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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars52
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 31 August 2013
I've always had great respect for gymnasts and what they can do with their body's, but since buying this book i think they're super-human!

I've always thought i'm pretty strong as i've been weight training for 10 years and always been quite good at body weight exercises like pull-ups, press-ups etc. But! since buying this book and doing some of the basic gymnastic moves, i've used muscles that you can't train with a pair of dumbells and they're very hard. Gravity is one hell of a workout, because that is what you're pushing against to acomplish the routines in this book.

As the book's title says, this is a systematic approach so it starts with the basic moves and then builds up bit by bit to the advanced (super-human moves), which means anyone can bennefit from buying this book. You get detailed pictures and written descriptions of every routine, of which there are loads.

EQUIPMENT - If you want to try and replicate all the routines in the book then you will need to purchase some gymnastic rings (i got mine on amazon) a good pull-up bar - one which you can get your body over the top of and a set of paralell bars. The paralell bars may sound a bit extreme, but these arn't the olympic size ones that need to be bolted into the floor, i got some which are about 1.5 meters high and 2 meters long. I needed to purchase all these as the nearest gymanstics centre is 100 miles away and i don't have a good park anywhere with bars etc.

RESULTS - Since purchasing this book i've hardly used my weights, apart from some specific exercises which help strengthen the body to acheive certain routines from the book. Although i don't train just to look good when i'm at the beach, the results you get from bodyweight training like a gymnast are amazing. You know what gymnasts bodys are like, very ripped, amazing abs, big shoulders-(men) slim waist etc. I've been using this book for several weeks now and although i was in good shape before, i'm starting to see more definition on my whole upper body and my abs are popping out like never before! The reason for this is because alot of the routines you're engaging all your muscles at the same time in away no weights routines can emulate.

FUN - It may sound stupid but learning these routines and trying to advance to the harder routines is alot of fun, hard work and very tiring but alot of fun and much more enjoyable than pumping iron for 90 minutes.

Put simply this book is a MUST buy for anyone looking to improve their strength and conditioning.
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on 25 April 2013
This is more than a book of gymnastic skills as it covers almost every aspect of strength training. From sets and rep schemes for different goals, recovery, rehab, programming and technique. It is a classic strength book in every respect.

In addition to the information in the book though the author is so accessible via the Eat. Move, Improve website that any questions you have he answers almost instantly and in depth. You can really tell the guy lives and breathes his product.
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on 24 November 2012
Having weight trained from my early teens I would consider myself well versed in the application of weight training combined with nutritional discipline. This book has become a source of knowledge for me such that I wish I'd have had access to it when I first took up weight lifting. I can only imagine where I'd be today if this was the case.
Where ever you are in terms of how long you've been training or what your preferences are in terms of routines this book will enhance your scope, knowledge and form beyond that of your peers. The author does a fine job guiding the reader in simple terms from beginner to novice and beyond if your committed enough, along with providing an almost encyclopaedic amount of information and reference points that never feels overwhelming or beyond the reach of an amateur enthusiast. Everything that is of benefit to weight training routines/ gymnastics is covered fully, strength, flexibility, injury prevention, good form, endurance, leavers, nutrition and rest periods. All descriptions of specific movements are well explained and diagrams and photos are provided to help the reader fully comprehend what is required of them during exercises and gymnastic movements. My core strength has rocketed after only two months of working my way through the strength gymnastics section, which is another aspect of the book that I enjoy: you gradually build from the lower difficulty levels (which can be surprisingly taxing at first) building your strength and balance until you can progress onto to the next exercise safely and it utilises weight lifting movements to compliment/ enhance the gymnastic routines and vice versa. If you are currently weight training/body building or if you mean to start in the near future then I simply cannot recommend this book enough. First and foremost it should keep you injury free, and secondly with this book in your arsenal of tools stagnation will be a thing of the past and due to the nature of the gymnastic movements your core strength will be pushed beyond the levels of your average gym user.
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on 3 March 2015
After deciding to add gymnastics to my regime i spent alot of time shopping around for material i could use at home with minimal fuss and kit and didnt just have a cheap written 12 week program but real information for individual needs. .

This book is the "supertraining" of bodyweight gymnastics programming it has transformed my body to a whole new level at 31 years old after years of cross training my injured beat up body has been transformed into the leanest injury free best shape i have ever been in using the gymnastic methods in this book.

It takes a complete beginner right through to performing advanced gymnastic movements with cutting edge science programming warm ups cooldowns injury prehab rehab regressions progressions loading parameters nutrition supplementation and how to implement it into your own training regime.

And if that isnt enough overcoming gravity has a forum where the author can be reached for guidance Steven Low is a genius buy this book and reap the rewards !
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on 30 June 2014
This book is the best book on bodyweight training. It is THE BIBLE + you can use it for different reasons (injury prevention, weight training, it helped me even with my school work), not just bodyweight training. I would recommend this book to any coach or fitness/calisthenics enthusiast out there.
That is not all. You can ask any question on Steven Low's website (Eat. Move. Improve) or on reddit and he will answer you in minutes.
It is a really great book.
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on 17 August 2014
Very in depth book. Takes a lot of thinking about and I had to read a lot of sections more than once. Very good as a reference tool and it teaches you what you need to think about and how to construct your own workout routines. A must for any level of athlete/gymnast or bodyweight training enthusiast.
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on 20 February 2014
Well, I've been slowly getting into body weight stuff - my wife's an ex-gymnast...seemed to be the perfect solution? It arrived, looking very thick and very competent. My wife ( the ex-gymnast, remember) took one look at some of the pics marked as 'novice' or 'beginner' and started laughing...and continued to do so...and still is!

That said, once you get around the fact that it's a book for beginners and coaches alike, you can begin to see through the extraneous scientific information and get to the information you need for training (ie, the exercises and progressions). There's a lot in here, it's good stuff, it's clearly well-intentioned and, aside from the fact it's taken me 3 weeks to be able to 'work it', it seems very very useful. You won't run out of progressive exercises - that's for sure!
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on 22 March 2016
The simple fact is I love this book. I don't know of another book like it in terms of how it guides you through progressions of exercises, constructing routines at varying levels of ability, as well as having a large section dedicated to teaching you how to prevent injuries from occurring at all of the areas of the body prone to injury from exercise. It is done in a clear and concise way with pictures to aid. The man himself is available to answer any questions pertaining to the book over on the Overcoming Gravity forum at Reddit, and I can say that he answers all questions put to him. In my opinion someone who is looking to progress with gymnastics and is wondering how to, this is the book to buy. This is the sort of thing I have been searching for for a long time.
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on 21 April 2014
Make no mistake, this book is a treasure trove of useful information. And its goal of teaching you all you need to know to be able to sensibly create your own program tailored to your exact goals is a laudable one. But trying to pack so much information in and then leaving it up to the reader to apply it leaves it feeling somewhat lacking in structure and difficult to follow. An excellent book to supplement your understanding or add to an existing plan, but I think likely to overwhelm and confuse a beginner.
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on 24 April 2014
I need to disagree with most of the reviews. Maybe I had different expectations, but the book looks more a collection of notes that a book. As a beginner you pretty fast get lost, the progressions are not clear at all and overall the editing of the book is very poor. There is good information in it, but you really look for it. If you are expecting a book that will guide you hand in hand.. look elsewhere.
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