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4.8 out of 5 stars136
4.8 out of 5 stars
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 11 October 2013
Safe With Me by Kristen Proby

5 super sexy stars!!

"Let's get this straight, Brynna. I want you so effing bad my teeth ache. I've wanted you for months. But you're part of my family, and I'm supposed to be protecting you. Dropping my guard and effing you into the mattress is not the way to keep any of you whole."

Caleb Montgomery is the subject of this one and we all know those Montgomery brothers are seriously hot stuff. We also know that Kristen Proby writes seriously hot and sexy books and this one does not disappoint. Who could not fall in love with an ex-Navy SEAL, fiercely loyal, over protective but sexy as hell, ripped, tatted and totally and utterly drop dead gorgeous...yes ladies, here are the tissues, you can wipe that drool off your chins now!!

"Bring it on, sailor."

Brynna witnesses something she shouldn't, even though she didn't see much the people involved do not know that and for that reason alone her life is on the line. Therefore, literally in hours she has what little she can get packed up in her car with her twin girls and heads off on a really long drive to go and stay with family.

The family are super cautious when it comes to Brynna and when it appears that there is an actual imminent threat to her and her daughters lives it is up to Caleb to move in and protect them. Not only does he have to fight off any potential assailants but he also has to fight off Brynna!! Even though they are both insanely attracted to each other and have been for months, Caleb daren't give in because he feels that if his head is not 100% in the game, Brynna and her daughters would be in danger.

Brynna certainly does not make it easy for Caleb and you will have to read and see how their relationship develops, but you are in for one awesome ride in the process.

"You could make the devil himself fall in love with you." he whispers

There was one scene in this book where it reminded me of the "Diet Coke" advert, during one of Brynna's coffee mornings with the girls, Caleb is working outside in his makeshift and utter eye candy and Kristen Proby brings it to life.

Caleb does have a severe case of PTSD that he has left untreated. There is many a scene in this book where I just wanted to cuddle him and tell him everything was OK and then drag his ass to a counsellor, but Caleb was too proud for that. This gives us some extremely emotional scenes and just makes you fall in love with Caleb all the more. But, his relationship with those girls was so endearing, he was amazing with them and they adored him.

Once again, another book loved!! I can't wait for the next one in the series, I can never get enough of these men!!

"You are my happy, Legs. Marry me."
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 3 October 2013
An eagerly awaited book for me, this series is defiantly one of my favourites. In this one we go on celeb and brynna's journey amongst all the other characters we've grown to love throughout the series and some new faces. It's really funny when all the girls are talking about orgasms and brynna says she's not having any and wishes she was omg celebs comments and inner turmoil is funny, he knows he what's her and it's driving him mad with need. but he doesn't think he can protect her whilst being with her in a relationship. Finally when brynna and celeb get it on oooh boy it's hot hot hot. the girls love him and all's good but then he goes and does something that rips her heart out. When he gets his head screwed on and realises he can't live with her he goes to get her but is it to late for them you'll have to read and find out lol, you won't be disappointed it's an amazing book. Can't wait till the next one.
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on 16 October 2013
Caleb is so yummy, and the Montgomery men keep getting hotter and hotter. Honestly who wouldn't want a hot alpha SEAL?

Brynna ran from her previous life back home to Seattle when she found her ex-husband murdered and the killers fleeing the scene. Her ex-husbands now former partner advises her to leave on safety measure with her two twin girls just in case.

Things are quiet for a about a year until strange things start happening around her. Matt has been keeping an eye out for her with his cop tactics from the beginning, however how that Caleb is no longer on active duty, and with suspect evens going on, Caleb moves in until the problem can be sorted.

There has been a smouldering heat between Bryanna and Caleb since she returned to Seattle, however nothing has happened between them until a family night at Nat and Luke's where the girls are talking about orgasm's. Not being able to take it anymore, saying he needs to talk to her he practically drags her to Luke's office where he feasts upon her lips, then goes down on her.

There relationship starts from there, but always when the girls are in bed asleep or out at school. Caleb takes an active role in helping bring the girls up from the beginning, but he doesn't cope well when he wakes on the couch after a nightmare and he is choking Brynna, the girls crying in the doorway. He hadn't had a nightmare since being in Bryanna's bed.

But he completely freaks when Brynna tells him she loves him and earlier that day a sleepy Josie calls him daddy. The next day after a day of awkwardness they talk and he tells her he doesn't want to be round her anymore, he hurts her emotionally, the only way he can break it off, saying that he has called Matt to look after her instead.

As they argue, a dog they have taken on for a few weeks (an ex-solider) starts barking. Caleb tells her to get the girls and hide, passing her his gun. She grabs the girls and the dog and hides in her bathroom, calling both Matt and 911.

All of them hear the sounds going on below before the silence and the dog stops barking, Caleb comes to them, calms them down before Matt comes up police in tow. Caleb leaves them for a job in another part of the country.

A few months later a miserable Caleb takes to a waitress who gives him a few hard truths and he decides that he need to out himself out, then go and get his girls. When he gets back however, he finds that Brynna and the girls have been in a car crash when someone cut her breaks. His family, especially Matt are not as welcoming as he would have thought.

Caleb sits vigil until Brynna wakes and until she leaves the hospital. They have a heart to heart where he tells her he's been sorting out his life and he tells her the she and her girls are everything to him.

I loved the softness that Caleb showed in this story. The man who has to be so strong and hard with his job, shows us many sides of his personality, but his softer side is the best.

I loved this book.
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on 30 September 2013
I must say that from the very start of this series Caleb has always been the one that intrigued me with his dark moody, almost reserved mannerisms, he was always the one member of the family who stood back and watch what was going on around them, he seems broken inside. So when Safe with me came out i couldnt wait to get my hands on it.

Brynna has always been a great character throughout the books too, shes feisty and funny and loves her girls.
Brynna hasnt been with anyone since she divorced but she has always been attracted to Caleb, in a way she has never felt before.

When Caleb moves in to protect her and her children, the tension between them builds but Caleb trys to keep his distance from Brynna, he just needs to do his job to protect her and then leave.

As time passes they Caleb and Brynna cannot keep they hands off each other. Just when the pair think that all is well and they are safe Brynna says the last thing Caleb thinks he deserves to hear, it scares him so badly.

"I'm falling in love with two amazing girls and their mother. And I"m exactly what they don't need. Broken. Hurt."
Caleb does what he thinks is the best thing for the three girls, he leaves he doesnt deserve her or her children.
Sometimes in books when a character thinks he doesnt deserve the girl, as the story goes on you just think pull your self together, but this story was so very real and believable, all the pain and anguish the couple went through to help Caleb with his PTSD was great to read.

Brynna knows Caleb is broken inside from his time in the war but she knows she can help, she sees the man he is inside. Caleb is a good man, he treats people with love and respect.

The chemistry between Brynna and Caleb is so sexy hot, they are a great couple and there sex scenes are well written and descriptive .

I love it in these book when all the couples go for a night out, when the drinks are flowing the conversations and sexy talk with there men are laugh out loud funny, the orgasm talk and the mens reactions are wonderful.

The new brothers introduction was great and how Brynna told Caleb " thank god the Montgomery family are not so perfect after all, there's hope for the rest of us" its all just great.
The whole wedding scene was amazing, i loved how they included the children with the necklaces, so very sweet.

The epilogue is so cute and sweet, i thought it was awesome how a big strong Navy SEAL could be bought to his knees by a woman and a line on a stick!.

This is another wonderful book in a cracking series and i would recommend it to everyone just please read them in order.
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on 24 September 2013
Kristen does it again!

Brynne and Caleb's story was beautiful, you could tell they were going to be more than family friends from the previous books, she got their story just right, the right about of love, friendship, fun, and frolics.

The twins were so cute, Josie giving out just enough but keeping herself guarded, and Maddie with her heart so big, she loves everyone.

Brynne and Caleb, were both trying to exist within the family, both trying to keep it friendly, but when danger threatens they are sort of thrown together in the name protection, their steamy sex life begins, oh wow, that was hot, they were perfect together.

They tried to keep it from the family, more from Caleb than Brynne; he really felt that he did not deserve happiness in life after his last mission, thought he had so much baggage.

I loved the girls discussing Caleb when he was working out in the garden, made me giggle!

I really love that we get to keep in touch with Nat and Luke, Nate and Jules, Will and Mel, Issac and Stacy, Sam and Leo with their growing families.

I hated the part when Caleb went to work in San Diego, my heart ached for them both, but also glad he came to his senses.

It really pleased me with how the story ended, loved the epilogue, oh and how can you not love Bix!
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on 17 October 2013
As with all new books, I opened it with excitement and trepidation. The book did not disappoint. As the follow up to "Rock With Me", which was also brilliant by the way, I had high hopes that were met.

As with all the books in this series it concentrated on a particular pair, in this case Brianna and Caleb. You do really need to have read all the books in the series to get the best from it; which if there were a downside, that would be it. There were 4 novels and 1 novella prior to this novel. Brianna is referred to fairly early on in the series and vital clues and character references will be missed if all the books are not read. (Just for your information, the novella comes between the first and second novels). The pair are described in more detail, the attraction is obvious. There personal situations are linked in seamlessly, as are the other couples and family from the previous novels. There are a few unexpected twists and turns that I felt were well written and incorporated. As with most stories there is some artistic licence, but this just adds to the overall experience, not detracting from it.

As I hoped, this is another excellent read in this series, and I am genuinely on tenter hooks waiting for the next one. So please bring it sooner rather than later, Kristen Proby!!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 23 September 2013
Kristen is an amazing author this series is amazing! I really can never but these books down once I get a new one! Caleb and brynna's story is just wow!
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on 25 September 2013
Kristen Proby you did it again!! I absolutely LOVED this book. You just keep knockin them out the park. I have to be honest I didn't think it would be possible to keep the stories fresh and different with so many boys and girls to write about but you did!

I want to say that Caleb is my favourite but I couldn't do that to Luke and NATE!!! ;) But this book is definitely up there with them!

I love that your books always give us aspects of peoples lives that we could all face at some point in our lives and PTSD is something that I think should be highlighted and people made aware of and I think you cover it beautifully in this story. As for Brynee what an amazing women she is, she may be my favourite lady!!

Oh and I just have to say Bix is brilliant and I loved his role in this book.. and.. I want one!! :)

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us and I just wanted to say that I loved your note at the end and it just makes me think that you are even more amazing lady!! <3

anyway this is a definite 5/5 for me! :)
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on 24 September 2013
I have read all the With Me In Seattle series. I am a sucker for hot men and great sex scenes, but what hooks me into these books and characters is that the women are strong and independent. They have a mind of their own, they are stubborn and know what they want but none of them are afraid to be vulnerable either.
The Montgomery men have a way of winning your heart, even when sometimes you want to punch their arm for being too damn stubborn in their own arguments and views of how to protect those they love - or themselves.

I have seen one or two reviews calling the story a little far-fetched. I personally don't feel that way because this is what I was looking for, to immerse myself in their world. If anything I found this the best of the series so far as there felt more backstory and tension, not just short scenes between the bedroom moments. Thank you Kristen!
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on 18 October 2013
This was a real page turner for me, because although the premise was essentially a mills and boon, with lots of passion, the post traumatic stress that the hero was suffering from was a very real message, as there must be a lot of people who have seen too much death and violence in the world that we live in.
I liked the characters, although found all the many couples referred to a little confusing having never read any of the previous books, and the family does seem ever so slightly unbelievable, what with the rock star and the professional football player and them all being so extremely good looking, you get the drift.
Despite that I would recommend this book and might have a go at one of the others in this series.
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