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4.5 out of 5 stars99
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 21 March 1999
As a tarot reader & instructor, I have used several decks, favoring the Rider-Waite deck for over 10 years. However, the more eye-pleasing coloring of the Universal Waite Tarot has brought out a lot of details that were much more difficult to see in the original deck. I use the deck now in my on-line and in-person tarot workshops and find that the improved clarity of the images translates into improved clarity of students' tarot readings. The rich symbolism of this deck makes it easy to interpret intuitively without prior study yet, still offers a wealth of deep, esoteric knowledge for advanced readers.
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on 11 February 2003
These are simply the finest Tarot Cards ever created. The depth of image is a credit to the artist who has given life to the otherwise flat original Waite Tarot. Especially useful are the subject’s faces, all of which now have an expression, greatly aiding all readings. If you are a beginner, buy this deck. Your speed of learning will increase. If you are experienced, buy this deck. Your understanding will deepen. Simon.
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on 9 July 2003
Having studied tarot for many-a-year with an occult society I can honsetly say that these cards are extra-special.
The Rider Waite cards are full of deep meaning and symbology and are, according to Paul F. Case, "A very close approximation to the esoteric deck". The author - Arthur Edward Waite - was a high adept of the original Golden Dawn society and was initiated into the mysteries of not only ceremonal magic, but also of the Tarot Keys, and he pumped his tremendous knowledge and expertiese into this pack - making it highly suitable for meditation and divination.
Now, the classic Rider-Waite pack has been re-coloured and it makes the deck stand out from the crowd. It's crisp and clear; nice and bright. It's a pleasure to browse through the deck and let the symbols soak into consciosness.
Why buy a "new-agey" deck with images which mean absolutely nothing, when you can get your hands on probably the most esoteric deck you can find?!?
These Tarot Keys are especially coded to the Tree of Life. They expound the mysteries of the Qabalah. Yet some people say they are "only for beginners"!!! Tell me, then, what deck is for the "advanced" practitioner? Which other deck - barr the Book of Thoth - can look upon and reveal the deeper aspects of Self, of life in it's aspects of past, present and future?
Don't be put off by sour reviews of this deck. It is not a "childish" deck. It was not put together to show off the artists talents. Rather, it was created to both conceal and reveal great mysteries. Take the time to *look* at the beautiful keys and see yourself - and your clients - change for the better.
For a *very* deep analysis of the Rider-Waite Tarot Keys you should consider buying "The Key to it All - Book 2" (or is it now called,"The Western Mysteries"?). Anyhow, it's written by a great man called "David Hulse". It'd also be well worth to buy the two volume book (The Eastern Mysteries, and, The Western Mysteries).
Become one of the strong ones ... buy this deck!
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on 29 November 2008
I already own the standard Universal Waite (UW) Tarot Deck and decided to purchase the pocket version as the size is more practical, especially if space is limited. The pocket UW is a very nice deck; the cards are a good size (about the same as bridge-sized playing cards) and if you have small hands you will find them easy to handle and shuffle. The finish is not as glossy as the standard UW, but the card stock is of satisfactory quality and fairly well cut. The colours are slightly darker, which gives a new perspective to the images and brings out certain details that may not be as noticeable on the standard deck. I also like the back design, which features a single gold star and some clouds. The pocket UW cards come in a very impressive, solid box that will take all but the most severe of punishments; if only other Tarot decks were similarly housed. The deck can be stored upright in its box and would look nice on a shelf. Overall, I am pleased with this deck and would recommend it as a practical, if slightly inferior quality, alternative deck that you can carry with you at all times.
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on 5 November 2011
As others have said before, this deck takes the original Rider-Waite deck to a new level by adding colour and depth to the images that was lost in the printing process in the originals. As for the comments about certain images being slightly different hence changing/losing the meaning, I would disagree. The High Priestess in my original Rider Waite deck is exactly the same as in this one. Her curtain is the same too albeit coloured in better and you can still see the pool of water behind it though the gaps at the sides. I have used these cards a couple of times now and while I have not scrutinised every single image I cannot see any significant difference between this and the original other than the enhanced colouring.

I do have an original Rider-Waite deck and I've been comparing the cards side by side, like for like. If anything this deck has shown me things in the original images that I never noticed before as they are not obvious due to the black lines and dark areas in those images. It's surprising how much difference it makes having the images enhanced in this way - I have several more artistic decks which I prefer to the Rider-Waite as that deck is quite flat and archaic, yet this "new improved" version makes it all the more appealing!
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on 20 May 2009
Wow! These cards are amazing. I have the original Rider-Waite deck but decided to get this deck after seeing some pictures of it on the interweb.

These cards have alot more depth to them and subtle symbols and meanings that aren't easily noticable on the original deck are instantly recognisable. The difference is like going from a normal television to a 52" high definition television. It's as though a veil has been lifted and you can see much further into them.
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on 19 May 2001
These cards are much easier to interpret and learn than the original rider waite because the colours are brighter and clearer (better for meditation) and the detail on the cards are clearer. The deck itself is easier for beginners because the cards tell a story and are easier to learn but if you want a good book to go with this particular deck try the 'Idiots guide to Tarot and Fortune Telling' I learnt to read the cards in a week with this book.
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on 5 May 2011
I am now on my second deck of these cards, having worn out the first set completely. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The colours are much brighter than the standard RW deck, which I find wishy washy and dull, (although I used it for years, I would never ever go back to it now). The advantage of the cleaner colours also means the images are clearer, nicer to look at, and easier to read.

As a professional tarot reader, my clients all absolutely love this smaller deck. It is much easier for working with than the standard large, unwieldy cards, which go all over the place whenever someone tries to shuffle them, as they are just too big to fit into your hands. Everyone comments on the neat manageable size.

I often work in limited spaces, on small card tables etc, which makes the larger deck totally impracticle to use, and impossible to spread out successfully. but again the size of these cards is ideal, as is the strong protective box they come in. Total value for money!!
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on 4 May 2010
When I got interested in the Tarot, I searched through Amazon to read the reviews on the various decks. I chose this deck as my first and also got a couple of books on the subject. Also, I watched one of the Psychic channels on Sky. It seemed a no brainer to get a Rider Waite deck.

As a beginner, I had to take in what others said. So, I got the Universal Rider Waite and instantly felt that I was handling something special. The images are simple and easy to look at, yet they hold so many hidden symbols (long time readers know this already). Beginners like myself would be wise to get a couple of books on the Tarot to get a bit of a history to the meanings and symbols. I am finding the Tarot fascinating insightful,and strangely comforting.

I find the card stock quality is excellent. They are glossy and have a peaceful back of the card, gold stars on a dark blue background. I find them easy to shuffle, sometimes they do stick together, but I just wipe every card between my hands when this happens, sorted.

At the moment I have the beautiful The Pictorial Key Tarot/Tarot de La Clave Pictorica [With Instructions] from Lo Scarabeo and the Vision Quest Tarot Deckcards, I love each set, but am more drawn towards the Universal Rider Waite deck for my main usage.

One last tip for beginners. Don't rely too much on learning the full meaning of every card. Get the basics and trust your own instincts. I found Tarot: an Illustrated Guideand Tarot for Your Self: A Workbook for Personal Transformationvery helpful.

So, although I have found Tarot decks that look beautiful and rich, I find the Universal Rider Waite more insightful and full of hidden meaning. The cards themselves are more sturdy also. Finally, the box I received has a different package design to the one illustrated on Amazon.
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on 3 June 2013
As I like my cards with color, I ordered these and am very disappointed with the quality!! In fact I am appalled!!! They are blurry, the faces and colors are out of focus and outside of lines. to top it off they smell horrible... Unfortunately I won't be able to send them back because mailing them to UK form Italy would cost almost as much as the cards... I wouldn't buy them again, so I can't recommend them to others.
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