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4.6 out of 5 stars50
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 30 June 2013
I read extensively in this genre and I haven't enjoyed a series as much as this one for a long time! It's fast-paced, humourous, well-written and original, with all sorts of twists and turns. This author has a very fresh voice and a great writing style; I've literally inhaled the first two books in two days, and am thoroughly enjoying the third as well. I absolutely love the new take on werewolves with the adorably innocent Alex, he's just brilliantly done and I tip my hat to the author's originality and expertise at crafting such a character. I also love that the sexual tension between Rylee and O'Shea got resolved (to a certain extent... sorry for the spoiler) as dragging out the will they/won't they over too many books in a series can get annoying. I can't wait for the next book - when's it out???
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on 14 June 2013
The characters, storyline, humour everything about this book in fact all three books are fantastic. I couldn't put. Them down
I read all three books in four days and have withdrawals now waiting for the next one.. do yourselves a favour buy this series sit back and enjoy the ride.
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on 24 May 2013
Love this series & totally loved this book. Back with Rylee for her third adventure & these books just keep getting better! Funny (mostly Alex & Rylee's sarcasm), sad in parts (had me crying at one stage!), & very exciting. Most of Rylee's friends are back & we meet some new ones. Lots of action as usual & has totally got our UK weather down to a tee. A must read for urban fantasy fans, but read book 1 & 2 first, to get the full effect of this excellent series!
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on 17 June 2013
loved rylee story hope there going to continue. very fast delivery great seller couldn't ask for a faster way to down load thanks
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on 23 March 2014
after discovering shannon mayer via 'alex', i immediately read the first two books of the rylee adamson series and became an instant fan with every intention of reading about all of her escapades.
ive since read some other 'stuff' in an attempt not to get into a total tracker 'reading frenzy', but was getting rather tired of slogging through less than original or somewhat serious books, soon realising what i needed to perk me up was a good dose of magic and mayhem.
ive discovered a couple of other new (to me) authors via ebooks that ive enjoyed immensely, along with s m. , but there is no doubt that alex is my absolute, out and out favourite character and as a result its time i was brave enough to give s.m. 5 stars for her tracker books. yes they may not be booker prize winners or leave the reader with deep philosophical musings, but blimey, i can race through the very fluent writing, devouring the highly original and imaginative non stop action and come away feeling as though ive just driven a grand prix whilst eating the worlds biggest bar of chocolate! bliss! we are given pretty much every possible emotion to deal with, but in such a natural and appropriate context that its not until weve finished the book and had time to take a breath, that we can fully appreciate the depth to these deceptively straight forward 'action adventures'. the only good thing about not having discovered this series until now is that i have at least half a dozen to enjoy without having to wait for the next installment to be written. i have to admit to being so hooked that im already worrying about when the next rylee book comes out, so that i dont catch up or come to the end (gods forbid!).
again there were a couple of editorial errors and i have no idea why the car/lorry distinction was mentioned (a car would never be called a lorry, even by a child). also druids were originally exclusively male so the prevalence of females, and two battling to be chief no less, came as something of a surprise!). i also wonder if 'brittany' would be a name given to a russian girl 100yrs ago (or any nationality for that matter?! haha). i hope too that the rylee doesnt succumb to the attentions of the irritating vampire chappie (i could not survive another twighlight scenario, total yawn).
these small pedantic niggles aside, i am so pleased, as a uk reader, that rylee and alex etc have visited our little island, that any errors of any sort will be totally disregarded and its 5stars all the way now as far as im concerned.
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This series continues to get better and better as the action escalates, further betrayals are uncovered and a trip to Europe certainly broadens Rylee's horizons. At last she has the opportunity to interact with another Tracker, but typically in Rylee fashion she manages to adopt a new family member during her adventures. Pamela the teenage witch now joins Alex the submissive werewolf and Eve the Harpy; if she doesn't know you, then you're a potential snack.

Having crossed over the Atlantic ocean Rylee encounters something unexpected when she utilises her Tracker ability, something which gives her hope despite the bleak looking future (or lack of one) she may have with Liam O'Shea; the FBI agent she loves who is dealing with some very big problems of his own. Yet key figures around her may have their own reasons to offer their help, whilst not only new enemies confront Rylee, old enemies are tracking her as well. This series has the wow factor and Rylee is one hell of a leading lady.
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on 20 October 2014
Rylee Adamson is a tracker, she tracks kidnapped children across the veil (the supernatural world) and bring them back dead or alive to their parents. She has some help in Alex ( her half turned werewolf/human with a mind of a child and a funny language all of his own); Giselle ( her mentor who was a reader but has become mad);Evie ( a young female harpie); Dox ( an orge) and Oshea ( the FBI agent who had been chasing her because he thought she had killed her sister but who she now has fallen in love with but who is now on the missing in action list).
Rylee is a tough all action girl who takes no prisoner but has a great heart.In book three Rylee is recruited by FBI to go to London and find the bodies of lots of children who are being gathered by one supernatural being. While there she makes some new friends and enemies.
The books are really well written, have great plots, are filled with action and well developed characters. I would recommend you give them a read.
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on 11 November 2013
Each book builds onto the next. I,m totally sucked into the life of rylee
Adamson. Best series read since Harris's true blood books.
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on 16 October 2013
Love this series and this book was yet another brilliant edition the pages just fly by Shannon is truly a great writer
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on 16 September 2015
I was so excited to read this book, but the absolute misery of it has put me off the Rylee books for a while. Too much sadness, loss, upset and negative energy and emotion has spoilt this awesome series for me.
Action sequences are great and additional characters are also a welcome addition.
I think I'm going to have a breather from this series and read something fun instead!
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