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4.6 out of 5 stars86
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 21 September 2012
This is good Kristen Ashley storytelling. It's strange, I can't read her books one after another because the main characters are basically the same in all her stories and therefore you feel like you've read the dialogue before - you have in the previous KA book!

However, the stories are all really good so when I hit a literary 'lull', I will go see what KA has released - I know it'll be a good story, the male lead will be dominant and a lot of the dialogue will be 'babe', they'll both get 'pissed' at each other a lot and the lead female will whisper a lot. They'll eat strange american food like 'biscuits', pigs in blankets with biscuit dough?????? (had to ask an american starbucks waitress here in the UK what that's all about), and the male lead will have built his own home and I will fall in love with it!!

Your in safe hands with this author but no surprises when you've read one of her novels.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 October 2012
Having just joined Kristen Ashley's mailing list, I received some codes for 20% off all her books downloaded through Smashworlds, so I have been going back and downloading books I had previously decided not to read. I have read a lot of Kristen's books out of series order.
I liked this one. I did miss not having Max's POV until the epilogue, but I really liked Nina. She has featured in some of the other books but reading this one and how she came to be, I was surprised as she is quite insecure in this one, but we are told why. She was very feisty! I loved all the side characters. I wonder if KA has a book planned for Brody? (hint, hint!).
I loved Max - another brilliant KA Alpha Hero. There is not as much sex in this one, but I presume because the book takes place over less than a fortnight, we can't just have them jumping straight into bed with each other, although that did sort of happen. It was quite a while before they finally do the deed - more so from being constantly interrupted by all the brilliant side characters!
I still don't really like the silly nickname the hero has for the heroine and in this one I got annoyed when Nina kept repeating 'sorry'? and Max had to repeat what he had just said. Of course yet again, the plot went the same way as most of KA's books with a kidnap!
But, the book was very emotional and dealt with rape, suicide, death. I found myself crying quite a few times.
I've said it before and I'll say it again...for all their faults, I am strangely addicted to KA's novels.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 6 December 2011
Nina Sheridan, was taking a two week time out from her fiance Niles, she had left England her adopted home, to travel to Colorado just outside the small town of Gnaw Bone where she had booked a two week stay in a beautiful "A frame house". Only when she arrives she finds that the owner is in residence, telling her there had been a mix up and she would need to go back into town to stay at the hotel. Furious and feeling ill after seventeen hours of travel she begins to wonder if this time out was such a good idea. Holden Maxwell the owner of the house phones the hotel some time later to check she had arrived okay, as it was snowing heavily and late at night. When he was told she had not arrived he goes out to look for her only to discover her car in a ditch, and her comatose on the back seat.
When Nina wakes it's to find she has been very ill, and is back at the "A frame house" being looked after by the handsome owner.
I loved this story the interactions between Max and Nina were brilliant, she is feisty and funny, while Max is laid back but very dominant and protective, Nina just thinks he's bossy. He thinks she's cute especially when she loses her temper. As usual with this author there are a plethora of interesting characters who live in the town. There is plenty going on in this story, that keeps the reader turning the pages. This is the first in the Colorado Mountain series the others areSweet Dreams and Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain Series).
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on 18 August 2013
Wow, that's one of the best books I've read in a long time. It's fast paced, full of twists and turns, and characters that you just can't help falling in love with. It's not a short read either, I think my Kindle said it was a 7hr book, effectively it's the length of a whole trilogy, but the action never seems to stop.

Most of the book only actually covers a two week period, and as one of the characters points out it's just like a soap opera, I thought it was better than that though.

The fireworks between Max and Nina are hilarious at times, and the constant interruptions to their plans are funny as well, but this book isn't just about humour, it covers some pretty dark topics such as domestic violence, rape, disability and suicide, and does so in a sensitive and well written manner.

The book is like a spiders web, all the different stories and characters branching out, and at the heart of it there's Nina, she's strong, opinionated, loyal, kind and a bloody good heroine.

I'll definitely be looking for other books from this author.
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on 25 September 2014
As a man who is not excessively tall or built like a gorilla (but an amateur athlete) I am struggling with this book's continued references to tall and rugged Max who the heroine in our book (Nina) is falling head over heels for. I'm about 30% thru the book but it is not easy. The book was a gift so I am persevering. I thought it would be more Thriller & Murder Mystery than predictable love story, but it is definitely the latter. Nina is billed as a Solicitor, which in England is a tough profession to enter. So to me her /going weak at the knees/ it seems every few pages over Max is a little contrarian.
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A brilliant and enticing read that teased me with romance, suspense, hero worship and an appreciation for remote cabins in the mountains lol! I loved Nina's adventure and her conflict of whether she saw a future with her douche of a fiancé back home in England or the sexy mountain man Max. The intense spark and attraction between Nina and Max was electric, their introduction was hot and teasing! I totally loved this pairing, because they each tried to find themselves, caught up in their own world of pain. Max was an amazing character, sexy, attentive, gentle, possessive, passionate, romantic and oh the swagger, hence he's a book boyfriend! The guy went out of his way to protect Nina, he was so sweet and thoughtful that it was clear how he felt about her, but it still stirred up memories from his past and created emotional turmoil for him. I felt Nina's pain as she dealt with her non committed fiancé and how she recognised the difference in Max. Being thrown into Max's world was unnerving for Nina, many times questioning her insignificance in his life when she uncovers secrets and closes herself off. I liked her character because she was sassy, confident and unafraid of those who threated the people she cared about, and how Max was always there ready to jump in and save his duchess lol! Mindy and Brody were amazing I would love to read more on them. The Gamble was a beautiful emotional and romantic read that sucked me right into the life of Nina and Max and the Colorado mountains!
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on 23 November 2012
Yep I had to give this 5 stars. I love the fact that Kristen can write English and American lingo and bring it so eloquently to life too. The thing that had me give the book 5 stars other than the great story was Nina carrying around Charlie with her and his voice in her head. Some of what he said was so poignant and emotional it had me close to tears several times and her talks with him in her head were such an attribute to the story and her anguish was really felt by the reader. I love a story that you can sink you teeth into and this is definitely one of those.
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on 13 October 2013
I love Kristen's books and for some reason I've never read the Colorado series I'm not really sure why, anyway some new friends have recommended this series so I'm giving it a go. As always with Kristen's books you get a mouthwatering alpha male and a good strong female lead, I loved the characters Max more so than Nina just because she got my nerves a little bit but as always with Kristen's books you get a well written book with great supporting characters and mystery as well as romance.
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on 13 April 2014
Had a bit of a break from reading Kristen's books since I read the superb Rock Chic series, as all the hot men were starting to merge into one. Read The Gamble and felt that Max was the hottest man yet. Great heartfelt story with lots of action and great characters that makes you want to move to the Colorado mountains. Kirsten Ashley is one of my favourite authors where every book I have read so far has been immensely enjoyable.
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on 25 January 2013
My first ever Kristen Ashley book and I am very impressed!!!! I have delayed reading her books just cause there was too many of them but seeing he recommendations I caved and started this.! LOVED IT!! A book about Nina taking timeout from her boring relationship so heads half way round the world and ends up meeting Max. This book has has a bit of everything and has kept to glued til the very end.
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