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4.5 out of 5 stars45
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 6 November 2010
This is a classic text book for learning how to make bread. I had never tried before but, with the careful, patient manner of a good teacher, the author fully explains techniques and the reasons for using those techniques.
I too have found American cookbooks can contradict English measures and can be confusing but this book is excellent on that score and, although experience always helps, it doesn't take long to make fantastic homemade bread with professional quality. Highly recommended
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on 16 May 2011
This is wonderfull book on the subject of breadmaking. It is stuffed full of useful photos and very useful information all sorts of breads.

It would make a brilliant present for anyone who is interested in bread. Almost a coffee table book.

This is an American book so all measurements are non-metric so you will have to convert to grams and ml but that is no great hardship.

Highly recommended as a great book to own.
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on 28 July 2012
Thank you Peter Reinhart for converting my competent bread making into the truly sublime!
The bread that you can bake with the delayed fermentation method brings out such a depth of flavour that all my other bread cookery books feel like second best:-
- For an American cookbook quantities are really easy - its all in ounces (ignore the cups if you're British, an ounce is an ounce); it doesn't matter if you are American of British.
- Make sure you have got one of those 'diet' measuring scales to weigh out the yeast and salt.
- Choose organic flour, sea-salt and spring water - it's really worth it.
- Follow the cooking recommendations to the letter - get a bake-stone, and get one of those plant misters to spray the oven walls with.
- Once you get into the mind-set of expecting a two-day preparation for a loaf, I found it really convenient.
- Be prepared to practise a recipe to get it right.

Once you have mastered the recipe, your bread baking will take on a different dimension! I say this with my hand on my heart - this is truly divine bread!
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on 24 March 2010
I am very pleased with this book, my only slight concern is that is written in American so the measures are in cups and or pounds, not metric. Also the white bread recipe had far too much sugar in it for my taste, but it was fun finding out. I would recommend it becasue it is full of useful suggestions for making good bread with typical home equipment.
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on 13 June 2013
This book has an American bias but is well worth reading if you want proper bread. The American bread revival seems to be a decade or so ahead that in Britain where traditional bakers have been driven off the high streets by cheap but inferior breads from supermarkets and the likes of Gregg's. If you want good bread than you should seek out whenever possible one of the few artisan bakers and support their business. However it is also fun to have a go yourself and this book will help you create breads superior to anything available in your supermarket.

Great bread needs time and effort. This book will give you much better results than the quickly risen books pushed out by Paul Hollywood and the like.
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on 18 June 2011
Excellent book, that teaches you from the basics of bread making to semi-professionals techniques. First the theory, full of pics and examples, then all the recipes for many types of bread. In the explanations, it doesn't give anything for granted, all is explained.
I am not giving a 5 stars as the version in Metrics does not exist (but it is easy anyway to covert from the Imperial system) and because sometimes it requires tools that no way can be available in a house kitchen!
Overall, it is a reference book to deeply understand how to make GOOD bread.
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on 23 May 2013
masterclass for keen amateur bread bakers, very informative, lots of recipes, good reference book. for specific science and techniques of baking.
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on 10 May 2016
I didn't expect much of it at first, but after trying out some of the basic bread recipes I was blown away by how good the results were - matching my bakery's sourdough bread in looks and texture, and definitely better in taste. The book is also lovely to look at, is well written (no overy complex descriptions here) and has some entertaining stories that give each bread a history and background.
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on 24 January 2006
The content of this book is unrivalled. It is clear, concise and interesting. The knowledge contained in it surpasses anything I have seen before. However it only gets three stars because the first time I opened the book to read it, five pages detached them selves from the binding and will need sticking in with Sellotape ! On a book costing as much as this did, it is not what I would expect. The binding looks good, but it is clearly inadequate and the book needs careful handling. This is especially unacceptable in a book that will be kept open flat while using it to make bread ! My message to the publisher is, if you are going to produce the best book there is on a subject, and charge a price commensurate with that, don't spoil the whole thing by cutting corners to save money on the binding. You've ruined what would have been the ultimate bread book.
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on 30 December 2011
Got it for my boyfriend that loves to make his own everything. He makes his own beer and bread when he can, even though he does not have a bread maker(yet)...he likes to bake and I miss the different breads we have at home, so I got him the book so he can improve on he's baker skills.
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