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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 24 June 2003
For those who view sex as the epitome of personal relationships, then this may well be an essential read and resource.
However, this book is probably best suited for individuals who are already somewhat manipulative and self-centred in terms of courting and personal relationships. This book consistently hints towards the detachment of any real value for the intended ‘victim’ of seduction, coupled with recurrent suggestions of sexual favours as the ultimate achievement. In my opinion, many might eventually lose interest in this somewhat repetitive formula and glorification of what might be considered as decadence by some.
Furthermore, this book is an in-depth and lengthy writing, so only the most ardent and intrigued readers will see the entire volume through.
On the whole, I would say that this book serves well as a reference point for all self proclaimed and aspiring Casanova’s, with abundant accounts of exceptional seducers from both past and present. An interesting read, though certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.
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on 11 October 2014
I wasn't interested in this for the purpose of 'seduction' but was interested in the influencing strategies that seducers use. It was fascinating, largely useful, and brilliantly read by the voice-over artist.
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on 21 January 2005
The lessons on seduction, at bottom, can really only work if one's targeted victim has some weakness or vulnerability of character. (Green warns to stay away from confident, grounded individuals) Through subtly stalking your intended victim, listening to their every word, stroking their ego, thus discovering their weakness, you can then supply the necessary requirement, whether it be excitement, adventure, danger, loving parenting, add a little time and patience, your victim will eventually fall under your spell. This particular strategy of discovering weakness, focusing on needs, and appealing to an individual's ego, is as old as the pyramids themselves. What's interesting, however, is that this strategy works and continues to be used by individuals and organizations everywhere - but we continue to fall for the scam. And do not be fooled by Green's language and impressive erudite examples from the great works of literature - a scam is a scam no matter how you communicate it.
The text itself is a play on seduction. Green uses the two most seductive and sought after aspects of our existence to reel us into his tutorial: sex and power. None of us want to be victims, in fact we all want to dominate, be the winners, gratify our base and exalted desires. Do you want to unknowingly be seduced or be the seducer? The answer, of course, is evident. Green knows this and uses this strategy by proposing that he can give us an edge, supplying the means to attain our every desire.
In the end, after reading this text from cover to cover, I asked myself the question, what did I learn? What I learned is that certain individuals and organizations will go to any lengths, ethically or otherwise, to dominate others and get what they want. All things considered, it is better to know than to not know, no matter how unsavoury the subject matter.
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on 29 March 2006
The reactions and opinions regarding this book are controversial and this is normal. Its subject- seduction/manipulation whether direct or indirect is controversial in its essence. Regardless of whether we like it or not we are being manipulated every day with commercials, campaigns, offers, conversations, etc. That's why I think that it is better to know in details about them then to be a "victim". It is unpleasant to some extend that even the author uses "victim" but this is the ugly reality. There are winners, losers, and nothing in between. The big question this book asks you is: What's your choice? Are you going to be in the camp of the winners/seducers or in the camp of the victims who only watch how Tom, Dick and Harry take advantage of you day after day?

I believe that Greene made us a favour with this book presenting/exposing all of those types of seducers and their specific sly moves. You can better recognize and defend yourself armed with this knowledge. A mastery of seduction should go with mastery of sex. That's why in addition to this book I highly recommend the bestseller "Scientfically guaranteed male multiple orgasms and ultimate sex".
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on 28 June 2007
This book offers the knowledge of power over other people. You can learn how to get them to do what you want. You can manipulate them. I would have liked to have seen more examples of use in today's time by average people, instead of all historical figures and times. Just be careful not to go too far. Hopefully, the people reading the book have some morals and won't abuse the power, which could easily happen. Alot of guys read this just for the use of the power on women. But it's more than that. It's power on people in general. A very insightful read. Other good reads in this area, applicable to dating, are GOD IS A WOMAN: DATING DISASTERS, MYSTERY METHOD, and THE GAME.
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on 24 March 2010
If Robert Greene's 33 Strategies was the book for dealing with social issues, then this is the ideal book for dealing with social interaction. With Robert Greene's books it's only by reading them time and time again that you receive the full benefit. If you read this book once you might just see it as a book that highlights the styles of the pickup artist, but after fully absorbing the material you should come to realize that this book reveals how one understands people on a much deeper level and why we often have trouble relating to one another. For instance I came to realize that the reason conversations I had with people were boring was because I was not injecting questions and a mentality of focusing on feelings and when I did speak myself I completely left out focusing on the visual aspect of our senses. And it made me realize why I had failed in trying to establish relationships at an earlier age. One girl I tried to date was a "Dandy" which was the reason she was always out of grasp and aloof and frustrated me and the other was a "Coquette" who required more continuous flirtation and heavy persistence to fully win her over even though she had signaled her interests in me. I could have avoided these types or changed my approach if I had known sooner. To me this book was eye opening and I recommend for anyone to have an open mind when reading this and to read it at least 2-3 times before assuming you've gained its entire wealth of knowledge. I think all of Robert Greene's books are supremely foundational for anyone suffering in any area of their lives. Don't be turned off by the perceived immorality of these books - the conniving may become more conniving, but people who are already of a higher integrity will not sacrifice that by applying the methods to their own personality.
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on 9 May 2009
depending on how you read it, this book is not at all immoral or dangerous and can be much more than a guide to seducing or making people fall in love with you; in fact, it really could change your life.

if read in a self-aware interpretative way, it will possibly teach you how to choose the right partner, how to be a better partner yourself and how not to be a victim... it will therefore empower you. Also the exceptionally useful middle part of the book makes you aware of the un-attractive traits in your own personality... thus making you a better person altogether, seriously.

this is a very clever, well written and entertaining book. The layout is a bit fiddly, with independent stories and classical literature extracts running on the pages' sides while the main text is in the middle - but be patient and do read them all, they're worth it. Thought provoking stuff
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on 13 August 2012
This piece of book gives account to understanding human seduction. Giving it a try, will give one an understanding of the book is all about. And based on my experience, i find it very helpful, most especially when trying to understand the opposite sex.
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on 20 August 2003
If what you are looking for is intelligent analysis and effective methods of seduction (sexual or of the heart and mind) then this book will dissapoint you like it did me. What it contains is interesting, readable and well presented but nothing else. I particularly enjoyed the historic studies of seductions. Enjoyed as stories, but didn't find them practically useful or to contain much wisdom. For a real book on power in all aspects relationships try 21st Century Fox by Paradise.
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on 6 March 2004
Like the other reviews say, it's got really interesting historical refereces that are excellent reading. But as far as seducing - it's a bit lacking. It will work with someone who already fancies you. But so would common-sense. I've also read and love Paradise's book Space Age Pimping, I prefer that, although it's not as mainstream, it's about more than only seduction power, it's about power in all areas. Also Stephen Covey has sound relationship principles as do the Kennith Blanchard books.
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