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4.8 out of 5 stars55
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 22 May 2014
I cannot even begin to tell you how much I loved this addition to the Blackstone Affair series. It was perfect. This book continues where the third ends, they've just gotten married and are waiting for their wedding night and honeymoon! Ethan has finally got his American beauty, they have a baby on the way, are in love and can't be happier. What could possibly go wrong?

As with any relationship, even those where the couple is married, Ethan and Brynne have to deal with issues and people from their past before they can fully move forward. Even though they are madly in love with each other, they have only been together for a short period of time and so these problems still haven't arisen yet. Now that theyre married, they need to be more open with each other and realise that they can talk with each other and sort out these problems.

As a couple, same with the other books, I adored these two together. Ethan is just hilarious and loveable with his dirty mouth and possessiveness, but he adores Brynne and I love how their relationship grows and is portrayed throughout the book. The chemistry is off the page and even with Brynne pregnant, this in no way stops the book from being HOT. I also loved how we got to read the book from both Ethan and Brynnes POV. I felt it was a really good addition as we got to see their reactions to different situations and really get into their head.

Overall this was an amazing read and ended this series beautifully, giving us closure of their story and being happy where it ended. This will forever be one of my favourite series, just for the sheer beauty, flow and nature of the story and how each book unfolds. This book and series are one that stays with you after and one that you need to recommend and I would 100% recommend this to everyone. It was just perfect, and I can't wait to see what Raine Miller has in store for us next.
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on 6 March 2014
As the fourth book in Raine Miller’s The Blackstone Affair, the expectations for this book, considering the incredible standard set in the previous three books, were high. Not surprisingly Raine has delivered, with this wonderful book exceeding those high expectations.

We meet up once again with our beloved Blackstones. Two damaged traumatized souls who found each other thanks to a photo, an email and the hand of fate. Now the newlyweds are enjoying their honeymoon, new home and the preparation for the arrival of their precious Peaches. With the arrival of their baby boy or girl, Ethan and Brynne become parents and the three become a family. See their family and friends, the odd enemy and the new faces as you journey through the pages of this well written book.

As the old saying goes, the course of true love never did run smooth and Ethan and Brynne are no exception. Ghosts, tragedies and traumas from the past come back to haunt them. How will they deal with them? How much is too much to bear? Can they move forward and leave their pasts behind? Situations that seem lost, villains from the past and overwhelming emotions all impact on this beautiful couple in their pursuit of happiness and the happily ever after that they so richly deserve. But in true Raine Miller style...things are not always as they seem!

If you enjoy reading great, captivating, emotion filled books filled with heart-racing twists and unexpected turns, then Rare and Precious Things is a must read! I would challenge anyone to read this and not laugh, cry, gasp and celebrate along with the Blackstones.

Raine Miller has certainly outdone herself with Rare and Precious Things!

Congratulations Raine and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
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on 2 March 2014
Wow! Another masterpiece by Raine Miller! Rare and Precious Things is book 4 in the Blackstone Series and Raine hits another home run in the story of Brynne and Ethan Blackstone. If you have not read the first three books in this story you need to read them first as RaPT begins immediately at the end of Eyes Wide Open.

Raine is truly a master at drawing you into the story and making you feel as if you are living the story with Brynne and Ethan. You feel everything they feel, and the depth of emotion these two lovers have for each other is intense to a level not experienced by many people. It leaves you breathless and aching to be these two characters.

Ethan and Brynne are newlyweds, as well as soon to be parents. Their story begins with their glorious honeymoon and continues on putting them back into real life and the pressures and challenges of becoming a married couple. Brynne has insecurities, what is it about her that Ethan loves so much over any other woman, and now that she is pregnant and her body is starting to change, what will Ethan think of her and will his desire and lust for her change? Ethan is still having his night terrors and is scared to death to expose Brynne to them, not wanting to bring her into his hell since she has so many demons of her own.

Brynne is forced to face the demons of her past, and will she be strong enough to do it? Will she make it through this without the love and support of her father? She misses him terribly and feels constant guilt that the poor choices she made in her past were what caused his death. Ethan is facing guilt of his own, slowly starting to open up to Brynne about the horrors he faced as a prisoner of war and the choices he made which he feels caused unnecessary loss of men. He finally gets to a point where he feels he can seek help. Both Ethan and Brynne have wounds that they need to deal with on their own, which causes strife between them and they need to learn how to navigate through these types of issues in their new marriage. I love how Raine addresses the very real topic of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, not just in Ethan but in Brynne as well.

All the while they are navigating through their new life and adjusting to being a married couple, we get closer and closer to the birth of Peaches!! This long anticipated secret was like waiting to find out who shot J.R. Ewing!! OK I'm dating myself there....How is Ethan going to handle the birth of this baby? He's a mess of nerves while Brynne is her usual calm, cool. collected self. She already knows he's going to be a wonderful father, just like he knows in his heart she is going to be the best mum ever.

My favorite parts of this book were the discovery of journals written by Marianne Rourke who lived at Stonewell court almost 200 years before. Marianne is the beautiful heroine of Raine's very first historical novel The Passion of Darius. It is a must read and will tie in several elements that we've learned about in Eyes Wide Open and also Rare and Precious Things. Brynne discovers the journals in her new desk at Stonewell and reads all about Marianne's life and how much circumstances in Marianne's life have mirrored her own life.

Raine has a very rare and precious gift of her own in being able to weave such beautiful stories through both her historicals and the Blackstone Affair series. I could read about Brynne and Ethan and truly all of Raine's characters forever and never get tired of them or their stories. And who knows, perhaps this book isn't the last we'll hear of Ethan and Brynne....
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on 2 March 2014
Ethan and Brynne, I was so looking forward to this book and at the beginning I did wonder what road Raine was going to take us with this book, I have to be honest at first I felt the book was not as powerful as the last books and quite slow to go anywhere but once I got into the book I realised, you don't need loads of drama to have a good book, there are other elements to a good book and here it was LOVE.

Ethan and Brynne are going to have a lovely bundle of joy, their own child but deep down even when times get hard their love it what pulls them closer together, there are parts of this book were I was very emotional and sad and other parts I could not keep the stupid grin off my face.

What struck me mostly about this book was that it was a Love Story, two souls together, joined together and mean to be with one another throughout everything, this was the genuine love story in my eyes, ok so there was a wee bit of drama and hand over mouth thinking OMG NO but in the end what shone through to me was the true romance with these two, not only in their lives and how they work on things but in themselves with each other, the fact that they needed constant connection with each other to know they are connected and that it felt so right to be holding hands, arms and other parts of their bodies. This was not only a sexual aspect of their lives but a mental aspect of their lives, they knew if they were connected or touching each other then there was a calm between them and it was such a joy to read.

We get Romance Stories and love them but to me this was a Romantic Story about love, commitment, connection, reality and two souls who were destined to meet and have a life together.

I would love to read more about these two but as Raine has said before it depends on where the characters lead her

such a lovely read, loved it
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on 2 March 2014
“It had all begun across a crowded room one night in the spring –at a gallery tucked away on a London street –when fate had stepped in and forever changed the course of our lives.”

The Blackstone Affair series have been my top favorite series since October 2012 when I first met Ethan and Brynne for the first time in Naked. Ever since, there has never been any other book that has captivated me the same so I always await the next book in the series anxiously.

Rare and Precious Things captivated me from beginning to end. Raine Miller spiraled me into her web and I was consumed with her magical writing. These two characters that I love so much have come full circle. Ethan and his beautiful American girl, now husband and wife and awaiting the beautiful moment when they will get to see their child. I lived every single moment of happiness, tears, fears, triumphs, successes, anxiety, and elation.

“I’m getting ready to make love with my husband.”

One of my favorite moments in the book was the anticipation by both Ethan and Brynne about their time together for the first time as husband and wife. They adore each other and I felt goosebumps with the anticipation of their first night and how special it was for each other to make it a special night like no other.

As we see Ethan and Brynne as husband and wife, I felt the connection was like never before. Their intimacy reached a point of total trust, devotion, and passion so palpable that it was like being there with them.

“At least with her by my side, I felt like I had some small chance of being normal…”

I am proud of the way Ethan and Brynne have come to develop emotionally. In this book Ethan’s growth is remarkable. I was able to understand many aspects that I didn’t before. And I love Ethan now more than ever.
We continue to see all the aspects of this beautiful character that is Ethan Blackstone: funny, loving, protective, passionate, intimate. There were magical moments that had me in tears. Brynne, strong and independent, always there for her husband, for the family, but always making the decisions she needs to make for herself.

Raine Miller magic was present throughout. Most of her characters one way or another all present in this book.
What a beautiful book and what a beautiful place for our Ethan and Brynne to be after everything they have had to endure in their lives. It was sad to see The End but they will forever live in my heart and in the countless rereads I will have of this, my favorite series.
Congratulations to Raine Miller on a book that touched every fiber in my soul.
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on 28 February 2014
***ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review***

5++++++++ Beautiful Blackstone stars

Rare and Precious Things is book #4 in The Blackstone Affair series. I have read these books again and again and I can never find the right words to explain how much I love then and how much I love Raines writing. Her words pull you in, grip you and don't let go until the end. Ethan and Brynnes journey from Naked right through to this book has been an emotional, heartbreaking rollercoaster of love, passion and heartache mixed with excitement, anticipation and laughter along the way.
Since Eyes Wide Open I've been on tender books waiting for Rare and Precious Things & as soon as I started reading, it felt like I'd been wrapped in a warm blanket.
Ethan and Brunner are now adjusting to married life and awaiting the birth of their first child. These characters have grown so much since they first met and in this book their relationship grows stronger and hotter but on a whole other level. It's not all plain sailing though as there are still challenges for them both to face with ghosts of the past threatening their future together. There are links to Raines historicals, The Passion of Darius and The Undoing of a Libertine, that made it so hard to put down, but it all makes for a beautiful way to bring their story and the series to a close.
I hated it when I saw The End, but I will never forget this series that's for sure.
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on 2 June 2014
The end! Sad its all finished but all goods things come to an end.

We start this final part of their story, at their wedding. Both just wanting to get on with their lives, but first enjoying each other on their honeymoon.

Ethan is still overly possessive, even more so now, with peaches on the way.

He buys Brynne the house by the sea, 'Stonewell' and we begin to learn of its significant.

We get brief glimpses of Ethan's sister Hannah and Fred and Zara, not much of the boys.
We briefly catch up with Neil and Elaine, in the run up to their own wedding.

The ever growing Peaches comes into his/her own. When they both least expect it.

It was nice to continue without too much drama. Although that's not say it was a bed oaf roses. When Brynne's ex turns up injured from his tour, all her insecurities her mother doesn't help, and before she knows it has to re-visit her past, by visiting the ex.

Ethan acknowledgement he has PTSD, and with Brynne's help starts getting help, both are coming to terms with their pasts. How sweet that we got to be part of Brynne's Aunt's and Ethans dads nuptials.

Ethan has a job to do, surrounding the winter Olympics, after all he does have a security Company and its very apparent he doesnt want to go, and that he leaves on an argument.

I loved how the book ended right where it needed to!
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on 8 March 2014
Ending for the perfect couple! Ethan kept his girl, got help with his past and loved Brynne more and more with ever breath he took! Absolutely heart stopping in parts where he describes/thinks to where he would be if not for her and you heart breaks slightly. Brynne found peace with herself and let herself be loved, she too moved on from her past. Wound love a short novella at some stage though agree with the author they have there HEA and dam well deserved it! Five stars would have given more if could
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on 2 March 2014
OMG...I DID it...I am finally done reading this wonderful, beautiful story. I just wanted everyone to know and especially our wonderful Raine what an AMAZING job she has done as always. This story captivates you from the beginning and continues until the very end. Raine Miller writes a beautiful story that makes her characters come to life....they become part of your family and you feel that through her amazing and brilliant writing. It is the 4th book of the Blackstone Series and continues with the enticing Ethan Blackstone and his beautiful American girl Brynne. It follows their lives as they continue on their journey towards happiness but as we find out that is not always easy. It is filled with so many emotions, a definite roller coaster ride, that will make you laugh, cry, reach for the tissues and just leave you with a beautiful feeling of happiness and joy. I am so glad I went along this ride with them. This is definitely a "rare" and "precious" read and I would give it more then 5 stars if I could. Although I am very sad that this "beauty" is over, I know this wonderful story will be embedded in my heart forever as is the whole Blackstone Series. It will stay near and dear to my heart for a very long time. Thank you Raine Miller, grazie bella for another number one bestseller!!! <3
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on 11 March 2014
Well a HEA for our tragic lovers. Ethan finally let's go of his demons and realises that Brynne is his salvation. Brynne works out that she can't live without Ethan, it's a beautiful story about love, overcoming the bad times and moving forward. Of course you get plenty of sex, and not even her pregnancy stops them but it's on a more intimate level and connects them. Lots of questions are answered and you can finally see them moving forward together as a family.
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