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4.6 out of 5 stars231
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 21 October 2013
Great story - despite starting it gone midnight on a work night, I read it straight through. It captures the idea of love at first sight and soul mates in a funny, crazy, kooky everyday situation and I love it. It makes me wish that real life could be that way too and who knows maybe it can be - it would certainly bring some crazy ness and excitement to the world!
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on 18 October 2013
As much as I've enjoyed Hoover's previous books, I wasn't expecting much from a free novella. However, this still drew me in and actually had a lot crammed into such a short story. Really hope to hear more from Six and Daniel, as well as Sky and Holder of course! Keep writing please!
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on 16 February 2015
This book is free on Amazon. I would happily pay for it.

This book is such a departure for me. I usually read historical romances about adults. This is a contemporary novella about high school students, Daniel and Six.

To my great surprise, I loved it. It felt like a full novel to me. It was so well written, romantic and pulled at my heart-strings before I even knew the characters well enough. The protagonists’ chemistry and witty dialogue had me smiling. Really, it is the perfect novella.

While I would not encourage teen sex, it happens, and it happened in this book. Rather than find it offensive, I was really moved by it, even though it happened in a most unromantic place and time.

Although I’m decades older than Daniel, I fell for him hard. Oh, Colleen Hoover, you manipulated my emotions and I’ve got to say, in this book I knew it and I loved it.

I also loved reading an entire story in the first person from a teenage boy’s point of view. The writer got that spot-on. And Daniel was wonderful with a big, humorous, pissed-off heart. He was a nice guy from a loving family. I’m glad he found Six. They needed each other.

One day I want to read a short story about this couple visiting Italy. I want to know what Daniel thinks of Italians. I think Italians will love him.

There are prequel/companion novels to Finding Cinderella: “Hopeless” and “Losing Hope”. You don’t need to read those books to enjoy this one. I have not read them yet.

I don’t like everything Colleen Hoover writes, but I love Finding Cinderella.
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on 16 September 2014
This has been on my TBR since around the start of the year. That’s when I first read Hopeless by Colleen and completely fell for her writing style and characters. I quickly devoured the book and moved onto Losing Hope straight after. Since then I’ve read Slammed, Maybe Someday and I was incredibly fortunate to be sent a copy of Ugly Love and to take part in the review tour for it!

This short novella, which is 130 pages, follows Hopeless/Losing Hope supporting character Daniel Wesley. Daniel is Holder’s best friend and we’ve already seen a little glimpse of him in those first two books, but if I’m honest when I got to reading this book I’d actually forgotten what he was like so this was like discovering a new character all over again.

The story is all in Daniel’s POV which I love. Colleen seems to just nail the guy’s perspective in all of her stories and it just seems so realistic and true to what you can imagine the guy would be thinking. It’s no different with Daniel and I love just how much of a cheeky, flirty, fun guy he is.
The story is called Finding Cinderella for a reason and a heavy signifigance to the start of the story where Daniel meets his Cinderella in a maintenance closet but both of them remain anonymous in an attempt not to ruin the magic of their little secret relationship. I love the whole fairytale element there was to the start of the story and it’s exactly the kind of thing you can see happening to Daniel.

Sky and Dean are back in this novella and so is Six, Sky’s best friend. In what is probably quite a predictable plot line Daniel and Six hit it off in a big way. I loved their fun and flirtatious relationship and I loved that Daniel seems to have met his match in Six. The story starts out fun and fresh after the seriousness of Hopeless and Losing Hope but has a few more twists for the characters and a completely emotional journey towards the end of the story.

If you love Colleen Hoover you will definitely enjoy this short story, the only problem was it was too short!
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on 15 April 2014
Colleen Hoover is an author I hear about non-stop. Everyone is talking about her and everyone is telling me to read her books so I was browsing on Amazon and came across this free novella. Now, I’m not sure if this novella is part of a larger series (I certainly understood everything going on without reading anything else by Colleen before) or whether it is just a standalone novella. *Checks Goodreads* turns out this is a companion novella to the Hopeless series but can be read as a standalone. Awesome!

Just from this tiny snippet of Colleen’s writing, I can already tell you I am in LOVE with her. As soon as I started reading this book I knew I was onto a winner and my gosh, what a fantastic book.
Finding Cinderella is based around two main characters – Daniel and Six who fall head over heels for each other but realise that sometimes a simple relationship is never easy, especially when the past has a tendency to come back and haunt them. Can they navigate the rocky terrain of high school and still maintain a relationship?

I adore Colleen’s narrative voice; it is so applicable to the new adult genre and has a real sense of truth and realism to it which I adored. Colleen’s ability to get into the head of a teenage boy is amazing and I was almost convinced a male had written this book! The characters are so strongly written and they each have individual characteristics that make them incredibly likeable. I found Six to be such a strong female lead and I even saw a bit of myself in her which made me warm to her even more! I loved her no nonsense attitude when it came to being a woman! She wasn’t fussed about make-up and pretty clothes – she just wanted to be accepted for who she was. The perfect female role model.

Let’s also just touch on the fact Colleen writes a bloody decent male character! Certainly swoon worthy and one I wouldn’t mind getting to know…!

I am certainly going to keep an eye out for Colleen and start collecting all of her books to read. This is a really impressive novella and I urge you all to read it! (It’s free on Kindle!)

My favourite quote from the book:
“It blows my mind that I get to love you.”
― Colleen Hoover, Finding Cinderella
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on 29 March 2014
First of all, all I can say is wow this is free on kindle??? What an amazing free ebook! There is no excuse not to download this now!

What a cracking prologue, if this doesn't make you want to continue reading nothing will! This story is told through the eyes of Daniel, an 18 year old high school boy. He spends every period 5 hiding out in the maintenance cupboard. There he meets a girl, who also decided to hide out one day, he doesn't know her name or anything about her but they decide to have a moment of 'pretend' passion and leave it as it is. Daniel continues to spend his period five's in the cupboard in the hope that one day she will come back.

When new girl Six arrives at school in Daniel's friendship group, he likes her but his friends are cautious about them hitting it off, after all it will ruin everything won't it? We follow Daniel and Six's journey through head over heels love in less than 24 hours. Through beautifully written passages and raw emotion. The novella is extremely easy to read and you get sucked in from the wonderfully written prologue.

The fact that this is only a novella you would not have known, nothing felt rushed about the story and the characters were given depth. There were even small twists that I never saw coming and this was a welcome surprise to the story.

Once I had read the story I found out that Daniel and Six had previously characters in a story called Hopeless, however I have not read this story and Finding Cinderella can easily be read as a stand alone - with no reference to the previous book.

This was my first experience of Colleen Hoover, but after this novella it will certainly not be my last!

I would like to thank the publisher for sending me this enchanting novella and would love to read more by Colleen.
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on 3 March 2014
After finishing Colleen Hoover's Maybe Someday, I needed and wanted to read something else by her. As you can see Finding Cinderella was the pick, and gosh what a fantastic novella it was. (plus the novella it is FREE on Amazon!)

We first met Daniel and Six in Hope and Holder's stories, but it's not until in Finding Cinderella, which is told from Daniel's point of view, do we get theirs.

While hiding out in a storage cupboard during a free period, Daniel meets a girl - in the dark - that wants and needs to be in someone else's shoes. This girl - whose name he doesn't know - wants a fairy tale. She wants someone to love her and take care of her. So, he decides to call her Cinderella. It's not until Cinderella disappears that Daniel realises that he could possibly fall for this girl but, he never sees her again.

One year later, Daniel has just broken up with his current girlfriend and meets Six for the first time at Hope's house. They have a connection that they can't explain, until Daniel figures out that they have met before....and all his dreams may have possibly come true.

What a charming read Finding Cinderella is! If you wanted more from Colleen Hoover, then this is definitely something you need to read. It's would be better if you had already read the other books in the Hopeless series but still, this could be a standalone as you won't feel like you've missed a thing. It's a cute but emotional story, one that's hot, sexy, and written beautifully. And if anything, it's left me wanting more of Six and Daniel.

I loved Daniel. I loved getting in his head. I loved his playful personality. I loved his family. I loved everything about him. It's pretty hard not to if I'm honest, and it's the same with Six too. She's a fun character, but one that needs a connection to someone where they will treat her the way a girl is supposed to be treated. It's only ever with Daniel that she feels like there is someone there for her - apart from Hope - but someone that can love the true her. Together they are amazing and so much fun together.

What I didn't expect at the end of this story was that little shocking curve ball that was added. Well done Colleen, well done! It so wasn't expected but added that extra humph to the story. It definitely tied Six and Daniel together even more. I would love to see another novella from them maybe 10 year later though - to see if that curve ball in the story ever becomes resolved.

In all, I loved Finding Cinderella, it was a lovely and beautiful read and it makes me even more eager to get my hands on Colleen's other series Slammed.
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on 31 January 2014
'Every time I kiss her, the feeling I get is like nothing I've ever experienced. The closest I've ever come to feeling this way is the day I was pretending to be in love with the girl in the closet. But even that day, the day I thought would surpass every day after it, doesn't come close to this.'

---My thoughts---

This novella is a companion to the Hopeless series, but can also be read as a standalone. We're first introduced to Daniel in Losing Hope, as he is the best friend of the protagonist, Dean Holder. In Losing Hope, Daniel mentions his encounter with the girl in the closet, but it's not elaborated on until this novella, so it was set up nicely ready for this book.

I loved how everything just fit together in this book. It all lined up perfectly with the events in Hopeless and Losing Hope, and it was easy to connect everything together. We first meet Six in Hopeless, as she's Sky's best friend, but it's not long before Six goes away to Italy, and we have no idea of what happens to her while she's there. All becomes clear in this book, as Daniel and Six open up to each other and discover that they've been through more than they knew.

The relationship between Daniel and Six is lovely. I already knew that Daniel's Cinderella in the closet and Six were the same person, so I enjoyed waiting for the characters to discover it for themselves. Six is everything that Daniel is looking for, especially after his disastrous on-off relationship with Val. Six is the opposite of Val, and this draws Daniel to her even more.

When Daniel and Six discovered the truth about the encounter in the closet, I wasn't expecting the reaction at all, and this made this book really interesting for me, as it wasn't all spelled out from the start. This shock really gave this novella something special, and I highly recommend it for fans of Hopeless and Losing Hope, or fans of Romance that haven't read the Hopeless series yet.
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on 14 February 2015
This review is also on my blog

Finding Cinderella is a companion novella to Colleen Hoover's book Hopeless and the follow-up Losing Hope. I read Hopeless a couple of years ago and loved it, so I had high hopes for Finding Cinderella.

It tells the story of Six, Sky's best friend, and Daniel, Holder's best friend. They meet in a broom closet in school and neither knows who the other is. They end up having sex (of course) and afterwards Daniel tries to find his mystery girl but to no avail. Skip forwards a year and they meet at Sky's house and - whaddya know - they're instantly smitten with each other.

I'm not a fan of instalove and although Colleen Hoover is a great writer and makes a really decent fist of it, Finding Cinderella is still instalove and made me go a bit squinty-eyed, like the bit at the beginning of Frozen, when Anna meets Secretly Evil Prince Hans and they dance all around the rooftops professing their deep, enduring love for the person they met five seconds ago.

Although Love Is an Open Door is a top song.

I digress.

Despite the instalove, I'd still recommend Finding Cinderella. It's well-written, realistic, the story arc fits neatly into the hundred-or-so pages and it left me with a nice hopeful, fluttery feeling at the end. Six and Daniel are great characters and although ninety pages isn't really enough space to do a huge character analysis, Colleen Hoover still manages to make you care about them.
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on 23 March 2014
I picked this novella up for free, not realising that it was part of the Hopeless series. Thankfully, it can be read as a stand alone story.

I have been after reading Colleen Hoover's work for a while, but I just haven't been able to buy all the books! After reading Cinderella, I NEED them on my kindle!!

Considering it's only a novella, there's a hell of a lot of story in the 105 pages. Daniel is a great POV character, and after the tryst in the dark, he became someone I was rooting for. It was a bit weird to read, but his reasons behind it were sweet, even if he did get gratification from the act.

A year later, he's not happy, well, not completely. But he does have his friends around him, to support him.

What follows on is a sweet story of both romance and discovery. I guessed a little, but not the twist, which I was pleased about. I don't mind working the endings out, but I much prefer to be surprised.

I also LOVED the banter between daniel and Holder, his best friend. The two of them had me laughing out loud, so did Six. She's the kind of character I always wanted to be when I was younger.

I will definitely be reading more by Hoover, particularly the series surrounding these characters. I'm not quite ready to say goodbye yet!
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