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4.8 out of 5 stars105
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 26 March 2013
This is a real emotional roller coaster... action packed, emotion filled and a shocking twist to seek at the end! Trouble is brewing, a decision is made that shouldn't be and a new enemy enters!

I love Quinn's writing style, the humour and sarcasm that her characters share with us. For me Peri stood out this time - I love how the girls have rubbed off on her!

Once again Quinn has outdone herself, left me wanting so much more that I can't wait for book 7!
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on 21 June 2013
I have really enjoyed this series. I love the plot and storyline throughout each book. The male characters combined are my idea of an ideal man, sexy, loveable, caring, considerate, and a definate bad boy streak going on. The books are hot but not too smutty, and definately keep you waiting for more. A great series for any fanasy-romance lover.
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Hold onto your hats because you're in for a rollercoaster ride.

This is the last of the series and it doesn't just fizzle out; there is action every step of the way! I simply LOVE the way that Dillon comes through. I had high hopes for him and Quinn stepped up to the mark and made him into an Alpha that Jacque could be proud of. Lilly gets herself a mate (YEY) and although you don't have too much of a story with them, it is enough that you feel your heart melting and are happy for the pair of them. The females of the pack give the males of the pack a hard time - well deserved too! Evil is fought. Mates are found and not always where expected. Personal boundaries are met and pushed and fears are faced. And worse of all is that the true mate bond is stretched and perhaps dying in some cases. And that is the quick version!

Once again I have been in tears as I've read and other times I've been laughing. I love it when an author can draw you into their world like that. If I had one critique about this book it was the ending! a) the fact it ended at all and b) I really wanted Jacque and Fane to work it out where I could read about it. They were the couple that first led me by the hand into this series and, although they took a back seat as the story progressed, I still loved reading about them and their relationship. So to leave them when things are still strained just doesn't quite sit right for me.

This whole series is definitely a keeper and I will be reading it again ... once or twice! Quinn Loftis has placed herself firmly on my favourites shelf and I will be looking out for more from her.
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on 19 March 2013
** spoiler alert ** .......Well what can i say ........................................ FREAKIN AWESOME..............

I have read all of Quinns Grey Wolves book and eagerly awaited this one. I wasn't disappointed. I know there has been some negitive feedback on this book about the ending, but i never read anything because I wanted to make my own mind up.

I love everything about the Grey wolves series, the style of the writing, the charactors, even the baddies. I was a bit scared about reading this book because of the ending-even though i didnt know what it was. I knew the was going to be a battle in this book and was so afraid one of my favourites was going to die.

When I started reading this book it was in work on my break - BIG MISTAKE, I wanted to lock myself in a cupboard, this book should come with a big warning "Be prepared, during reading this book you may find yourself acting like a wolf during the times you are disturbed while reading, someone trys to distract you while reading or tries to take the book away from you(even while asleep.) you will become territorial, growl, snarl, and show your teeth. You wont see daylight, move or be normal till this book is read"

I love Cypher and lily, Thalion(I can not wait to read more about him and Cyn)I love Jen and Decebel, I love Jens quick smart remarks " You know your hurting me, and frankly, that makes me want to stab you with a spoon" also Jens remarks rubbing off on Peri especially when Peri makes the comment about life lines and ask the audience, I want a Decebel for christmas. I love Jacque and Fane. Sally and Costin. I loved Vasiles speach to the pack to get them united at the start of the battle. I love all the characters. The beauty of Quinns book is that you get sucked in and lost to reality.

When i read the bit about Thalion -The Prince of Elves I was so excited to read a new charator, then i realised why I love Quinns books so much. As a child my favourite books were Enid Blyton books especially the magic faraway tree and the wishing chair. Quinns books to me are like Fairy tale books for me Elves, pixies, what more could you want.

The ending for me was good, it leads into the next bit of the story, in life every one dies and everyone would make the same choice for the ones they love. I wont say what the ending is, that is for you to read and decide for yourselves.
Quinn I thank you for your Amazing books I love them
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on 17 March 2013
Ok its 1/4 to 7 am here in the uk and I have read F&F all night. I just HAD to finish it. Was I disappointed ? NO I was shocked at the ending but has only left me wanting MORE. QF has left us with yet anothe fab cliff hanger and I just know Jen is going to go off her rocker when she finds out, watch out Dec lol. F&J will work it out I am sure. MY heart nearly stopped over the events with V&A. S&C hehehe (thats all she wrote lol)

I dont want to say too much in case I give anything away. (Hate spoilers) As for the romance awwww <sigh> I love the hints and innuendoes. I have read many, many shifter books and have got bored with the freaks in them ( the guys are all 'ripped' and have HUGE.... hmm I will censor myself but you get the picture lol. The woman are ALWAYS gorgeous with fab bodies). Sorry but I am a 60 year old nanna, whose assets landed south a long time ago. So I find the romance in the GW series refreshing.

Keep up the good work Quinn - now when the heck can we expect the next book !!!!! (no pressure :) )
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on 15 March 2013
Quinn Loftis did it again. I started this yesterday afternoon and finished 5 hours later.

The story jumps right into where the last book left off, with the she wolves, the gypsy healers and Peri kicking booty to get their men back. I just found that my jaw kept dropping throughout the book as the characters go through some pretty tough stuff. On the other hand Loftis still managed to make me laugh (and I mean out loud) with the sarcastic humour of Jen, Sally and Jacque (even Peri had some cracking one liners) which is very in line with my own humour.

If you like books where the characters just draw you in and you find your self feeling for everything they go through, then this is the book (and series) for you. It has lots of humour, action and never ending drama. I think Loftis could write many books and you wouldn't get bored or think over kill.

Bring on the next book!
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on 30 March 2013
Oh My Freaking Amazeballs! What a freaking amazing book to add to this series.

Throughout all the torment everyone endured during the book they came out stronger and closer as a family.

I'm glad Sally & Costin finally got married.

I can't believe what Decebel has done but can see his way of thinking. I truly hope both Decebel & Jen will make it though the next hurdle that they come across.

I can't wait for the next book even though there will be a long wait :(

I hope to see that Jaque & Fane find out she's carrying pups in the future and Sally & Costin find out she's carring pups too, that would be amazing.

Quinn an extremely talented writer and I glad I got hooked in this series.

Would deffinately recommend!
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on 16 April 2013
Seriously, wow. I've never loved characters as much as this. Since the first book, the relationships with the reader and the characters have grown, in fact, I can honestly say I'm very attached to them.. You hear that Quinn. I'm VERY attached to these characters. The book ending has left us on a gasp, and I eagerly await the next book. The story has been fantastic, with little surprises hidden here and there. Sally, as always is adorable, Jen is, well Jen! Loud and opinionated, but with a hidden burden of her own.As for Jaque, she is gonna get a surprise of her own when she speaks to mom next!
I'd hate to rush perfection, however the next book can not come soon enough! I look forward to reading more and will be checking out Quinn's other stories while we wait.
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on 6 June 2013
Another brilliant book in a really good series and you just can't help yourself falling in live with the characters.

Quinn Loftis makes reading easy with her brilliant writing style and humour. In fact is so good, the book is finished before you know it.

Although this book can seem a little slow at times, much does happen to the characters. Relationships are tested, foes are battled against and friendships are cemented or created.

There is not much this book does not contain and i am so looking forward to the next book in the series. I just hope we don't have to wait too long!
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on 15 March 2013
wow this was one amazing book with lots of twists and turns. the story carries straight on from book 5 (beyond the veil) which is brilliant as that was left on such a clifthanger. i cant wait for book 7 to come out which there defo should be as there are several ends that need tieing up from the end of the book, plus the defeat of the new enemy to battle with.
for anybody new to the series defo start at the beggining as they dont make sense other wise. im now going to bed at 3:00 in the mourning as thats how spellbinding this book is to read.
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