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4.6 out of 5 stars58
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 6 September 2011
This is a truly fascinating book. Napoleon Hill writes with a really beautiful fluidity which remains grounded and very practical in how to apply his success philosophy into everyday life. This publication of 'Outwitting the Devil' has been edited and annotated by Sharon Lechter meaning that every now and then Lechter shares her thoughts on Hill's writings by adding her own reflections inserted into to Hill's main text.... I've got to say, as much as I respect Lechter, I didn't find her annotations helpful at all. In fact I found them to interrupt the fluidity of Hill's voice which broke the flow of the reader being immersed in the hypnotic literary style of Hill's interview with the devil.

I love the Hill's use of language and his expressions are really evocative and reminiscent of that 1930s-40s era. It has a beautiful purity which is timeless. However Lechter's added annotations unfortunately takes way from this. The reader is effectively taken back and forth from Hill's writings and then into a (albiet short)modern reflection of Lechter's thoughts. It was not needed! Leave Napoloen Hill'w writings alone! That is the only reason I have scored this version a 4/5 rather than the full 5/5.

Having said this, Hills writings alone will not disappoint his avid followers. This book is really amazing and compelling focusing in particular on `Definiteness' as being a key component to success in life. Read it and love it. Hill is phenomenal!
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on 25 February 2012
Napoleon Hill "Outwitting The Devil - The Secret to Freedom and Success" (written in 1938 and up until now hidden from publication by the Family and Trust for fear of being too controversial)? It is fair to describe this as a spiritual quest ... where through a conversation with the devil ... Hill gets to the heart of negativity ... and to the specific devices that the devil uses to enslave his victims ... and then Hill uses this knowledge to reveal the seven principles of good with which to counter and dis-empower the devil. It is beautifully written in story form and is a really profound and compelling read. Stuffed to the brim with practical insights and wisdom ... which when applied have the capacity to transform your life. Though written over 70 years ago, the hallmark of Hill's success is that the book is both timeless and contemporary.

Denis Roberts
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on 26 December 2013
If you are ever stuck for conversation (to coin a phrase) then this is a book to have at hand to create it. I am a great fan of Napoleon Hill and have just recently heard, and purchased this book. Now half way through it I am fascinatated by Hill's ability to cut to the chase and bring a very current feel to the fore. There are many people in history that it would appear, have been born too soon and sound as if they are actually modern in their thinking and their passion to offer solutions through the written word (if we are astute enough to read and take note!) But why should we believe they are born too soon and sound current. Do people from the past not deserve credit for their abilities to cut through all the difficulties faced by war and poverty. They did it because we are here as living proof they survived. I am amazed this book has not been around as long as Think and Grow Rich, but I believe that reading them in this order gives a better insight into Hill's background and mindset. I am reading it carefully and aiming to step into Hill's shoes as he interviews the Devil. What an amazing way to kickstart your thinking processes - it certainly has had a profound effect (even this far in) on my strategic thinking and the goals I am dusting off to find the tiny tweeks that are necessary to complete the journey. Wow. (But a warning - Sharon Lechter is surplus to requirements on this. Her notes are childish and condescending at the very least, and a painful distraction at best. Ignore them as it dilutes the message Hill is trying to get across. What a shame the publisher felt it necessary to add them. I implore you to read around them!)
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on 4 May 2012
Great book, a fantastic book to read after reading think and grow rich, a book that alters your mind and the way you think, noticing the man-made Devil in you and how to be rid of it, be the 2 out of every 100 completely free of the Devil and get this book!
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on 31 October 2011
Wow, best book ive read for a very long time. Ive recommended this book to my "Think And Grow Rich mastermind group and everyone has raved about it.
Why?. Because of the impact and clarity in the way Hill interviews the devil. This book will have you fuming, contemplating, and recommending it to others guaranteed.
I love the cocky attitude of "The Devil" and his matter of fact explanation as to why he is so attractive to the masses.
If this had the marketing power of the "secret" it would blow that right out the water in terms of awareness.
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on 3 August 2012
This should have been a 5-star review, but I feel (like everyone before me) this wonderful peice of work has been vandalised by Sharon Lechter.

It's not as if the text needs any help, let alone the patronising interjections that are not fit for a 3-year old.
If you were to take a marker-pen to her comments (which are in bold), for one: you'd go through more than one pen before you finish, & two: you'd ruin the text on the other side of the page.

So my advice is, have some 'post-it' notes ready for every page turn, to block her unwelcome & unmeritted interuptions;
without that, it's impossible to ignore her comments... they're 'EVERYWHERE'!!!

If you can somehow manage to stick to Napoleon Hill's text, you will be rewarded with an intriguing book; a snapshot from history that is still relevant today (& I'd suggest even timeless).
I say that, regardless of whether you are a fan of Napoleon Hill, as I personally has never previously read any of his work.

Coming soon: The Complete Prose of Wordsworth (edited, rewritten, and with in-depth analysis after each line, by Sharon Lechter)
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on 9 April 2014
...If you liked Think and Grow Rich, this is a must. It solidifies the teachings of that book. The format is in that of devils advocate and works really well to hammer the messages (that you already know) home.

Absolutely recommended.
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on 11 July 2011
I've literally read 100's of books... and this one has had an ABSOLUTELY PROFOUND IMPACT.

You know when you read or hear something - and you just know the undeniable truth in what is being said...
Freedom is one of my biggest personal values in life - and because of the knowledge in this book, I now understand how I had just given it away in the past...

So what kind of impact?
Business... As the book says... "laziness + indifference = procrastination". Knowing what I am capable of and seeing that formula... big aha moment.
Kids... The bit about how as well-meaning parents we do our kids a heck of a lot of damage without actually realising because of our "well-meaning" - and seeing this so obviously and clearly in my own kid - again another massive aha moment.

It makes complete sense why this book was written in the 1930's and not released until the death of both Napoleon Hill and later his wife as well. Am really grateful that it has actually made it to print.

Interesting - and scary to realise how easy it is to gain control over human beings - and at the same time, knowledge is power - by knowing how easy it is, by reading this book, I now have tools to fight with.

Do I think it is worth your while getting this book?
Having learned to photo-read so that I could get through 100's of books and now saying that this book has had THE BIGGEST IMPACT on me - more than any other book I've ever read... well, I guess my answer to the above question is going to have to be an absolute definite YES...
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on 11 February 2013
great book... concept is a bit strange, but the book works very well and would work for a beginner just as well as it does for a "think and grow rich" student like me.
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on 6 December 2013
It's a well written description of our sins/faults which hold us back from achieving success. For people who have already read previous Napoleon Hill's books this just too much extensive as it repeats some point from those books. Apart from that it is one of the most useful books I've ever read in motivation area.
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