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4.7 out of 5 stars127
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 October 2013
Simple Perfection by Abbi Glines

4.5 stars!!

"She is my perfection. She holds my heart in her hands. When she hurts it brings me to my knees."

I love an Abbi Glines book, you know what you are going to get and you know that it is going to be good and as usual Abbi Glines delivers with Simple Perfection.

Woods, he is the epitome of a perfect gentleman and when he loves, he loves fierce! This comes through Abbi's writing crystal clear, there is nothing that Woods wouldn't do for Della. Woods was in a bad place at the end of Twisted Perfection as his father had just died. In Simple Perfection, he is dealing with the aftermath of his fathers death, his mothers unreasonable behaviour and his vile ex all while trying to keep the club running smoothly and while putting his own stamp on it. Despite everything that he is dealing with he still puts Della first, before everything. I must admit, sometimes he did come across as a bit "too much", I was worried that this may cause Della to panic, but she seemed to be handling it all in her stride.

"You're my all-in, Della. I'll throw it all away for you. I just want you. I'm all in, baby. This life with you, I'm planning on us."

Della, god I could have strangled her at times but she did grow in this book. She has a lot of internal demons to battle and she does struggle at times. She cannot really get a grip on the fact that Woods is unconditionally in love with her warts and all, she feels that she has become a burden to him, especially now that he is so busy and he is constantly looking out for her. I think that what she fails to realise at times is that they both need each other, they are good for each other and they are in fact soul mates. Will Woods manage to persuade her otherwise??

"That girl in the photo was scared. Of her past and her future. She was scared to love you. That's not me. I'm not scared anymore. My past is what made me who I am. My long as I get to spend it with you, then I can't wait to live it. I'm going to be okay, Woods. I'm not going to...snap. I have a lot to tell you."

There are a lot of surprises in this book and Abbi Glines "did go there" in this book. I was really surprised when that happened and I can see why she has done it but it didn't make it any easier to read about. This event not only affected Della and Woods but the whole gang and it will be interesting to see where this goes in the future.

Della does learn a lot about her past in this book and what she does find out makes her future all the more rosy, perhaps these new snippets of information will give her the courage needed to get on with her life, rather than dwell on the possibilities that could have emanated from her past.

"Heaven. This is my heaven. All I effing need to breathe," he said as he shifted his hips, moving in and out of me.

Overall, this was a great read. I loved Simple Perfection and cannot wait to see where this series is going. Even though this one made me laugh and cry, I want to see their relationship develop even further, especially now that Della is more confident in herself and with the changes that Woods has made to his life, life for them can only get better.
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on 11 October 2013
I love Abbi Glines books and this one did not let me down! I loved this addition to the too far series and can't wait for more from Abbi!
If you haven't already, make sure you read at least twisted perfection, if not the entire series, first! And the sea breeze series while your at it! They are all good!
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on 7 September 2014
Simple Perfection picks up where Twisted perfection left off. With the death of his father, the business and his mother are now his responsibility, and with an interfering crazy ex-girlfriend, he is definitely feeling the pressure, but what makes it easier is that he has Della.

“In all her twisted perfection she had made me fall helplessly in love with her. A life without her in it seemed pointless.”

Della wants to be there for Woods, to be his rock, but she’s finding it hard, as she is still haunted by memories from her past. She needs to find her inner strength and deal with it if she was going to finally be happy and find peace within herself. Della was sweet, and I did feel for her as she has had such a crappy childhood.

“There was a bravery inside of me that I was going to find and nurture”

It’s not all-smooth sailing for the two of them. Woods loves Della hard, and would do anything for her, but I did think he was a bit full on at times, but I guess he just wanted Della to know that she is the center of his world, his calm in a storm.

“You. Always, you. Just you”

“You’re my all-in, Della. I’ll throw it all away for you. I just want you. I’m all in baby”

It was great to see some of the other Rosemary Beach characters. Blair was her was her don’t mess with me, take no s*** from anybody self. The snippets about Grant and Harlow certainly did make want to go read their story. (Next on my list) And Tripp!! now that was interesting.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, and it made me smile. I loved how it all ended for Woods and Della, and I’m sure we will see them again in future books in the series. Woods and Della are good together, loved their chemistry and passion for each other. Abbi didn’t fail to deliver on the steamy hot, and very sex scenes. Woods was hot sexy and love love that he is such a dirty talker.

It was an easy read with a few twists that I didn’t see coming, and one that I did know about due to reading this book months after its release, but knowing didn’t take away my enjoyment of the book.
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“There was a bravery inside of me that I was going to find and nurture.”

Simple Perfection continues from where book one ended. Woods’ life has just changed dramatically. He is now at the head of his empire and he needs to decide how he wants to conduct his business and represent his family name. It’s time for him to lead the life he always wanted.

Woods’ has Della by his side, although she still has some rough days, generally Della is healthier and happier working alongside Woods. That is until Della decides Woods would be better off without her and flees. I’m not a fan of ‘misunderstanding’ storylines and I wished Della stayed to fight for her man but what it did enable her to do was discover her inner strength and realise she was worthy of a life with Woods and his love.

I thought the story line had so much potential, I was intrigued by Della’s situation and thought it was original, what let It down for me was the ‘quick fix’ in order to quickly resolve the issue for a HEA. If this issue was explored to its full potential, I believe it could have really helped people who have had similar experiences. Mental illness is not exclusively hereditary and Della’s ‘miracle cure’ didn’t do the story line justice in my opinion. Perhaps I’m expecting too much and should just enjoy the hot romance, but I couldn’t help but want more.

Simple Perfection concludes Della and Woods’ story. It wasn’t an easy ride but I really liked both characters and I’m really glad they managed to work through their issues. Fans of the series will adore this book I have no doubt. My heart was unexpectedly broken near the end, and with Bethy’s random chapter hinting towards her story, it seems like more drama is due for Rosemary Beach. ~Ava

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.*
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Please bear in mind that this is my thoughts on both Twisted Perfection and Simple Perfection together rather than as separate books. I will try to keep it spoiler free but some things maybe unavoidable.

I really liked Woods in Fallen Too Far and even more in Never Too Far with his propensity to act as the white knight. I think he liked having some to take care of, issues with his own family left him feeling inadequate and the opportunity to be needed is something he hadn’t realised he craved.

My heart ached for Della, having suffered such a horrendous childhood and subsequent tragedy, I admired her ability to remain positive with only the slightest spiral into depression. She is a very positive, vibrant person that draws people to her, her sunny disposition and innate kindness shine through the narrative. However, she is battling inner demons caused by the negativity she was constantly bombarded with. I think the things she suffered would have broken other people and desperately wished she could see herself as others saw her. Her drive to seize the day and life live while she could lead her to Woods. I definitely feel as if fate played a part in bringing them together. They are exactly what each other needs. Like two pieces of a jigsaw joining together to complete the puzzle *swoon*

However, insecurities and misunderstandings cause angst and quite a few tears for me. there is a fine line between being protective and being smothering, as Woods soon discovers. There are a number of plot developments in both books that I could never have predicted. One especially completely broke my heart, over and over again (if you’ve read it you will know what I am referring to).

Seeing the progression of the other characters is always a huge bonus in this series and even though it is a semi-spin-off it is necessary to read these books in the order they are published because they contain information about the other characters leading to the next books. I really loved Della’s friend Braden in these books, everyone should have a friend like her, the term tough love certainly applied in this story :)

While the Della and Woods story is certainly sweet and smexy, it is the character development that is the highlight of these books. Woods certainly does a lot of personal reflection but it is Della that really steals the show. I loved loved loved how she progressed.

I had forgotten how much I loved this series and the characters in it. So much so that I re-read Fallen too Far immediately after finishing Simple Perfection. Hence I’m blaming Abbi for staying up til 3 on a school night ;) I’m so glad Abbi writes fast, bring on the next book :)
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on 27 September 2013
Abbi, oh Abbi!!!

The Rosemary series just gets better.

I love Woods and Della, they are so right for each other. Both have been through so much considering their ages.

Woods had to deal with the sudden death of his father, whilst still helping Della overcome her fears and nightmares, his mother had decided to let his ex step in and be her friend, all the while his ex, wanted to get Woods back, and totally resented Della, this only aided to Della's fears.

The ex, finally corners Della, oh how I laughed when Blaire pointed the gun on her, so glad we got more of Blaire and Rush; So the ex finally gets her comeuppance, and leaves town,

Woods is doing a great job running the golf club, but he still has problems with his mother, when Della overhears a conversation and decides running is better for woods, she thinks he deserves better than her. So with Tripp's help, she clears off, I was heartbroken for both of them, hoping things were going to work out.

Whilst Della is running, she has to learn to stand on her own, thinking Woods had already moved on. She goes back to her friend Braden, who helped her work things out, oh the twists, so pleased for Della, she learnt so much about herself, made me smile when she decided to go get her man.

Ahh heartbreaking situation at the bonfire, so so cruel, the whole community felt the aftermath of that night.

The ending was perfect, this book had me smiling, chocked, sad, happy, ecstatic and crying, how in the heck can one book make you have so many emotions.
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on 29 May 2015
I have just started reading books by this author and was hooked when I read the first book of this story called 'Twisted Perfection' . This second follow on book was even better than the first one. This author made the characters come alive for me and I loved the passionate Woods who loved Della so much even though she was badly affected by things that happened in her childhood. I loved the way he was so protective and jealous over her and this never faltered throughout the book. He was strong and was never going to give up on her, which I loved. In this series there are several characters who have their own story to tell and the only criticism that I have is that I wish the author had numbered them all because I have to troll through each description to find the date of when they were published to get the first one that came out so I can read them in the correct order, which is very frustrating! But at least now I have several books in this series to keep me going and I hope they continue to be as good as this one.
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on 23 September 2013
I love this author, waited for this book and wasn't disappointed...

Love woods and della, am proud she finally realised how strong she is...

Loved the transition to confident della.. she rocks...
Another great book by a great author, making me laughing, cry and shout along with it...

I can't wait for more....
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on 11 February 2014
I've had this on my TBR list for some time but because of the mixed reviews I've been reluctant to take the plunge. So plunge taken and I can honestly say I'm glad I read it, admittedly its not as good as the Rush/Blaire books but still worth reading imo.

Yes, Woods is a little controlling at times, but its because he cares about Della, he knows she has issues and wants to be there for her.

There are plenty Ahhh moments and even some tissues required - actually I was shocked and a little sad that the story went along the lines it did but admittedly you can't always have a happy story there is often tragedy lurking around the corner.

I'm looking forward to see how the other characters develop especially Grant and Tripp with possible glimpse back into Della and Woods, Blaire and Rush.

If nothing else its definitely made me realise that if its an author I'm fond off then I'm better to make my own opinion and not be swayed by reviews from others.
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on 24 September 2013
Abbi Glines does it once again...i just loved Della & Woods i thought they were a perfect couple together.
I loved that throughout this story no matter what obsticles were faced Woods never once shut Della out,never gave up on her and always loved her completely and despite an evil ex it was refreshing that Woods never once gave Della cause for concern in that department.
Della had lots of issues from her past to face and she did this with courage and although it was a misunderstanding that sent her spiralling out of control she did need to face her demons for herself as much as for Woods.
Lots of heartbreaking scenes and a really traumatic event that just broke me towards the end but together they faced adversity to a stunning conclusion.
Loved how the ending has set up the other books to follow-very clever indeed.
Im a little in love with Woods-well a lot actually oh yes a new BB for me!
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