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4.6 out of 5 stars207
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 29 June 2011
Having read the first book, Gypsy Boy, I was left wondering about what happened after we left Mikey Walsh and so was delighted to find out that he had decided to continue his story with us.

Gypsy Boy on the Run picks up from where Mikey leavs the traveller camp he has grown up on, and his family behind. It was clearly a heartbreaking decision for someone so young at the time.

The story follows Mikey as he is on the run from those who say he has disgraced his people, while in the meantime he is on a journey of self discovery - of finding out who is meant to me and then accepting who he is and making a life for himsef, far removed from what was ever expected of him.

Mikey Walsh tells his story with such honesty and raw emotion, only the really cold hearted out there could fail to be gripped by his tale. It is testament to the writer that the reader so instantly feels he knows Mikey, tries to understand him, celebrates his good times and feels his heartbreak at the bad times with him.

For someone who has been through so much so young, there is no hint of self pity in his story which is refreshing. Mikey shows that he has amazing strength of character, while those who are lucky enough to get very close to him, see the other side of him - years of pent up abuse and emotional neglect come pouring out to those who love him.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It would be an amazing book even if it was a purely fictional novel, but to know that this is all true makes it even more heart rendering.

This may be a cliche; but if you only read one book this year, please make it this one.
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on 3 July 2011
I'm not a massive book worm, but after reading (and absoloutely loving!) Gypsy Boy I was left wanting more, so was over the moon to hear there would be a sequal!!
The way Mikey writes and describes everything in his story just puts you right there with him. His honesty and openness is overwhelming and inspirational. I honestly don't know how somebody could live through everything he has been through and then be strong enough to relive it all by putting it down on paper! But then, if there was ever a story worth telling, it was his!!
I recomended Gypsy boy to everyone I know and will not hesitate to recomend On the Run to them aswell.
Thank You for sharing your story Mikey Walsh.. You truely are a special human being!! x
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on 3 July 2011
I can't put into words the impact this book had on me. I laughed, cried, felt like I got to know the author, started to reflect on my own life and appreciate other peoples struggles. This story had to be told and has to be read. The first part covers off some of the story in the first book and if anything the struggles when he left his family required more strength than when he was in that environment. The book is honest, well written and is a testament to how strong this man really is and how strong we all have the potential to be. I can not recommend it enough. Read this, you will love it.
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on 1 July 2011
Nothing prepared me for reading On The Run. Yes I knew from Gypsy Boy to expect a well written account of Mikeys life, but to go the roller-coaster in this latest instalment has really knocked me for six.
Compelling, funny, honest and the most emotional story telling ever takes the reader from the life of a scared 15 year old boy to a 30 year old man who is still travelling a journey.
Having followed the progress from Gypsy Boy on Twitter - it's every moment of not only Mikeys past you feel but in his words and expressions. Thank you for sharing this largely untold world with us. Your an incredibly talented and lovely person.Andrea xx
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on 12 July 2011
My ex-boyfriend was from a Romany family. He, too, had escaped his family home at a young age because his family had trouble accept him being gay, but they had reconciled by the time I met him so didn't want to ask much. I never got to learn a lot about the Romany culture at the time, but was thrilled to discover Mikey's first book, Gypsy Boy, and this follow up - Gypsy Boy On The Run.
In a time where 'Big Fat Gypsy Weddings' are being splashed all over TV screens it was refreshing to find a first-hand and truthful experience of Gypsy life. The story itself is often not a happy read - although punctuated with delightful anecdotes that brought out the laugh I usually keep behind closed doors (Sorry to those stuck on the train with me that rather hungover day). It is, however, incredibly touching, heartbreakingly honest and wonderfully written.
The book explores moments that intertwine and continue on from its predecessor, delving further into Mikey's escape from his father's disappointment and inevitably his own self-loathing.
It gives a true feeling of perspective, both on a different lifestyle and a level of bravery I thought was kept to fiction. I'm awfully glad he decided to share his story.
As the (many) 5*s suggest, you should go and get your hands on both of these wonderful books. End of gushing praise.
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on 30 June 2011
It was obvious from reading the first paragraph of `Gypsy Boy' that Mikey was born to be a writer - not a fighter!!
His style of writing, his humour and his honesty make you feel like you really know him, like he's a friend even, pouring his heart out and making you laugh out loud, and feel the pain with him.
Mikey - as a devoted follower on Twitter @thatbloodyMikey I raise my glass (White Russian of course) and salute you!
This is a MUST READ - and would make an excellent movie!! I hope this isn't the last time we hear from this amazing writer
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on 30 June 2011
Gypsy Boy On The Run in part acts as a sequel to Mikey Walsh's bestseller Gypsy Boy, bringing the reader up to date with his extraordinary life whilst expanding on threads only hinted at in the first book. Readers new to Walsh's work won't be alienated, as there's also a condensed history of the events that led him to make his way as a Gypsy man in the Gorgia (non-Gypsy) world from the age of fifteen. It's sprinkled throughout with digressions on his childhood of the kind that made Gypsy Boy such a poignant memoir.

It's impossible to conceive of two worlds more different than the Romany Gypsy community and the gay scene of Manchester. Yet the collision between the two, and how Mikey Walsh left one and became part of the other, forms the early part of the book. It's a universal tale of looking for belonging and searching for peace; overcoming enormous obstacles and setbacks through sheer strength of character. There are other stories too; of Leeds, London and drama school, threaded into the picaresque narrative of Walsh's life like part of a tapestry. It's populated along the way with unforgettable friends, and foes that leave him forever looking over his shoulder, wondering when he next has to start a new life once again.

Told with courageous honesty; a keen eye for humour and the wisdom that only comes from a life well-lived and possession of a reflective soul; Gypsy Boy On The Run is as vibrant and memorable as its precursor. Fans of Walsh's first book will love it, and new readers will treasure discovering his unique world but distinctive personality that has already resonated with a wide readership. It's an ardent defence of and rare insight into an enigmatic culture and people, told from the inside.

It's time to allow Mikey Walsh to tell you the next part of his story, and to become hopelessly hooked all over again; not just on the vivid worlds he describes, but on the wit, perception and passion of the author.
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on 23 August 2011
A few nights ago at about 2.30am I couldn't sleep so was having a mooch on Twitter. To my total delight I read that Mikey Walsh had brought out a sequel to Gypsy Boy and within about 30 seconds I had bought it on iBooks - the wonders of modern technology! Well, I didn't get any sleep that night at all because as soon as I began reading I knew that I would not be abe to stop. His words are totally captivating and filled with such honesty that it is heartbreaking to read at times but I still could not put it down. The strength of character Mikey demonstrates throughout his life is amazing and truly inspirational, particularly the love for his family despite the many wrongs he has suffered. The closer I got to the end of the book the more gutted I was that I'd nearly finished it as I truly wanted to carry on reading and reading. This is the most unputdownable book I have ever read.

Mikey Walsh, if you ever read this review I would like to tell you that I think you are bloody amazing and the way you have written about your life so far is just brilliant; I feel I almost know you personally. Thank you for your honesty and I hope that others reading your two wonderful books will get out of them as much as I have. x x
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on 6 July 2011
After spotting 'Gypsy Boy' on the shelf in Tesco i had to buy it! My mother comes from a traveling background and married my father a non-traveler and has never spoke much about life when she was young as much as i hound her about it she never gave much away. So seeing Gypsy Boy i saw it as my chance to take a look into the life my mother came from and can honestly say it moved me more than i could have imagined. I went from crying to p*ssing with laughter within a turn of the page! I become slightly obsessed with what became of Mikey Walsh and have ended up following (stalking) the poor guy on Twitter (thatbloodymikey) his witty tweets and quotes have kept me entertained through the winter months on a promise of a sequal which i pre-ordered as soon as i could! Being pregnant and hormoanal i was concerned when the book arrived if i was going to be safe reading it after the first emotional rollercoaster mikey had delivered but once i started this book it was read within 24hours! I could not put it down! This man is a hero and a credit to his culture i feel proud and honoured to have shared his story he makes you feel like he has wrote the book just for you. Ready for the film now please xxxx
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on 1 September 2011
I rarely find either the time or the focus to get through a book, but having grabbed at Gypsy Boy to distract me on a long train journey I was transfixed. I didn't put the book down until I'd finished at 5:49 that morning, and as soon as the second book came out I did exactly the same thing. Mikey Walsh has an energetic and expedient approach to telling stories that leaves you breathless, wanting more and thouroughly entertained. I laughed a lot, often had to put the book down to cry and loved every minute of reading both books. I am now deeply saddened by having no more to read, having felt through the process of reading them that I have come to know someone truly inspirational. I'll miss having his voice in my life. I can't recommend reading both of these books more highly. I'll never forget the experience and hope one day to shake his hand and thank him. Wonderful books!
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