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This book is a sequel to the trilogy "The Sirian Revelations", and here I must admit that I haven't as yet managed to get hold of Books 1 and 3. The book under review consists of a series of questions asked by readers on the basis of the three preceding books, these questions being answered by the Speakers of the Sirian High Council through their channel, Patricia Cori. In the final chapter only, questions are asked directly of Cori and she therefore answers them herself.

I feel the book is a valuable addendum to the previous trilogy, though those like me who have not read this in whole may feel frustrated at times, the messages being formulated under the assumption that the reader is totally familiar with its content. However, I also feel that the book is somewhat incomplete, since it is still unclear who will ascend and who will not. In her description (at the end of the book) of the DNA Activation Programme offered by Cori, she states that we shall not be able to ascend without, for example, having called back and reintegrated missing soul fragments. I would think that most of us, certainly myself, have missing soul fragments, but we can't all participate in the author's DNA activation programme to work on this problem. And I personally do not know of anyone offering such therapy in my area/country. Neither have I understood whether the activation of the third strand of DNA, which is presumably the main point of the programme, is a prerequisite of ascension, but this is implied.

But, it being stated that we determined the date of our death prior to entry into this incarnation, we must just trustfully accept that everything that happens is perfect for us, and either we will ascend or we will not. As I understand it, Earth/Gaia moves forward joyfully into the fourth dimension, no matter what (apparently together with the other planets in our solar system, and first and foremost our Sun, Ra). Many of us will ascend with it, and those who do not will reincarnate on some other 3-dimensional planet.

I personally feel great excitement at the present energies, which I can feel, and at all that is happening, also in my own personal life. I have never previously experienced such rapid change nor had access to such wonderful opportunities for growth.

We are given the message "For the ascending, that will be a higher level of consciousness where much of the disharmony of your current lives will no longer cling, and newer perceptions will guide you all on your perennial journey back to Source".

The Speakers of the Galactic Federation who are dictating the answers to the readers' questions "hold frequency" at the "sixth density" (as opposed to our "third density", if, that is, "third density" is the same as "three-dimensional"), and represent a group of 144 beings, including illuminated earth souls, ascended Sirians, "Christed" extraterrestrials, ascended Dolphin beings and the Great Whales, ascended Masters, angelic beings and Aghartan Masters.

It is confirmed that many will "pass" even before the process of ascension begins, and information is given endorsing the content of Shakuntala Modi's book "Remarkable Healings" (which book I've also reviewed) - that many are "possessed" by foreign entities and will need to release these attachments, though we are not informed of how without help we will be able to do so, just that everything eventually moves into the Light.

As regards our DNA, those ascending will "acquire full twelve-stranded consciousness at the time of passing", though the third strand can be integrated already now.

Re our contact with the aliens, we learn about the Greys, who inhabit the Grey Zone, also described. An interesting point made by the Speakers in this respect is that the abusive way some contactees have been treated by the Greys is a karmic reflection of the way we ourselves abuse laboratory animals when using them for testing purposes. Too true! It is confirmed, as I have read in many books about aliens, that much contact and abduction is for purposes of creating a hybrid race.

We are reminded of the immense pollution of our waters and seas, which constitute Gaia's emotional body, these having absorbed radiation, toxins and high levels of estrogens, and of the resultant disappearance of the Dolphins and Great Whales (who are "peacefully committing mass suicide").

A chapter is devoted to describing the inner world of Agharta, which is a "golden band of light". There exist points of entry to Agharta in every land mass of our planet. Aghartans, who are descended from the extremely technologically advanced Atlanteans, have apparently created a sort of underground Paradise, where all beings, animals, trees and plants live in harmony and peaceful co-existence.

The penultimate chapter describes the sacred sites of our planet, and we are urged to visit these while we still can, as this will greatly speed up the progress of our development.

I recommend that you also read this wonderful, beautifully expressed book, several times perhaps, in order to be as fully informed as possible, and to optimally integrate this knowledge.
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on 2 May 2010
Highly informative book for those who believe themselves to be a starseed. Much information is given about human evolution and how our star brothers and sisters of light have played an integral part in the creation of the planet. If it resonates with you, you will thoroughly enjoy this book.
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on 24 September 2009
I have become fascinated by all things extra- terrestrial, after witnessing with my very own eyes, the formation of CHEMTRAILS above my apartment in North London. Fortunately for me, my son was visiting me from York, as I had absolutely no knowledge about this fascinating manifestation before that time. My son, however, does, and was able to point me in the right direction, as did the highly reputed psychic, Jonathan Cainer, with whom I created my own dialogue.

I was advised by them to buy the trilogy entitled "The Sirian Revelations", as well as other books, by Patricia Cori, which sent to me within a few days of ordering these items. They have kept me rooted to my armchair, and confirmed my belief that we are most definitely not the only living beings in our universe; although, one must, necessarily, keep an open mind when reading about this highly interesting topic.

I, therefore, remain a great fan of AMAZON, because of their efficiency and attention to detail at all times, as well as their willingness to send me further information on all the topics which are of interest to me.

Jacqueline Sealey
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on 12 May 2011
This book is amazing and it really states and clearly explains some really challenging ideas and concepts about Ascension and higher vibrations and also the missions that starseeds have at this time. I found this book extremely well written and interesting. Patricia Cori's books are always very good and interesting, and this one is no exception!
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