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4.4 out of 5 stars14
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 November 2007
I have found this book very useful in getting to grips with breastfeeding my daughter. The explanations of the benefits of breastfeeding are clear, and it dispels a lot of the 'myths' surrounding the topic. Like other reviewers, I've found the photographs and explanations really useful in learning to position my baby to feed - much more so than the other books I've looked at. The book is really clearly laid out, easy to read and very accessible.

However, the tone of the book is a bit too preachy at times. The authors insist that all problems are down to positioning and that you will only get sore/ cracked nipples if your positioning is wrong, and that if you get a sore or cracked nipple, sorting the positioning will remove the pain of feeding within a couple of feeds. They tell you that resting the breast will not help, and that nipple cream will not help.

In my experience, this is not true, and I fear that such hardline advice may be counterproductive. I can well imagine a new mother getting a cracked nipple, as I did, reading that her positioning was at fault, as I did, looking at the pictures and being unable to see what she was doing wrong and wondering why it still hurt despite her baby feeding as per the instructions, as I did. She may very well conclude that she simply can't get breastfeeding right, especially if she's suffering from baby blues and lack of sleep, and decide to give up and put her baby onto formula.

Fortunately, my local breastfeeding counsellor reassured me that sore and cracked nipples can happen despite correct positioning, especially if a baby is ready for milk before the milk comes in. She advised me to apply a lanolin cream and not feed from the cracked nipple for a while, and express milk in the meantime. The nipple had healed within 24 hours, my milk supply was unaffected, and my baby adequately fed - all things the book told me simply would not happen if I rested the nipple and applied lanolin!

In summary, I'd say that I would recommend this book to someone who wanted to breastfeed, but tell them to look at the pictures and advice on positioning, but to take some of the other advice with a pinch of salt.
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on 14 November 2005
This book is a must for all women who are trying to breastfeed. It really helped me through the whole time I was breastfeeding. When pregnant we get told that breastfeeding is natural and is does not hurt. Well for me it did hurt and this book was excellent at explaining things clearly with photographs as well. At times when I felt like giving up on the idea I referred to the book and it provided reassurance.
I would also recommend this book to anyone pregnant to prepare them if they decide to breastfeed.
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on 4 July 2007
I was determined to breastfeed my baby despite excruciating feeds every 2 hours and a hungry baby. It turns out that my position was incorrect,which I worked out myself, but this book offered a range of positions which I tried when working it out. I liked reading the real life accounts and loved the photos (lots of cute babies). There could have been more written material in this book though.
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This book was enormously helpful when I found myself getting stressed about the idea of breast feeding. The more people told me different things the more confused I got. What I particularly liked about this book was the step by step instructions and diagrams to show you the correct positions to use. It was 100% more useful than the hospital midwives who pounced on me like a prize cow, prodded me about and then left me to it. It's a great book to get if you're very nervous about breast feeding. It should allay all fears.
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on 22 May 1999
This book is wonderful because it doesn't just tell you how to breastfeed, it SHOWS you! More pictures, and better pictures, than any other breastfeeding book I've seen.
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on 17 December 1997
This book was my lifesaver. I consulted this book when I had problems after my son was born, and found the answers I needed. I devoured it before my son was born, and this, along with detailed advice from a lactation consultant(who was thrilled I had bought this book) and the nurses in the maternity ward was what I needed to get me on the right start. My son was exclusively breastfed for five months and still nurses happily at sixteen months. This is a wonderful reference for the breastfeeding family.
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on 23 July 2012
This is Byfar the best infomative book one could hope for ,to successfully breast feed your baby.
The research .explains a babies primitive reflexes immediatelly they are born.These reflexes if sensitively allowed to take place will lead to a new born infant reaching the mothers breast and latching on succesfuly.We have a tendancy to be ignorant of these very powerful relexes when a baby is born.
In my experience you will successfully breast feed your baby if you follow the logic in this book.It has been written by midwives who practice what they have preached.I have met and worked along side Chloe Fisher.I consider her work in this book second to none.
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on 18 December 1997
Bestfeeding is an excellent book for new mothers wanting to breastfeed. Besides covering breastfeeding "basics", Bestfeeding also deals with many of the difficulties than can arise. Perhaps its best feature are the clear pictures depicting both good and the less-than-perfect positionings of babies on the breast--very helpful for the inexperienced breastfeeding mom. Most other books only give line drawings of a proper attachment. This book shows the reader examples of poor positioning and then explains what is wrong with the picture. If a new mother is going to buy one book on breastfeeding before she has her baby, this is the one I recommend.
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on 6 November 1998
Excellent! Shows a new breastfeeding mother how to position a newborn properly. Many books do a better job of explaining subjects like why breastfeed, weening, and introducing solids (like the LaLeche Bible (oops I mean manual)), but this book has pictures of how to position that little one. Breastfeeding is natural, but there are some things to do right to make the experience positive and to increase the chance of a longer nursing relationship. This book will get you, baby (and dad) off to a great start.
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on 22 March 2011
I initially bought this book way back in 2000 when I had my little boy. It was the most sensible, encouraging, practical and informative document that I have ever read on the subject. I was a first time mum and didn't know anyone else who had breastfed. This book helped me to go on to feed my boy for 11 months. I've just bought two copies in 2011 for friends who have just had their babies. The 'politics' of breastfeeding may have changed a little since this was first published but I imagine the 'mechanics' haven't.
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