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on 18 September 2013
If you've read the first 2 books in the series you know how phenomenal this series is, if you haven't get reading now. This is one of the best series Urban Fantasy has to offer in my opinion. This book blew my mind away. It took me on such an emotional roller coaster, from every emotion I can think of. I don't really have words to describe Cady, she is an incredible heroine, so believable and so loveable. I have no trouble liking her or identifying with her and the dynamic between her and Lon frequently has me laughing out loud. This is the dynamic that shows that not all urban fantasy has to have a love triangle to be great. Lon and his son Jupe are 2 of the best supporting characters I've ever read, I could gush about them for hours.

The action in this installment is pretty full on and Cady goes though a lot, we get some answers but we also have a lot more questions and I for one am finding the wait for the next book far too long! There is a story to each book which gets resolved but there is also a few long reaching arcs that have me on the edge of my seat. I read this books a few weeks ago and still the characters are with me in thoughts, I can't give any more recommendation than that.
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on 29 June 2013
Third in the series. A drug is on the market which enhances earthbounds abilities with catastrophic and deadly effect. Cady and Lon investigate whilst coming to terms with Cadys increasing powers, threats from her past and the development of their relationship. Really enjoyed this book, particularly since we get to meet Lons ex and there's some good Jupe scenes. Recommended but start with Kindling the Moon if you haven't read the previous books.
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on 30 May 2014
Binding the Shadows is the third book in the Arcadia Bell series and this time, Cady might not get out alive!
As the synopsis tells us – There’s a crime wave happening in the city and it comes knocking on Cady’s bars door, injuring Kar-yee in the process and for some reason… Cady couldn’t do a thing. She knows the people who are doing it are Earthbounds but something isn’t right with their powers – they’re amplified in some way, being able to be used without the transmutation usually needed – and she’s seen it before. So off Cady & Lon go, on a mission to find the punks that robbed her bar and hoping that when she finds out what is going on, it can tell her more about her changing powers too because some freaky stuff is happening to her….and she needs to know what. To top it all off, Lon’s in laws are coming for the holidays and she needs to make a good impression….. let’s hope she can hold it together.
This was a great addition to the series and Cady is again at her best but she is changing, evolving into something and it’s strange and unsettling for her, she seems more emotional in this, like she is doubting herself a lot and showing some insecurities too - not just in her powers but in her relationship also. Lon is as supportive as ever and I liked the direction their relationship took, especially with the arrival of his ex in laws, he showed that he was in it for the long run and that she had nothing to worry about regardless of the fact that Yvonne – his ex wife – showed up too.
The storyline was really good, I liked the idea of a drug interfering with and amping up an Earthbounds power, when you see how it affects them you understand that it could have disastrous consequences for both user and victim and with the fact that it comes to Cady’s bar – she was always going to get involved. I always enjoy the process of the ‘missions’ in these books, things are never straightforward and even though they always seem to be chasing their tail, it all comes right in the end. This is also a book where I can never guess where it’s going or who done what – which is always a good thing in my opinion. Cady definitely gets herself into some scrapes in this and it is perfect to show how she is changing and her powers are evolving, it’s all very strange and unusual but compelling and you want to know the answers alongside her. The action & danger grows and grows throughout the book, building towards a terrifying climax when Cady bites off more than she can chew and peoples true colours are shown. We also get Lon & Jupe’s family in this which only complicates things for Cady, making her feel like she is an outsider and when Yvonne showed up, it got harder. I have to say, I loved the Cady/Yvonne showdown…. I hate confrontation between exes/new lovers but this is really not what you’d expect but shows how awesome Cady is and how much she thinks of Lon & Jupe. The ending is both happy but heartbreaking and I’m really glad I have the final book to move straight onto because with the re appearance of a couple of characters, Cady’s ever changing powers and a couple of secrets to rollover into the next book…. I can’t wait!
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Binding the Shadows, (Arcadia Bell),Jenn Bennett
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Well, it's on to book three in the series and once again it's a cracking read, full of drama, action and with that edge of romance.
Cady – that girl seems to lurch from one crisis to another, and this time it begins with an accident while working ( unwillingly!) for Hellfire club owner Dare, and as if that's not enough she gets caught up in a crime spree, where Earthbounds are weilding impossible abilities....and if humans start getting suspicious it puts them all in danger.
Cady's on the outside of the crime spree stuff, just looking in to begin, checking things out - and then her Tiki bar gets hit and Kar Yee badly injured. Cady is furious, and determines she will get to the bottom of it – but of course as usual that brings her into all sorts of danger. Throw in a visit from Lon's ex, the stunningly beautiful Yvonne, and her sister and mother and Cady has more than she can handle at one time.
I love Cady, she's always in trouble but not of her making. She just tries to do what's right, what's moral and gets caught up in the dangers. She's trying to work out how to handle her new Moonchild powers too, and they are growing rapidly. Lon as always is that solid support, quiet but effective, and you can just feel how strong their connection is. He's such a great partner to Cady, and so delicious with his dry, subtle wit.Then there's Jupe – oh I love that kid! As I said before he reminds me so much of grandchild number one – same motor mouth, openness, and naivity. It's a great combo in an early teen. Poor Jupe though doesn't have a normal teen life with all the magic and demons he's surrounded with. When he's relaying his conversation with the teacher...thats such a typical teen thing!! They always think they have all the answers ;-)
It was interesting to meet auntie, grandma and the ex...we've heard about them but this is the first time meeting them – I was nervous for Cady. The story in this book is complete, but pulls on plotlines from past books, and ends with a stunning bit of news leading to the next book. A very emotional ending!
I read the last book first ( I know, I know....but I didn't realise it was the final book – loved it though) and now I've done the first three I'm going for the novella next, and then a re read of book four. Though I loved it now I've more context to set things against, so will be intersting to see what I didn't pick up on.
Stars: again a fab read and five stars.
ARC supplied by publishers.
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on 19 July 2013
good read could not put it down until i finished it would recommend this set to any reader into fantasy
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on 7 October 2014
This is the third book in the series and they are just getting better and better. The relationship between the three main characters is really believable and keeps bringing a smile to my face. The story is fast paced, keeps you guessing and unusual at the same time. I I will be sorry to reach the end of the series in the next book but can't wait to read it.
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on 6 July 2014
Really good series. Highly recommend.
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