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4.5 out of 5 stars167
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2013
I really enjoyed this book but unfortunately I read other reviews first and honestly they ruined it for me. I don't think in a review the story should be told and this is what happened. I don't want to ruin it for others but please don't give it away before we get a chance to find out for ourselves!!!!!
Nice easy read. pick up and put away
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on 24 May 2013
This book wasn't written with my demographic in mind! That said there was something about the story that held me long enough to finish it. Overall i struggle to identify with teenagers who quote South Pacific in their facebook posts and those that talk and think about life straight out of a Gilmore Girls or Dawsons Creek episode.
The Kindle Daily Deal is a bit hit and miss - this was a prefect 3/5. In the hands of the desired audience it may well be worthy of 4/5, definitely no classic.
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on 15 April 2012
I am late reading Flat-Out Love but for once that makes me feel like I am the lucky one because usually I am the one jealous of people that get to read books I love for the first time and have that initial excitement and the rush of emotions a great book gives you. A book that makes you devour it in one sitting if you can, one that you don't mind loosing sleep over, one where you fall in love with all the characters, one that has you in stitches of laughter, one that makes you cry and run out of man-sized tissues and one that stays with you afterwards stealing a piece of your heart; a book like Flat-Out Love!

So I am not going to say anything about this book except read it, and I hope it will be as special, emotional and un-spoilt for you as it was for me!!!

Oh and I am a bit jealous of you right now!!
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on 3 September 2011
This is one of the best young adult books to come out in years! Jessica Park has written a book for all ages, but the intended audience is YA. There is a twist at the end that I did not see coming. The characters are engaging and quirky. The writing is smooth and evokes emotion. Give this one a try.
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on 8 October 2012
Now I know what all the fuss about this book is ,it had me laughing out loud at the total random and off the wall humour which is so like mine while also really touching my emotions at other points yes I totally got the twist real early on during the first chapters which usually ruins a story for me but this time it totally didn't matter as I just enjoyed it so much and read it all in under two hours it was a story I couldn't put down and will defiantly revisit read this book you won't be disappointed
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on 13 April 2012
No words can describe how wondeful this book is. So much to say yet I can`t describe it. This book is not annoyingly cliche or predictable at all, but I admit I did suspect something at the beginning but I think it is perfectly normal to. I have over 100 romance novels (no really I do!) but I would have to say that this has got to be the one. Whoever`s reading this, you have to get the book because otherwise you are missing out big ti.e.
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on 6 October 2012
Not a run of the mill normal type romance.

Follow Julie's story with the Watkins and their seemingly head stuck in the sand attitude to Celeste's issues.

There is a great twist in the story some of which I had worked out but still enjoyed the reveal nonetheless, it's just such a good read you'll be hard pressed to not enjoy this.

Well worth a read if you like gentle romances with great characters, I loved Flat out Love, It's very visual and dimensional and worth taking a romantic chance on. It's very in the 'now' with the facebook statuses and updates and you'll be hard pressed to not ugly cry and then be laughing so you'll need those tissues for both reasons!

I recommend you read this now for a refreshing current romance that will suit both young and older adults and anyone that knows their way around Facebook ☺
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on 9 April 2012
I absolutely loved this book, I read it in a few hours as I was capitivated by the story. I fell in love with the story within a matter of pages. Julie moves to Boston for college but when her housing falls through a friend takes her in. She meets Matt and Celeste, the children of her mothers friend, throughout the book I was dying for her to meet Finn, the absent brother and live happily ever after.
The twist/secret in the story had me shocked, I kept trying to guess but I never would've thought it be what it was.
I would recommend this book to teenage girls for definate. I laughed and cried with Julie throughout it and can't wait to reread it this summer on holiday. A brilliant book of emotional struggles, teenage life, love and fun.
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If I had to sum up FLAT OUT LOVE in a word, that word would be delightful. It's been so long since I read a book where I would audibly sigh with contentedness and exclaim "I adore this book!" From start to finish, FLAT OUT LOVE hooked me and I happily succumbed to its charms.
It's Julie's first day in Boston and she's already off to a shaky start. Her "apartment" that she rented sight unseen doesn't exist and a call for help to her mom has her sitting in the car of her mom's ex-room-mate's son who's just a little bit too geeky, a little bit too awkward and doesn't seem too thrilled to have her as a new house-guest. Julie quickly realises that Matt is the tip of the iceberg when she meets his little sister Celeste who among her many quirks carries a cardboard cut-out of their older brother Finn who's off travelling the world. Slowly as Julie spends time with the little off-beat family she realises that they hold the key to unlocking her emotional walls just as much as she is the key to theirs.
Jessica Park has a writing style that can only be described as raw, witty and utterly captivating. From her breathtaking descriptions of Boston through the seasons to her stellar dialogue that mixed intellect with wry social commentary topped off with a smidgeon of the ridiculous, each page had me squeeing and proclaiming to whomever would listen that this was such a ME book!
While I have much love in my heart for all the characters in this book, the standout has to be the wonderful Celeste. I simply ached for her as she plodded along in her own quirky little bubble, not quite in sync with the rest of the world. I admired her gentle soul and grew angry at anyone who failed to see just how special she really is.
I loved how Julie slotted in pretty easily to the Watkins’s household and very clearly became just the tonic they needed. It was her discourse with Matt and Finn that gave me life and kept the pages turning for completely different reasons. Matt is the quintessential nerd, unwilling to give in to peer pressure or if we’re honest doesn’t even pay attention to it and is the opposite of the outgoing and forthright Julie. Their sparring matches sizzle with chemistry and their mutual concern for Celeste paves the way for an uneasy alliance that proves vital to both of them.
Similarly when Julie strikes up a friendship with Finn online after messaging him to thank him for his room, we are privy to the slow burn of sexual attraction that comes when people have to use their words to convey what a loaded glance would do in less than a nano second. Their wordy interplay knocked my socks off as the sexual tension rose with each IM. I loved each brother equally and it broke my heart to see how torn up the situation made them.
This book covers a lot of issues with family and its many dynamics at its very core. There were times when I felt seriously vulnerable reading this book as it dredged up feelings from my own past in particular when reading Julie’s relationship with her own parents. While it was unsettling it felt like a true testament to how powerful Park’s writing and story was.
There is so much I could ramble on about with this book but instead I will impart some wisdom I learned from my reading experience which is don’t let this book meander for months on your kindle like I stupidly did but instead plunge headfirst into this warm, heartfelt and unforgettable story and experience some joy!
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on 16 February 2014
This book is hard to describe and review. I can honestly say I have never read anything like it before. This book, this story is so remarkable I am at a loss of words. It is a refreshing approach to NA novels. A successful, original approach that left me a flabbergasted mess.

If you are looking for steamy and explicit scenes, the usual angsty-ridden characters and lots of back and forth, this is not for you.

But if you want a story that is unique and original, with incredibly awesome and brilliant characters whose personalities shine and sparkle, if you want a story that will move you to the core and forever own a piece of your heart, than you should read "Flat-Out Love". I am absolutely in awe and can't stop thinking or talking about this story. I am in love with the characters and I am in love with all the emotions this book evokes.

The story follows Julie's first semester in college, where she ends up living with family friends after her accommodation opportunities fall through. There she is faced with a family full of unique characters that have a multitude of weird quirks. From the 13 year old Celeste carrying a life-sized cut-out of her absent brother Finn, to MIT junior Matt who is a walking encyclopaedia of geek knowledge and has taken on the role of a parent for his sister Celeste, to the real parents Erin and Roger who can't be out of the house often enough.
Fairly quickly Julie realizes that a lot of those quirks seem to be rooted in secrets - secrets about something painful and traumatic. Since no one opens up, she subtly tries to coax the family member into allowing themselves to be part of the real world again. She does that without any judgement, just wanting to see real happiness on their faces. Especially Celeste and Matt seem to need her the most. She quickly wins the hearts of everyone in the family - even Finn, the travelling brother whom she starts chatting with and slowly but surely falls for him.

But nothing is as it seems in this family and when lies and secrets come to light and the family faces their biggest demons, will they be able to fight them and come out stronger or will it break everyone in the process?

It is absolutely amazing how Jessica Park manages to write with so much emotion and melancholy, yet funny and comical at the same time. While reading, it was obvious there is so much sadness and heart-ache and yet the characters and their banter made me smile. It is a story that breaks and warms your heart simultaneously. The sadness and trauma are subtle and yet always there, always tangible. And when truths come to light, it broke my heart. I was sitting in the car waiting to pick up my mother from work and had tears streaming down my face. But despite all the sadness, in the end we find happiness together with the characters. The characters who fairly quickly will become your best friends, your family.

Julie, a witty, strong, loyal and caring girl that has her own heart-ache to carry but puts other first. A girl I could be best friends with in an instant.

Matt, a wonderfully sweet and caring geek, whose nerdy character is incredibly lovable. He is too smart for his own good and willing to sacrifice everything for the ones he loves. One of the greatest book-boyfriends ever. I have quite the crush on him.

And Celeste, well, there aren't words to give her awesomeness justice. A troubled and traumatized girl, she is still incredibly strong, smart and witty. I love her to pieces

Seriously, go meet those characters. You won't regret it. You'll be in love forever - in flat-out love.

5+ melancholic, sad-yet-happy, awed-by-Jessica-Parks-talent stars.
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