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4.1 out of 5 stars180
4.1 out of 5 stars
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
I am due to get married in June this year so at the moment I cannot stop reading Wedding themed books so when I was looking on Netgalley and came across Bad Brides by Rebecca Chance I had to request it as I love this author’s book and as a bonus it is about brides!

With the front cover of a new magazine needing a bride for the first issue, two beautiful brides are up for the running, but being brides are the only thing that these two ladies have in common as they couldn’t be more different and they are both hopeful to get their face on the front of that cover!

Milly is an up and coming actress who will do anything to further her career including marrying a band member Tarquin. Brianna Jade hasn’t always had a glamorous life but with her mums determination she is now about to marry an Earl.
With both Weddings looming which Brie will make it on that front cover?

Before I gush over how great this book is, I first have to point out the stunning cover, as with all of Rebecca Chance covers they are sporting a divine pair of shoes and along with the light and fresh colours used this is sure to be one to lure you from the shelves.

Now I can Gush away! How different this is to the wedding themed books I have read recently! This book is full of very strong and ambitious women who will do whatever it takes to get where they want to be. There are no fluffy lovey dovey brides in this book!

There is drama, scandal and copious amount of sex. Now this book is by no means tame so if you don’t like a bit of rough and ready detailed sex scenes then you are not going to enjoy this book. I have heard this book called “steamy” that is not personally how I would describe it I would say it damn right filthy but fabulously fun! This book definitely see’s the authors writing and her naughtiest.

The sex scenes work well with this storyline and I definitely found myself hooked. In some respect parts of the book were predictable but equally there were enough shocking surprises to make up for it.

There is a great deal of descriptive writing in this book which really set the scene perfectly so you could really visualise everything. This was a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed although I do hope it is nothing like the lead up to my big day!
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on 11 May 2014
Oh no, another Rebecca Chance novel. I will be forced to scurry upstairs looking embarrassed, glitzy cover of novel hidden under my jumper, shut the bedroom door and deny entry to anyone.

Rebecca Chance books are like gooey boxes of chocolates, forbidden, guilty pleasures. A bit like Jilly Cooper was when I was a teenager, and, like Cooper, Chance is building up a cross-referenced world for chocolate addicts.

Bad Brides is hooked around fierce competition for the Style Brides awards, organized by Jodie, once Coco, from Killer Heels fame. There’s no link whatsoever to the reality of most readers’ lives, but somehow in Chance’s world, it doesn’t matter as the reader gets swept away by the characters. Milly, who looks fabulous and is increasingly despicable, Brianna Jade, the reluctant beauty queen who’d really rather be mucking out the pigs, and her mother Tamra, possibly the sexiest of all Chance’s women so far. Bad Brides has slightly less sex scenes than Chance’s other books but the Shakespearian comedy type mistake when two people each assume their sexual partner is someone else is stonking and the ensuing misapprehensions and forbidden frissons are all great stuff. Abel the pig farmer and Edmund the eventually sexy husband - of whom? - make a good contrast to each other and Chance does a gay sub plot well, with the added controversial element of religion. Good, clean fun in a down and dirty way. Forget your worries, tune in and switch off.
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on 28 March 2014
Review: this is such a fun idea for a book, two brides battling it out, not only to be the cover star of a magazine, but also to find their place in a higher class of society that they are used to. I enjoyed reading this book, I found it a little slow in parts but that didn't make me want to stop reading on. I think sometime the lack of pace that I found was due to the wonderful descriptions that this author included and I wouldn't have wanted those left out for the world-she describes everything from passionate sex scenes to the fabric on a new sofa, right down to the smell of rotting fish-there really are some vivid descriptions in this novel which I loved!

The two characters are fairly interesting, I found myself really loving the American Bride-Brianna Jade but really disliking the British bride-Milly. Brianna-Jade had some wonderful storylines and had a lot of common sense for someone so you, her fiancé I could take or leave, but I was really interested in her storyline and loved the ending that she got! Milly I thought was seriously spoilt and couldn't see what was plainly right in front of her nose. She clearly reminded me of selfish friends that I have and that is why I couldn't warm to her but she was still excellently written and had some seriously funny moments. Her fiancé, on the other hand, was rather lovely and I really loved the ending he got as well.

There were some very important secondary characters in this move, who all had fabulous storylines in their own rights. I loved Milly's assistant Eva, and BJ's mother Tamra. They were wonderfully strong female characters. There were those characters who were out to sabbotage everything as well of course which added that extra bit of drama! Then there was the pig farmer-oh the pig farmer. His scenes were truly spectacular and he'd definitely be the one I'd want my magazine cover with!

Which leads me on nicely to the sex scenes. As usual, Rebecca Chance has written some seriously hot sex scenes! The attention to detail is fabulous. The heat is off the scale and everyone gets a bit of a look in when it comes to the action, something which I think it truly democratic! There are scenes between men and women, men and men and women and women and all are very realistic, laid bare in front of you, so if you are of a sensitive disposition, maybe this book isn't for you! I loved them though!

Overall this book was an enjoyable read and definitely something to take your time over. It would be the perfect read for lazing on the beach in the summer, or taking with you on a long haul flight, or even on the dirty weekend in the countryside somewhere. It has likeable characters, characters you love to hot and enough passion to get you seriously hot under the collar. The ending is just perfect and I defy anyone to disagree with me on that front!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 November 2012
Killer Heels begins with a prologue. Coco Raeburn is in Manhattan in present time. The reader is made aware of the obsession she has with her weight and her dependency on her fiancée.

Part One begins with London in the past and we learn how Jodie became Coco. We also learn Victoria's family background and we meet Mireille on a fashion shoot in Morocco. Victoria and Mireille are both strong women who want to rule the fashion world. Both are composed and elegant but with very different personalities .... Victoria is so tightly controlled whereas Mireille is portrayed as warm and open.

In Part Two, Coco is in her fiancee's penthouse on Fifth Avenue. She is alone and waiting for him when a woman arrives. This is so tantalising as we don't know who the woman is but we do know that something isn't quite right.

Part Three takes us forward to Manhattan in the present time and from here we weave backwards and forwards as the plot builds.

I really enjoyed the structure of the two different timelines and was hooked by the scenes with Coco in her fiancee's penthouse. Although I was caught up in the story I wanted to get to the part where we found out what was going to take place in the pivotal scene.

The characters take us along with them in this world and I really enjoyed the change we see in response to events. I have to say that by the end of the story, my favourite character was Victoria. I admired her for being able to live her life tightly-controlled without letting that slip (takes so much energy!) and so enjoyed that poise shattered when she starts engaging in life rather than controlling it.

Killer Heels was pure escapism for me. I enjoyed spending time in the fashion world with all the glamour and glitz (which is far removed from my life!) and the relationships. The sex scenes are pretty dynamite too (very well written) making this a bonkbuster that rivals all the ones I've read previously. Definitely one for your bookshelf ... it will take you out of your everyday world and let you experience life on another level!

I would like to thank the publishers for sending a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 August 2012
Well, well! For all of those out there gushing about Fifty Shades do yourself a favour and pick up a Rebecca Chance book. Not only has she been writing since 2009 but there are countless other female authors out there that have been producing some of the best Bonkbuster's around for years. All the hype around Fifty Shades kind of irritated me if I'm honest. As a person who reads in excess of 100 books a year, I don't understand the sudden hype around a book that is essentially a certain `type' of book that has been done countless times by many other successful authors already out there. Rebecca Chance is one such lady!

I have read two of her books written under her pseudonym (her real name is actually Lauren Henderson) and when I realised I had an early copy of her new one I was so excited it was laughable. As I jumped on the tube early one morning loftily holding my book up for all and sundry to see, I was bitterly disappointed that the carriage was full of builders and not ONE of them was remotely interested. How dare they?! Not remotely put off I delved into her latest release Killer Heels. If her cover doesn't catch your eye I would be surprised. With its almost kinky looking spiked heel on the front it was just shouting to me to pick it up and read it, so read it I did!

As usual with any Chance book we are introduced to lead characters that wouldn't look out of place on a Dynasty set. Coco Raeburn and Victoria Glossop along with Jacob Dupleix make up the main core characters. Coco is just an ordinary girl from Luton who is shot to the top of the corporate ladder as she snags a job working as Victoria's assistant at a top UK fashion magazine. The characters immediately grabbed my attention, as we see the lengths that they will go to in an industry that is rife with eating disorders, scandal and power plays. I instantly loved the `Ice Queen' Victoria and was willing Coco along too. When the big boss Jacob gets thrown into the mix things start to get very interesting. In addition to those three there are numerous other characters that are both very readable and also integral to the story.

I was shocked to realise that at the end of day one I had covered almost half the book and forced myself to slow down. I didn't want to miss a page of this incredibly racy, raunchy and very gripping book. There is drama at nearly every page as we see almost every nightmare scenario played out and the bitching and gossiping that goes hand in hand with the industry make things even more volatile. I felt like I was stuck in the middle of one of the most dramatic TV scenes at one point. Don't get me wrong, if you are looking for an intellectual and morally correct book you may want to look elsewhere. But, if you want something that is exciting, glitzy and deliciously naughty then this has it all.

I can honestly say that some of the sex scenes in this book had me blushing to the tips of my ears but made it no less enjoyable (I am certainly no prude, that's for sure!). It made me wonder why people were gushing about Fifty Shades when authors like Rebecca Chance are producing books like this one. By far the BEST book she has written and one that I demolished in record time. It had all the right ingredients and is one that her fans most definitely won't want to miss! Highly Recommended!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 11 April 2014
I received my copy of “Bad Brides” just in time for a long weekend break in Cyprus, as I’ve read all Rebecca’s other books and they are required poolside reading for me!

Something I particularly liked is that we get to meet some characters again from RC’s previous novels. When you get hooked into an author’s writing, I love it when they have created a “stable” of characters which they can work into future stories; as I finish a good book I often feel a bit sad that I’m leaving the characters behind after reading about them night after night they start to feel like old friends!

“Bad Brides” focuses around three main characters, like most of RC’s other books, and this keeps things interesting because you look forward to the next instalment, as the chapters alternate between each character before coming together for a sizzling climax (although there are plenty of “sizzling climaxes” along the way in the many saucy scenes one comes to expect from Rebecca Chance; “Bad Brides” does not disappoint in this department!)

Brianna Jade is a former pageant princess from Illinois, whose career was lovingly shaped by her ambitious mother Tamra, who has inherited her late second husband’s fortunes and acted as matchmaker to set Brianna Jade up with Edmund, an eligble but cash-poor British Earl and the heir to a crumbling but charming country estate. Brianna Jade is an unpretentious farm girl at heart, and despite her natural beauty and impeccable grooming she feels insecurity around the magnitude of the role she is about to marry into….

Milly is a spoilt actress, engaged to musician and heart-throb Tarquin. We root for her to get her come-uppance….

Both girls are in the running for the cover of “Style Bride” magazine, and we are kept guessing from the off, as to which of them will grasp the prize. Brianna Jade’s mother Tamra is a likeable, cunning match for Milly’s self-seeking bitchiness and underhand tactics.

We also get an insight into Tamra’s somewhat debauched lifestyle, which provides most of the naughty bits that Rebecca writes so well. There is also a homosexual scene in the book, and like the gay sex in “Bad Angels” it is written erotically even with a female readership in mind.

Then of course there are the love triangles, just enough touches of humour and the twists and turns in the plot, resulting in a page-turning read which keeps us changing our minds until the final pages about the predicted outcome…
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 27 March 2014
I have a serious addiction to Rebecca Chance's novels and even though I just turned the final page of Bad Brides, I'm already craving more of the delightfully scandalous and glitz and glamour world of her books. She always manages to combine the most outrageous scenarios and deliciously saucy scenes with well-written characters and a continuously intriguing storyline so the over the top plots suddenly read like a very real possibility. In this novel she tackles weddings, but instead of going for the obvious Bridezillas (although there is one of those) and notorious My Big Fat Greek Wedding scenarios, it's actually some of the people surrounding the soon to be husbands and wives that surface as the most colourful characters of them all.

I won't go into detail as to not spoil some of the more interesting romantic twist and turns the story takes along the way, but the very short summary is that Style UK is launching a wedding magazine and two of the hottest young couples - one consistent of a beautiful starlet and the front man of a popular folk-rock band, the other of an American model and a British Earl - are up for the much-coveted cover. To gain extra publicity around the first edition both couples are told they're in the running and what follows is a more often than not dirty competition between the two, which makes it evident that some people (read: Milly) are willing to do anything to get what they want.

After tackling the royals in Killer Queens I wasn't sure how Rebecca Chance could top that world of luxury, but she managed to do so with the introduction of 'The Fracking Queen', who probably has more money to throw around than the entire British royal family together. The very lavish lifestyle of the main characters was described into detail, making their astonishing wealth practically leapt of the pages in a flurry of scrumptious cocktails and delectable canapés. Despite some of the characters being hideously spoiled and entitled as a result, it did all sound incredibly enticing and made me wish I have a few million pounds laying around so I too can take an impronto trip to the Italian countryside.

Of course it wouldn't be a Rebecca Chance novel if there weren't some really creative and steamy sex scenes written in, and there were plenty of those in this book as well. After each new novel I do start to wonder if there could possibly be any outlandish sexual preferences she hasn't covered yet, but once again she managed to outdo herself. Some of the scenes might make you blush when reading them on public transport but that doesn't make them any less brilliant - the ones involving Tamra were particularly eye-opening.

Compared to Chance's previous novels I was surprised by how genuinely nice most of the main characters were (save Milly, she's a selfish little brat with absolutely no redeeming qualities). Sure there was backstabbing and scheming going on in an attempt to gain that coveted Style Bride cover, but I didn't think the scenarios were quite as bad as in for instance Killer Queens - or perhaps I'm becoming a little bit more used to it all? Either way, it ensured the characters didn't become caricatures of themselves but instead remained reasonably realistic, which added to the fact that despite Chance's novels being mostly known as bonkbusters, they also consist of genuinely good writing and storytelling.

Bad Brides is scandalous, fabulous, sexy and most of all a lot of bonkers fun. It'll simultaneously make you want to join the inner-circle of the rich and famous, because their glamorous lifestyle sounds oh so tempting, and run away screaming from the terrible people it consists of. Perhaps the best option is to enjoy it all from a safe distance by reading about it in Rebecca Chance's books, rather than risking the wrath of the Milly's of the world.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 27 March 2014
Thank you to Simon & Schuster or Rebecca’s publicist team – I’m not quite sure who sent the copy but still, THANK YOU! I’ve been itching to get my hands on the book ever since Rebecca informed me that I’m in the dedication. Yes, I am the one who is known as ‘The Harry Potter Girl.’

The narrative opens with a very interesting prologue as it’s set in the present day and readers will go back and indulge in all the drama. Jodie, the editor of Style Bride is about to reveal the front cover, but who will be on it? Rebecca gives a little teaser about what has happened before and it just made me want to read faster.

I’ve always enjoyed reading chapters from a man’s point of view, especially if it has been written by a female author and it goes without saying that nobody writes them better than Rebecca. Edmund is an eligible Earl who is madly in love with Brianna. However, given that Brianna’s mother aka. The Fracking Queen, has told him to propose, I couldn’t help but question his true love. Does he really love her? He seems to…

In terms of the Milly side of the narrative, I absolutely HATED her. I don’t think I’ve disliked a character so much. But don’t worry – you’re supposed to hate her. I loved reading about everything that happened to her and I desperately wanted someone to give her a reality check and pull her down from cloud nine.

The sex scenes, well… Everyone knows that Rebecca is the Queen of Bonkbusters and I can’t help but giggle when people say that there’s too much sex in them. Bad Brides is a little calmer than her previous book Killer Queens but still very enjoyable. All aspects of sex are covered and it’s a lot hotter than 50 Shades Of Grey.

The ending was extremely dramatic and was the icing on the bridal cake. Once again, Rebecca has produced a wonderfully saucy novel that you’ll just love from the first page to the last.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 19 October 2012
I'm not usually a big fan of designer shoes and handbags type books so I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Killer Heels and was hooked from the very beginning to the end. Beyond the designer labels and seriously steamy sex scenes, there is the story of three women, each striving to be the best in their careers at Style and all willing to do whatever it takes to either claw their way to the top or remain secure in the position. Victoria and Mireille have both been in Coco's position, starting on the bottom rung but through talent, hard work and sheer determination, ascending very quickly within the magazine. Victoria is at the very top and as editor of Style US she has nowhere to go but down so she is cautious of both Mireille and Coco. Victoria and Mireille circle around one another, eager to stay one step ahead of the other while holding their own cards close to their chests, which made for some interesting twists, turns and scheming.

From the very beginning we know Coco has transformed both her body and her mindset in an unhealthy way and I was immediately worried about her. Being so far away from home and with friends who all work within the same environment as her, it is understandable how Coco is swept up in the drive for so-called perfection but I wanted to give her a good shake and make her see sense before it was too late.

I loved how the book switches point of view, from Coco, Victoria and Mireille, giving an insight into all three women's lives, thoughts and fears and seeing the story from all angles. The book also switches from the past to the present so we know something dramatic is about to unfold in Coco's life with teasing scenes before we are taken back and shown how she ended up in such a situation. The story builds up to a wonderful, dramatic ending that didn't disappoint at all. I was only disappointed that the book had to end as I was enjoying it so much!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Step into the world of fashion journalism, bitchiness at its best.

Meet Coco, Victoria and Mereille, 3 women all striving to make it to the top.

Other than their common goal to succeed they also share a sexual past/present with Jacob Dupleix (the head of the empire they strive to succeed in)

Coco is Jacob's present, his new protégé, the one he can mould the most. He strives for her to be a size zero, wear what he asks and perform how he likes.

Victoria and Mereille know the routine, after all Mereille was his first ever protégé and when he was done with her, in walked Victoria.

They know how this works, Jacob helps a woman out and when she has reached perfection he moves on to the next, but with Coco he seems different. Could it be love?

Killer Heels is a fabulous read that has strong female characters, all with ambition and drive.
The story is split between past and present, as well as being told from all three perspectives.

All of the woman have their flaws (show me someone who doesn't).
Coco is naive and easily taken in by Jacob, easy to please she becomes weight obsessed and starts to forget her roots.
Victoria isn't a nice employer and I'm sure if we asked her husband Jeremy, we would find out she isn't a nice wife either.
Mereille is cunning and will easily befriend people to see what she can gain from them.

But even with all their flaws and the dramatic twist towards the end, I couldn't help but like them all.
Because the story is told from all their perspectives you get to see it through everyone's eyes and I think that's why I liked them all, you discovered why they were acting the way they were.

Not only is the book glamorous, bitchy and fast paced but its a sexy read as well, its not sex on every page but there's enough in it to keep 50 shades fans happy and in fact its more empowering because in some of the encounters the female is the dominant one.
I for one, will never look at kitchen cabinets in the same light.

So we've discussed the girls, now let's discuss the guys;

Jacob as you've already discovered is power hungry and very dominating.
When it comes to relationships he likes to have the control, whether that's over what they wear or what position he ties them up in, he will make sure he asserts his authority.
For most of the book I actually felt that Jacob was the most honest of characters, he laid his cards on the line to all the women he dated and he came good on a promise,
But opinions can change and believe me, mine did!

Then as a complete polar opposite we have Xavier. Good looking, thoughtful, caring.
Someone who will make sure your pleased in the bedroom without whips and chains.
Xavier, is the guy most women dream of meeting the one that can take your breath away with a look.
Xavier is the one I rooted for, the one I never wanted to get hurt. A good guy in a world where they seem few and far between.

I could gush on about this book for days but I really don't want to ruin it for you, so please put on your slippers and give your feet a rest, read Killer Heels today!
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