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4.6 out of 5 stars29
4.6 out of 5 stars
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 24 November 2010
I have to say I've read about 40 different books on many programming languages and technologies over the years, and this is the first book I've actually raved about to others. Visually the book appears to be very messy at first, but your brain absorbs the info in bite size chunks and the hand written style notes chat away about questions that naturally occur to you as you try to absorb the complex concepts of the C sharp language and syntax.

I've read about many of the concepts in other books about C++ (interfaces virtual classes,polymorphism etc.), but never actually understood the true nature or power of some of the concepts until now. Each chapter I have many OH NOW I GET IT moments which drive you on to learn more and more.

Unusually, the book offers examples of common bugs that show what won't work / compile and then explains why, which is just great to help get your head around why much of the structural parts of the language were invented in the first place.

The examples are very cunning at shoe horning knowledge into your head without you realizing it, and surprisingly good fun to learn with. The themed nature of each exercise fits the subject matter perfectly. I am in awe of the amount of careful planning and work the authors have put into this book.

Can't praise this title enough!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 28 September 2011
All the above reviews are true - i bought this book after reading these reviews.
Been a 80's Basic programmer, and a 90's PASCAL i wanted to get into the 21st century by learning C#

Oh why - oh why wasn't this the first book i purchased?

I have at least 5 other books, and they all start with the normal "Hello world" app. and the first 4 chapters explaining what variable is etc.
The first project in this book let's you use database, and makes you create an installer :O

In short, this book is fun, easy and get's you started right away highly recommend it for anybody wanting to learn C#
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 23 July 2012
Although there are more than a dozen books written about C# (in particular, the 2010 edition) from beginner to advanced level, very few can easily introduce a programmer to the C# language and the .Net 4.0 framework as easily as Head First C#.

From the first page, instead of inducing sleep with page after page, chapter after chapter, of object-oriented programming and Visual Studio IDE definitions (that may put off first-time coders),the writers quickly immerse the reader into the ins and outs of the language, coding (practical) applications, slowly introducing all the definitions and intricacies of the C# language, whilst facilitating the assimilation of the concepts with a "friendly" visual and textual style approach.

Throughout the book there are several challenging projects the reader can and should write, covering all the aspects of said language and framework: database querying, drawing graphics and animations, object-oriented programming, etc...

Experienced programmers won't find here any programming gems or answer to their problems; more advanced topics like refactoring, serialization, Windows Presentation Foundation, enumerations, etc., are glimpsed over only a few pages in the left-over chapters at the end of the book, books abound which treat this and other subjects as easily as Head First C#. For the beginner, this is already a book full of work! A must buy for anyone interested in the C# language.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 5 April 2011
I have been studying computers for 2yrs with a well known company Computeach, and just started C#.The first thing I do is go to the forum and see what other students recommend.This was top of list, I have only just begun but not only is it clearly describing C# from the very beginning but gives you very good tips on how to study.It is so much better than the over complicated manuals that have been sent to me by the college at a very expensive price.So with this book I feel alot more confident in being able to understand and pass the exams.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 13 December 2010
I have spent alot of money on books, courses ect and these series of books are by far the most effective.

They start at the basics and work you through fun and exciting projects that really make you snile .. it ignores all the boring put me to sleep stuff and before you know it you are creating loops, making ganes and so much more.

spent £5,550 on a computing course aimed at programming with VB.NET ... thewy sent me out tons of books aimed at advance users of .NET Framework and didnt have a scooby what the heck it was on about and you got little support .. the company you ask? ... Computeach.

They expect you to be a programmer already and pass exams with 90% before they allow you to do the real thing .. in other words very little students will do this that way they make money by saving on splashing out for exams as they know the tagret is unrealistic.

so i spent 30 quid or so and got this book and now learning to code way past i estimated ... and now have a solid understanding of programming and can now move on to reinforce what i know and start making some real cash out there and land my self a Ferrari F-430! :p

much recommended.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 19 June 2011
It's really wonderful book. I'm from those types who only can learn something when someone pointing with finger to the screen or standing behind and explaining step by step. But reading this had same effect- understood everything from first sentence. No annoying employee - employers things, no jargon explains with even more jargon and (thank goodness) no "we will discuss more specific about this on chapters 11, 17, 25".

Five stars with no hesitation.
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on 11 June 2013
I use Flash and Actionscript for loads of things in my work, but its getting a bit old hat and slowly dying out. HTML 5 looks great but doesn't really achieve what I was doing in Actionscript. I didn't want to become obsolete, and having learned C++ a little bit back at uni, I decided a year or so ago that I should try to learn an up to date, PROPER programming language.

I tried C# a while ago with a different book, but just lost interest in it VERY quickly. I thought this might just be a case of a language being too complex for me, so I tried Java. The IDE's seemed too basic and non standard... and again books left me a little empty and I quickly got bored.

So, I decided if nothing else a solid IDE seemed a good idea, so I looked for a book that was based around Visual Studio, preferably the free version, so I had no great start up costs considering I seemed to get bored so quickly! I also looked for a book that might hold my interest. Spurred on by the reviews of this book, I took the plunge.

Well, its early days, I'm only a couple of chapters in, but I have to say, its different to a lot of programming tuition books I've tried. Its not trying to be 'quirky' and entertaining whilst actually just being very formal (i.e. a school text book with a random joke dotted in that isn't funny... how annoying is that... they often seem to do this with books of this nature... grrr).

Its actually is a little hard to get your head around the layout, but they explain that its designed to aid learning. Well, so far its making a bit of sense. Its paced well and I seem to be understanding and remembering things I hadn't before.

So, early days, but I like the way they've done this... fingers crossed... wish me luck!!
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on 9 October 2013
This is the first time I've taken a leap of faith into actually trying to learn a new language.

I've done some college courses that had a bit of the principles of encapsulation and dealing with classes but this book has helped everything "click".

I'm not sure if it is the book that has helped or if my experience in working with VB/VBA has helped but it has triggered the right things to get the solutions done.

There are puzzles in the book that allow you to build up a solution to solve for yourself, something which I found was lacking in other books that weren't based on academics.

If you have considered learning C#, give the book a go and stick with it, I've been surprised with what I've picked up.

There were issues with getting the graphics from the website, however, I did find them (eventually) under the edition of the book. Some people (I believe) have been looking for a graphic for Edition 2 within the Edition 3 drop downs. It's not immediately clear on the website but everything you need is there. I have dropped a star because of this. It really should be clearer.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 2 September 2011
As an experienced developer it seemed that this book wasn't for me, and true it does cover some old ground.

However I like the fun approach and the way it uses exercises to turn the theory into something you can use. If you don't have the chance to go on an instructor led course, or want to do some self-education in your own time this book is an excellent way to start coding in .NET.
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on 9 February 2014
I like this book a lot and this was my second Head First book as at the time I bought it I just wanted a refresher on C#. I'm not too keen on the crazy imagery in the book as it does tend to lead you off course (i.e. giggling at the black and white pictures). What I do like are the simple "learn by example" scenarios that are presented in the book. I'm not too keen on the exercises at the end either as I prefer to learn by working examples and then tinkering with them to do something different. I've also used it as a reference book for structuring some simple code. I've bought the physical as well as electronic copies of the book. All in all a well written and structured book - but for the next please cut out the crazy imagery, have more examples - well, that's my preference :)
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