered, Object-Oriented Actionscript 3.0 is very clearly laid out and consequently very readable. The tone is not too heavy whilst at the same time never straying into being too light and a little patronising, like some other programming books that shall remain nameless!

Overall I think this is an excellent book and one I have already gladly recommended to many people.
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on 28 March 2015
Fab book, great but. Many thanks.
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on 13 February 2009
I'm fairly new to developing AS3 in OOP environments, but have done a bunch of AS3 since CS3 was launched.

The book explains the general practices of OOP, project flow, UI diagrams etc. in a fairly good manner, and it covers them from an "real" programmer's perspective and not a Flash designer's which I like, and which taught me a lot of valuable lessons.

The examples are easy to follow and explained very well. However, they tend to write the starting code of an application inside the start-up .fla file, which to me is a bad and clumpsy way to start an application. For people used to AS3, this can be easily overcome, but for newcommers, it might leave them with a bad habbit.

I aggree to one of the other reviews that the book tries too please too many different levels of users, and I also think it tries to cover too many different ways of doing OOP and too many ways of writing the code. A more strict line of appraoch would have been beneficial.

But all in all, I got smarter from the parts of the book I went through, so I see the money as well spend.
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on 2 October 2007
Object-Orientes ActionScript 3.0, offers a comprehensive introduction to the most important Object Oriented Programming techniques. Readers are not only exposed to the core aspects of these techniques, but also gain valuable insight into how they work and are used in a real world. It is a great book not only experience users but to beginners, as it explains the most important base concepts of OOP, like Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and Inheritance. It also leads the user to every basic steps of general programming explaining concepts like functions, arrays, variables, data types, and so on. For the experience user, it has practical code examples through out the entire book, showing in a glance the real application of the topics discussed.
This book uses a very comprehensive language that lets all kind of users to understand and follow every single step, including the most advanced ones.

This is the perfect book for the Web designer or programmer, that wants to learn how to create applications with Flash or Flex using ActionScript 3.0, and have some fun while learning.
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on 5 July 2010
I'm a fairly experienced programmer, but a generalist, rather than a specialist in ActionScript, so my knowledge is wide and shallow rather than deep and narrow if you follow. I bought this book because I was interested in really deepening my understanding of design patterns specifically related to AS3... and with respect to this the book is very good in explaining design patterns. A bit heavy going though as is the nature of all books I've come across discussing design patterns. The exercises are good, well structured, explained and interesting. The big unfortunate about this book, as with so many technology books, is that it is somewhat out of date and it does I'm afraid render some of the text rather useless... or certainly I felt it did. Flex for example has moved on a long way. We're also now at CS5 currently so some of the panels have been rearranged. If entirely unfamiliar with Flash I suggest this will be an irritation. I'm familiar enough with Flash to adjust and not find it frustrating at all. The code (AS3) is useable and given the book is nicely structured, has lots of good well explained examples to work through.. I don't consider it a waste of money.
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on 13 April 2008
The intended audience is for reades who "...have some previous experience developing in Actionscript...", and that "Some familiarity with the Flash or Flex authoring environments...".
SO - why do we get a whole chapter dedicated to a section on using Flex, but assumes that the reader already knows the Flash IDE?
Furthermore, why is there a whole chapter on coding standards and practices?
These are just two of the wastes of paper, therefore MY MONEY before getting down to the OOP concepts.

Once we get to the OOP stage, there is a major dearth of answers to the question WHY? I'm a newcomer to true OOP, so this book is not a good way to delve into OOP.
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