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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 February 2016
WORLD AFTER picks right up where ANGELFALL left off. Raffe and Penryn are separated. He thinks she died at the aerie, and has no idea that the Resistance is observing him and everyone else, planning another attack on all angels.

What intrigued me: The first book, ANGELFALL, felt like an introduction. I was hoping to find the good stuff here.

Where is Raffe?

WORLD AFTER and ANGELFALL might as well just be one book. The narration continues with Penryn's paralysis and I think this is where it makes its first mistake. The action is over, the exciting thing just happened - so we're back to filler and filler and filler. It seems like Ee is trying to make up for the lack of world building in the first novel, hastily adding scavengers, hurt people, and near-starvation.

What made ANGELFALL interesting and pretty much saved the sadly very generic post-apocalyptic novel from being forgettable, was to me Raffe's and Penryn's banter. This is what hooked me. To see Raffe and Penryn save each other and still insist they can't stand the sight of one another. I wanted to see more of the angels, to have them spill all their secrets.
In a way, this is what WORLD AFTER tries to do. Despite basically having written herself in a corner with having them separated, we get flashbacks to past memories from Raffe's sword Pooky Bear (sadly this name is not a typo). Not only are these flashbacks extremely awkward to read, since the memories are all from Raffe's perspective when the rest of the novel is from Penryn's, they're also poorly done. The memories hardly connect to the actual present tense plot and it feels again like Ee is trying to cram in as much info as she can.
Separating Raffe and Penryn turns the book into an almost unreadably boring collection of filler, with the occasional slapstick joke.

Did I stumble into a comedy club?

Another thing I loved about ANGELFALL is the dark atmosphere. It's end of the world, and you can tell by Penryn's narration alone. WORLD AFTER is trying to be funny too much, starting from The Sexist Sword who isn't amused about her using a teddy bear as a sheath and rejecting traditionally feminine things, to Dee-Dum, the twins who spout nonsense nonstop and are exactly as headache-inducing as their namesakes Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

I lost interest almost instantly, and the memories from the sword made me cringe. I wish the novel had begun around Raffe's and Penryn's reuinion. Like this, WORLD AFTER made sure I won't read the sequel. There is no structure, just filler, and tries to pull the same story again. Reading about Penryn saving her sister for the gazillionth time, and doing that very poorly paced, isn't really a way to keep me interested in this series.


Overall: Do I Recommend?

I contemplated quitting this so often, I'm surprised I even finished. No recommendation.
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on 26 November 2013
The World After follows on from Angelfall and Penryn is once again out to save the world, her crazy mom and disabled sister. She longs constantly to be with Raffi as she fights for her very existence. Her sister Paige is returned after being kidnapped by Beliel, but Paige is no longer a disabled seven year old. In fact she is a true monster with Frankenstein stitches all over her face and body, metal teeth and an seemingly thirst for raw meat. Whilst staying with the Resistance, survivors are attacked and Paige is forced to flee. Uriel progresses with his plan for the apocalypse by genetically modifying the human race into locusts, a monster flying scorpion. But his plan goes horribly wrong when he unveiled his secrets to all the angels gathered at a masked ball. Penryn manages to attend the ball as this is where she believes she would find Paige who had disappeared previously. Whilst at the ball she sees Raffi in disguise and during the ensuing bloodbath managed to escape with him. They decide to return to the carnage the following day in the hopes of finding Paige and ultimately also to retrieve Raffi's Archangel wings from Beliel.
This is an awesome book that I zipped through very quickly. It's well written but also very entertaining. I hope not to wait another year got the next book.
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on 19 November 2013
After what happened at the Aerie, Penryn is rescued by the resistance, along with her mother, and her sister, Paige, who is scarred, changed and disfigured, from the angel's actions. But, the Archangel Raffe believes that Penryn died in the scorpion basement and does not know that she is ok and with the resistance. When Paige is captured after the resistance believe she is a monster and try to kill her, it turns into a massacre and Paige flees. Now, Penryn and her mother have to find her and at the same time, they discover the angels horrifying plans.

World After is the really good sequel to Angelfall as it is addictive and has everything I liked but darker and grittier. I also liked how we got know more about the Angels and their plans.

Penryn has grown as a person since the beginning of the series, as she is still a reluctant hero even though she is going through so much, plus it makes Penryn seem more human the way she struggled to cope both with Paige and what happened to her, but she still has a sense of humour such as "Pooky Bear". However, I did miss Raffe, as he is not in this book as much as I would have liked but the bits with him in were brilliant. I also liked the secondary characters such as Dee-Dum and Penryn's mother, but my favourite has to be Paige as I felt so sorry for her and I just want to give her a hug.

I hope we don't have to wait as long for the next book as I really want to know what happens next with Penryn and the rest. I would recommend World After to fans of the first book Angelfall.
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on 21 November 2013
Well worth the wait, thank you. It didn't fail to live up to the promise of the first book.
I always want the second book to carry on the story and not labour over rehashing the scenes from the first book and this book delivered...except it did something weird and gave us Raffe's POV! Yes, it's true. We also get an insight into her sister's trauma. It was a little jarring at first but you quickly get used to it.
Raffe was missing for the first half - or at least, he wasn't physically present in her life. We had several views of him from a distance to keep us salivating, and boy, did I salivate. When he finally appeared it was almost magical...if a little bloody.
Dee-Dum were their normal naughty selves - if you can't have a little fun when the world is ending, when can you?
Mother - I have a theory that she is perfectly sane and everyone else is ignorant...then I smack my forehead and give myself a talking to.
Beliel - Yes!!! Go Prue! (read it if you want to know more)
I shall, of course, read it again next week!

Oh, and Ms Ee, please arrange for the next book to be out on a weekend so I don't chew through my desk waiting to get home to my tablet!
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I've been so super excited for this book ever since I finished Angelfall in August. I've been dying to find out what was going to happen next in Penryn and Raffe's story and World After didn't disappoint. Right from the get go I was completely pulled into this book. I was thrown back into this dark and dangerous world and I loved every single second of it.

Penryn is definitely one of my top ten favourite female characters. She's determined, strong, focused, caring and extremely smart. The thing I love the most about her though is no matter how crazy and screwed up her family is, she'll do everything and anything she possibly can to protect them. Penryn hasn't had an easy family life because of her mother, but her sister and her mother are the most important people in Penryn's life and she never ever forgets about them. She's always willing to risk her life for them and I really respect her for that. Her strength in this one is admirable. Penryn goes through a hell of a lot in this one and not once did she ever give up. She always fights till the very end.

Raffe was absent for most of this book (which made me sad), but he was still a part of it. Penryn was getting flashes in Raffe's mind from his sword. She was reliving moments that her and Raffe had together and they kind of just made me flail and squeal because I adore them together. Raffe was even more sexy, dangerous, dark and protective in this one and I loved it!

The storyline of this one was just as action packed as Angelfall. Penryn and her family were taking in by a rebel group and they turn against Paige. It was horrible seeing the way they were treating Paige, it actually made me feel sick. She's was just an innocent child who was experimented upon. It's not her fault how she turned out, but no one else ever saw her as a person - they saw her as a monster. So Paige, Penryn and her mother all flee which leads to Penryn having to hunt down her sister again. There were a lot of twists and shocking revelations revealed that I'm not going to go into detail about, but I did like that we got to find out what happened to Paige after she was taken in Angelfall. It was heartbreaking seeing the way she was treated though.

The ending was action packed and left me squealing with delight because of Raffe and Penryn (I love them so much). After the way it ended I'm really looking forward to the third book, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll come out soon because I just HAVE to know what's going to happen next.

Overall, World After was just as amazing as Angelfall. I adored everything about this book and this is a series that I recommend to everyone. Seriously, everyone should read it.
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on 29 November 2013
This book narrates practically the same story as the first book but told in a different order: Penryn’s sister goes missing and she goes looking for her, we got the scenes at the Resistance Camp, the scorpion pods, the angel party at the hotel that ends badly, Penryn and Raffe squatting in an abandon house, the odd fight for survival and weird creatures… It is as if the writer is merely copying the formula that worked in book 1, adding almost nothing new to the story. We get some answers, but that is all.

There are a few funny moments, but some of the humour feels forced and/or repetitive (zombie-girl flights? Come on! Already heard a similar joke in book 1). And then the ending – it doesn’t really have one. After the reader starts a journey looking for little Paige, she just happens to materialise out of thin air when it is time for the book to end with no explanation of how she’d survived (she wasn’t eating) and how she’d made it so far (she’s seven!). The end is good enough for a chapter end, but not for a book (too many unexplained loose ends). I guess they are using it as a hook so we buy book 3 and get, hopefully, a real plot and some more answers. No sure if I will bother, though. Very disappointing.
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on 30 November 2013
I'm so excited that this book is here and I'm not disappointed with it either, which is always a worry when the excitement has built for so long. There was just so much action and we learnt such a lot about what's going on with the angels and with Penryn's family. If before you read this book you think you know where it's going, let me tell you, you don't! It is just one non-stop, heart racing thriller of a book. I would go as far as to call it absolutely horrific at times too.

There's just something about this book. It's actually quite simplistic to be honest. It's apocalyptic, but there are more intelligent apocalyptic books out there. It's about survival, but there are more detailed and thoughtful explorations of the survival instinct out there. It's a tough teenage girl kicking ass, but well you have met Katniss Everdean right? But yet I love this series! It isn't possible to put it down, it's unpredictable and engaging and you just have to know what's going to happen next and you're waiting and wondering if love will ever have a chance. It's not perfect but it's addictive, captivating even.

I'd knock off half a star for the occasional sense of a contrived plot device and far too little Raffe but my only real complaint is that it was over with way too quickly! My desperation in wishing that I had more and had it now takes away all doubt I had in going for the big 5 stars. When is book 3 out? Probably far too long away!

(If you have time, do a reread of Angelfall before you begin, it would have helped me a lot, although I do have an awful memory not aided by the fact I read 2-3 books a week.)
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on 30 November 2013
The World After is a pretty horrific place full of evil angels, genetic
experiments and freaky creatures; the really scary thing is how quickly the
world became hell on Earth. Penryn is outnumbered on all sides this time around;
she may have found the Resistance but since she also fell for an angel while she
was looking, they don't exactly welcome her with arms open. Never mind the fact
that this angel has devil wings and delivered her to them while she was
seemingly dead, for her to awaken to screams from her own mother that she was a
devil spawn. And her sister is the sole survivor of inconceivably evil
experiments which make Chucky the homicidal doll look like a fluffy bunny.

Penryn struggles to accept this new Paige; she doesn't really talk enough to
convince anyone of her motivation, and it seems increasingly likely that the
only food she can hold down is pretty gruesome. Still, Penry looks out for her
baby sister, right up until a mob attacks them all and Paige runs away, forcing
Penryn to follow and go back into the breach that is San Francisco, angel

I found every step of this instalment both devilish and gripping. The monsters
that Penryn must face are nightmarish, and her own personal demons sometimes
risk engulfing her. I am sure she is due a real howling breakdown when this is
all over. For quite a while I couldn't see any hope for humanity at all in World
After - it is just so bleak - but, in true storytelling fashion, a ray of light
was introduced at the end. I don't think anyone would have seen it coming, and
it will make the next book into a real Battle Royal.

The pace was great, the imagination was present in spades, and I thought the
developments at Alcatraz were the best bit... Horrifying and brilliantly
absorbing. That is the World After, and I am so glad that it lived up to the
level of Angelfall.
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on 1 January 2014
This book continues immediately after the last book finished, to the point that it is like someone just split a longer book in two. Most of the characters are in the previous book so we know them already and this frees the author up to spend more time on the story rather than introducing lots of new characters.
I listened to the first book on Audible and then read this book on my Kindle which means that they were very different experiences – you get more time to ‘savour’ an audiobook, and the author often does a range of voices/accents to help distinguish between characters and personalities. I feel it unfair to compare the second book to the first for this reason.
What is fair to say is that the storyline moves just as quickly and you are swept along as Penrhyn searches for her sister and is reunited with the odd character from the first book. There is less of the sexual tension between Raffe and a little more emphasis on Penrhyn, although the character development and background from the first book is lacking in the second.
Think of this book as more of the same – if you liked the first book you will like the second. The only thing I have to complain about it the length of time I will have to wait for book three!
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on 3 April 2014
World After explodes (maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement) onto the scenes right where Angel Fall left off. If this were real life it’d only have been 5 minutes since the last event in Angel Fall had happened. I highly doubt you guy’s care about that though! I know it’s early in the year to be saying this but I reckon this series will be up there with my favourites this year. This book is the perfect example of a thrilling novel; it has the right amount of action fueled by heartbreaking discoveries. Susan Ee has won me over once again. 4.5 stars for World After!

I’ve been seeing many complaints about the pace of this book on Goodreads. I advise you to ignore them. So the books a bit slower than Angel Fall but who cares? The plot building only added to the epicness that is this book.

When Penryn isn’t caught up in family drama or being held hostage we are treated to some interesting interaction between Raffes sword and her. Sounds weird right? Funnily enough it actually worked! Believe me I’m as surprised as everyone else. At first I was slightly skeptical of these scenes but as the book progressed I found myself loving them. However, what got me the most was how Penryn appropriately named the sword Pooky Bear! I was absolutely howling when Raffe found out his swords new name.

The banter ball was in full swing throughout World After. Raffe and Penryns ever-growing friendship was once again a highlight for me and I can only dream whether it’ll turn into anything more than that. But for now I’m happy with the comedy gold they provide.

If you thought the angels couldn’t get any more diabolical then you were wrong, in World After they gave the term “too far” a whole new meaning. I didn’t know where Susan Ee would go with the whole scorpion breading thing but man did she floor me with shock. If you’ve had your doubts about carrying on with this series you should brush them aside and just pick this up!
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