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I just wanted to let anyone looking at this page's listing know that this book and its immediate precursor Broken Bat have been collected into a single volume alongside the origin story Vengeance Of Bane as Knightfall: Volume 1 in anticipation of Bane appearing in this summer's The Dark Knight Rises, and contrary to Amazon's product listing as of early May it is in fact already in the shops. If you already own these two books, you can also pick up Vengeance Of Bane in the recently released Batman Versus Bane which will save you double dipping on the other 600-odd pages in the new edition of Knightfall, whose only other difference is that it now includes the original issues' covers which the older separate editions do not. As for the story itself, I'm a big fan of it as the print equivalent of a big dumb popcorn movie, but if you're looking for something with any degree of depth or symbolism you may find it lacking. The art is decidedly mid-90s DC and the writing just above par, and it's enough of a page turner that even at 25-plus issues you could get through it in one sitting.

If, however, you're buying Knightfall for the first time, start with the new version linked to above, which will be followed up with another pair of huge volumes (as Volumes 2: Knightquest and 3: Knightsend) collecting the rest of the saga including those issues omitted from the older three editions.
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This second book in the trilogy takes a long time to say some very basic things: Bruce Wayne is in a wheelchair recovering, Jean Paul Valley is the new Batman and is dispensing a rougher sort of justice than the usual Batman, and that's it. Robin is still wringing his hands like a worried housewife, while Bane having "taken Gotham" does nothing more than sit in his... flat is it? Talking about how he's controlling all the crime in Gotham and all the money he's going to make.

Having read the origin story of Bane (reprinted in "Batman vs Bane" by Chuck Dixon) I thought the character was motivated for higher reasons than money but it seems Doug Moench got lazy and decided to make the motive behind Bane nothing more than tedious money. He's also far too reliant on Venom to make him succeed, I thought he was a criminal genius but all thinking seems to escape him when he fights, making him nothing more than a `roid-ed out thug. Disappointing.

Jean Paul Valley meanwhile does do some un-Batman like things like value innocent life less while modifying the outfit so it looks scarier with claws and outer-armour but he still wasn't a bad Batman. In fact he does something Bruce Wayne couldn't do in the last book.

There is a lot of filler in this book. There's a two-part Two Face story that had no bearing on this book and an extra-long Scarecrow story that also is irrelevant here. The Two Face story only underlines Bruce Wayne's tiredness (it's hinted at depression in this book too strangely), which had been done to death in the first book, while the Scarecrow story is a pointless ramble and seeks to reinforce the "Jean Paul Valley is a more ruthless Batman" message that we get throughout the book anyway (thanks to an increasingly annoying Robin/Tim Drake).

So, stuff happens in this book but nothing that couldn't have been done in 100 pages or less, instead of the 280 pages here. Bane turns out to be a disappointing victor not doing much, Bruce Wayne does nothing more than sit in the wheelchair, Robin is irritating, and Jean Paul Valley sets out to kick butt. The last 25 pages were good, read this if you want to save time, but that doesn't make up for the overall feeling of padding that this mediocre book provides to make this series a trilogy.
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on 7 June 2015
Batman declines even further in Volume Two. With Bruce out of action, Azrael/ Jean Paul Valley takes his place. Acting overly aggressive and potentially dangerous Robin struggles to keep him in line. The new Batman was given only one rule. Not to go after Bane. But the new Batman doesn't take orders and doesn't let stupid things like morals and restraint get in the way.

The plot continues to be fantastic, its interesting to see someone else in the Batman Cowl especially when its somebody as unstable as Jean. Unpredictable and gripping all the way through. And Batman still has alot lot further to fall yet.. shame we dont get to see it in this original collected trilogy. Buy the new collected editions instead which provide a more (but not fully) completed Knightfall experience.
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on 15 March 2013
What i find in this story is robin is a really really great character in this book and part 1, the development of this character is done so well. Another thing that is cool it's a new take on batman which is nice to see i want to know more about this character and i will be buying more products that bring his lore to life.

If you like part 1 you need to get part 2 just to see what happens.
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on 25 January 2012
When I first read the concept of the next part of the Knightfall story arc I wasn't overly optimistic, however I can hold my hands up and admit that I was wrong to presume it would not be as good as the first part.

It picks up straightaway from part one and we see Bane announcing himself to Gotham as the new ruler and holding up the almost lifeless body of Bruce Wayne. From this we get to see a successor to the mantle of Batman rise in the form of Jean-Paul Valley. His methods are a much more extreme version, he uses brute force to get the job done, by fighting fire with fire he believes this the best way to re-take Gotham, marginalising Robin in the process.

In the past people have been critical of Batman for not being more aggressive and possibly killing; here we see what the result is if Batman were to kill. The story moves along at a fast rate and we see Bane using an iron fist to keep his stranglehold on Gotham; at the same time we see Jean-Paul Valley almost wanting acceptance as Batman and how he will go to any length to do that. And it all builds up nicely to the end battle between Bane and the new Batman. The fight is extremely good, both well written and drawn, it is one of the most brutal fights I have personally seen depicted in a comic and was highly entertaining.

My reasoning for only giving four stars instead of five is for two parts of the story which I found totally out of sync with the story, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks this. Firstly there is the flashback of the original Batman fighting two-face, it is totally irrelevant and maybe had it been in part one of Knightfall I would have more time for it. The second issue is when we see the new Batman take on Scarecrow, as we have already seen Scarecrow multiple times in this story this part felt very strange as it has almost no relevance. What I find stranger still is that this has been written as if we are seeing him for the first time. The change of artist for this section I also disliked as I like the style to retain some kind of consistency for the overall story.

Take those few issues out and this would without doubt been five stars out of five.
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on 30 September 2012
The book was a good read as it is part of a series, it is a good find as well as DC has stop publishing this version of it, so to find the second book part of the three book series was great, as you could easily get the series for the two books but not for the three of them.
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on 12 April 2013
My husband has started collecting these and he seemed happy with it.
Arrived quickly and in good order
Value for money
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on 30 December 2012
this book is brilliant i cant put it down i just want to keep on turning the page to discover new info
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on 25 October 2015
My son liked the book
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on 16 July 2015
Good purchase
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