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4.3 out of 5 stars19
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 October 2013
this book was ok i guess i read the few chapters and just couldn't get in to the book but someone else might like enjoy this book
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on 23 July 2015
Found again my teenage books!
I love Sita, and the background around her. Christopher Pike is a brilliant author,
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on 26 November 2015
Bought as a gift to complete a collection for a friend, she said it was a good read.
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on 5 November 2014
The plethora of films and literature show that there is a continuing fascination with all things vampiric. There are several in the canon that brilliantly delve into the quandry of just what is to be an immortal killer, Anne Rice (gothic and moody), Ray Garland (cheap and seedy), Glen Duncan (ultraviolent and just plain baaaaad). And then there is this skidmark on the underpants of horror literature. You know that old trope about how a million monkeys with typewriters could produce Shakesphere if given enough time? Well, this was obviously the first proof reading either. So where to begin in describing it's utter banality and craptitude?

Firstly what stands out is how badly written this book is. The prose is like something out of a reading primer for 10 year olds and littered throughout with monotonous declaratory sentences, this being a typical excerpt:

"I leave the house and drive in my Ferrari to Seymour's place. It is not that late--ten o'clock. I do not want to meet his parents. They might suspect I have come to corrupt their beloved son. I go around the back and see Seymour through his bedroom window, writing on his computer. I scratch on his window with my hard nails and give him a scare. He comes over to investigate, however. He is delighted to see me. He opens the window and I climb inside. Contrary to popular opinion, I could have climbed in without being invited."

The characterisation is none existant, with a lead character that though 5,000 years old, has the self-absorption of a badly brought up 16 year old. "I am smokin' hot", "I am awesome in bed", "I can seduce anyone" and on and on..

This is where I have a major issue. I accept that Pikes work is primarily aimed at the "young adult" demographic and is obviously hitting the mark with volumes sold and reviews describing it as "inspiring", "deep" and "enchanting". But does the YA market have to be so poorly served? It's not an excuse for barely literate writing, toothless horror and lowest common denominator wish fulfilment plotting. To be frank I find the whole YA approach in general to be a cop-out for a plethora of bland, shallow distopian novels, but that's another story.

Secondly, is the disrespect for the canon, pulling its punches, going out its way to avoid portraying the horror of vampirism. Pike's creations can barely be considered vampires as they don't avoid daylight, have no fear of religious symbols, don't need to be invited into a premises and don't need blood to survive. Why even bother? It also disrespects and rips off the Bhagavata Purana (a key part of Hindu Holy Scripture) in its narrative of how vampires came about. Anne Rice and Glen Duncan did the source myth brilliantly. But in Pike's hands, it feels like you've been cornered and lectured at by an overeager Hare Krishna. Another uncomfortable element is how the heroine is presented as a californian surf babe (white, blonde and blue eyed) yet is supposed to be originally from India (?)

The only upside was that it was so blessedly short and read in a few hours (hours I won't get back though). I did not bother with the accompanying part 2 (Black Blood), and threw it in the bin rather than have some other poor mortal have to suffer it.
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on 30 June 2015
Great item
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on 2 December 2014
Great book
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on 12 October 2010
bought this at my supermarket store, where it was under the section teen fantasy/romance and next to Twilight and Vampire Academy series. judging by the cover i thought 'hey this is going to be a cool kickass vampire read'... sadly i was mistaken. male authors should NOT be writing from a females point of view, it just did not work for me. by one quarter into the book, i found myself wishing the book to end sooner. the book feels rushed, the other characters aside from Sita and Yaksha were under-developed. Sita falls in love and sleeps with Ray almost instantly. too many reference to 'krishna' which sprang up alot and annoyed me quite so. too much unnecessary babbling in my opinion.
in-conclusion... this is not a read for those who love twilight and vampire academy series.
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on 9 January 2016
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on 5 September 2010
These books have been given a new look 'trendy' cover I feel to draw in the crowds. The ones I have have a cartoony feel with a silhouette of the main character. Naughty marketing ploy!

Anyway, the cover aside, I have read this installment and have the other books in the bookcase but cant bring myself to read them. I almost never do that! The books were annoying, I think thats the word I want to use. The story itself could have been good, but there was nothing to draw you in really, I was halfway through and was wishing the pages away. The prose was simple, the author made some use of a thesaurus I think on many an occasion and I felt the chapters just plodded along, a sentence thrown in here and there with no passion to the storyline or the writing.

Perhaps I'll return to the others, perhaps not. I kind of dont care, which is a shame.
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