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on 6 July 2014
Whether or not you believe that this book was dictated by the author's deceased brother, it does contain some interesting grains of wisdom and, in many ways, it resonated with my own ideas about life and death, why we are here and what comes after. Not perhaps the best book ever written on spiritual subjects but still thought-provoking.
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on 5 May 2014
I found it to be as far fetched as Alice in wonderland but not remotely as entertaining. As I had paid good money for it It I actually read it to the end. Not worth one star but unfortunately there is not a minus star.
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on 24 July 2014
Dear person considering purchasing this book,
I have given this book 5 stars but would love to give it many more,I do not have the words to describe this book accurately for you as it really is beyond description,other than to say it is a beautifully written promise that as wonderful as life is and it really is wonderful,we have so much more to experience and be thrilled by beyond it.I could not put it down,I absolutely delighted in finding some time to be lost in Billy's words........ and the sensation of bliss they conjured up for me.
I really recommend that you purchase this book and open your mind and heart to Bill's words.
I am so very grateful to you Annie for being brave and writing this book with Billy,
Thank you.
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on 10 August 2013
If you've ever doubted that you live on after you die read this book.
I loved every page of it and couldn't put it down. Billy's account of his 'journey' after he passed over was riveting and leaves you with no fear of dying, well it did for me. I recommend this book very highly
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on 23 June 2014
Very very disappointing. Looks to me like she super-imposed her own quasi-eastern/new age beliefs onto a fantasy fuelled by grief.Or maybe something more sinister than grief? Ambition? Greed? She meditated four hours a day BEFORE her brother died, sounds like she was desperate for some sort, any sort "spiritual" experience. Maybe her brothers death gave her an opening to be the "new age prophet" she seems keen to come across as? This is the most cold, unfeeling description of any "spiritual" experience I have ever read. Doesn't strike true at all. A lot of descriptive nonsense. If I get this right, her brother, the drug addict, who never seemed to care for anyone much but himself in life, passed over and became beyond an Ascendant Master in the spirit world? He was so advanced, he passed into the nothingness/everythingness of Nirvana? All the while giving a running commentary? Well there's my beliefs debunked! I always thought to get to the nothing/everythingness of merging with the Godhead, you had to be of a quite high (well,very very high) spiritual vibration, if you were that high no way would you be able to telepathically communicate with someone on earth vibration. And poor Jesus and Buddhas etc..they need not have been so kind and loving to be ascendant masters..they could have been selfish and self-indulgent and act uncaring towards even their closest people and still gone on to be amongst the highest in the game on the other side. Load of self-indulgent rubbish! I did note that after "Billy" had gone off to be nothing and everything, he did however leave the door open for future "communication" with her, wtf?. Sequel behind that one maybe? Earlier in the story, "he" had said he was off never to be seen again and popped back up, weird that such an evolved soul didnt seem to have a clue waht was happening from one minute to the next!. Then that he had forgotton who he was, ALL his memories had been wiped in preparation for "merging" but he had been allowed to keep his memories of her. How is it possible to keep a memory of the link he had with her, yet forget everyone and everything else connected with this, his last life? Would have been interesting to know what his past lives were, but alas, all we did was get a glimpse of the flowers that represented his last lives. The epic descriptions of crowds of super-evolved souls following their Master souls through the crystal temples was bizzare, maybe it would look good on a movie screen and the author already had in mind? What strikes me, she made it so few people witnessed the "proof" of what was happening. A Jamacian waterfall guide, a woman who later went into re-hab for a drink problem, a man in her small writing group that later broke up. This book is expensive for a kindle book..I have been swindled! Maybe she has more in common with her brother than she thought! And I agree with the reviewer who said Raymond Moody's input infulenced her purchase of this book. It did mine too. He has gone right down in my estimation by lending his name to this work of fiction. In my opinion, if you want something worth reading, read "Testimony of Light" by Helen Greaves. Or Anita Moorjanis Dying to be there is a woman who delivers the proof!!!
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on 3 May 2014
I bought this book, because of several Facebook memes which were quotes from it. They inspired me, so why not get the whole book? Well I can say now that the Fbk quotes must have been cherry-picked from the storyline. I mean I've a very strong belief in the 'afterlife', but this book is absolute a low-grade TV storyline. After the first couple of chapters, I found that I was rapidly skimming the pages just looking for SOMETHING to justify the purchase! I gave up.

If you really must buy the book, get it 2nd-hand & as cheaply as possible....just in case you're as disappointed as I am.
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on 6 January 2014
I was intrigued by the book synopsis as had not come across any previous , purported on going after death exchange between someone living and deceased. While that element of the book was interesting and sounded genuine enough, I have to say I came away from the reading experience hoping there is more to what goes on after we die than what Billy described. To be honest, in summation , his experience sounds like being on a permanent psychedelic acid trip in blissed out communion with the "divine". Towards the end, the mystical Eastern stuff being described made me feel quite unsettled. I am not at all religious, I am "spiritual", but there was a good deal of Eastern religion in his experiences which suggested a hierarchical system of "divine" organization up there which does not sit easy with me at all. At least this was what was going on in HIS plane of experience. I would probably suggest it unwise to consider Billy's description of the afterlife as the final word on things and I for one hope to experience something other than an infinite acid trip when my time comes.
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on 5 May 2013
I love this book. It's sad at times, funny at times and very comforting. I would recommend this to anyone
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on 7 January 2015
I think feedback is so important, especially when you've stepped out and up the way the author did with the publication of this book (her concerns about doing so are in the book). I am so glad she did, it has filled in many blanks for me. Since I stepped onto my own path of truth I have had many "out of this world" experiences which have left me elated and profoundly touched but, until I read The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, I didn't fully understand them... now I do and its made the memory of those experiences even more profound and complete - in many ways this book authenticated my experiences as well as bringing understanding which is now helping me integrate what I've experienced of the spiritual realms. I am ever so grateful.

Our lives are all so unique and individual to each one of us, as is our death, so too must be our afterlife. I got to thinking, "If Billy is having such an amazing time "up there" can you imagine what it's like for people like Nelson Mandela or Gandhi, what a standing ovation they must have got? On the opposite end of the scale what would be Stalin or Idi Amin's experience - would there be some serious soul searching on their part?" Food for thought and an absolute must read for anyone who has ever said, "There must be more to life than this." Actually it's a must read for anyone with an open mind or who wishes to open their minds to the mystery of what and who we truly are.

In addition I have always loved the greeting Namaste but again, I did not feel its full meaning until now. Thank you Annie and Billy for this book. Namaste.
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on 13 March 2014
I heard about this book on Facebook and was intrigued by the synopsis. Despite being in the middle of several other books (yes rarely read one book at a time!) I purchased this and found I could not put it down, so I read it in a few days. I was very moved by the story and contacted the author on Facebook. I was pleasantly surprised to get a speedy response from a lovely person that seemed very in tune with the world.
I rated this five stars because it is well worth the read and will leave you pondering long after you have finished reading it. Yes I'm still pondering!

I have read the reviews for this book and while most of them are good, there are some that criticise, saying it's too hard to believe and the thoughts of someone sitting in the clouds looking down is ridiculous. What I would say to these people is that they are taking it too literally, and looking at it from the viewpoint of where they are now. I dare say Annie seen her brother that way, but it didn't actually mean he was physically sitting in a cloud like a genie. I take it to mean that it's how she interpreted it, just as psychics are shown things and given messages, it doesn't mean it in a literal sense, it's how it was shown to them. People need to stop thinking as they are and think with the mindset that anything is possible. Maybe not in our physical narrow minded earth view, but in the broader sense as we are when we pass on. I feel we are very much blinkered in this life and it's only when we open our minds and our perspectives that we experience much more.
I commend Annie Kagan for being brave enough to come out to the world with her story. I know it is not easy, but I am happy to see she appears to have a lot of support. I would recommend this to anyone interested in the afterlife, spiritual people, or those with a very open mind. Personally, I believe when we pass on we are initially treated in line with our own spiritual beliefs, so no two experiences may be the same. Having said that, most of the books I have read all have a common theme of love, energy and a positive presence, which is very comforting indeed. There are some real gems in this book and it is well written. I will no doubt read it again.
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