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4.0 out of 5 stars The Ninth Doctor revisited, 15 Oct 2013
This review is from: Doctor Who: Night of the Whisper (Destiny of the Doctor 9) (Dr Who Destiny of the Doctor 9) (Audio CD)
Unlike the previous instalments in the `Destiny of the Doctor' series, this audio is not acted by a companion of its respective Doctor nor is the story portrayed from said companion's viewpoint. Instead `Night of the Whisper' has the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Jack all played by the voice of the Daleks, Nicholas Briggs. As a voice actor and the executive producer of Big Finish, Briggs is obviously well versed in this style of audio play. He has a lot to do over the course of the story and it feels almost like a one man multi performance. There is somewhat more narration than previous audios in this series but Briggs delivers it perfectly. His impersonations of the main cast are all a little off but he portrays them adequately. His Ninth Doctor is best when he is concerned with some of the issues the play raises and how this reflects on the fate of the Time Lords. This is an area that seemed to be forgotten a lot during the televised stories of the Ninth Doctor. Briggs almost creates a new version of the Ninth Doctor with his performance and he could definitely carry this role off in further productions.

There are few other characters of any importance. Wolfsbane is a little over the top. Despite being some type of Russian werewolf he is also a pretty stereotypical gangster villain. MacNeil, within the confines of this play, is also quite a typical detective; although there is definitely something more to him going by the instructions of the Eleventh Doctor. The eponymous Whisper is enigmatic and intriguing or the first half of the story. Unfortunately once details of who it is are revealed the character is then written with little sympathy. Considering the circumstances the character could have done with some endearing qualities.

The story is a good amalgam of futuristic, superhero and twenties/thirties American detective story. It works reasonably well. It doesn't make the best use of its extra length (it is a good fifteen minutes longer than most of the previous chapters). Jack is still rather superfluous and could have done with a more proactive role. Rose's perspective on events is also a little under developed. However, it is a well paced story with plenty going on throughout and a strong performance from Briggs.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Tribute for Christopher Eccleston - Celebrating 50 Years of Doctor Who, 26 Sep 2013
This review is from: Doctor Who: Night of the Whisper (Destiny of the Doctor 9) (Dr Who Destiny of the Doctor 9) (Audio CD)
I've enjoyed September this year. It has been a great month. I've enjoyed listening to the latest Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton audio `1963: Fanfare for the Common Men' and had a fantastic weekend in Swansea at the Doctor Who convention `Regenerations'. But also this month I've been celebrating one of the most well-loved eras of the show. The year that brought `Doctor Who' back to a whole new audience and generation of fans - the Christopher Eccleston series.

Back in 2005, I was studying and doing my GCSE exams. But also in that year, I got to watch the new series of Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. I have such happy memories of this era that got me introduced to the series. The first Doctor Who episode I ever watched was 'Dalek' and I immediately got scared when I saw the Dalek for the first time. Eventually I saw great stories like 'Aliens of London'/'World War Three', 'The Empty Child'/'The Doctor Dances' (where we first meet John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness); 'Boom Town' and the epic climax 'Bad Wolf'/'The Parting of the Ways'.

Christopher Eccleston's Doctor was funny, brilliant and full of energy when I saw him, and I always looked forward to seeing him having adventures with Rose Tyler and fighting against Slitheen, Daleks, the Jagrafess and gas masked zombies who kept asking `Are you my mummy?' It's an era I miss terribly and enjoyed re-watching.

`Destiny of the Doctor' continues its series with the Ninth Doctor in the story `Night of the Whisper' which I've thoroughly enjoyed. It's set on an alien moon called New Vegas in the 23rd century, and features the Doctor, Rose and Jack. I've always loved this team and to hear an adventure with those characters gave me such a thrill.

The story has the characters going undercover with the Doctor as a police investigator, Rose as a waitress and Jack as a news reporter for the Daily Galaxy. They trying to catch a dangerous vigilante called the Whisper who's out killing those who commit the crime and is out for a dangerous gangster called Wolfsbane. And on the way, the Doctor discovers something horrible revelations about the Whisper and has to keep a certain police chief James McNeil alive for his future self to deal with.

As before with previous `Destiny' releases (previously 'Enemy Aliens'), this story is narrated by one person with a guest artist playing a supporting character. Lately it's been one of the Doctor's companions who narrates the story in the third person. For this one however, the story is narrated by Big Finish supremo and Dalek voice artist Nicholas Briggs (who signed the CD cover for this story recently since writing this review) with John Schwab (who appeared in `Dalek') as McNeil.

I have to say I was rather sad and disappointed that neither Billie Piper or John Barrowman were willing or able to narrate this story. It would have been so nice to hear Billie's lovely voice on audio as Rose and John certainly has narrated one of these audiobooks before when he did the Torchwood story `Another Life'. It would have been nice to have either Camille Coduri (who played Jackie Tyler) or Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith) to narrate the story, if Cavan Scott and Mark Wright added their characters into the story. So it's a real shame.

Saying that however, that doesn't mean Nick Briggs is inappropriate to do this story. Oh no! Nick Briggs has done the voice for the Daleks in two very popular Doctor Who stories and is a perfect choice to do a convincing Ninth Doctor. His northern accent really made me think that Chris Eccleston was in the studio recording this. Nick has also done an audiobook of the BBC novel 'The Clockwise Man' for AudioGo, from which the producers got the inspiration for who should do the story. And Nick certainly kept me interested through the duration of the story with lots of action and suspense. I've had the pleasure of meeting Nick Briggs at a convention in Swansea in 2011 and saying hello to him in Slough this year. He's such a nice man, and has a great range of voices considering he's doing the monsters for the new series as well as for Big Finish. His voice for Wolfsbane is very grizzling and scary.

I enjoyed listening to the Ninth Doctor in this story. He certainly is on top form with the action and the suspense going on here. He really is working out what's going on with the Whisper and having a laugh when he's with Rose and Jack. I liked it when listening to the Ninth Doctor going into a rage when he realises the truth about the Whisper and about McNeil. It reminded me of how powerful Chris' Doctor was and reminding me of the darker aspects to his character. I liked it when they made reference to the Doctor's loneliness regarding his sacrifice during the Time War.

I enjoyed listening to Rose Tyler again in this story. I haven't heard from Rose for such a long time and to hear her in an audio story was such a treat. I always enjoyed Rose's relationship with the Ninth Doctor before he became the Tenth and how she always stopped him from exploding into a rage especially when it comes to facing McNeil. I liked it when she was going to give the Doctor `such a slap' when she saw him again for being a waitress at the Full Moon. I was thrilled when Rose saved the Doctor's from falling from a building when she tried to save McNeil in the process. This wouldn't be a proper Ninth Doctor story without Rose since she was there when the series came back.

Jack Harkness is also in this too and it's great to listen to a story with Captain Jack again. Of course this is a Jack before he got exterminated by the Daleks, before he landed on Earth in the 19th century, before he got recruited to Torchwood and before he met Gwen, Owen, Toshiko and Ianto. This is the mortal younger Jack as opposed to the immortal one (in case all Torchwood fans were wondering). Jack as I remember him was this cocky, flirty and ever outspoken sort of character who was an ex-Time Agent and a perfect foil for the Doctor and Rose. It was a nice to hear him having an adventure on his own and managing to use his charm when being with the ladies at the Daily Galaxy newspaper company.

Also, see if you can hear a mention of `bad wolf' anywhere in this story. It's there if you want to hear it.

John Schwab is also very good in this story. He played Bywater (one of Van Statten's guards in `Dalek') as well as numerous Big Finish audios including `The Reaping'. Here he plays a character who's obsessed with upholding the law and serving justice that he's determined to bring the war criminal Wolfsbane down. I like the scenes where he's suspecting the Doctor being a police inspector and Rose's time on New Vegas. His journey is the most interesting one since his connection to the Whisper is so significant that it leads to a bitter confrontation with the Doctor. I enjoyed how far this character went to great lengths and how the Doctor was determined to save him despite the wrong things he had done.

Cavan Scott and Mark Wright who wrote this story have recreated the Ninth Doctor era superbly with futuristic settings, flying cars and sonic screwdriver buzzing to the last detail. I listened to one of their Big Finish audios `The Many Deaths of Jo Grant' and are well known for writing some of the Iris Wildthyme audios. Some of the dialogue and exposition detail is very modern and full of street creed which is how I remember the Ninth Doctor era to be. They wanted to tackle the Ninth Doctor for this series especially and I commend them for doing such a grand job. They should write for the Ninth Doctor again if they ever do any more Ninth Doctor audio stories. By the way, this is the first proper Ninth Doctor audio adventure produced by Big Finish as well as AudioGo.

The Eleventh Doctor's involvement in this story made me laugh and also got me hooked when he mentioned revelations about keeping McNeil alive. It is essential that the Ninth Doctor keeps McNeil alive in order for him to become Mayor of New Vegas, and it kept interested all throughout. I'm really looking forward to finding out why McNeil must be kept alive as well as for the other messages the Eleventh Doctor's sent to his various selves through the Destiny series. Only two months left to go. It's getting really exciting.

So to round off, `Night of the Whisper' is a `fantastic' recreation of the Ninth Doctor era as well as the start of the new series. Nick Briggs has done a wonderful job narrating and the spirit of the new series kept me interested all the way through. I'm sure Russell T Davies will approve. I'm glad the Ninth Doctor era hasn't been forgotten and am glad to be re-watching the Christopher Eccleston Doctor again as well as listening to this. I'm currently writing my own personal story with the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Jack myself. And if you really want to have the full experience of Ninth Doctor again, go down to Cardiff Bay sometime on a sunny day and look around and buy a bag of chips whilst you're at it.

Next up in `Destiny of the Doctor' is 'Death's Deal' with the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble.

The next story with the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack is 'Only Human'.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Justice will be served, 13 Sep 2013
Paul Tapner (poole dorset england) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Doctor Who: Night of the Whisper (Destiny of the Doctor 9) (Dr Who Destiny of the Doctor 9) (Audio CD)
Latest in a series of Doctor Who talking books entitled Destiny of the Doctor. These are a monthly range of audios featuring an all new adventure for a different incarnation of the Time Lord each month.

They are complete and self contained stories. Although there is a linking theme running through them that should all come to a head in the eleventh release. The linking theme doesn't drive the story in this one [as it has in some others] and it doesn't require you to have heard any earlier releases to get into this story, so casual listeners should be able to get into it quite easily.

The range usually has an actor who played a companion to the Doctor on tv as narrator, reading the story in the third person and doing all the voices save one which is done by a guest actor.

Minimal sleeve notes give details about the era of the show from which the story comes. And advertise other bbc Doctor Who product.

The cd is basically one long episode, the only breaks in it being the usual cd chapter ones.

This story features the Ninth Doctor. Who had an all too brief tv era eight years ago now, and who hasn't featured in any original Doctor Who fiction since then. Others in the range have been read by actors who played companions on tv, but this is read by Nicholas Briggs, who voices the Daleks. And many other monsters.

It sees the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack visit New Vegas in the twenty third century. A city on a distant moon. Under a dome. With all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Plus a seedy underbelly and gangsters running things.

But the gangsters have a problem. A vigilante called the Whisper. Who is dealing out justice. Jack and Rose both go undercover to investigate what's going on. And the Doctor has a mission of his own. To save a life....

This begins with a slightly non linear opening, throwing you into the course of the action in the way many tv shows now do and then using flashbacks to bring you up to speed. It's an approach that you don't have many problems with.

When it comes to the narration, the voices used for Rose and Jack are - as common with this kind of thing - approximations rather than impersonations - but once the Ninth Doctor's as if it's 2005 all over again. The voice acting is nigh on perfect, and the characterisation is as well. It's as if he's never been away.

The show in that year remained mostly Earthbound, so an alien world is a big difference from the episodes of the time. But it does feel like something the production team would have done had they had the budget.

The linking theme of these audios returns to the style of earlier ones, as mentioned, rather than having any influence on the plot. But it is once again a lot of fun.

This is seventy nine minutes long, and perhaps it's a bit longer than is good for it. Because it does feel a bit on the slow side pacing wise early. Especially during a few spells when the Doctor doesn't feature. An action sequence in the middle doesn't quite raise it up as much as it could.

But when it all comes together in the final third, it really does work rather well. With an angry Doctor scene that is so in keeping with the character and intense enough to take your breath away. The final quarter of the story does unfold at a pace that never feels rushed. But it does also go on to do something else, that perhaps could have been edited down.

A solid story. Not quite five star material. But with a fair few delights. And all in all a fond reminder of all too brief era. And some halcyon days.

Not quite fantastic. But not bad.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic return for the Ninth Doctor!, 23 Feb 2014
R. Wood "ryecroftwood2" - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who: Night of the Whisper (Destiny of the Doctor 9) (Dr Who Destiny of the Doctor 9) (Audio CD)
Perhaps the era of Doctor Who we should be most thankful for…is that of the Ninth Doctor. Think about it, if not for Russell T Davies and his vision, if not for Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper showing the world what she could do as Rose Tyler, if not for the overwhelming success of bringing Doctor Who into the 21st Century, then the show would’ve remained dead & cancelled after its ‘end’ in 1989.

No new series, no return of Sarah Jane, the Daleks or Cybermen, no Donna Noble or Captain Jack, no franchise or Moffat-era, no 50th Anniversary Special…if not for Davies’ winning formula, Series 1 of the new Doctor Who, anything and everything it gave us…we wouldn’t be here talking about this.

Which makes Night of the Whisper just as important (if not more so) than any other Destiny of the Doctor chapter, in celebrating each incarnation and their eras. But Night of the Whisper is very unique in that it’s a joint-effort, written by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright. Other entries in the Destiny saga have also featured a famous actor/actress reprising their past roles as previous companions and primary narrators. Sadly, neither Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) or John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness) are telling the story here. Instead, it’s Nicholas Briggs – voice of the Daleks & Cybermen since the show’s 2005 revival – doing the honours, with John Schwab in the supporting role of Police Chief McNeil.

True to the nature of Destiny of the Doctor, the atmosphere over those golden Russell T Davies days are faithfully recreated in this splendid audio-production, and Nicholas Briggs is the ideal candidate to narrate this adventure in absence of everyone else. Briggs is not only as much of an integral part of New Who as Russell, Christopher, Billie and John, he’s also an incredibly versatile actor.

Thinking back to the audiobook-reading of Prisoner of the Daleks, Nicholas demonstrated the ability to not only reel listeners in with his reading, but also to understand a well of characters and give individual voices to each-and-every one. His impeccable impersonation of the Ninth Doctor is SO accurate, that you’re convinced that Christopher Eccleston is back! Impersonations of Rose and Jack, the colourful identity of charismatic rogue Wolfsbane and other supporting players, the drama of the events; it ALL shines through perfectly in Briggs’ narration. It’s so good that there are times when you actually forget that John Schwab appears as McNeil. Briggs is absolutely outstanding here!

The story itself is a deliberate cliché, with Batman influences a-plenty, but it’s all great fun in the same way that Justin Richard’s The Resurrection Casket was. And while predictable in places, Night of the Whisper boasts fine pacing and a Doctor that you remembered feeling for. Dark, bitter & isolated following the Time War that ruined his life, the Ninth Doctor is full of rage and anger, and in desperate need of Rose Tyler to help him heal. It’s all worthy of Russell T Davies (to the point where you can imagine a TV adaptation), and the various ‘Bad Wolf’ references will certainly bring a smile to your face.

There are plenty of surprises here (along with a really ‘fantastic’ one mid-way through), making Night of the Whisper yet another brilliant entry in this brilliant series. Not the best Destiny chapter on offer, but certainly all the more reason to explore this superb 50th Anniversary audio-series.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Dr Who, 31 Dec 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Doctor Who: Night of the Whisper (Destiny of the Doctor 9) (Dr Who Destiny of the Doctor 9) (Audio CD)
Enjoyed the storyline, would recommend to any Dr Who fan. Great for taking your mind off the washing up LOL!
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5.0 out of 5 stars WOnderful!, 19 Nov 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Doctor Who: Night of the Whisper (Destiny of the Doctor 9) (Dr Who Destiny of the Doctor 9) (Audio CD)
Nothing beats Doctor Who! These are all wonderful and thought-provoking episodes, worth reading again and again - thank you, Doctor!
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