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4.4 out of 5 stars11
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 29 July 2009
The Goddess oracle Deck and Book Set written by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and illustrated by Hrana Janto is a truly lovely set. The illustrations are beautiful and the set is fun to use. It differs from other oracles because apart from the meaning of each card, there are spiritual exercises or spells to use and meditations for each Goddess. It is an inspired set and I love it. The cards are easy to handle and seem to "Come to Life".
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on 4 October 2014
This set comes with 52 cards and a 188-page, paperback-size book. The cards are 13.3cm by 9.5cm (5 1/4 by 3 3/4 inches), a bit too big to shuffle comfortably. The back is non-reversible and shows a sibyl holding a bowl with smoke rising from it, all done in shades of grey. Each image has a white border, adding to the feeling of clarity and unclutteredness.

Most of the book is taken up with the cards, giving the goddesses in alphabetical order. For each goddess there is a black-and-white image of the card, a poem, a “Mythology” section, a “Meaning of the Card” section, and a “Ritual Suggestion”. I like the poems, but the mythology section for each card is a bit short for my tastes, just a single paragraph. The meaning gives several statements or descriptions of each goddess’ energy and then offers questions to divine that energy in your own life.

The best, and longest, section for each card is the ritual suggestion. These are suggested path-workings for each card, and could easily be recorded, or simply read a number of times to cement them in your mind. Occasionally, I felt these path-workings strayed rather far from the image on the card, though staying within the energy of the goddess. However, they are all intriguing, and those I have tried have been powerful.

The book offers three spreads: the Yoni three-card spread, the Place of Opposites four-card spread, and the Goddess Support Group spread, with as many goddesses as you feel you want or need. There are also sample readings with the first two of these spreads. I especially like the Yoni spread, which looks to three aspects of the Goddess in three areas of your life, and can also be adapted nicely to different definitions of the triple aspects of the Goddess. I also love pulling a single card to define the goddess energy for my day or ritual, or to choose a path-working.

As for the cards, they are really beautiful! Each shows a detailed image of a goddess, with realistic backgrounds and supporting characters in the form of animals, plants, symbols, colours, and other people. They also have a key word, as well as the name of the Goddess. I also love that they depict a real variety of women of all ages, from pre-teen to crone, all body types, and different racial types.

Some personal favourites are:

Oya: a strong, mature woman of African descent, in a fuchsia cape of tornadoes, with lightning forking down at her command. She is regal, and in control, flowing with the changing winds of the storm.

Cerridwen: portrayed as a mature woman in a hooded cape, with behind her the changing faces of the moon as her own face peeking out more or less from the hood/moon. In front of her is a huge cauldron, and in her hand she holds a mushroom. Within her cowl, her hair mingles with flowers.

Brigid: a triple-headed goddess, with flames blossoming from all three, identical, heads. One set of hands holds a harp, the centre image holds flames in both hands, and the final part holds flowers. In the background is an arch into a world of sea blue and green, with triple spirals in each of the top corners.

Kali: a very powerful figure, grey outlined in blue, with a dark blue-black sky background filled with stars. Kali dances on tiptoe, with a multi-triangle in a circle starting at her toe tips. She wears a belt of hands and a necklace of skulls, her earrings are cobra heads, her red tongue is out, and her hair flies back to become the black of the sky. Her palms are red, and each of her four wrists is entwined by a snake. In one hand she holds a sickle, in another a spindle. This is a fearsome, strong, yet not cartoon-ish depiction of Kali.

Uzume: a Japanese woman, with pendulous breasts showing as she does a lewd dance to tempt Amaterasu (the Japanese sun goddess) out of her cave. She dances on a basket, with bells in one hand and a beribboned branch in the other. Her yellow kimono contains a triple whirling pattern in green, and the undercoat is red. Uzume’s headdress has more bells, as well as a crescent moon, and behind her are tall, marshy grasses, standing out blue against a lilac sky.

Lady of Beasts: a heavily pregnant woman reclines on a chair that can barely be discerned behind the bodies of the beasts that surround her. All are pregnant. There is a lion, a bear, a horse, a deer a wolf, a snake and a dove. A half-lemniscate pattern of the changing faces of the moon appears as reflections of light dancing on them. All the animals are close together, despite their different natures, as all try to get close to the Lady.

Kuan Yin: a beautiful, youthful Chinese woman holds a blossoming lotus in front of her heart, and wears a moonstone over her third eye. Behind her glows a warm sun. She wears a simple dress and veil of pure white, with a red lotus headdress to hold the veil in place. This is an image of exquisite simplicity and purity.

I’d recommend this deck to anyone wishing to explore goddess energy in their life or in their readings. The artwork is realistic, beautiful, with a great variety of colours, and although there is some nudity, it is never gratuitous.
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on 29 December 2007
the art work is beautiful, and the author seems to have truly reached out to the goddesses, and listened to them in compiling the book. she is unafraid to sometimes be 'earthy' and sometimes 'dark' as well as light, and the oracle is all the better for it. there are spiritual exercises or spells, meditations for each goddess listing which are optional but very good. as this is no longer in print, I suggest you get hold of a used copy in good condition, you won't regret it! x
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on 8 January 2014
This is a remarkably beautifull deck, with good quality both on the image reproduction on the cards and on the quality of the cards per se.
The book which accompanies the deck has, for each goddess, a "poem" regarding the meaning of the card and some of the mythology of the goddess, a text with a version on the mythology of that goddess, a suggestion of ritual to make contact with the energy of the deity.
The mythology on each goddess is mostly accurate, although it pertains in each case only one mythological story and only one version on it (some myth variations are not explained nor included). Nevertheless, it is very helpfull if you don't know the arquetype you are dealing with, and makes for a lot of extra support on understanding the readings and interpreting some "hidden" meanings on them, related to the goddesses arquetypes.
At some level I was a bit disappointed with the meaning atributed to some cards when comparing it to the mythology and meaning of the goddess. Meaning that in some cases, both the meanings assotiated traditionally with the goddess and the myth behind the deity is a bit far from the meaning that is atributed to the goddess card, which is a bit odd. Granted that you are supposed to use intuition and learn more about each goddess and their myths, but still... It would be usefull not to see such a discrepancy in something that should be the basic meaning of the card when drawn. This, however occurs in very few cards...
Some of the rituals were a bit disapointing also, because some of their similarity. Regardless, this detail does not mean that any of them are ineffective!
The cards themselves have a very good feel to them and are easy to use. Whether you are a collector of decks - and in that case the imagery will amaze you - or you usually work with oracles or feminine energies, this will be a good value choice. If you are intuitive, you will find it tends to "speak" to you and stimulate you to learn more about the deities protrayed in the deck.
A friend of mine has an early edition of this deck and I can assure you that the quality on the deck is far superior, on every account (image quality, card quality and durability), in this later edition.
I recomend it.
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on 10 June 2014
These are very informative and a trip through history and Mythology as well.
Great oracle set and a great gift for the thinking woman who would like to know a few more women with curiosity and vigour satisfied, a peek at mythology and history and their significance in our world views today.

Very Recommended.

This is in my opinion a great different gift for the woman you wish to respect for her dynamic difference.
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on 15 April 2015
A slightly more expensive pack - I found the illustrations a bit cheap and a couple of them quite ugly for Goddess' Not always clear what the message is.
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on 15 June 2016
I read in a fb group and some of the cards are abit, should we say weird and rude, don't like them much to be honest not worth the money
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on 21 December 2014
Beautiful, wonderful, lovely and I have used my copy for years. Never tire of it.
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on 12 December 2014
It filled all of my expectations - I love it!
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on 9 December 2011
I use this deck quite often and I think it definitely is a very good tool to work with either to broaden the perspective or to perform a simple divination. I am not that much impressed by the artwork but the book added to the deck is very interesting and except of the story behind each goddess it provides exact, well formulated deeper meaning. I also appreciate the fact that only real goddesses are included here (no cards of St. Mary, Mary Magdalene etc). Plus there is no need to include similar goddesses in the same deck (like Oshun and Yemanya). In general I would definitely recommend this deck to anyone who loves thinking and analizing.
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