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4.6 out of 5 stars28
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Richard Dolan's interest in the UFO issue was, by his own admission, originally stimulated by reading UK researcher Timothy Good's groundbreaking best-seller "Above Top Secret." With almost no initial knowledge of the subject Dolan, a trained historian, committed to a project to discover whether the UFOs persistently intruding into our skies might be of non-human manufacture and if this was known and deliberately concealed by government and military agencies; or if under analysis some other prosaic explanation might be found for this most persistent phenomenon.

After years of painstaking research, interviews with key witnesses and extensive analysis of FOIA-released documents, Dolan discovered that the enormous "National Security" apparatus operating in the USA either under or outside the control of elected government representatives indeed has been withholding information about the issue, deceiving the people and elected government officials for decades. This is the starting point of the author's thesis, which he then develops in an interesting and thought-provoking direction.

This first volume in his evolving trilogy of how the "National Security State" in the USA has managed and controlled public access to information about the UFO issue focuses on the period 1947-1973. The facts are presented in clear detail in Dolan's engaging, literate and lively writing style. Analysis of sightings, examination of evidence for the possible recovery of ET technology (from Roswell and elsewhere) and military encounters with "unknown" objects during this period are documented in an even-handed way. The instigation of information management in the 1940s, the efforts of Major Donald Keyhoe - who Dolan considers to be "The greatest and most important UFO researcher, ever" - to force more openness, the rise of NICAP, APRO and other civilian investigative organizations, Blue Book and the Condon Committee, are all analysed and collected into an intelligent chronological narrative.

The penultimate chapter concludes with a summary of the situation in 1973: "National Security State Triumphant" which needs little elaboration. By this date, the UFO issue had been successfully sidelined and ridiculed, relegated to the status of a fad of past decades in the public mind. Continued sightings and encounters were covered up, witnesses intimidated or pilloried, and the subject pushed to the fringe by a colluding mainstream media.

With the main text just under 400 pages, the book is quite a long read. Comprehensively annotated and with a good index and summary chronology, it takes up some shelf space. The author chooses to self-publish through his Keyhole Publishing Company, so unfortunately no hardcover edition is likely to be available - a pity, as the book is such an important contribution to understanding this phenomenon that a "deluxe version" is warranted.

Dolan has been criticised in the past year by Michael Schuyler and others for being less than completely thorough in validating his source material, for giving a few uncorroborated sightings equal billing with better cases, and for occasionally quoting what turn out to be "dead references" in his books. However in the opinion of this reviewer, although these criticisms might be true in part they are nit-picking around the edges of an overall near-excellent academic study of this most important subject. Dolan is rightly regarded as one of the most credible and thorough researchers in the field, and is a first-class writer to boot.

This important milestone of a book has stood its ground to become something of an icon in the past few years. It's good, and you should read it. It belongs on any bookshelf alongside other first-rate examinations of the ET/UFO issue: Edward Ruppelt's 1956 book, Donald Keyhoe's "Aliens from Space", Tim Good's "Above Top Secret" and "Need to Know" and Jerry Clarke's huge and comprehensive 2-volume encyclopedia. Professor David Jacobs' doctoral thesis "The UFO Controversy in America" published in 1975 also examines the history of the management of the UFO issue during the same period and, being also written by a professional historian, makes an interesting book for comparison. Both are equally good, but different.

The second volume of Dolan's trilogy, published in the summer of 2009 covering the period 1973-91, is even better than his first and deepens the author's thesis towards a more radical and controversial conclusion.

A good companion volume to Dolan's books is "The Missing Times" by Terry Hansen, in which the deliberate mass media management of the UFO issue through the second half of the 20th century by the intelligence agencies is analysed in great detail and which in essence supports Dolan's main thesis.

Five stars, Richard.
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on 10 February 2008
It is quite obvious that the research that went into this book was phenomenal. And this book not only uncovers the cover-up of the UFO scene, but uncovers the CIA, FBI, DIA, NSA, etc. clandestine operations such as Operation Often, Operation Paperclip, MKULTRA. A few among the many cover-ups that have been revealed.

Mr. Dolan has found records of UFO sightings and contacts from all over the world; from citizens to government official to military personnel and officers.

There is no doubt that something is happening and it has and is being covered-up for whatever reason. Mr. Dolan lays the facts all out there for all to see.

This is a truly amazing book! One that is a must read for those who want to know the real deal!
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on 26 May 2009
Dolan is a qualified historian who ran across the UFO problem after seeing a copy of Timothy Good's book ""Above Top Sectret". He was so amazed by what he read that he decided to dig in and find out if it was really true. Finding that it had a properly docmented basis he decided to write a history of the phenomenon and it's associated coverup using the normal techniques of historians, and this book is the result.

This book does two things extremely well. First it establishes beyond doubt the reality of the UFO phenomenon, and second it establishes the reality of the coverup of the UFO phenomenon. There have been many books that have attempted to do this and with varying degrees of success, but what puts this book ahead of nearly every UFO book I have read (that concentrates on these two issues) is that it is based entirely on documented evidence, furthermore the documents on which it is relies *are not in dispute*. This standard of documetary evidence has been possible largely as a result of the Freedom of Information Act as it was before it was gutted in 1985.

The FOIA was an occurence completely unforseen by the people involved in the coverup and it has been their undoing. After the Act all it took was someone to get the papers, sit down among them, separate the important from the trivial, date order it, write it up and allow the facts to take them to the obvious conclusions. And that is what Dolan has done. It is as simple as that. Along the way he also made it readable. So, if you want an excellent introduction to the topic I belive there is none better out there.

But I give you a warning. When you have read the book it is almost certain that you will agree with the conclusions, and that will put you where some of us have been for a very long time - at odds with the beliefs of the mainstream of our society. Now I expect you are thinking "No! *lots* of people believe in UFOs", and of course that is right, but (a) even now, they form the minority and (b) it is not the view foisted on us by the powers over our heads. We therefore have a society with a majority who have never looked at the matter, but who are absolutely sure its all nonsense strongly supported by the authorities.

Now theoretcally that should not matter - its a free country isn't it? - but you will find that it does matter and the country is far from free. Over the course of time you will eventialy see that the reality of the phenomenon and the coverup are not the bottom lines. These two facts are like a catapult that will send you far further than believing in these two apparently simple things. You will be led to ask "*why* do they cover this up?" and "how many more huge lies have I been told?", and unfortunately, as you dig, you will see that there have been many such lies, among them that you live in a democracy. You will also start to see a huge illegal machinery that is used to create these extraordinary deceptions. You will realise that lies are at the very core of society and that without them the entire edifice would collapse. And you will see that back of all this is that people who already have power, way beyond yours, want to retain it, and increase it. And you will see that compromising your freedom, especially by way of lieing to you is the main way in hwich this is done. When you have all this clear, and if you dare to speak about it, then you will quickly be called a "conspiracy theorist". This is the label that is stuck on anyone who actually looks at things and does not flinch from the conclusions.

So you are warned - by reading this book you are looking behind the facade, and what you will fnd there will separate you from those that are still sleeping and that think they are doing something when they cast votes and write letters to their elected representatives. If you are not up for that kind of isolation, leave this book and others like it alone. On the othr hand, if you have an inkling you might be sleeping and you want to wake up, this book is a very good place to start.
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on 2 December 2007
Richard Dolan has written one of the most important books on the UFO coverup ever, using his skill as a historian he has documented very clearly that the government/military /corporate establishment are very aware of nonhuman craft and are involved in possibly one of the biggest coverup's of all time. Using credible eyewitness accounts, public records and inside information he has put a comprehensible book that is a must read for anyone interested in finding out the truth about UFO's whether laymen or serious researcher.
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on 26 May 2014
Wow wow wow what can I say about this book?
I only read books about Nottingham Forest & UFOs because I don't have much time for reading.
The first thing I'll say about this book is it very intimidating & big but don't let that put you off.
If like me you not the biggest fan of reading this book might feel colossal at first.
But believe me if your interested in the subject of UFOs & getting a better understanding of the subject & how serious the Goverments & other agencies take UFOs then this is the book for you.
what Richard Dolan does in this book is prove how serious the Air Force, CIA, NSA, FBI, NASA, Goverments & other agencies take UFOs & the lengths they go to, to cover up this fact.
I like to think of myself as a very knowledgable person on UFOs but after reading this book I found myself discovering things I'd never even heard about until I read this book.
I don't think any honest skeptic could read this book from start to finish without admitting that somebody is hiding the truth about UFOs from the public at all cost's.
I just wish more people that think UFOs are all made up rubbish & aload of crap would read this book.
Because if they found the time to read this book I'm convinced they would soon change their minds or at the very least admit that something doesn't add up.
How can a Goverment that claims all UFOs to be nothing more than, swamp gas, whether balloons, misidentified Aircrafts & the planet Saturn, yet go to such big lengths to silence witnesses, debunk all sitings ASAP, withhold key UFO files & evidence fom investigaters if there's really nothing to hide?
They people trying to hide the truth about UFOs haven't covered them up & thats where people get confused.
People say if UFOs was real you wouldn't be able cover it up.
But what you have to remember is they have spent 60 years making the subject seem like something only children or crazy people believe in by denying any evidence, speading lie's, using ridicule, misinformation, debunking all UFO sitings, silencing all Air Force, Milatry, NASA & Goverment members hiding behind National security in order to stop the truth getting out & to make the public think the subject is nothing more than a myth.
Richard Dolan proves that this is indeed the case & people need to open their eyes to the truth.
And believe me you'll be left in no doubt that some UFOs are indeed ET crafts after reading this book.
So any skeptics do yourselves a favour & read this book & tell me I'm wrong.
Any people that what to believe but isn't 100% sure what to believe read this book & you'll know deep down that you now know the truth.
And remember just because you may have never have seen a UFO yourself, or haven't seen hard proof that some UFOs are ET Crafts doesn't mean that they do not exist, it just means that like a Goverment drone it is almost certainly flying around your sky's but if they don't want to be seen then there not going to be seen.
The people people keeping the secret know ET Crafts are flying around our sky's, they just don't want you to know that they know it.
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on 11 October 2013
This book provides a detailed, narrative survey of reports of UFOs, USOs, aliens, and their activities between 1941 and 1973, and of the various people and organisations that evidently influenced or controlled how (or whether) such reports were assessed objectively, or even made public. The book achieves a good balance between including sufficient reports, and bringing out some of the key points of many of them, leaving the reader to do further research on those that especially interest her or him. The inclusion of relevant names, dates, locations, and sources of information, etc. makes it much easier for anyone to do their own further reading and research.

The increasing availability of some classic UFO books and journals referenced by Richard M. Dolan, the author, in electronic form, such as those that are instantly available as Kindle books at modest prices will greatly assist researchers, although this process is not yet complete. Many important books and journals are still only available in printed paper form, often only second-hand, while some are seemingly unavailable or too rare and expensive for most people.

Mr. Dolan makes a convincing case that a great deal of information remains undisclosed by the security services and the military of the US and other countries, which tends to have been confirmed by the release of some historical reports by, for example, the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) (in late 2010) which I personally found useful.

Mr. Dolan also makes a good case that the military and security services tried in various ways to discourage the making, national distribution, analysis, etc. of reports. Articles whose intention seems to be to discourage the discussion of alien craft, aliens, or their activities still appear from time to time, including in some globally-distributed, popular science or astronomy publications, and even in a leading, global financial publication.

It is fascinating that what seem to be human efforts that may involve withholding information, and even distributing misinformation or disinformation parallel what some aliens have done, such as their use of aerospace craft disguised as "airships" and what they said to people who encountered them or their surrogates that masqueraded as ostensibly human inventors, crews or passengers of "airships" in the US in 1896 - 1897. Many of the newspapers that published these reports are now available online, including on free-to-view websites such as the US Library of Congress "Chronicling America". The deceptive behaviour of many aliens in their contacts with people who observed or encountered them was perhaps best described by the journalist, investigator, analyst and author John A. Keel from the mid-1960s onwards, especially in OPERATION TROJAN HORSE: The Classic Breakthrough Study of UFOs copyright 1970 that is now available as a Kindle book.

Acting on Mr. Dolan's conclusions can also save researchers wasting a lot of time and effort. It may be more productive to concentrate on, for example, reports by private citizens published shortly after particular observations or encounters occurred, in local newspapers, reports and analyses published in private sector, specialist journals, and books written by those who operated or contributed to such journals (including the UK-based "Flying Saucer Review" and the US-based "A.P.R.O. Bulletin" that may be available on disc media or online) and other non-government channels.

This is not to say that those who operated the journals or contributed to them had no connections to governments, because important researchers, investigators, and authors like Gordon Creighton (Flying Saucer Review), Professor Dr. J. Allen Hynek, John A. Keel, Major Donald E. Keyhoe (NICAP), Coral and Jim Lorenzen (A.P.R.O.), Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, and Leonard H. Stringfield, were at one time or another government employees, contractors, or consultants, or served in or worked for the military. The modern researcher has always to assess how and to what extent this may have affected their output.

For example, Professor Dr. Hynek admitted that when he worked for the US Air Force he invented a fictional, natural atmospheric phenomenon in order to dismiss a potentially-important observation:The Hynek UFO Report published in 1977, Chapter 3 (It Can't Be: Therefore It Isn't), pages 34 - 38). His actions probably delayed the formulation and public discussion of ideas that could have relied on this data, e.g. that the tops of trees were seen to spin around as a UFO passed over them due to a synthetic acceleration propulsion force field (that may have been focussed or rotating) radiated below the craft: observation by a man and his two sons at 1300 hours local time on Wednesday 13 August 1947, in the Snake River Canyon near the city of Twin Falls, in the state of Idaho, United States, reported in the Times-News newspaper, Twin Falls, Friday 15 August 1947, front page and page 6, including illustrations of the craft.

A copy of the above-referenced newspaper report, and additional information including further sketches of the craft, have been made publicly available by the FBI: Office Memorandum to the Director, FBI entitled "Flying Discs" and dated 20 August 1947, file reference ufo_4.pdf, UFO Part 4 of 16, pages 39 - 44 of 77, at [...] Part 4 of 16/at_download/file

Unconventional Flying Objects by Paul R. Hill, a senior NASA aerospace scientist and engineer, originally published in 1995, discussed many classic reports and drew firm conclusions from them about alien propulsion, hull, and crew protection systems, etc. and ideally complements Mr. Dolan's work. Other works by Mr. Dolan include The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991 (UFOs and the National Security State) and A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact.

This review is based on a paperback copy of the book, copyright 2002.
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on 30 October 2007
If you are interested in reading about UFO's and want documented facts, not speculation, this is the book for you. In a field of study where there are a lot of charlatans and plain crazies, this book shines for its solid research and intelligent analysis. Dolan has put together the big picture, and what he's found is more than fascinating. Very worthwhile read.
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on 18 June 2007
All the history you need to know about the UFO Phenomenon without any speculation or craziness. Factual and Objective, Eerily Realistic, An Eye Opening read which gives insight into the our everyday existence and provokes the question - Why?

Basically all the great UFO sitings and the governments response(s) from 1941-1973. There's also a little bit on what else the military was up to, as it corresponds to how they keep their secrets, and from the evidence they keep many.

Also Highly Reccomended is "The High Strangeness: Densities, Dimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction" and "The Secret History of the World" by Laura Jadczyk Knight.
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on 1 November 2007
A big thank you to Richard Dolan for using his skills as a historian to meticulously go though all the officials records, mainly released through the Freedom of Information act, to make a timeline of UFO sightings, and government investigations/coverup into the phenomena. It is obvious from the records, as shown in the book, that something was going on that was very disconcerting to the power elite and that they did everything in their power to keep it top secret. Apart from making a timeline of UFO related events, Dolan shows how the power elite with the use of Counterintelligence programs known as COINTELPRO, were debunking,denying and ridiculing the UFO phenomenon, so that no serious scientist with concern for their career would dare talk about or investigate the subject.

The book goes only to the year 1973, but a new book following on should apparently be coming out soon, which should be interesting to get hold of.
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on 14 March 2010
It's been said already, but this is one of the best written and researched UFO books i have ever read, i look forward to the next volume. Can not recommend it highly enough.
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