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4.6 out of 5 stars140
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 June 2011
This review is from: Marius' Mules II: The Belgae (Kindle Edition)
Product Description
57BC. The fearsome Belgae have gathered a great army to oppose Rome, and Fronto and the legions assemble once more to take Caesar's war against the most dangerous tribes in the northern world.

While the legions battle the Celts in the fiercest war of Caesar's career, the plots and conspiracies against him, both at Rome and among his own army, become ever deeper and more dangerous.


This author keeps improving with every book, you would no longer know that this is a self published title, its well edited, well written, the characters have grown since the last book which is a must for any author.
The action flows across the page and across the country, My fav part being the light in which Caesar is portrayed, not the golden haired hero but a power hungry political animal, we have no idea what he really was as he wrote his own history and destroyed everyone else.
Its about time the big publishing houses sat up and took not of this author, but if they don't im sure he will happily keep rewarding the loyal Kindle audience with many more books of this quality and better.

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on 13 November 2012
For any reader who enjoys reading a fast moving action packed novel, this is for you, based around the year 69BC it covers Caesar's battles against the Belgae, although Caesar has 7 legions, they are outnumbered by 10 to 1, awesome odds, and they fight some very close and bloody battles, the Belgae enjoying some successful ones themselves, having read, Marius' Mules first book, l knew the characters, l would recommend reading that one first, but that covers Caesar and his 10th Legion in Northern Italy, so this exellent read will not be spoilt if don't read his first book, l have read, Scarrow,Kane,lgguldden and the exellent Anthony Riches books, and this book rates as one of the best l've read, it is also exellent value for money, 381 pages written in smaller print than most books, it makes a mighty read.
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on 5 January 2013
I bought I and II purely on the reviews I read about them.
I was in no way disappointed, far from it, I would rate this series along with Simon Scarrows' tales of Cato and Marco. After reading Marius' Mules I, I was gripped, straight into action and it never stops, Fronto and the others seemed very believable and at times humorous, a quality that's needed, when in such a hard life and all around you are being slaughtered.
I really wanted to know what would befall them next, some much so, that I ordered parts III and IV after just reading the first, in my view excellent.
In summary, if you want Roman Legions, lots of action, down to earth characters and just enough history, then this is the series of books to purchase, highly recommended
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on 30 September 2013
I am a big fan of historical fiction but only found out about the Marius Mules series recently.
Finished the first book in two days then bought and rattled through the whole series in quick time.
Basically it follows one of Julius Caesar's Legion commanders (or Legate), Marcus Fronto, during the invasion of Gaul, each book taking one year of the campaign.
Marcus is a hard drinking soldiers' solider with little time for Politics which causes many clashes with not only Caesar but also some of the other commanders. He nevertheless is a masterful commander and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty to get the job done.
Well written and full of action, but also historically very informative.
Highly recommended.
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on 14 November 2012
As my title states these are an excellent series of books. I had never heard of the author and at the price took a gamble on the basis of well if it aint to good ive not lost much. Having gone 10 pages into the first Marius mules book i was gripped and have now read all 3 having just purchased the fourth. If you like this genre of books please buy one and see. The characters and story lines are strong and move at a good pace, the action is exciting and i found myself unable to stop reading until that particular battle or clash had concluded. It paints Cesar in a very interesting light, it makes you realise that politicians havent changed that much over the last thousand years or so. Great read.
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on 7 August 2013
I would really like to love these books as I love history and historical novels. I am a great fan of Bernard Cornwell, so you need to take that into account in this review.
I assume the history is good but the stories are not that gripping. Some of the events need a very large pinch of salt. I find the dialogue very wooden, the characterisation one-dimensional and the battle scenes, of which there are many, are strangely uninteresting. Women are practically non-existent: perhaps acceptable in these "Boys' Own" stories but I find it a bit odd that they figure hardly at all. I can't imagine the soldiers of Rome going without female company. This is made even more strange by the random appearance and mysterious disappearance of a Belgic lady in Fronto's life in this novel.
Sadly disappointing.
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on 16 August 2012
I've read a number of Simon Turney's novels, and really enjoy them. In many respects, his work reminds me of that of Anthony Riches. Both writers have an excellent understanding of the workings of the Roman Army and a solid knowledge of the history of that time. The characters are both well developed and believable, and I look forward to seeing 'what happens next'.

A cracking tale, which gets better as the series continues. I have already read Book 3, and I am pleased to note that the writers writing style and story telling ability have gone from strength to strength.

This is a series I would definitely recommend.
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on 28 January 2012
This sequel to the first novel Marius' Mules has much of the characteristics of the first novel, which is both good and also not so good.

Again the plot is convincing and the author takes us in the clear direction of an action packed conclusion. The pace is well measured, with realistic and page turning action sequences with plenty of blood and gore along the way.

The weaknesses however still remain from the first novel namely; poor dialogue and although the humour is welcome, at times it descends into farce. This is a significant flaw, as the main character Fronto sometimes appears little more than a clown, which is sharply at odds with the often asserted claim that he is one of the best strategists in the Roman world.

Another annoying habit from the first novel is the author's habit of changing the point of view during a battle which is clumsily handled, as we have to backtrack over the action to find out what a character has been doing during the preceding passages, when we are already past that point in the story. However this was less jarring in this novel than it was in its predecessor.

Also this time the hero's (or anti-hero's depending on how you view the main character) suicidal exploits do stretch credibility a little, but hey if Cornwell's Sharpe can win every battle in the Napoleonic war single-handed maybe that is acceptable.

All in all, a good four stars but again frustrating, as with a little more writing skill this could have been a 5 star book.

I recommend this novel and will be reading the third in the series, even though it is unimaginatively titled Marius' Mules III.
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on 11 July 2012
having read just about every fictional book on rome, kane , riches,scarrow etc, the marius mules books are right up there with the very best, if mr turney pulls his finger out and just forget the fantasy stuff and concentrates on the tales of fronto and caesar he will be as successful as any author out there,the characters are brilliant, don't age them, don't kill them off, the stories you can create could almost be endless. I for one cannot wait for the next instalment,
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on 5 September 2013
This continues on with cesar conquering people but I feel that Turney has brought on too many characters and so we cant focus so much on marius who is the most important one. I mean I for one dont care much about the average soldier as he was just there to die and it was the roman officer corp who were more important. I'm looking forward to reading the next book and just hope old marius doesnt turn into a liberal not wanting to kill women etc.
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