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Customer Reviews

3.2 out of 5 stars17
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 29 December 2000
Don't think this is the equivalent of the camel book for Perl, or the Flanagan book for Javascript, or other O'Reilly bibles. It isn't.
It is littered with errors which should have been caught at the proofing stage, and imply that the code has not been thoroughly run - I found two errors just this morning, neither of which was in the online errata. The book is mostly a collection of vague api specifications that are available (and more up to date) online. Typically the description gives you little more than the arguments and a paraphrasing of an obvious action of the routine, with zero comment on exception conditions or possible difficulties. Treatment of performance issues, locking, error-handling etc. is negligible, and there are far better books on general database design issues for web-sites.
This book is poor for all levels of user.
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on 31 January 2000
This book is brilliant for anyone trying to learn about web databases for small websites. It teaches the fundamentals of web database design very well, and gives a good approach to building a data driven website. However, the lack of examples for building larger databases (which are often needed on the web) and the single chapters on several programming languages means that the book cannot take you step by step into building real applications. It takes you so far, and then the rest is guess work. It is a brilliant book for newbie's but for those who know databases, this is just a reference, and an expensive and not very useful one at that.
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on 10 September 1999
I bought this book because I was working on a project using MySQL and Linux and found the documentation that came with MySQL a bit sparse, especially on the examples side. This book covers in depth, the SQL commands, perl, python, JAVA and C interfaces. It clearly explains the limitations of mSQl and MySQL but shows you how to get the best from the products. A working knowledge of SQL, Perl, C and CGI programming is required before getting full benefit from this book. I would have no hesitation recommending this book to anyone who wants to access a database from a web browser.
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on 27 August 1999
The main purpose for me to buy this book was to understand how to develop midrange SQL databases for web application, this book does that and more. I was slightly worried that the book would go over my head as I am new to CGI programming, but like all the books I have read in the O'Reilly collection it discusses all ideas in clear detail. I have had this book for about 3 weeks and now I am capable of writing small web databases.
The only reason I havent givent it a 5 Crown is because of one or two small typos.
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on 17 July 2001
Covers two DBMSes for the price of one! This could actually be the only reference required for all your database needs as it covers installation (and maybe building from source) administration, SQL and all manner of APIs to the DBMSes (for Perl, Python, C/C++, Java, PHP). Complaints? Not many - it needs updating as some of the information is now out of date, I can't see the point in covering mSQL as it is way behind MySQL in terms of features and sometimes the book strays beyond its remit. Overall, though, very good.
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on 29 September 2000
I was dissapointed, especially as this is an O'Reilly book. Just about covers the basics of getting a MySQL or mSQL server up, a little bit on database design, whole chapters on Perl, Python and C++ API's then the whole second half is references for SQL, Perl etc. Not a useful book if you want to start writing database apps. Not a tutorial book, just a reprint of the man pages and READMEs with a bit of history. IMHO. Hope it comes in handy as a reference once I learn how to build database apps from somehwere else.
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on 8 October 1999
Coming from an engineering background, I have no clue what a relational database is. This book talks me through it and more, it shows me how to do it with two popular low-cost software.
It also shows me how one can combine CGI and the database to make a web database, which inspire me to buy this book in the first place. I understand a bit of Perl and CGI and this book fills in the gap at the right amount of level of expertise. If you want a good intro to MySQL/mSQL, get this book first.
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on 22 November 2000
... The book does not explain how MySQL works, how to improve performance or its treatment of locks. In short, if you need to know about MySQL then you need to use the MySQL website.
The only useful part of the book is the SQL reference, and that could be obtained from elsewhere. In fact, the whole book might be better rebadged as a guide to SQL than one which claims to be specific to MySQL; trouble is, it would then have to compete with many better books.
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on 13 February 2000
There is some good material in this book but a lot of this is available online. It can be very frustrating for beginners because some simple concepts are not explained at all, for example it directs the user to load database dumps through the MySql console without explaing what that is or how to do it. I am experienced in databases but not in Unix and this sort of omission made this book very difficult to use for me. The index is absolutely useless.
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on 19 June 2003
I bought this book when I was at college just over two years ago. I did my final year project in php and mysql and this book was a great help.
If you're new to MySQL than this is a great book, it has lots of example code in PHP, perl, python, java, C and more and guides you through the basics.
I still find myself referring back to its mysql function list from time to time.
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