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4.7 out of 5 stars64
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 May 2012
Some friends at work got me playing this game while they were reliving their childhood...shortly afterwards I've brought it and introduced it to even more people all of who love it!

You start by choosing a character at random and then need to battle your way from the outer realm, into the inner realm fighting various monsters, or friends, along the way. Once there you can use the Crown of Command to vanquish your foes! Landing on one of the squares on the board will mean you have to draw a card from the pile and deal with the outcome it could be anything from a Talisman you require to get at the Crown of Command or a dragon to brighten your day! It's very simple to get into and it doesn't matter if you're playing against someone who's been playing it since version one, the game is down to the roll of the dice but produces hours of fun.

If you're thinking of buying this so you can relive your childhood or introduce some new players to the game make sure you go over how much fun it is to become a toad! I know my group of friends where living in fear of that happening to them...

If you just like the look of the game and haven't played before then go for it! You won't be disappointed!
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on 29 May 2011
I purchased Talisman as I never had the chance to play it when I was a kid but most of my friends had fond memories of it so I decided to buy it to see if it was suitable to get my 7 year old son interesting in board games as opposed to computer games. I am pleased to say it appears to be a hit, with a near daily request rate. The game play is simple and fun, even if the game is a little on the long side for the younger players, although it did hold my sons attention for the 2 hours it took to play which is something of a miracle. It doesn't have a particularly strategic element as it is largely random but that is what makes it easy for someone of my advancing years to play with much younger players without having an unfair advantage. I think this one will become a firm favourite, and the expansions look intriging for when interest starts to wane.
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on 27 July 2010
Brilliant. You don't have to be a nerd or learn hundreds of stats to enjoy this game. Just pick up and go, and be prepared to play well into the night! Lots of different characters to play as keeps things interesting.

This edition is really good - well-produced figurines, cards and board. Plenty of expansions (both official and player made) are around to liven things up as well, if you ever find yourself getting bored with the core game.
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on 15 January 2014
I ordered this having spent some time with the Digital Version, which garnered the interest of six year old boy. He asked whether there was a boardgame version and so I went ahead and ordered a copy.

I am very pleased with the game and consider the contents to be of a resonably high standard. The fact that everything came packaged in its own press-seal bag surprised me as I was expecting normal shrink wrapped cards and plastic packets for tokens. The cards are a little on the small side but do save on playing space so they are suitable for purpose.

The game istelf is fun and can be taught to a new player in only a few rounds (easier to teach when playing and explaining the rules at the same time). Depsite the recommended age on the box my boy manages to follow the main rules, if not some of the more intricate rules and the little strategy that there is.

Being a dice game there is a lot of luck involved but this helps balance out the chance of winning when playing with my children and wife and not just becuase I know all the rules and may happen to be a better player (don't let the wife hear that)

Would recommend for anyone/family looking for a little light entertainment and time together that doesn't revolve around a games console or TV.
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For all of us who played Talisman 2nd Edition in the dim distant past, this new version (4th Revised from Fantasy Flight) is utterly beautiful.

Brilliant and heavy-duty board, lots of plastic playing figures instead of the fiddly cards, great counters for Life and Craft etc., and all the same rules, adventure cards and the whole Talisman experience.

If you have not played before - this is a genteel adventure game which my family plays for hours - nobody worries too much about winning, or even attacking anyone else - they just have adventures.

A thrill to have a new version which is a pleasure to play - and also have a look at the first Expansion - the Reaper... lots of fun!
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on 22 November 2013
I purchased Talisman as a gift for my friend who had been looking into playing a board game such as Dungeons and Dragons. After some research I discovered that D&D wasn't a great game to start off with, especially considering there are only two of us that want to play. I later found out about Talisman and that it was a great place to start and was viable for two players without getting boring or overly complicated.

Since then we have both played many fun games together, and although at first learning the rules was a case of trial and error, we now find it one of the best ways to spend time together.

To the game itself, the rules are interesting and diverse without being extremely complicated. Talisman has a number of interesting characters to play which keeps the game fresh as each character requires a slightly different play-style. The board is high quality and the art work is stunning. Everything is great quality and my friend greatly enjoys looking through the illustrated and informative rule book that even supplies some alternative game rules for quicker or differing games to mix things up. There are also expansions that can be bought later to keep things interesting.

Overall as new players to RPG board games, we find it a real blast and would recommend it to anyone looking into getting into the genre or simply fancy playing a different kind of board game :D
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on 19 January 2013
If you haven't ever played talisman before, then this is the best version that you can start playing the game at the moment. The quality of the parts is superior that all the other versions, you will get real figures instead of cardboard cuts for the heroes, the heroes special abilities are equaly useful (the monk is overpowered though, go for him if you decide to choose), the artwork is much more illustrative especially of the board and the game is 100% standalone which means you don't need anything else to play.

That said, the game play is heavily based on luck, a lot of dice throwing, random card drawing that dictate enemies or other events that you have to encounter, even the hero that you will choose is a random event based on the rules of the game! (ok you can bypass that one and choose a hero that you like though). Another thing I didn't like is that when you reach the end of the game you don't actually win the game or gain any significant advantage for that matter, you still have to kill all of the other heroes to win the game which makes the fact of going for the final quests a bit redundant.

On the other hand, it is not that difficult to understand how to play the game, given that you spend a couple of hours to read the excellent provided manual and explain the game to your co-players the first time. The instructions of the cards during the game are also well written and you want have any trouble understanding what must be done in each case. A game of talisman can last up to 3 hours so you will need to have some free time in order to play it. I recommend to play the game with a total number of three or four players. It can be played with two but it is not that fun and it can be played with up to six players but it becomes too much cluttered.
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on 25 December 2012
I play many of these style games and while Talisman is the most simplistic to play and with arguments that its all luck based (but I'd argue that there is strategie) I feel that these work in its favour. Its a game any one can sit down and know the basic rules in 5 mins and then learn the rest as they play with little effect to the experience. The randomness can bring some comedic occurrences.

I would recommend this game to some one who's new to this style of gaming as after this most people i meet are more open to the likes of "Arkham horror" and "Mansions of Madness" where as before they would have been sceptical of weather they would like to play or not.
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on 25 June 2009
I hadn't played Talisman since the 1980s before I bought this new set. It's very well made, with a lovely large board. The game seems much as I remember it, doubtless a few rules have been tweaked since I last played. The only rule that stands out is the new Fate statistic that each character has. This does feel slightly tacked-on; there seem to be limited ways to replenish it unless you're evil, in which case you can replenish it any time you land on the graveyard. After four games though, I've seen no evidence of this mechanic unbalancing anything, so the game still gets five stars from me.
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on 26 February 2011
After playing the 3rd edition with a friend I was hoping that this edition would be everything the last was but mine instead of his! The art work is good and once you clarify the rules (online forum helps) to solve the inevitable small tiffs about using spells etc it provides hours of fun games for you and your mates. The board is heavy and well made but is starting to tear a bit on the folds which is the only down side. The characters are well made and the cards also built well.
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