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4.4 out of 5 stars22
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 15 January 2005
I first read 'Cunt' nearly four years ago and it still feels as fresh and as important to my life now, despite the changes of marriage etc.
As a married woman, I obviously like men, so this book does NOT show you how to eliminate men from the world. It shows you how to connect with other women (we don't all share cultures, hair colour, tastes or sexual preference but we do all have cunts), how to love yourself (metaphorically and manually), how to live creatively, how to support feminine-run (or cuntlovin') businesses and artists.
Every single page is an inspiration. Inga writes from a place of deep love for her subject. She wont shy away from saying what she feels and her personal stories are funny, inspiring and touching. Her prose flows conversationally and she will make you laugh outloud.
For me personally, I found this book a help as a survivor of sexual abuse. This book helped me look at 'that' part of me with admiration and love.
But that's beside the point, every single woman and every single person who lives near a cunt (ie everyone) SHOULD read this book. It reminds you how infuriating and amazing it is to be a woman in our society.
You don't have to be a lesbian to be a cuntlover. If you support women, their roles, be they mothers or businesswomen, artists or prostitutes, then you are in a postition to revolutionise the future for our daughters. Find your strength by reading this book. Stop saying "I've got balls" and say "I've got cunt". Be proud of your body, your mind and what you can do in this world.
Also, the new edition has a new and extensive resources section, so you can get in touch with more like-minded women.
We need more cuntlove in England. Get this book and spread the word!
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on 16 March 2009
I haven't yet finished reading this but I have to say it is really informative and prompted me to think in new ways. I've already bought products and tried things that have been brought to my attention by this book and this book alone and I haven't even finished reading it!

My only criticism is the author's writing style, it grates with me a little, I don't object to the upfrontness, I think that is refreshing and completely necessary its just her style that annoys and can interfer with my understanding.

The best thing - I will definitely save this book for my daughter to read - there aren't many books that I think are that important. This one is because it tells us how it is and what we need to know.
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on 28 April 1999
"Cunt" is making me laugh, smile, giggle, and wince in recognition. What a fabulous tome! Go out and buy this book from your local independent bookstore! Muscio's prose is inviting, engaging, silly, and right on!
It's interesting that the negative reader reviews have all been so harsh and vitriolic. This book is a very welcome breath of fresh air. Imagine, actually *celebrating* womanhood! I know, what a radical concept, right? Too bad that some men and self-hating women can't get past all the crap they've been taught about women and feminists. Women are beautiful! Feminists are beautiful!
Long live Inga Muscio and cuntlove!
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on 27 April 2013
I've loved the book since my close friend gave it to me many moons ago. I knew I'd want my daughter to own her own copy when she reached 18yrs young. I stopped all self medication (pain meds) as soon as I read this fantastic book, This book nurtured me to enjoy much bright awareness. I wish for my daughter to gain organic knowledge along her journey. :)
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on 19 September 2013
Thank you for this wonderful, empowering book.
It has really opened my eyes to being a woman, not only physically by socially, culturally and politically also.
Also I am at peace with my monthly cycle, and have made lifestyle changes too.
Really can't recommend this book enough. Every woman should read this.
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on 22 August 1999
while i do agree with the other los angeles reviewer who noted that the book is a little too centered around a simplistic dichotomy of dick=opressive power/cunt=beauty and all things positive, there is much in this book that is worth reading, worth mulling over, worth embracing. and, in a sense, thank god(dess) there are a few areas i couldn't wholeheartedly agree with (ie- why not lump all male artists into the category of phallic worshipping cuntfearing agressive oppressors?-like alice walker, i ain't about to give up john lennon..or james baldwin, or faulkner..)-because any book one finds oneself in complete fawning agreement with is suspicious as dogmatic and narrowly sectarian. let us argue over some sections, revere others, and value this book for what it is: an easy to read (though, for some, hard to swallow) discussion of so many typically ignored/negatively portrayed aspects of what it means to be a woman in a body. for that, i say go out and buy more copies, make sure your local bookstores carry this book: show support for ms. muscio and her again, laugh here, dissent there, feel inspired there, relate there....
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on 4 May 1999
It would seem that to date, reviews of "cunt" fall into two camps: those who unreservedly love the book (and likely were strongly predisposed to doing so before they'd ever seen the dust jacket), and those who hate it with an all-too-unsurprising virulence (expressed in generalities suggesting these critics may not have cracked the spine at all, or done anything more than peruse the description on the book's rear cover). A less strongly pre-agenda'd, although by no means 'objective', reading might prove more informative:
On the one hand, there is much in "cunt" that is problematic. The book is far too prone to telescoping gender into the genitals, literalizing the cunt as an abstractly idealized and ontologically primary font of identity. This points to a larger confusion, namely that the book is frequently unclear on the differences between the cunt as anatomical materiel and as metaphor. Additionally, and despite a clearly demonstrated lack of misandrony ("cunt" is in no way, shape or form a male-hating screed), Muscio frequently reduces the world to a dichotomy of dick/male=arrogated power vs. cunt/female=site of oppression and resistance. "cunt"'s approach thus precludes the book from addressing how patriarchy deeply and systematically exerts control over people with dicks as well, even (and especially) those who haven't thought to spend a single second recognizing how patriarchal relations twist both their conceptions and lived realities. Thus, "cunt" has little to say about how males and females are reciprocally culpable in the continuing, self-repressive reproduction of patriarchy itself and, in this silence, largely fails to grapple with how any effective and durable response necessitates that we all participate, regardless of whether the sperm-derby stuck us with a double-x or an xy.
These critiques aside, however, the book willfully veers between the hilarious (in a laugh-with, not laugh-at, way), the deeply touching, the instructive, and the joyously celebratory, all the while remaining well attuned to significant differences within the category of 'female' itself. Muscio enthusiastically, relentlessly, and with unfailingly outrageous good humor points out the ludicrous double-standards yoking females from without and within, double-standards that've become so commonplace as to leave most folk immobilized beneath the assumption that it's "just the way things are." And, beyond this act of recognition, Muscio offers a treasure trove of prescriptions, many of them outright fun, for what to do about it. Thus, "cunt" is a powerful arsenal against the relegation of more than half the planet's population, generation after generation, into second-class-citizenship, and for this "cunt" is a must-read.
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on 3 December 2006
I have an extensive collection of feminist literature, but this is the only one which has told me about moon-cups. Please, stop tourturing your bodies, investigate these ingenious devices. Thank-you Inga for opening my eyes to new possibilities; with one paragraph, you have enriched my life.

This book gave me more confidence to speak out about things which need talking about.
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on 23 October 2004
I bought this book while on holiday in the USA and I've read it many, many times since. The intelligence, ferocity and wicked wit with which it's written is empowering in and of itself. As other commenters have said, it's not an anti-male book. The only reason I've given it four stars rather than five is that I find some of the author's arguments simplistic (for instance, her belief that a woman who uses the contraceptive pill does not have full control of her own body). On the other hand, I firmly believe that, differences of opinion aside, all women should read this book!
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on 26 September 2014
Bought this book twice now, mainly for the impact on the face of the person receiving it. I bought it for 2 really good friends, who I have massive respect for , and it went down a treat. The book is also a serious and well written book.
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