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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars365
4.0 out of 5 stars
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19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on 12 October 2013
Don't get me wrong, this is a nice book with a great love story but I didn't need to read about their constant sexcapades. This is a fast paced book. They meet, fall in love, deal with drama and have sex (a lot of it) incredibly quickly. Every time they have sex they tell eachother how beautiful each other is and I just got the feeling I'd read it before. They have great sex, that's not the problem. I wanted more story. I wanted more conflict. I just got more of the same sex. Honestly I don't know how they're able to walk. It's not expensive and if you're into romance you may still enjoy it. I really enjoyed most of it and am happy I read it.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 21 November 2013
It's a story that had potential, the cover and content are very different, good cover poor content. Good point, things happen from the start, but something is missing, the story lacks that spark. I found that the story as a whole is fast paced, it's very vague and to much happens in a short space of time, esp for one book. I wouldn't put this book as a professional authors work, it's more of a rough draft or a first shot at a book, it's weak for a book. I didn't need to read about their constant sexcapades. To much of this spoils a story it becomes repetitive, boring and predictable, . They meet, fall in love, deal with drama and have sex (a lot of it) get engaged get pregnant in the mater of weeks!
I am so sick of reading how beautiful they tell one another they are, after having set, it's repeated over and over. The sex isn't a issue, but that's all the story really is,I ts almost like its a book written focusing on the sexy in hope It will sell, you needs balance of a good story line, good characters, emotional connection with the reader and some depth, this doesn't. I wanted more drama and more of a story line. I have to be honest and say it's an expensive book for something that's very weakly written.
The end (epilogue) is poor to, yeah they have a wedding but no indication of what sex the baby is etc, predictable that there is a follow on book (based on her friends story) I'm sure the baby's sex will be written in to there, obviously a way to try and get people to buy the next book. (I won't be) sorry.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 7 April 2014
This book started off great. It had an interesting story line, and interesting characters. However, I spent the entire book rolling my eyes every time I had to read the endearments each character uses for each other. Honestly, it was too much, and SO unrealistic.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 5 April 2014
I somehow read this whole book but I don't know how! It had such a poor storyline. I thought there would be a twist or something exciting near the end but there wasn't! Overall a very boring read!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 28 March 2014
I don't mind sex in a book but this book was just too much. Was it light porn or a romance novel? Some parts of the storyline had me rolling with laughter, obviously this author has never had dealings at any hospitals in real life. I don't believe that their relationship was realistic as quite honestly you'd go crazy being so 'nice' to each other all the time. It is such a shame as it had the makings for a fantastic storyline. If the rest hadn't been so sickly school girl dreams romance, then perhaps the overload of sex wouldn't have bothered me.
So if you want to read loads of sex scenes, then this is the book for you. As this book is mainly sex scene orientated, I personally believe that readers should be warned before downloading the book.
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on 11 February 2015
After reading the ‘Up in the Big Sky’ series by Kristen Proby I thought I would give the ‘With Me In Seattle’ series a go.

I have been having trouble on how to write a review for this book due to the fact that everything in the book happens very quickly.

Come Away With Me is the first book in the series & the story is about Natalie & Luke.

The start of the book is great – Natalie is a photographer who takes herself out early one morning to the beach to get some photos, this is where she meets the handsome Luke.
This first meet cue is far less from a success.

Luke is a very private person & does not like his photo being take due to the fact that he is famous & is keeping very low key.
Luke thinks Natalie was taking pictures of him & very angrily starts shouting & marching up to her “What the f*** are you doing?”
Natalie is taken aback by this even scared but she is pissed too some random stranger shouting at her, demanding her camera... she thinks she is being mugged.
However Natalie is attracted to him instantly.
“Its clear Mr Beautiful Blue Eyes & sexy Greek God is a looney tune.”
After some arguing Luke sees that Natalie didn't in fact take pictures of him at all & is quite stunned that Natalie has not recognised him & he finds this intriguing... then the flirting begins... they then part....
Natalie goes to a local shop where she sells her photographs & surprisingly (not) who does she bump into Luke......

From here their relationship goes way too quickly which is a shame.
“This is too much. I've know this man less than twenty-four hours & he wants to stake a claim”

I found some parts a bit contradicting like they both want to take it slow – but then somehow this then gets forgotten & it’s all rush rush rush from there
“I spent the last forty-eight hours falling in love with a man”

I found myself rolling my eyes a bit throughout this story & it didn't take me that long to finish – I found it very ‘wham bam thank you maam’
I can tell this was a very early book for KP - however I did enjoy the book – I have been told that the books in the series do get better so I will continue to read the series with my fingers crossed
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on 12 June 2014
I did enjoy it, but it wasn't gripping, I was waiting for something to happen the whole way through, the story never really got going! There was a lot of bedroom (and bathroom and anywhere else they felt like it) action, but not a lot else! Basically this guy accosts this girl for supposedly taking photos of him, he's really angry, but she proves to him that she didn't take any photos of him and he apologises and invites her out, she refuses as she basically thinks he's nuts, but really hot! She goes home, tells her friend all about it and she tells her she should have gone out with him, a couple of hours later they "happen" to bump into each other again and they start going out from there, they have a strong connection and she finds herself telling him everything that's happened to her, things she's told very few about, she trusts him. Then she finds out he's been hiding something BIG from her, she's angry, they fall out, half a day later it's all hunky dory again, then it's all hot sex again for a while, then they fall out again and 5 minutes later it's all smiles and happy again and generally nothing REALLY happens, despite the fact that it was a reasonably long book! I wondered about buying the sequel, but unless I find myself in a place where I want something really light hearted with no substance, then I think I'll give it a miss! I've marked it as 4 rather than 3 as although there is nothing major going on, it is an ok read and other than a few grammatical errors it's not badly written!
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on 14 March 2014
This was a 2.5 possibly 3 for me.

I had a few issues with the relationship between the 2 main characters.

Natalie Conner is a photographer who is confronted one morning, while taking pictured by Luke Williams, who thinks she is taking his picture.

It was a nice set up for a nice light read

However , there were times I wanted Natalie's best friend to tell her to run, run far away from this man!

On the first day they meet Luke goes from being playful and charming to serious and looking like he has been kicked in the stomach, for no apparent reason. Other than the fact he is apparently at this point hiding some great secret.

Again, the first time they are having drinks together, after having only met that day, she offers to pay for her own drink and "he glares at me, an I'm stunned that he looks genuinely mad"

He is very full on straight away. "all I can think about is getting your beautiful body naked and f******* you senseless. I need to know if there is any competition. I don't share Natalie"

Again on their very first day together, the day they met, he gets angry when she gets a txt from a friend/ex FWB. She is all nervous about his reaction, when she has known this guy hours. He asks who he is, and when she says he is just a friend he is "Look at me" His voice is sharp

He is snarling at her on their second day of knowing her when she admits she does not date men, or has not in the past, only slept with them. Ok, it might not sound good, but they have known each other just over 24 hours at this point!

When it comes out who he is, and Natalie gets upset and runs to her bedroom, he hits the wall and shouts at her, swearing and screaming, I think they have reached 48 hours of knowing each other at this point.

He then sends literally dozens upon dozens on roses to say sorry and she is all "Oh my. Is this what it feels like to be romanced?

No, this is what it is like to be borderline stalked by a possessive jealous idiot you have known 2 days!

Every time Natalie said something he might not agree with his eyes got "hard and cold" or his voice went flat and she was nervous about his reaction!

She had to change her business practices due to his jealousy!

Ok, I love an Alpha possessive "hero", do not get me wrong, and nothing about any of the above is really all that off, unless it is put together, and if I had a friend telling me all this I would be shouting "red flags red flags run away"

I get it, we are supposed to believe he falls hard and fast etc but I could not help but feel, give it ten years, and we will be reading the story of Natalie faking her own death and running away halfway across the country to get away from him.

The plot was quite formulaic.

1. Have a main character with a slightly tragic background. Check
2. Have a secondary character trying to split up our couple. Check.
3. Have the inevitable misunderstanding that leads one or the other to think the other is cheating. Check
4. Have the accidental pregnancy. Check
5. Have the accident that makes you fear you have lost the one you love after the big argument and makes you realise how much you love each other. Check

So all in all, a 2.5 at most 3 star for me. I am always a sucker for a HEA.
I will be reading book 1.5 and book 2 in the series, 1, because I have already bought them, and 2, I am actually interested to read them.
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on 7 April 2013
This was such a lovely read. No angst or shocks, no suspense or violence, just an honest and straightforward romance.

Natalie Connor is a freelance photographer and whilst she is out and about in downtown Seattle taking shots for her next project she is almost accosted by Luke Williams who mistakenly believes she is paparazzo trying to invade on his privacy. Nothing could be further from the truth as Natalie has no idea he is a hot movie star trying to live his life out of the limelight. When Luke realises this and that with this sexy curvy woman he can be himself as long as she doesn't find out (for now) what he does, well things start to develop.

As I said a lovely read as the relationship turns to love. I liked Natalie even though her body issue started to get to me as there was nothing to have issues with (she had T and A - she's a woman for heaven's sake!) Luke was divine - jealous and possessive but extremely sweet and kind. Oh and he was sexy as hell!

A few little irks let this book down such as the overuse of the word "beautiful". The number of times he said she was beautiful really started to irritate me and after about the twentieth time I was ready to sling my kindle. I did a kindle count up - it appeared 185 times!

There was also too many sex scenes - I can't believe I'm saying that either - but it did make me skip some parts. Less often but more in depth would have been better.

However I still enjoyed this book and I'm surprised this was a debut novel as it was nicely written. Just a few tweaks could have pushed this for a higher rating. Anyway nice read that has not put me off getting the next book. In fact I already have it loaded on my kindle.
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on 31 March 2014
I can't help but think that if there were a few less sex scenes, then a bit more effort could have been put into plot development. Don't get me wrong I love a little lovin' in my romance but not to the extent that the plot gets a little lost. I also had a little trouble with the speed at which they became so serious (as I believe others have mentioned). However I did enjoy reading 'Come Away With Me' and apart from a few typos it was pretty well written. Finally I would just like to address another reviewers mention of Luke's possessive/aggressive behaviour. Although I also had my doubts about his suitability for our heroine in the beginning, because of said behaviour, I wonder if perhaps the problem may be in perception. Could it be that due to her previous experience with a violent date that Natalie could have an over-exaggerated view of dominant male behaviour and see it as more aggressive than it actually was? I'm not sure if that was the case but if so it would certainly raise my opinion of an already talented author. Because we have to remember this is written from a first person perspective so it's Natalies interpretation of what she sees in Lukes eyes and or body language not, the actual meaning behind his behaviour.
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