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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2013
I read the first book thinking it was a stand alone...and it wasn't :( anyway now the "sequel" is out - so i bought it. Now to me Sequel is the last book, the one that continues from the first and ends the story. With me so far ? So book plus sequel = complete story, 3 books = complete trilogy etc but no- got to about 90% and it was clear that in fact there's yet another book to follow!! that was the first I realised. There I was wondering when all was going to be revealed and ...damn it there's not time, so there ust be another book. Grrr. I'm getting really fed up of buying books and not being warned that they aren't standalone, or that what i thought was last book isn't (see my crossfire trilogy becomes series rant on my blog for more of That!) So i'm really disappointed in this book for that reason - i've still to wait for the end, i don't know when its coming...or what it will cost, or even how many more books it will take. The book itself was good, but i had to go back and refresh my memory as to part one - i've so so many unfinished books like this its unreal, and i try not to buy until all parts are out.
Its just not fair on readers to do this. In a conventional series - which i love, each story is more or less complete and the reader knows what to expect from outset. Books like this one though are deceiving and its just not good enough in my opinion.
Come on authors - at least Tell Us its only part of the story. be honest with us. Tell us what the whole story will cost, how many books (and stick to it please) and when to expect them.
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on 19 June 2013
Trouble is with this trilogy the first 2 I have read but have to wait for the 3rd one to come out. I found I could put this book down, as with the first one, and go back to it. Good story throughout it, but I did find it had a few similar items in to to Fifty Shades, but that just might be my interpretation. Saying that I did enjoy it as with the first one. But with some books I can imagine myself at the places they are at and think about the characters afterwards, but unfortunately with these I did not.
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on 13 June 2013
Had to drop to 3.5 stars, purely on that fact that this is now a trilogy. Authors please start thinking of your target audience and their satisfaction. We are aware that this may be your living but keeping readers in the loop is far more beneficial than dropping bomb shells on us. There's so many books that are series and trilogies that our minds are melting in between, it's got to be a damn fine trilogy to keep us engaged and a quick turnaround in between releases, or advising at book 1 that it's part 1 of how many - and this just doesn't seem to be happening any more, it's getting to be a nightmare.

So I had reservations and mentioned in my review of book 1 that I hoped this didn't get drawn out into several books and got concluded in book 2. Well imagine my complete disappointment when I get to the end of book 2 and see the dreaded message that this will conclude in book 3! So we started this story in Surrender you love and there was absolutely no mention of a trilogy and I am really disappointed that this is now the case. I can't deny this has a hot cover, but the story has weakened and the claws have rescinded and I was gutted it didn't finish in this book, so will I buy book 3? Truthfully I really don't know.

The story IS still good but I feel it's lost some of its grip. I felt book 1 was far more intense than this book, the plot and the twist was clever in book 1 but in book 2 it pales in comparison. I feel that book 2 has been a bit of a filler to draw their story out longer, it could have had an explosive conclusion and been amazing now I fear about the content of book 3, will it too be too drawn out or full of the inheritance and the secret surrounding Alessandro and Robert and keep us completely enthralled. This didn't have the momentum of book 1 nor the suspense or intrigue that kept me glued in Surrender Your Love. I don't think the plot advanced on enough, very little actually happened, I didn't find the trip to Italy and meeting Alessandro feeling quite right either. She goes all that way to meet him and only meets him once? Hmmmm.......
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on 14 September 2015
Oh dear ..... I'm not sure whats wrong but this book just didn't do it for me. I found myself skimming lots of the pages trying to get myself back to a strong point in the story. The plot could have been good but felt drawn out and not so much in all the wrong places. Why didn't she go back and visit the dying old man every day & ask him to answer questions about the house (or even just to visit!!!!). Why would you leave all that important documentation in the house when you know people are after you??? Arghhhhh .... I felt like screaming at times! I would like to see how it all ends but need a big break before moving onto book 3
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on 22 December 2015
A romance that doesn't go back and fourth too much. It's real and deep. The characters are great, although I do forget how young Brooke is. She can be a little naive and simple, but she's great. Jet Jet Jet...........he's so dreamy. Loves with everything he is and just seems like an all round great guy. Second time round reading this series and It doesn't make me feel like I should skim over any of it. Job well done J C Reed😘👏
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on 30 June 2013
I love the way the words in this book inspire me to search and not give up searching for my own jett, the tenderness the care and live and loyalty that he shows are definatly dream worthy and what I would like in the perfect specimen of man, that he chose to beg and plead and bully his way to a second chance and break down the walls Brooke put up is inspiring for itself, lived this and can't wait fir the final chapters to their dream saga.
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on 13 June 2013
Well worth the wait for this book just as good as the first one. And had to finish it once I started just like the first instalment. So glad they forgave each other with this book you get to feel it all from page one the romance the intrigue the lust hot sex and then the danger. Hope in the last book we get to see if Kenny and Sylvie stay together as well they sound great together. Hope we don't wait long for the last one We'll done again j c reed
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on 23 October 2013
When I read "Surrender", I got halfway through "Conquer" before I realised that a third book was due and not due to be released until October.
That was June this year.
So I patiently waited 5 months to download the final part and then had to re-read the books over, in order to recall the storyline and ensure that I had not overlooked any vital points.

I am really disappointed with Book 2 of the trilogy having waited 5 months to complete this book, and write this review. I read the book in 24 hours and for 18 of those hours I was asleep or at work!

There are inconsistencies, for a start. In Book 1, Alessandro Luccazone is married to a woman called Henrietta, she is called Maria in Book 2.
In Book 1, Brooke breaks up with her FWB / on-off boyfriend - Sean - in Book 2 he is now called Cameron?!
No-one has picked up on this, maybe I have a rogue copy of the book.
Also, when Brooke is named as heir to the estate, Alessandro then goes into a coma, never knowing if he will wake up or recover. Brooke is at the estate and worried about destroying the old fella's computer, worried about what he will say to her when he finds out?! He's in a freakin' coma....not sure if he will recover! I hardly think that he will be worried about what happened to his computer, of all things!

The developing love story between Brooke and Jett is quite sweet, but not original. That too got a little inconsistent. With Jett telling Brooke that she could only return to the house without him, if she literally got her stuff, got her friend Sylvie and left. 6 hours later, she's having a shower, having had a catch up with her mate, and Jett's popping over for dinner?! Then a few days later, Jett says he will be back at 4, just after noon, he's on the phone demanding to know where Brooke is and that she has to get back to the estate asap. There were just too many anomalies for the storyline to read credibly.

Anyway, the story is just same-old, same-old - and not particularly original.
Jett and Brooke are quite sweet, but I found myself getting more interested in finding out the mystery involving Jett's father and Alessandro and all the background to that, than moving on the journey between Brooke and Jett.

Will look forward to reading the final part of the trilogy - but can't help feel a bit cheated over the whole trilogy episode!
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on 11 June 2013
Really enjoyed this book! It was a bit slow to get into but once the mystery started to unravel it got interesting! I enjoy stories with a bit of mystery and I suspect events in Italy are far from over! Glad the book didn't end on a huge cliffhanger like the last one as it makes the wait for book 3 more bearable! Hope the last book delivers as much as one and two! Waiting with baited breath.
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Great second book, probably loved this one even more then the first book Surrender your Love, I can't wait to see what happens in the third book Treasure your Love, so looking forward to seeing where Brooke and Jett's relationship takes them while facing danger together. J.C Reed knows how to write a story on romance and suspense!
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