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on 27 March 1999
I don't know what people are moaning about. A strategy guide should and does show you what to do. This does just that. Just because it doesn't hold your hand and point you through everthing, doesn't mean its a bad guide. There is a long walkthrough at the beginning that is not that helpful, because it's in a story format. After that it tells you a path to follow and a brief description of most of the sub plots. A list and description of mage spells, and a section for secrets. There is a list of how to create a perect character for each class, and at the very end a list of monsters and their hit points and thier level. What more do you want, it is a guide that relys on the fact that the person playing the game might be able to make thier on decisions.
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on 13 October 2001
This book is not as bad as other reviews would suggest, it has very useful sidequest information, it gives you pretty much all the information you need to go from start to finish of the game and it has an interesting read in the form of the experiences of another players BG character. However th bestary in the back is next to useless, it provides next to no information in comparrison to other strategy guides. All in all buy this if you want to know how to complete the game or in order to complete every single side quest, not if you want stats on monsters and NPCs.
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on 30 January 1999
Truly an under-edited mindless piece of drivel. The first half of the book is devoted to a "journal" type walkthrough, with the following sections being more of the same without actually once offering a sound strategy for playing the game. Monster evaluations, unique item/weapons evaluations or hints, and party formation suggestions are all missing from this book. Not once does it say anything remotely helpful in playing the game (ie, beginning parties should place strong/armored players in front, weak/unarmored players in back, and all should have ranged weapons with a lot of ammunition...).
The number of errors in this book were simply appalling. Especially upsetting were the number of caption and map errors.
I wonder who is ultimately responsible for this guide being as poor as it is (since it is an "Official" publication, does this mean the game publishers themselves should be held accountable?). I don't believe in the least in returning books (I treat them like underwear, once you try them on, they ARE YOURS FOREVER), but I really do wish I had a way to be reimbursed for my purchasing of this piece of garbage.
The game itself is extraordinary, and should be purchased post-haste, just don't fall for the strategy guide. It isn't even worth glancing at in the bookstore.
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on 17 January 2000
Cover is nice.
Section1 'Getting Around' repeats manual info.
Section2 'Diana's adventure' is a first person account/diary of a BG character is the largest and most boring part of the book. Why didn't someone tell the authors it was a bad idea. Near useless.
Section3 'Subplots'contains a little information but is so badly laid out that finding things is a chore. The net is much batter.
Section4 'The World of Baldurs Gate' starts with one useful areas map at beginning then nothing but sketchy waffle about the main story line.
Section5 'The Secrets' What secrets? Small bits of semi-useful info, half of which a double digit IQ would provide and the rest of which is eclipsed by stuff on the net.
Appendix is full of rehashed info and useless lists. Interesting (but not that useful) bestiary of monsters/npc's and their level and hit points.
SUMMARY This book imparts hardly any useful information and should have come with a refund. I wouldn't want it if it was free.
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on 14 January 1999
This book is probably the least useful strategy guide I've seen. At least a quarter of it is basically reprinted/rewritten from the manual, and another half is a "first person in character" account of a path through the game. Nowhere are the useful maps found in most strategy guides, descriptions of creatures, or good suggestions on strategy. The encounters section uses a location reference system which isn't explained in any obvious manner (I still haven't found it), and the text is laid out as if they had to fill a certain amount of space and needed to bulk up the book's slim content. Avoid this one at all costs.
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on 24 January 1999
First, contrary to the description of the book, there are no descriptions of items, monsters, etc., to be found. Instead, there are a number of walkthroughs. The first is a very lame first person account of going through the game, which has no detail. The remainder are lists of quests and little more. Ultimately, they contain only incomplete quest information, and they don't much enhance the experience.
There are also no detailed area maps (a shortcoming common to many Brady guides lately) so you're on your own trying to navigate to specific encounters or buildings.
The guide to creating a character does little more than repeat what the manual tells you, with absolutely no specifics on how any particular decision will affect the long term development of your character.
All in all, there's very little to help you through Baldur's Gate.
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on 10 July 1999
this is my review on baldur's gate i have brought this book form a major computer store i got stuck on area this book reads like a novel then a hint book there is no location of items the maps where very hard to look at espically (excuse spelling) there was a lot of wasted space it could do without the know how of setting up you charater you can do that from the users manual the spell list and the weapons list came in handy my way to find objects is by cordinates and where they are on the maps it really needs to have full colored maps of each sector and where the items are located
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on 23 January 1999
I played the game thru 2 times and found the book to have some very bad and missleading mistakes, the map of the world has travel lines to and from places (cloakwood forest) that are wrong. The pictures associated with some of the discriptions are the wrong pictures, and many of the people and places you can go or meet in the game are not mentioned at all. Where to find items, no. If you follow the story guild your game will not even go quite the same way. I recommed using the book as just a general guide and not expect it to be correct in many areas. Thank-you Wizardaire
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on 14 August 1999
I am sorely disappointed by this "guide". This guide is utterly worthless. You can find stuff infinite times better than this crud on the internet, and you dont need to pay the retail of 19.99 for it. The guide is full of dumb comments and strategy, and misses most of the subquests. It does not give in detail about anything (ex. the list of potions, which the guide describes as "too numerous to mention") which I think is B.S. the authors obviously just wanted to get this guide out. Bottem line, save your money and time. Check out the internet websites.
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on 17 February 1999
This "official" guide is basically good for expanding the story line and is good interesting reading. It shows the sequence of general areas/quests to be undertaken, and some NPC info. However, No detailed town maps showing description of buildings and who is in them, no tips/strategy/warnings on how to fight monsters or NPC's, no locations for secret or hidden items such as Ankheg armor, no "difficulty" rating of various areas. I used the internet chat rooms to get real info on this game.
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