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3.8 out of 5 stars86
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 17 December 2015
Because this book was an inspiration for the Timothy McVeigh bombings, and for Bob Matthews terrorist organisation The Order, it has been labelled as a blueprint for revolution, but in reality the story is a violent fantasy. As long as you are not easily offended buy this book, as its a real barnstormer! Andrew Macdonald is in fact, the late Dr William Pierce, leader of the far right organisation The National Alliance. The book begins at the end of the 21st century, and looks back at the Great Revolution. In this future, the White Race covers the entire globe, apart from areas that still have high levels of radiation, and the diaries of revolutionary foot soldier Earl Turner have been discovered. This is the book equivalent of a 'lost footage' movie, where the diaries provide the story.

We are told that Earl Turner is now regarded as a hero of the revolution, and was with The Organisation, a nationally organised White Supremicist group that were committed to overthrowing the the American government of the late 20th century. The violence is extreme, and escalates as the story progresses. Eventually Turner is initiated into The Order, a quasi religious elite within The Organisation. Civil war erupts across America, and everyone is forced to take sides. The revolution then descends into full-blown genocide, where all 'race traitors' within the established white enclaves are either hung, or marched off for mass execution. The conflict goes nuclear, and Israel is destroyed, along with large swathes of Russia, and New York. As the authorities rally to launch a mass attack against the White revolutionary forces, Turner embarks on a suicide mission to take out their command with a nuclear device. We are then told by Andrew Macdonald that Turner succeeded, and the revolution became world-wide. Finally by using conventional, chemical and nuclear weapons, all non-White races were wiped out.

What many people will find offensive about this book is not the violence, but the reasoning behind it. Macdonald/Pierce uses every incident to explain his rationale, namely that the White races are in a battle for survival against a conspiracy by the American government (working for their Zionist masters) to exterminate them. Therefore the violence is not only justified, but necessary as the ends justify the means. As Pierce initially wrote this story as a series of instalments, it has several cliffhangers and this also explains the ever escalating violence-Pierce needed to keep his readers hooked until the next episode! Bearing this in mind, the sfory hangs together surprisingly well. As previously stated, this is not for the easily offended, but if you can take the authors political views in your stride, then this is a roller coaster of a book that you will not be able to put down.
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on 1 November 2015
I bought ‘Killer on the Streets’ in a charity shop, this is the story of David Copeland who in 1999 set off nail bombs in what he perceived as the wholly black area of Brixton in London, and later at the Admiral Duncan pub in Soho, London where his intended victims were the gay patrons.
The book comments on the fact the Copeland accessed ‘The Terrorist Handbook’ on the web and had a copy of ‘The Turner Diaries’ which had also been found in the possession of the bomber in the bombings in Oklahoma City USA. I was surprised to find both The Terrorist Handbook and Turner Diaries [which is apparently banned in some countries] are still available, the latter on Amazon UK. It is ironic that ‘Killer on the Streets’, (the main thrust of which is a conspiracy theory that Copeland was not the loner he was reported to be by officialdom but was part of a conspiracy by far right groups, or was at least aided by them), contains details of how Copeland got the materials for his bombs and his construction methods and so becomes if not a Terrorist Handbook in itself but surely a Terrorists Shopping List.
Reading further I found there was a prequel to the Turner Diaries - ‘Hunter’. Being a little OCD about book series [the Sharpe novels are a nightmare to me for this reason] I ordered copies of both books from Amazon plus a copy of Iron Heel by Jack London on which Turner Diaries is said to be based.
The plot of The Turner diaries and the antecedents of the author William Luther Pierce, writing as Andrew MacDonald, are out lined in Wikipedia. I found The Turner Diaries a very readable book, written in the mid 1970s some parts resonate with the today’s experience; For instance the exaggeration of the terrorist threat by government leading to more and more restrictions on the lives of citizens. The style of The Turner Diaries seem to me to be different from it’s prequel ‘Hunter’ and I wonder if Hunter is the work of a different author or if another person was involved in the writing.
I give the book four stars merely because of it’s importance to the understanding of the supremacy world view.
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on 5 October 1998
I saw their lambasting of Pierce a couple of years ago and had to think "What could this guy have written that scares Mike Wallace and the boys so much they present this man in such a biased and unfair way". The camera angles ... a shot of him with a nervous twitch obviously feeling very uncomfortable. Their piece was an obvious bit of propoganda and basicly it got me interested in reading this book. Especially since finding out it was (is) an illegal "BANNED BOOK" in Canada.
I found the beginning to be slow reading but then this is the 1st piece of fiction I've picked up in about 20 yrs. Its NOT a masterpiece by any means but it is interesting reading. Especially seeing as it was written so many years ago and seemed to have a clear focus of many of todays issues. It may have been a simple matter to extrapolate the, then current, social situation and write a possible (or hopefull) scenario.
BTW I am a METIS INDIAN and white men are not the only racists on this earth. You find it in every culture and gender. Man is a territorial animal who doesn't appreciate being encroached on by any race (or anyone). Of course this isn't what multiculturalism is all about. Thats real fantasy!
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on 31 October 2014
pretty much an extremists point of view in fictional terms of the destruction of the system to bring it down with violence by any means,,this book was found in the vehicle of timothy mcvae the bomber it is said it influenced him into doing what he is also said to be the white supremacist's bible or hand book.some have tried to have it banned.
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on 28 August 1997
Can understand why some readers might dislike the book's message, but cannot understand how anyone could deny its power and readability (don't mean style, etc., simply raw power) Was unable to put it down!
In addition, everyone should value the insight (at least the persuasive personal insight of the author) into the mind of an ordinary decent man driven by circumstances to join a band engaged in a dangerous mission (which seems to him patriotic and heroic) and then finding himself drawn irresistably and ever deeper into a ruthless (and possibly reckless) insurrectionary movement.
Whatever; it's one of the best reads you could buy.
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on 14 July 1997
the turner diaries was one of the best books I have read in along time. I highly recommend it to others who would like to whip the government
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on 8 February 1997
The good guys win and the White race is saved. Too bad that
is took so many fratricidal wars such as WW2, the Civil War
ect. to stop the self hatred.
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on 21 December 1997
This is like a modern update of one of those Victorian classics devoted to giving the entire family something neat to do on a rainy day. It's amazing what can be done when a little imagination is applied. If it says Simon-Turner says do this in Washington D.C., then maybe someone else has to do it in Oaklahoma. If it says make this out of stuff you'll find in the garage, someone else makes it out of stuff from the kitchen. And what about all those bad losers who want to ban such a great book? Well, confidentially, there's a section in here called "Day of the rope," and it explains how to chase the bogey persons from under the bed, planting a big footprint on their federal rear ends in the process, before sending them down the road for good.
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on 27 March 2014
This book has polarised opinion for many years. However even those who disagree with it should bear in mind the old saying " I may disagree with everything you say but will defend to the death your right to say it".
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on 31 October 1998
The Turner Diaries by Andrew Macdonald (pen name of Dr. William Pierce) is VERY entertaining. It all starts with massive gun raids in the United States. The raids cause many citizens to go underground and start a guerilla war against the System that betrayed them. The rebellion soon ignites a world wide race war. Fiction of this type is rare and a writer of Dr. Pierce's calibre is hard to find. I was able to e-mail him and ask him about his books and unlike most writers he kindly responded. I highly recommend his second book, Hunter. By the way, get the edition approved by Dr. Pierce himself (from - ISBN 0937944025), it may take longer to arrive but is well worth the wait.
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