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4.0 out of 5 stars31
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 14 October 1998
This is a superb work on the basis of magickal evocation. It's easy to find that Konstantinos is based on the teachings of Donald M. Kraig (Modern Magick) and Franz Bardon's books. This is a valuable vulgarisation of evocation training. I think that it is well worthable on a shelf.
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on 17 September 1998
True to form, this book is yet another example of the "golly gee whiz" testimonial-style books that are all that Llewellyn seems to be printing these days. While remarkably Christian in style for a Llewellyn publication, the sugary presentation and insipid testaments to the "wonders of spirits" are models of the genre.
Konstantinos presents his material in a relatively lucid and straightforward manner; his exercises are for the most part well thought-out and effective (in so far as they go). However, the idea that one can leap from meditation directly into the evocation of spirits is comparable to the assumption that because one can now toddle across the room, one is fit for the Olympic games.
The spirits presented are for the most part drawn from the medieval grimoires which are the goetic's stock-in-trade, though some of the spirits presented are completely new and are presumably ones with whom the author has "attained communication". What reaction these spirits may have to having their telephone number-equivalents written on the cosmic restroom wall is not yet recorded... perhaps in true Llewellyn fashion there will be a volume 2 in which this will be noted.
While this is a reasonable presentation of one system of evocatory magic, it is hardly a definitive work on the subject. Konstantinos' wide-eyed enthusiasm mixed with occasional stern ethical cautions quickly becomes tiresome, and his writing style is rather immature (doubly damaging given the intricacy of his chosen topic). I'm afraid three stars is the best I can do here.
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on 20 November 1997
It's only fair to state immediately what this book is NOT. Don't expect to be able to open the book and start calling forth any spirit your little heart desires. There is a certain amout of preparation that you have to go through--given in the book--in order for this to work. Until I can get through all the prep stuff, the best I can give this one is a 7...sorry, folks...
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VINE VOICEon 4 May 2004
I must take issue with one of the claims made by the author about this book. He says that it is the only book you will ever need on the subject.
This is patently not true.
Don't get me wrong, there is some stuff worth reading in this book, but it is _suggestive_, not _definitive_. For example, his Clairvoyance and Clairaudience exercises are interesting. Also, the descriptions of the fifty spirits is useful - assuming that they are taken from his own magical diary.
But elsewhere, Konstantinos makes a bit of a hash with his presentation of the Golden Dawn-style of magic, no more so than in his treatment of Enochian magic, which is woeful. This is a complex subject in itself, so much so that authors like Aleister Crowley and more recently John Michael Greer have recognised that it can't be handled adequately in a book which is only general in its terms.
My advice: read it if you want - or better still borrow it from a lending library if you want! - but there _are_ other books on the subject which should be read to get a more balanced view. (See, e.g. Crowley, Greer, Lon Milo Duquette, Poke Runyon, etc).
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on 15 August 2013
This is the only single Book I have ever read that can makes one a full potent magician without reading other books.
You don't need other books to become a Magician when you have this book. my praises to Konstantinos; all that
you need to become a successful magician is in this book, I think it is second to none!!!
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on 5 December 2009
Very very interesting and informative. Clear instructions, examples, well written. Only criticism is that it works very much from a one true god angle, kabbalistic. It's a good way into the book that it suggests substituting the gods of your own tradition, it could have come earlier, but a small thing.
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on 6 April 2006
This is a starter book as is the case with a lot of Llewelyn. I think it may be useful for the budding evoker, but seriously folks, the likes of Bardon, Crowley et al need to be examined in some depth first, and a great deal of practice experianced in the basics should be facilitated. Similar books like DuQuette's treatise into the matters concerning evokation I think fit along side this book: superficial, and funny, but undermining any depth, safety, appropriate actions et al.
The book is useful in that it covers the basic mechanisms of evokation, but it must not been seen as the be all for this subject: So naturally contradicts the claims of the author ..oh-hum.
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on 29 March 1999
If you are as tired as I am tired of arm chair theorists who have never even tried REAL magick pick to death a really concise and well written book wile at the same time trying to tell everyone how much of a great Mage they are wile they have yet to begin writing their own book. (Must be so many wise and hidden masters are consulting them.) And that someone else's writing style is "immature" and doesn't meet an older work word for word. Then ignore almost every review on this page. But if you want to do real magick then read this book do the exercises and prove to your selves that you can do what so many say is impossible or improbable because they cant or wont. with the first entity you summon know that you are a far better magician than 99.99% of everyone that claims that title and also know that you have at your fingertips the means to know anything, do anything and be anything you want. My opinion of this book is that it is superb and easily readable on many levels yes it is written for a student but unless you are a god you are a student and still learning so pick it up and learn from it ... if you dont learn something from it you arnt really reading it. PS. There is no really new knowledge just that which is re-remembered, re-learned and re-introduced PPS. Use a spell checker Oh wise masters.
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on 27 February 1999
I'm a student of an esoterical order, and I have quite some knoledge about Magick and Summoning technics. Although this is an interesting book, with a really nice definition of the Art, it takes this Art too lightly in my point of view. There are some necessary warnings made in the book, but there is a lot of confusion in the classification of the entities. Some evil spirits (Powerfull Demons) like Bael(for example), are considerated as quite friendly entities with the beautiful classification of "goetic entities". I wondered if the author is aware of the real nature and wiseness of this kind of Spirits, and how they can create ilusions in one's mind. The Conjuration of the Seven written by classical authors like Levi and Papus has a sentence, "In name of Gabriel, may Adonay order upon you and send you away Bael" (I'm translating literally from french), wich should be considered... this entitie, for example, is one of the Seven main Demons, the Dark ray of the Moon, the Negative force, oposite of Gabriel the Inteligence of the Moon. There are some other demons that figure in some left hand path gromoires, like the Grimorum Verum, that are also presented as goetic... I agree with the author that this entities can be summoned and we can work with them. But I can't disagree most about the method recomended by the author. I think, the advertisements made in all the Magick Books, and by the Masters of the Art are being ignored in this book. Have ever the author read the Lemegeton?! I mean, maybe it wasn't a bad idea to read it again.Project astrally near a Demon?!? Enter, in His own realm and summon Him?!... I pass,thank's! If the summoning of the last 50 entities can be done by you, than summon Mettraton, Raphael, Michael, etc., in the first place... but to have results, better than the astral technic in the book, the operator should prepare himself in the classical way, although it is hard it is tested by time, and to be sincere, I have my serious doubts that a Divine Entitie as Mettraton, appears with that made easy, prepareless rituals, I have my serious doubts. Solomon the King, and others prepare the students about the difficulty of ordering a demon to manifestate, and here that is exposed like if it was calling a dog witth a bone... May the author forgive my words, but there are allready REAL efective methods to work with summoning, leggated by the Masters of the Magical Art, to be changed into a "naíf" magical point of view.
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on 26 March 2015
amazing book and a great introduction through lessons to gain the confidence to evoke or invoke in a very natural and safe manner.
Other books seem academic and dusty in comparison and tend to suck out the air of enthusiasm. this book gave me courage to overcome the dire warnings and banish fears step by step...a great book and one to use with the academic tombs as reference.
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