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on 17 June 2015
When Rebecca Musser was barely nineteen, she became one of Rulon Jeffs' (the then so-called "Prophet" of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) "young wives". As one of the first young women to be sacrificed to Jeffs (he married more than forty other women and girls after her, two within days of the wedding), she was at the heart of the FLDS, able to see Warren Jeffs' rise to absolute power and the rapidly-decreasing age of marriage.

Throughout the book, you see the control the men have over the lives of the women. The women have no control over who they marry, or over their bodies when they do marry, and their salvation is held above their head as the stick to force them to total obedience.

It's heart-breaking to read, and shocking that people can be so subjugated in a Western country such as the United States: young girls forced to marry men older than their fathers, even as they're sobbing, and having their spirit "bred" out of them (as the FLDS phrase goes). With her place at the top of the cult (apparently "privileged", but with no ability to travel freely, and constantly-monitored, I'd question the term), she was able to see the machinations of the cult up close, making her testimony incredibly valuable for anybody reading about the FLDS.

It's an absorbing but horrific read. It's very emotionally-difficult to read some of the details, especially regarding the abuses of notorious cult-leader Warren Jeffs, whose rise to power and manipulation is laid bare here.

Musser writes very well, and it's inspiring to see how she overcame a background of such abuse to speak against the leaders of the cult, and against oppression in general.

Recommended for scholars and people interested in the FLDS, but expect an emotional punch.
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on 13 December 2013
I have read several books by former FLDS wives, and I never get tired of them, though they make difficult reading because of their intensely moving stories.

Rebecca (Becky) Musser's book is hard to put down, extremely easy to read in terms of style, and so full of information I hadn't read before because she was one of the first of Rulon Jeffs's 'young wives', and therefore at the very heart of the organisation. She was privy to major decisions, watched as - even on her 'Honeymoon' - Rulon Jeffs married a succession of younger women, and was able to see the workings of the people surrounding him, including the notorious Warren Jeffs - as he pushed his way to the top, and manipulated everyone around him.

I haven't finished reading the book yet: intriguing and absorbing as it is, I measure how much I subject myself to at any one time, so that it doesn't become overwhelming and sadden me too much, but I absolutely recommend reading her book. I've read Carolyn Jessop's and Becky's sister's book, and I would have to say that I am finding this the most satisfying read. That is not to detract from the others - which were amazing, especially Carolyn's, as it was the first I read of its kind - but Becky's book is very well written and edited.

With the issues she is revealing - which are hard to take in today's enlightened Western society - it really has its place as one of the foremost books on the subject, not least because of her position, and ultimately, how she has brought the subject to the world's attention due to her "privileged" (??!) position at the top.

Well done, Becky, for turning your abuse into a major force for good, positivity, and enlightenment for others.
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on 25 May 2014
Strong and accepting of the struggles people face when leaving cults she deals with the flds religion from her childhood within it to marriage, death if her husband the prophet and then her leaving followed by legal ramifications. Concise and clear in her message she even acknowledges that her father views it very differently. It is quite similar to her sister Elissa walls book.
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on 30 October 2014
This was a real eye-opener. To be honest, there's too much to comment on. It's a very interesting read, full of domineering, disgusting men, and brainwashed, submissive women. And, all done in the name of their faith; shocking! I gave it 4 stars for the author/victims, not because I enjoyed reading it.
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on 25 February 2015
A good read from the sister of Elissa Wall. Iv read almost all books on FLDS and now feel I not only know these families but I have a true picture of what life in such a cult was like for all women and children. Yet another book I hope can inspire change, one person at a time
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on 27 January 2016
I have read the book 'Escape' written by Rebecca's sister Elyssa and just like that book I often found myself open mouthed with shock at the treatment of women within the FLDS movement. Despite that, Rebecca writes with no bitterness that I could discern and simply tells the story like it is. I've really become interested in the many tv programmes that now deal openly with this subject and the former members who try to liberate those who want to leave. Freedom to think our own thoughts, live our own lives and make our own choices, is a privilege we are all entitled to.
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on 17 February 2015
This is an excellent read. But also appalling. I've read quite a few books about religious cults and this is by far the most shocking. At certain points it was actually surreal. To think that one individual can have such power over others and to have absolutely no conscience whatsoever about abusing innocent individuals all to indulge their sick sexual perversions. Rebecca Musser is a woman of great courage who would not give up fighting for what is right. I fail to understand how Warren Jeffs was allowed to continue his wicked reign even while he was in prison but then I guess we allow prisoners far too many privileges in this country too. It has really made me think about the plight of so many poor souls who suffer in similar ways and what a sad world this can sometimes be. A memorable book.
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on 21 November 2014
An amazing story, it is hard to believe that people can be sucked in to live their lives following one man and yet it still goes on. Well written and well worth reading.
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on 28 October 2014
An truly inspiring story of hope and survival in the toughest environment, well done Rebecca musser and thanks for putting your story on paper
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on 30 April 2015
amazing story. i love anything to do with the flds and their culture and this is a first hand account of what happens. i have recommended it
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