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4.4 out of 5 stars49
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 31 May 2013
I had purchased 34 books about trading before I bought this one( most of them from Amazon to be fair.) Two of them are really good, four or five are OK, and the rest were not worth the few pounds I paid for them. It is so hard to find great advice in this industry. However Anna Coulling clearly knows more about Forex trading than most people on the planet, and what she doesn't know probably isn't worth knowing. After reading this book I feel like I could advise the Governor of the Bank of England on Foreign Exchange Policy, it is that detailed. The main benefit of this book for any Forex trader, in my opinion, is that it gives confidence, because when you have some understanding what is going on from both a technical, fundamental and relational perspective you can get further validation for the trades you are placing.If you trade Forex and you want to become more profitable I don't think you can afford not to digest this amazing book. I now have two really good trading books, four or five that are OK, and one fantastic one. Thank you Anna Coulling for writing the best Forex trading book I have read to date. I think it is destined to become a classic.
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on 31 December 2013
407 pages of pure gold! This book is not like others. It is an effective eye-opener and a great tool for serious Forex Traders. I am now more careful when putting together my weekly currency pairs watch list every Sunday night, before Asian market opens. Great book. The holy grail of Forex Trading. KISS (Keep it Super Simple) philosophy. The list of available and valuable financial data resources is awesome. Market Sentiment is what really matters. It gives a good understanding of money flow movement, from low risk assets to high risk assets and back to low risk assets. This is very interesting. The correlations between bonds, bonds yields, hard commodities, interest rates, soft commodities, equities and currencies is nice to discover in rich details backed up with actual samples and charts screenshots. It shows many things other Forex traders books miss, specially the big picture on what really moves and shakes Forex markets and global economies. The key to success is merging three roles into one: Relational trader, Fundamental trader and Technical trader. Whoever can make this merge becomes a "game changer", which is not easy task but possible. Thanks Anna, for reminding me that data is live and it's free out there. All we have to do is put it together in a useful way and Anna is very good giving you tips and tools on how to do it. To reveal to me so much about sentiment, risk and money flow is to finally put together many days of macro economy college courses and with a deeper and simpler and more practical down-to-earth understanding of market behaviors.
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on 30 May 2013
This ebook gives a great understanding of Forex Trading is what I needed. covers all angles as I wanted to know what effects what etc its also up to date covering key aspects needed in forex trading,... does have 20.... yes Twenty chapters full of key information which makes it great value for money.
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on 15 April 2014
This book is poorly presented and produced and while self-publishing is never an indication as to quality of content, in this case it ticks all the (wrong) boxes. The author's style is waffle with large doses of tease as to 'other books' in which she will explain this or that. Badly structured with almost every sentence seeming to need its own paragraph for some reason.

The relationships between the various markets might be useful in a chapter or even two, but it comprises the majority of the book. And with that said, few of the relationships labouriously expounded upon, multiple times, hold true today.

When you get to what should be the meat of the work, forex, the scant coverage and truly infantile approach to technical analysis left me wondering if the author has actually ever traded forex in her life at all. You would get cut down, left, right and centre using any of the techniques she describes in today's forex market.

Somebody gave me a copy of the book so I don't have any axe to grind with respect to financial cost, only the opportunity cost in spending time reading it. I really don't know how Coulling can sleep at night pumping this rubbish out and charging for it. Maybe it's as a payback for her own experiences being duped by the Chief Wizard all those years ago. I've got news for you Anna, two wrongs don't make a right. Withdraw this awful book from sale and stop cheating people and wasting their time.
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on 23 October 2013
Anna Coulling has certainly opened my eyes to the possibility of enhancing my FOREX trading by the use of "Volume" indications on a platform (MT4) which doesn't in fact measure volume!!!! In previous training, I had seen volume as an unreliable indicator that didn't measure up to its textbook principles on ANY platform and whose disciples seem to hold contradictory views about its rules of application! Anna has convinced me that there is a strong case for thinking otherwise and, while not yet at the end of her book (GREAT value on Kindle!!!!), I have saved myself from entering bum trades by the use of her very clear exposition of the principles. Anna is a very high quality teacher and I look forward to exploring further!
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on 30 October 2013
Great for both the novice and the professional trader.
As an experienced professional trader, I found the content clear, concise and easy to understand with plenty of examples and charts to illustrate the 'whys' and hows' behind the execution of entry and exits of a trade, not just for Forex trading but applicable to all trading of assets.
Though the publication is aimed at the newbie trader this is also a solid refresher for seasoned traders.
Going forward, we (our trading firm) shall be advising our new juniors to have a read through this book as part of their learning process.
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on 24 September 2013
This book was not quite what I expected. I should have read the extracts on Amazon more carefully as I thought I was buying a book about how to trade Forex - However what I got was a book which I think will prove much more useful. When 'Three dimensional approach .. ' arrived my heart sank as it is quite large (A4 size and quite hefty) and had lots of words in it (as opposed to, say, pictures!), but don't let this put you off - I found Anna’s style very accessible and easy to read.

It basically takes the four main markets: bonds; commodities; equities and forex, examining how each market works, how each relates to the others and then broadens out to explain economic cycles, indicators, technical analysis techniques and finally the characteristics and hidden dangers in forex. Although I knew much of the initial information, what I found really useful was way Anna was able to put complex market concepts in context and particularly how she was able to make connections which I knew were there somewhere but that I didn't really understand. This is a book I’ll be coming back to for reference for many years to come.
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on 6 August 2013
A Three Dimensional Approach To Forex Trading

I have been self-taught trading tax efficiently equity for past 30 years. I am retied and comfortable.
I have read well over 30 books on the subject of forex trading to understand and to self-teach the forex market for past 13 years. I have learned a lot from these books. However, I failed judging by the success in forex trading.
Untill I bought this book, I could not understand how to find the market direction and sentiment to trade currency profitably.
Three Dimensional Approach to Forex Trading is unique in imparting logically very valuable knowledge in plain English and easy to understand which I could not find anywhere else in the books that I bought. I have attended various webinars and forex courses and none of them have taught the secrets of how to judge the market direction and sentiments. No one has imparted this knowledge for reason best known to them.
Anna Coulling has discussed from Major to the Exotic currencies covering all four corners of the currency world. She has discussed the economies of all five continents and their respective currencies and interactions.
I do not know her accept through this book and it appears that she is a kind and a very generous person sharing her vast priceless knowledge of trading currency market for the betterment of novice forex trader like me. To me this information is a Bible for Forex Trading.

Shah Z Alam. UK.
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on 9 April 2014
I have been trading for some time and always welcome material that goes more in depth on fundamentals of markets, BUT as a trader I am interested in getting practical advise for trading - i.e. something I can apply to my next day trading and in this reagard despite the promises and the huge load of ground covered here, I couldn't find much usable.
At times it goes in depth on something, like about correlation or relationship between markets, but again, how do you use that in practice remains unclear.
In addition, in several occasions when approaching a point in which you may get close to practical advise, it comes something like this: "...but this will be covered in a different book I will write shortly...".
That's enough to put me off.
In summary, for a day or swing trader this book gives very little practical advise you can actually use, and I would also argue that if you have been trading for some time you should already know most of what is covered here as a general knowledge.
On the other hand if you are new to forex, and perhaps a long term trader (do they exist anymore?) than you might enjoy some of it.
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on 21 July 2013
I first became aware of Anna Coulling through her articles and webinars at a well known forex new portal. I always enjoyed her style and approach which was very newbie-friendly and didn't hesitate to purchase the kindle edition of her new book...A Three Dimensional Approach To Forex Trading.

This is one of the most accessible and easy to understand forex trading books i have ever read. It is written in the same friendly yet professional style which doesn't forget that not everybody has a wealth of experience or knowledge when it comes to trading and trading terms. Every aspect of forex trading is explained in 20 easy to read chapters, and provides a comprehensive guide to what is needed to become a successful trader.

Excellent value for money, I have read this twice and have referred back to it on more than occasion and can happily report that i am a better and more profitable trader because of this book

Easily one of the best forex books i have ever read, it should be part of every forex traders library.
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